Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Could Cause Ridge Racer 3D To Freeze [Update]

By Ishaan . June 5, 2011 . 11:00pm

Just ahead of the Nintendo 3DS firmware update scheduled to go live this week, Nintendo in Japan have pre-emptively released a warning that the update could cause a freezing bug within Ridge Racer 3D.


The bug occurs on the“Race Select” or “Machine Select” screens, prior to starting a Single play or Grand Prix race, if you press B. This could cause your game to freeze up. If it does, you can hold down the Power button to turn the 3DS off, then restart the game.


Nintendo apologize for the error, and say they will provide a second firmware update in mid-June that fixes the problem. It isn’t clear yet whether this issue is specific to Japan, or if it applies to other regions as well.


Update: The bug affects U.S. systems as well, according to Nintendo of America. Thanks to SJ in the comments for the heads up!

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  • PersonaSpace

    The US is also getting the prewarning, so I think it goes for everyone.

  • LastFootnote

    Mid-June? That’s pretty slow. Some might say it’s unacceptably slow.

    • malek86

      As a matter of fact, it is, considering that they already know of the problem. under other circustances, they should just delay the firmware until the problem is solved.

      But I guess they really can’t afford to delay the release (they must want to have it ready for E3 at all costs, since they’ll probably make some announcements about it).

  • mikanko

    Namco still hasn’t released a proper compressed iso of Ridge Racer for PSP on the US PSN store (it’s 200 megs smaller than the Japanese store ver., and lags all to hell, and they’re still selling it on there).  Nothing surprises me with how little attention Namco seems to give what’s probably my favorite franchise of theirs.

    edit: I guess this sounds more like Nintendo’s fault though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some corners being cut on both sides.

  • maxchain

    Mid-June?!  What, is Nintendo’s entire hardware staff going to E3?


  • godmars


    Isn’t it bad enough this happens with full consoles, now handhelds need updates to fix updates?! And this is happening to Nintendo no less. Thought this is exactly why they held off on CDs all those ages ago.

    • malek86

      What? It’s not like cartridge games were any more patchable than CD games :P

      • godmars

        But cart and CDs generally had quality standards. Those have largely gone out the window this gen and this gen alone.

        • malek86

          No, what I meant was, why did Nintendo choose cartridges to avoid this kind of problems? They weren’t any better than discs on that regard. Bad programming is bad programming.

  • XypherCode

    well you gotta give nintendo some credit at least they’re being honest up front and didn’t wait for the players to notice the glitch.

  • Suicunesol

    Meh. Stuff happens sometimes. At least they know it’s a problem and are already working on it.

  • “Riiiiidge Ra-a-a-a-a-a-a-” Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

    But come now, Nintendo. I can understand that some problems are inevitable, but you’re not making things assuring for your portable firmware policy. You’re supposed to fix stuff. Speaking of which, remove the region lock soon, please. It’s one of the reasons the DS is so convenient, aside from not having to update.

    • XypherCode

      well it’s not like they can test EVERY game just to roll out new firmware

      • Perhaps not every single one. However, this is a launch title we’re talking about. Even ignoring for a moment how limited the game library for the system is currently, if Nintendo can’t make sure their firmware doesn’t conflict with a launch title, the idea of automatic firmware updates don’t sound very promising. They might have been a little too eager to release the update just to block flash cards.

        Another thing is that this happened to a third-party title. That’s also not very promising for Nintendo’s recent declaration of wanting to support third-party software if their firmware will keep clashing with them.

        All that being said, these are just theories on my part. I’m willing to forgive the occasional hiccups, which this case probably is; and update-able firmware means they can just throw in a fix very soon. It is, like you said, impractical to test every single software just for a firmware update; this might well have been some discrepancies in the programming on Bandai Namco’s part, for all I can guess. I’m just worrying a bit on how restricting the 3DS might become for the users.

        • XypherCode

          yeah you got a point there. well at least unlike the psp they just throw in a changelog after the update and I’m always “hey i didn’t know there was a glitch in this game” or something like that. *cheers* :D

          • TanyaRei

            Psp fmw that introduced bugs only did so to the odd japanese game and was usually patched days later

        • Joanna

          “They might have been a little too eager to release the update just to block flash cards.”

          I find this comment a little silly given this firmware adds browser and store accessibility. And I don’t think it’s hard to see why Nintendo would want to get these updates out the door asap. After all, these were features they advertised so it would be pretty bad if they delayed features that were suppose to be there from day 1 and features competing brands have (PSP, ipod/phone).

          • I’m quite certain that Nintendo wouldn’t have released a patch just to block flash cards, because that would make them sound silly to announce its features. In fact, I can’t imagine them announcing anything related to minor piracy to the user-base.

