Here’s How Augmented Reality In Pokédex 3D Will Work

By Ishaan . June 5, 2011 . 4:30pm

As previously reported, one of the functions of the upcoming Pokédex 3D app on the Nintendo 3DS eShop will be the ability to display Pokémon you’ve collected information on in augmented reality. How this works is a little complicated, however.


Each Pokémon has its own special AR Marker — a black and white image — required to make them pop out. We aren’t sure if you’ll have to print these out yourself, but that’s what appears to be the case so far. When you’re using the AR mode, your Pokémon will be fully animated, and you’ll be able to coax them into performing special actions using different items. There’s no mention of AR battles, unfortunately.


You’ll also be able to add Pokémon to existing pictures you’ve already taken and stored on your SD card. Nintendo say you’ll unlock new features as you increase the number of AR Markers in Pokédex 3D


Pokédex 3D will release at the launch of the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Nintendo are giving the app away for free. It will only cover the new Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Black/White, and you’ll start out with information on 16 of them. In order to unlock more, you’ll have to connect wirelessly with friends, download new entries (up to three a day) from Nintendo, and scan QR codes.

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  • Yeah my first thoughts were “AR battles!” I wonder if they can pull that off next Pokemon gen.  Or perhaps make another game centering around TCG.

    • Dude let me tell you that would be friggin amazing sure Invisimals already does it but this is Pokemon and everyone loves Pokemon.

    • YsyDoesIt

      We seriously do need Pokemon AR battles.  Especially since the backgrounds in B&W were rather lack-luster.

  • Man, AR battles would be so epic…but then I’d have a teeny tiny Wailord…D:

    • 5parrowhawk

      Just print the marker on a poster-size sheet.

  • Give me a Lilligant QR code and I’ll be SET.

  • reshiram blast kitchen table!

  • “So now you can battle your Pokémon… IN THREE DEEEEEEEEEEE~!”

    … What? A fan can dream, can’t he? D;

    • You just added something to my “Things to Look forward to” list

  • Suicunesol

    Come on, TPCi. Put augmented reality markers on Pokemon Trading Cards! They’re a match made in heaven!

  • I cant wait until they have AR that requires no use of physical markers. ITs really an inconvenience, technology should enable it to be markerless by now.

    • timpkmn89

      They can, but the problem is knowing where you want the AR to appear

      • Apollonis

        Yeah… if you want it to appear realistically in the real environment with a camera that’s moving around, it needs a point of reference, and there’s not really a better way to do that without some rather painful calibration, since the computer has no way of knowing, for example, how far away a given object is or what it really looks like in 3 dimensions, or where the set points are, etc.

    • Apollonis

      Problem is it’s really hard to get computers to recognize unfamiliar objects, so you could do it but it would have trouble knowing where it was.  Having a marker makes it easy to move the camera all around, and presumably the marker itself…

      Actually I think there are AR programs that work without that stuff, but I don’t think they’re really commercial.

    • darkflame

      A solution a lot are using is dynamicly made markers now, where you define a 2D area and it tracks relative to that. Sony and a lot of mobile phone AR companys are using this method. The 3DS could too with the right coding.
      True markerless is possible too, however – but this just lets you track the camera movement over the enviroment. Object movement and placement would need to be manual.

  • Pokemon is great and all, but I’m more thinking about Yu-Gi-Oh here, really that would be great now!

    • Did you ever see this?

  • YsyDoesIt

    I just hope that this pokedex contains IV and EV information, since TPC ordered the PokeDroid to be removed from the Android Market.

    • thats sucks, so much effort was put into it…like saying the name and pulling it up, ect. glad i got it when i did

      • YsyDoesIt

         I know.  It was an amazing portable encyclopedia of Pokemon goodness.  I’m bummed that the microSD I had the bonus stuff saved on died just yesterday.

  • kupomogli

    This will be appealing for a whole five minutes.

  • Apache_Chief

    Yu-Gi-Oh duel disks will become a reality some day. Some day.

    • I want to believe!

    • Fund this.

    • Don’t I wish!!  I have more cards than I probably should and have been dreaming of a REAL Duel disk since battle city…lol, Ah, die hard fans can dream…lol

  • Gio32k

    Pokemon AR Battle Royal! I hope this is a start to a new Pokemon series…

  • darkflame

    Anyone watch DennouCoil? That was supposed to happen in 202X, but looks like it will happen in the next 5 years instead :)

  • meat0bun

    Oh god, it’s now only a matter of time before people start printing huge AR pokecards and taking life-sized to-scale pictures of themselves with their Pokemon.

    Folks, the future is now.

  • this is awesome, i’m excited to get it.

  • Thanks for the info on how to bring out these pokemon, guess I’m gonna have to print out these AR markers, if I want to see them do their thing….

  • Now if only it would support all of the current Pokemon, and not just the latest gen. :C I want AR photos featuring Sandshrew and Mightyena! D:

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