See The Shipwreck That Begins Lara’s Story In A Tomb Raider Debut Trailer

By Ishaan . June 3, 2011 . 12:58am

It’s been quite a while since Crystal Dynamics’ new Tomb Raider was announced, but Square Enix are finally ready to discuss the story-driven reboot. Here’s the games’ debut trailer:



That’s quite the departure from what one’s used to seeing in a Tomb Raider game. Unfortunately, we’ve got about a year and a half to wait before Tomb Raider sees release; Square Enix have it planned for a fall 2012 release.

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  • SE is always soo good in convincing people with their trailers.. Lol.. They should perhaps change to an advertisement company with only FF as an ongoing franchise for the fans…

  • d19xx

    Lara looks good in this. Though I personally think that the more realistic they make Lara, the more she lost some her original charm. That’s just my opinion, I’m hoping that they’ll try making a TR game with stylized graphics and design…

  • PrinceHeir

    sooo awesome O_O

    i love Laura’s look here, she looks sexy withouth the barbie face :P

    im guessing Square’s Visual Art Works is working with the CGI the same thing they did with Deus Ex Human Revolution huh?

    cannot wait for this, though Fall 2012 is so so Far O_O

  • CG is the biggest waste of resources. Dunno, maybe it does something for some people but I just skip through it hoping for gameplay footage but the gameplay footage never comes

    Best game unveiling was BioShock – 15 minute gameplay walkthrough with commentary from the director. More developers should take notes from Irrational instead of pumping money into CG. 

  • You know I sat in my local library staring at the cover of some magazine wondering who the girl was on the cover. She looked so generic and real, that I just thought it was another cg picture. Then I came back the next day and saw the back of the magazine, and it was a video game one. Still I didn’t pick it up. Later that night I see the same cover on the internet with “New Tomb Raider Game” under it and my jaws dropped. I swear if no one told me that was Laura I wouldn’t think of her at all! Its like her identity was stripped!

    That CG is amazing though. Maybe they should of just forgot about the game and made a movie lol.

  • evilkaz

    crystal dynamics really did a good job on the grapics. I thought i was watching a movie trailer. The game looks good lets hope it plays just a well.

    • mikanko

      It’s the same Squeenix CG studio that does the CG for new Deus ex etc.

  • Only a short part of the music reminded me of TR…*goes to dust off her old TR games*

  • this going to be the best Tomb Raider even but there i one think i dont like i just too far away =( fall 2012

  • Noooooooooooooo, Fall 2012 is so far away. That trailer, that lara, those graphics, phenomenal. Day 1 Baby indeed!

    • Crazy to think that Underworld came out in 2008, better be a damn good game for them to keep us waiting 4 years 

  • badmoogle

    I’ll hold my judgement until i see actual gameplay for this game.

  • Oh hey they made Lara with normal proportions. Now about that gameplay…

  • heartless141

    I LOVE IT! everything about it. the realistic Lara, the monologue, the setting. everything :D

    and yay for boobs, hope it doesn’t bounce too much in the game.

  • LOL CG

  • Ho damn, she looks just so much more awesome now! I love it, and I love this video really cool! :D

  • TenRX

    It doesn’t show very much about  how it’ll be. And after replaying the video looks like Uncharted. I’d like to see some gameplay instead of cutscenes. :)

  • If Crystal Dynamics can nail the game-play as much as they nailed the tone to this trailer, I’m sold.

    I haven’t cared about Lara in a long, long time. This trailer has me interested.

  • DemonicX

    Looks nice and interesting. The last Tomb Raider game I played was on the first PlayStation. I lost interest back then and now I’m gaining interest in this one.

  • AzureNova

    This might just be the first Tomb Raider game I actually finish lol

  • eilegz

    im never been fan of tomb raider games, but if they can copy uncharted and improve it it will be a very good game.

  • Lenne

    looks great so far! can’t wait for its release.

  • Xekyo

    She’s hot, and she’s using Beats by Dr. Dre ear buds with her iPhone 4.  Awesome.  lol

  • Juuu

    I remember really liking the original games on the PS1. I think I may go back to the series after this-looks like a reboot/prequel deal all in one. And I, for one, still think that Lara can look traditionally “hot” without being exagerratedly so. xD I like what they’ve shown us so far, but I would like more gameplay.

  • Ouch. Sucks for that guy. I would hate to let THAT slip through my fingers. What a burden.

  • I laughed when I saw the ships name was “Endurance” 
    It’s more than a year away but I’m so looking forward to this!

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