Looking For A Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer? Look No Further

By Ishaan . June 6, 2011 . 7:40pm

Square Enix released a full trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 today. Let’s skip the introductions on this one:



Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slated for release in North America and Europe in early 2012. Amongst other questions, it will answer the question: “Is Lightning truly happy?”

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  • Bri

    I don’t care what anyone says or thought about FF13, I’m looking forward to this.

    • Right! I personally enjoyed the first 13 and while it did have some issues that were thanks to bad decision making on the devs side this one can definitely fix those problems and abolish all the hate for recent Final Fantasy titles.

      • blober

        no it did not

    • I don’t care what anyone says or thinks about Lightning’s happiness, I’ll make her very happy.

      • But you’ll have to make Sarah happy first. Do note that Lightning will get reeeeally mad when she finds out.

        • That’s cool, girls like Lightning are “better” when they are mad~

        • Seems that Snow didn’t make her happy. Heck, he isn’t even shown in the trailer. Off I go then!

          • theworldofnoboundries

            Lol i smell NTR, Siscom and….. where the hell is Hope? We need Shota to complete the list here.

          • blober

            you spell psicom wrong and i have no idea where hope is.

    • OverlordFuka

      Amen to that Bri! I agree with you!

    • PrinceHeir

      Hell yeah :)

      definitely excited for this, the world looks to good to passed out, not to mention the direction seems to be different this time, at first your all running away from your doom, now you have to rebuild everything from scratch. the music is catchy too so that’s a plus ^^

      gonna be amazing, the gameplay looks similar from the first one(not a bad thing) hope they improve the game alot by adding tons of NPC’s, Shops, more open worlded, more summons, secret bosses, weapons. basically more everything :)

      for those who don’t know the FFXIII-2 JP site has been updated.

      you can now download the crying lightning wallpaper, database has been updated, novel is up there. great stuff, plus the music from the trailer is in there :P


    • neon6

      You don’t care enough about what others think, but cared enough to let us know?

    • blober

      yes i really agree with you Bri.

  • Welp I’ll invest my faith in you yet again square. It seems your fixing the problems that were evident in the first installment with this one so here’s to hope…*pun*

  • I finished FF13 and like how it ended and happy that they are tying loose ends that needs to be mentioned at the very least.

    • blober

      thats cool i love the ending also.

  • Oh my, that was fantastic! I’ve been waiting all day for this, sitting through two fairly disappointing press conferences.

    Look at the NPCs, the open areas! The new combat elements! Yes, I’m very excited! :D

    • doomspeller10

      Final Fantasy XIII-2: now with 20% more effort on things that really matter, like gameplay.

      I’d rather have a Dissidia sequel for PS3 but this looks decent enough.

  • thecowboypoet

    Looks cool but where’s the Type-0 info?? I was surprised to see that not mentioned at Sony’s E3 conference.

    • Gotta wait for TGS 2011, I guess.

  • damndamndrum

    I saw Lebreau. She better be playable.

    • Boris_Althema

      Hells yea!

    • Barrit


      The NORA guys had cool character designs so I was disappointed they had such a small part in the first one. This one looks to put more emphasis on them :)

    • blober

      all right i sure hope so

  • superdry

    Oooh…that looked really good.  I like Serah’s new outfit.  Hmm…where’s Snow?  But, Noel looks like he replaces him.  The only thing I don’t like is Lightning’s body armor.

    • puchinri

      Same. I actually do and don’t like Serah’s outfit, but I really don’t like Lightning’s armor at all. It just looks like it doesn’t suit her. And like they tried to cover her up but still had to show a little skin. 

    • blober

      yes your right Serah new outfit is awsome

  • Raze

    where the hell is Snow, Hope and Sazh??

    i really look forward seeing them in this sequel

    • Guest

      I would like to play as Team Nora

      • Maqui!!!!!

        • Guest

          Why can’t you post a female character name for once? Like Lebreau…

          • Cause the male character designs are just plain more epic than the females who are often in the way.

          • Guest

            Stop overusing the word epic

    • blober

      Mabey there on like an adveture and serah and noel meet them later in the game.

  • This trailer looks fantastic! :D I like how everything is executed so far in this game(battle wise and stuff)

  • leadintea

    Anyone notice the monster companions? To be honest, it scares me that we may have only 2 playable human characters instead of having more. I really do not want to have monsters as party members.

  • Serah looks delicious.

    • blober

      you bet

  • SetzerGabbiani

    More meat for the Dissidia grinder I suppose.

  • Noel is so epic! I cant wait. The musical direction was fantastic too and the overworld nice. Graphics were as stunning as ever. RPG for 2012 starting off fresh and strong!

  • anxiousheart

    This looks amazing! I’m guessing the BGM is the new battle theme/ serah’s new theme. Snow better not be in “crystal statis” or whatever though- stupid Fal’Cie always ruining their marriage plans.

  • runesong


    *explodes into sparkles*

    • AzureNova

      I lol’d hard when I saw your comment lol

    • blober

      yes’ yes yes”

  • Decent trailer, I suppose. Glad to see NORA’s back. Wanted to hear more of their characters since I first saw them. I noticed the mobs in the party list.. hope it doesn’t turn out like ToS2. ._. Didn’t like that part. And Noel’s voice doesn’t really fit, imo. lol I guess abit of getting used to and I’ll be able to deal with it.

