Shmusicup Is Out In Browser And Downloadable Form, Try Before You Buy

By Ishaan . June 3, 2011 . 11:03am

Remember Shmusicup? Tzai Entertainment’s music-based shoot-em-up launched earlier this month, but somehow, we missed the news. There’s two ways to play the game, the first being in your browser, over at the Shmusicup website.


The second way is to download the game. You can find the download link on the same page above. The downloadable version has all the features of the browser version, but also includes support for gamepads and joysticks, and for more file formats such as .AAC, .M4A, .MP4 and .FLV.


Both the browser and download versions are essentially free-to-play demo versions of the game to try out. Once you sign up and pay for the full game, you get access to both versions, both tied to your user account, and support for achievements, unlockables and score-tracking.

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  • malek86

    I got it some weeks ago. Alas, even the downloadable version still has slight lag problems.

    • TrevHead

      Is that so? Ive just tried the browser version and the 2nd boss was slightly laggy and jerky, I had hoped the DL version would get rid of this.

      Imo the game is a tad mediocre but I will buy it in the future if they ever drop the price, hopefully the bugs will be fixed by then.

      I know im only penny pinching over a couple of quid but ive too many unplayed games as it is and need cut the number of games im buying.

      BTW what do the toughest bosses play like? the two bosses in the demo were very easy.

  • I’m kind of underwhelmed by this game, to be honest :/

  • Kibbitz

    Took a spin, didn’t like it. Not one for danmaku to begin with, but both the aesthetics and gameplay didn’t do anything for me. Back to the blinding Beat Hazard, I guess.

  • neocatzon

    did a quick try with three songs from subterranean animism on both arachnid and resonance. I think the music only affect how intense the bullet (I’m not sure for the pattern.. didn’t see much difference)

    • TrevHead

      It does I tried the Musihimisama Stage 4 music and one of the stock songs on the the same boass and the patterns were totally different, the stock song was very enegetic and the patterns were harder (not a big difference but it was still there). This is a good thing imo

  • The demo is awesome, but it’s a shame there’s no dedicated Mac OS version…

  • OneOkami

    I tried it out and unfortunately, my experience lacked the absolutely critical effect that would ever get me to buy this: actually feeling like my music was dictating the bullet effects.  I didn’t really get a sense of that happening…hardly at all.  Without that effect, the gameplay otherwise feels quite…below average.  Sorry, no sale.

  • Apache_Chief

    That kinda just felt like I was playing a regular shmup while listening to Azumanga Daioh music. Some stops were reflected in the pattern, but…yeah. Now that I think of it, I don’t really know what I was even expecting. It’s not like individual bullets are going to match the lead guitar line or anything. It pretty much is just gonna follow the tempo and send stuff out every snare and kick hit. It did make me realize how I need to play more danmaku games. Like, now.

  • TrevHead

    (Ive only played the demo)

    Looking at how the game handles leaderboards and that each individual song (inc mp3s) have their own leaderboards is there anyway to keep track of what songs / bosses are the most popular?

    Considering the scoreplay system at first glance seems to be fun, inthat I like how the different characters have different means of scoring. What let it down was been unable to find popular leaderboards.

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