            Also, if all that firmware was supposed to do was add browser and store access, why did it interfere with a particular game that had no problems before? And it happened across all regions of 3DS. My assumption was that there was some sort of change to the OS/firmware, and piracy-block seemed like a possibility. As for why I assumed that way, you’ll have to excuse me for thinking that Nintendo might have been somewhat sour about their new portable console getting hacked within a day after its release.

            Besides, that was just a theory on my part; I did say “they ‘might’ have been”.

          • Joanna

            And adding browser and store support doesn’t alter the firmware? *raises eyebrow* It happened across all regions because the OS and the changes to it’s operation and the game code is the same across regions? If it was piracy related, which includes the reaffirming the regional lock on the 3DS, then it would be much more likely that one region’s firmware would be affected due to differing codes, no? I just think a few of you are a little too eager to jump on the “Nintendo must be screwing us over because of their greediness” bandwagon. I am in no way denying the possibility that this firmware update includes something against piracy but to think that is THE reason for them rushing the update out the door and not store and browser support is, to be honest, quite presumptuous. Especially because Wii has firmware updates (mostly for hacking) and I do not recall this happening before. There were minor hiccups, I believe, when SD card support was added, which again mirrors what’s happening here.

          • (Your last post didn’t have the reply button, so I’m replying from this one.)

            What part of “theory” didn’t you understand? You didn’t read my posts thoroughly, did you? I made it abundantly clear that I’m not labeling Nintendo alone as responsible; Namco Bandai has had its share of hiccups in the past as well, and I acknowledged that it might have been their game’s flaw.

            I didn’t mention about “Nintendo’s greed” one bit in my posts either; I don’t find a software company trying to protect their own business particularly “greedy”. I’ve been talking only about how restricting the 3DS is right now, mainly library-wise, and I don’t want the limits become more severe than they already are.

            If Browser and store access are added only in this update, they are new programs. Technically, it does change the firmware, since firmware is generally the overall program collective in a device. But I don’t see why those two should change the OS; it’d be like installing FireFox only to find out that it made some other programs malfunction.

            I understand you love Nintendo a lot (according to your Disqus log), but don’t go shooting people down just because they theorize some criticism towards the company. Next time, read the comments thoroughly before reply. I don’t enjoy text-fights; especially not on Siliconera.

          • Joanna

            1. By putting out this “theory”, am I wrong to assume you think it is true, or at least likely? And I actually would label Nintendo responsible since they have acknowledged the fact that they know this will happen before the firmware is updated. Maybe Namco is being sloppy with it’s coding but Nintendo knows it’s going to happen so they are ultimately responsible here. I’m just saying they are probably doing it for the added functionality of the browser and shop, which I find perfectly understandable.

            2. No you did not, but it was implied when you wrote that they are a little too eager to block flashcards. Which implies Nintendo cares little for paying customers and is thinking of getting at those pirates stealing their software. Maybe you did not intend that, but it certainly does give that impression with the way you phrased it. Maybe I’m just venting out my frustrations at all the anger at Nintendo here at the time. I mean when Sony’s PSN went down, the vast vast majority of the Siliconera crowd was sympathizing with them and giving them the benefit of the doubt. And there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just, I know if it was Nintendo, it would have been the exact reverse and this sort of hypocrisy bothers me. I’m probably getting too worked up….I just can’t let it go when I see double standards.

            3. But adding features to the OS that it couldn’t do before does alter firmware. Maybe these were already preprogrammed and this update simply unlocks them, but do we even know that’s the case? Maybe I have misunderstood what is considered part of updating the firmware. I recall reading that altering the way a device works does involve altering it’s firmware. I won’t pretend I’m an expert though, so maybe you’re right. Again, I’m simply sick and tired of the double standard here when painting Sony as the great nice gamer protector and Nintendo and Microsoft as those bad evil companies. None deserve that label, they are business all out for money and I don’t decry any of them for doing that. I do admit I love Nintendo, but that’s because I adore a lot of their franchises.

            edit: I should probably add that firmware is much more limited than a computer OS so from what I read adding new functionality does actually require altering the firmware. Again I read this awhile ago so I may be recalling it wrong or simply interpreting the statement of “altering the device’s functions” wrong.

            Gah, ok I’m rambling. Sorry. I am tired so if it is not coherent or something, well now you know why.

          • (Again, misplace reply. Pardon me for that.)

            Well, if you’ve vented out the load, that’s all good. Like I said, I’m only theorizing, i.e: I don’t count on them being right or wrong; I’m just reasoning with what I know. So no need to take them seriously.

            Let’s stop the thread here. It’s getting chaotic. Talk to you some other time.

  • DenjinJ

    Wow… There’s only a handful of games out now, and the first update breaks one of them, yet the incentive to update lasts just one day. This doesn’t bode well for the system’s future. Must be a flashcart killing patch since they’re so desperate to get people onto it on day 1.

    • CleruTesh

      I think it lasts a month, actually. But I want it NOW. I keep checking for updates when is evening?

      • DenjinJ

        You’re right – I misread the date, haha…

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