Silent Hill Collection And Silent Hill: Book of Memories To Creep Out Of Konami

By Ishaan . June 2, 2011 . 5:53pm

In addition to the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders HD Collections, Konami also announced a Silent Hill Collection for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which will compile Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 into a high-def package.


Meanwhile, the NGP will be seeing a new Silent Hill game in the form of Silent Hill: Book of Memories. No details on this game have been announced yet.

  • Mad lazy, should also include 1 and 4. Maybe even the PSP-exclusive ones and Shattered Memories as well but at least include the first one 

    • No kidding, this is perfect “at first I was like !!! but then ???” material

    • neo_firenze

      4 is an abomination that should be erased from history, so I’m glad to see it not showing up.  Yes, I have strong feeling on this ;)

      I’ll absolutely be getting though, probably my two favorite games in the series and I’ve been wanting to replay SH2 for a while now.  I’ll hold off until it’s in HD form. 

      • SH4 is still better than any horror game we’ve gotten this gen, could be an excellent game if they got rid of the annoying enemy respawn 

        • kupomogli

          You must have not played Siren Blood Curse.

          • lostinblue

            And SH Origins, I felt it was really good.

          • malek86

            That game was good for the first four chapters, then you discover that you can actually fight the Shibito without any serious problem (unlike the PS2 game), and any sembiance of survival horror is thrown out of the window. Especially the last few chapters are way too action-y.

      • Kirbysuperstar2

        SH4 is lightyears ahead of Origins and Homecoming.

      •  I’m sorry but I feel like SH4 is a solid representation of the ‘survival’ part of horror.  Game’s disturbing, unsettling and plenty scary.  Doesn’t matter if it didn’t tie in with some overall storyline as much as people think it should have, it was still pretty awesome.

        I do wish they were including 4 with the HD Remaster as well…  But 2 and 3 will be enough I suppose.

      • PrinceHeir

        nope :P

        i actually enjoyed 4, sure it doesn’t take place in Silent Hill but different parts of the world, but being trapped in the room as the ghost slowly takes over your apartment is pretty scary. plus they are a lot of references from the older games so yes 4 is vital to the series.

        and as i said, it was the last game Team Silent had work on. so yes they had to include this for tribute to them.

        though i already have 4 so it’s fine either way. still Silent Hill Collection needs 4 :P

        • badmoogle

          It needs the original more than it needs SH4.:P

          • PrinceHeir

            but they have to remake the whole thing if they want to take advantage of the HD graphics(just like the first two MG games from MSX)

            still im glad konami put a voucher of MGS1 from PS1 so you can download and play them(which i already bought it) i wonder if Silent Hill will offer the same thing(bought it too)

          • badmoogle

            Yeah i’m sure it would have been much harder to make an HD version of the original…but is it impossible?I don’t know.
            In fact this is something i was always wondered…is it possible to “upgrade” playstation games to HD?Because if it is i would have settled with an upgraded HD version of FFVII.:D

          • PrinceHeir

            well you know Konami, instead of remaking it with the original team, they rather give it to someone who barely knows what Silent Hill is all about thus destroying the franchise one by one.

            would definitely want a Silent Hill remake in the same vein as RE1 REmake.

            Final Fantasy VII Remake would be awesome :D

            though they have to add scene Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, as well as references from Before Crisis and such.

            watching the ending of crisis core as a flashback brings soo many memories ;)

      • badmoogle

        SH4 is a bad game when compared to 1,2,3 but it’s a great game when compared to the ones that followed it.It just never felt as Silent Hill to me.

    • PrinceHeir

      yeah i wonder about that :

      as much as i am excited for this news(always wanted to play Silent Hill 2) they should have included 4 since it was pretty much the last Team Silent game before they all got disbanded.

      please include the Born from a Wish scenario(which they’ll probably do)

      still hype for this :)

      ZOE/MGS Collection and now this? best news of 2011 :P

      now if they made Castlevania Collection(Curse of Darkness/Lament of Innocence) and Suikoden Collection i would be soooo happy!!!!

    • Zero_Destiny

      I think they might of left out Silent Hill 1 because it’s on the PSN store to be honest. Ether way though it’s pretty cool by me. I’ll be able to play the first three games on PS3 anyways. ^_^

  • Ill probably wait for the NGP one to try the series out.

  • katamari

    Please Konami, develope the NGP SH in house again.

    • No point, all of the key staff left the company 

      • Now I’m wondering who developed the Silent Hill game on the iPhone…

      • badmoogle

        They can get them back with the right amount of money.

        • But should they? We still need another Siren game.

      • Whoomp

        I would honestly be fine if they just let Japanese developers take a stab at it, what is considered horror in japan compared to “the west” is quite different so it would be interesting if they brought it back to Japan again. Especially seeing how bad the last 3 games turned out :/

  • thaKingRocka

    I’m not happy that the games most in need of HD remastering are being completely ignored: the PS1 installments.

    • hush404

      It’s simple really… they’re taking PS2 games, upping the resolution, doing some texture work and re-coding them… which is A LOT LESS work than bringing a PS1 game to something that wouldn’t look like crap in this generation.

  • I’m assuming they did this because 2 and 3 were the best of the series, or at least the most popular. The first one probably was too difficult to convert, although.. it doesn’t seem to be that far off from the second game, graphically.

    Besides, the first one kind of already had a remake. Ish.

  • Just a heads up, the Silent Hill Collection is a PS3 exclusive:

    From Konami’s E3 page.

    • malek86

      What’s that “Silent Hill HD Edition” for PS3?

      By the way, it would be pretty weird if the Silent Hill collection is not multiplatform while the MGS and ZOE collections are. Considering that this should be even easier to port (SH2 was already on Xbox).

  • SHC, NMH:HP, ZoEC, MGSC, and holding the title for the most anticipated E3 event? TAKE MY WALLET KONAMI.

  • lostinblue

    SH3 Old Man showing how it’s done on NGP! :P

  • So glad that Sony’s PS2 Emulator for PS3 (including higher interal resolution option) was canceled.

    But it’s only a temporary solution for companies like Konami. Poor guys will have nothing left to port when PS4/Xbox720/Cafe hits.

    • Port again. How many times has MGS3 and RE4 been reissued?

    • malek86

      Ugh. It’s not that I have anything against porting, but if the reason they didn’t do a PS2 emulator was so they could sell us all this stuff, it’s kind of annoying.

      Good thing my PS2 is still connected (with Component!) and in working order.

  • Fatal Frame Collection Please!

  • ffboi7

    i wonder how come only 2 and 3? Was Silent Hill 4 not good enough to be added into this awesome collection! Oh well Silent Hill 2 was my favorite! Can’t wait! and SH on NGP is even better!!!!! this E3 looks promising xD

  • woot can’t wait for the new NGP title!!

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