A Look At The Animation Creation For Skullgirls

By Ishaan . June 5, 2011 . 3:00pm

Skullgirls has come quite a long way since it was first conceived. This week, the developers of the game released a behind-the-scenes video of the animation process for the game, which gives you a quick look at how a single character is animated:



Skulllgirls is slated for release this year on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Very impressive. I’m going to buy this game just for the art… helps it seems like a competent fighter too!

  • Aw man I need a PC version of this. I’m tired of borrowing an X360 from a relative just to play MvC3 and other games.

    • The devs say that a PC release (via Steam) is in the works, but they’re a small outfit so they don’t have the resources to put it out until after the console versions have been released.

      • I hope we’d see a more advanced GGPO on PCs, since based on my MMO experiences, the cheaters always lagswitch, just flatout hack, and to quote my guildmate, ” latency crimpers and lag spikers”.

        Yes, I know it sounds odd I used my MMO experiences, but I intentionally brought them up, so that the experiences I look forward with Skullgirls will be positive.

  • Testsubject909

    The art is simply beautiful and I much enjoy their new Peacock character. Definitely reminds me of Olive and the likes.

    In any case. Day 1 for many reasons. To support what seems to be an interesting group, a competent fighter and a lot of love and hard work to create some beautifully animated femmes fatales.

  • im so happy of the revival of fighting games. this game is gonna be too amazing. everything about it is unique in its own way. hell its been in production for 10 years lol goes to show that u dont need millions of dollars and a famous brand name company to make a masterpiece. just need good ol’ passion to get u through it all.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, the revival of beat’em ups is one of the best things of this generation, along with the X360 shmup lineup, the Falcom localizations and the growth of the visual novel fanbase on DS and PC :P

      That said, I don’t know if Skullgirls will be able to deliver a solid beu experience, aside from graphics, but I’m willing to give it a try. I really hope KoF13’s console port is announced someday, too >__>

  • evilkaz

    i just love the process of making animation! whether it be in video games or anime. I plan on majoring in this type of stuff in college soon. 

  • Is it weird that I was totally enjoying the video until they showed the guy “play testing it” who was playing on a keyboard?  I know it is a small thing and he has probably put hundreds of hours into it, but there is just something off putting about someone playing a fighting game with WASD controls.

    • mikanko

      It’s not like the game is built using a keyboard in mind. Game is completely made for standard SF layout.

      • RagnaXBL

        SF layout? i thought this was a four button fighter 0_0
        i feel nauseous all of a sudden…

        • mikanko

          It’s 6 buttons with 3 punches and 3 kicks.  Calling assists is pressing 2 buttons at once, as are raw tags.

          I can’t really see how this is bad.

          • Code

            I kind of know what people are getting at; 6-button on standard controls are a little unwieldy at times. I still can’t help but feel like SF4’s control scheme feels shoehorned on standard pads. With a fight stick it’s not as big of a deal though. I’m really hoping it opts for face-button supers, over 3punch/3kick supers like SSF4.

          • mikanko

            USB Saturn pads are pretty cheap if you like a pad and are on PS3.  Though yeah, I kinda assume most people who’re looking to play this game at its fullest would use a stick.  Game’s director is best known for MvC2 and his Potemkin when it comes to his tournament history(iirc), so it’s safe to assume this game would follow similar benefits to being played with an arcade stick.

            There are some really good pad players out there though, but they’re an exception and not the norm.  Unless you’re playing Tekken or MK that is.

            Wolfkrone is arguably the best SSF4 player in the US right now and he uses a dualshock, so anything is possible with most controller methods.

          • Code

            Although don’t get my wrong I don’t think pad is bad owo; Just my personaly feelings with SSF4, I find the game has to use EVERY button on the controller just to get by; which leaves me with this shoehorned feeling on pad (I find the 3 punchs/kicks for supers a little thick too personally) opo;; But something like Blazblue has all kinds of room (fan of the single button supers too owo;) so I think it makes a better pad fighter for me. Yeah Mike Z is pretty awesome too, my friend actually is a huge fan of his, plays Potemkin/Tager, so I’m pretty familiar with him too owo; 

            But yeah it’s all about whatcha get comfortable with; which is something I like about fighters, there’s all kinds of options and all kinds of players >w<'

        • Bakuryukun

          I also thought it was a 4 button fighter, my fear has been put to rest. This game looks really interesting though, seems like there is a lot of passion in it.

    •  Hey. I play SFIV and MvC3 with a keyboard setup. It’s pretty fantastic once you get used to it. Also, a lot of motions are faster when done with keys.

    • Code

      Actually might surprise you, but there is definitely a lot of players out there that play on keyboards. If you’ve ever seen “Hit Box” fight stick, a keyboard is basically the subscribes to the same concept.

    • Not necessarily WASD. There’s always the arrow keys and ASDZXC or QWEASD. The keyboard’s actually quite fun to play with normal quarter circle and half circle characters

  • Day 1. 

    Looks fantastic.

  • Apollonis

    Looks good but is it just me or do the character’s we’ve seen so far look a bit too similar on a fundamental level?  Like, same body type, same height…  well, I suppose we haven’t seen that much of the game yet but the differences in characters seem a bit subtle and cosmetic.  I realize what they’re going for with the designs but there’s no reason it should be so limiting.  
    Edit: oh wait, I just browsed the site some more and realized I could be wrong… lol, well I was just going by the video and remembering it from when it was a little indie project…

  • mikanko

    The vids for the 3rd character, Peacock, are great.  Only 3 characters revealed so far, but all three seem completely unique and original.  Peacock making in game references to everything from, Phantasy Star Online, Dizzy from GG and the whistle from the old bad luck blackie cartoon is pretty glorious.

  • Very interesting! Goes to show how much work goes into these sprite based-fighters these days!

    Skullgirls is looking good, too!

  • Code

    rar, I’ve been following Alex Ahad forever owo” Well roughly early 2003 I suppose. I’m such a huge fan of his work, and his Skullgirls has been something he’s worked on for a long time >w<' He's got an amazing eye for making lively designs, that even as stills ooze with animation potential. Throwing my support behind it, day one owo;

    • mikanko

      Totally with you here.  This is probably one of the only games I’d spring for an LE with an artbook etc. if there even was a physical copy of the game.  Still hoping for an in game art gallery.

      • Code

        Yeah I’d definitely go LE if it was an option, especially if it had an artbook by Alex Ahad; personally though I have most of his sketches saved from the last 8 years xpx; If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend browsing his artdump site, it doesn’t have much of his old stuff/original Skullgirls sketches, but it’s still nice >w<' http://pub.tenkuu.net/Images/

  • XypherCode

    so cool man! :P

  • Chippel

    English!? Does… not… compute…
    It looks so pretty, though!

  • Man, I wish  capcom were as passionate in creating gorgeous 2d sprites…

  • MisterFoxInc

     HMMMM. I wish this video wasn’t so short – or would have stopped at all for that matter. I think this might be the first game where the game itself and its creation-process are equally and highly interesting to me.  Man, I’m so gonna get this.

    Also, first time I saw Alex Ahad’s face (and had confirmation that it was him). Wow.

  • bugmeknot

    Just saw someone playing it on one of Gamespot’s E3 2011 live cams at 4:49:40 – 4:50:20.

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