  • I think that all of the l’cies from XIII “died”. That’s why Serah is so sad (Snow and Lightning) and also why no other party members show up in this trailer >_>

    • blober

      could be but i dont think so its only the the 2 trailer i bet the third or fourth trailer will have snow sazh and hope in it but mabey your right.

  • AzureNova

    I already have mine pre-ordered on amazon =^_^=

  • i actually look forward to XIII world  again mean while we wait for Versus to come out.

    This character Noel look’s so much like Serge from chrono cross!

    I look forward to the import version!

  • A A

    WTF happened to Snow?

    • Darkrise

      I would laugh if suddenly it was as if he never existed and Noel was the replacement. But no, I bet he’s off somewhere having adventures with Sazh and the rest of the gang other than Lightning.

    • Barrit

      I don’t know, but he was the only character I really despised in the first one so I hope he stays gone. I like that it appears they are putting more emphasis on NORA. I had hoped they would be a bigger part of the first one eventually, but they weren’t, so I’m looking forward to this one.

      • blober

        shut up snow is the best  snow was great i bet he will be in the game or else.

    • Bruce

       Maybe he died ! … lol

      • blober

        I really doubt it

  • skymap

    I don’t know about this one. Considering I hated team Nora, this could turn out worse than FFXIII for me.

  • Son Hoang

    Yeah, you’re right Leon Hart! There is a resemblance between Noel and Serge. Hopefully this inspires the original staff of Chrono Cross to return and build a remake or a new separate series. They’ve done a terrific job with CC. I’d hate for their talents to not be wasted in this new gaming era. C’mon Square-Enix! Live up to Squaresoft’s time period! Also I am psyched about FF XIII-2. I wonder who the composer is for this game? Since Masashi Hamauzu left the company. =(

  • RagnaXBL

    Epic Lightning is Epic!

    • blober

      yes she is really epic

  • Darkrise

    Hm, I don’t think I like Noel’s voice at all. Judging by his looks you’d expect him to sound more darker, but he sounds like some hyper upbeat guy here to steal Serah. Oh wait, now I know who I can compare his voice to, Tidus.

  • ….I hope I’m not the only one who thought Noel was a girl until this trailer came out.

    • puchinri

      I still can barely tell the difference when his mouth isn’t closed and shooting snark.

  • Boris_Althema

    Serah’s looking good. But I want more Lightning! ;O

    • blober

      yes definentley

  • XypherCode

    i hope the game is well polished unlike last time :D the 1st was good and all but uhh you know…:P

  • puchinri

    I honestly… Don’t know what to make of this. I think I like it? It looks better than FF13 though. Although the cheese factor (and a kind of awkwardness) is kinda odd. And even though I like Noel, he feels like one part annoying jerkass and one part… Cool guy that just does what he wants? 

    Serah feels so useless though throughout the whole trailer. Can we have her and Noel switch roles? Let her run around like a bad ass and take after her sister? She can still be cute and girly, if that’s what they’re trying to aim for here.

  • God, I simply love that trailer. And Masashi Hamauzu again, did good job. Love the music, love the feeling, love the cinematic action and LOVE how Lightning battles on Odin :3

  • imaguni

    I… I quite like it! The more recent XIII-2 post and this trailer have made me more excited. I am very happy they didn’t switch music composers, because I think that Masashi Hamauzu did a fantastic job with the previous game.

    I think that this is the time where we’ll finally get to see Serah for ourselves as opposed to basically seeing her through Snow’s lovey-dovey eyes. I didn’t mind it, I found it cute in a lovestruck way, but I’m glad she’s getting more focus. I’m confident the story will majorly be about her growing into her strength. I’m all for it, I usually find this kind of character growth more compelling… which is why I actually like Hope, but that’s another story. Can we expect eidolon battles?

    • blober

      yes i most deffently think so

  • So we’ll get to FFXIIIs before we get one FF VERSUS XIII? Sounds inefficient.

  • HOLY ****! This is so freakin awesome! I cant wait for the game!!!!

  • AnimusVox

    I honestly wasn’t impressed. I think Bioware and Ubisoft got all my attention with their cinematics

  • Spiky brown hair. Blue eyes. Baggy shorts. A 4 letter name. Does Noel remind anyone of someone else Square has made

  • Chow

    Nice reprise of “Blinded by Light”.

  • SerendipityX

    …I love Lightning’s English voice actor. Strange since I usually enjoy the Japenses vioces better. I loved FFXIII battle system and Idk it kind of seemed like Square was setting it up to include QTEs -_- Although I wish they would put a little more effort in making the script less awkward…

  • noctis_nox

    I love it! :)

  • OMJ!! That was AMAZING!!! I’m even more looking forward to XIII-2. Also where the heck is Snow? Maybe they decided to call off the wedding until Lightning was found?

    Noel looks cool. And sounds familiar, maybe it’s just me. But his clothes… Maybe he knows Fang and Vanille in some way. I forgot who said and I apologize but his character design, he looks getting ready for Kh3 prehaps… whenever it will stopping MIA.

    I also how Sazh and his son and Hope will interact with them as well their respective Eidolons.

    I’m thinking too much on this. Amazing Trailer can’t wait to hear more news about XIII-2.

  • I think Noel’s voice sounds like Hope’s but deeper.

  • blober

    I wonder what lightnings rivals name is. Is it kain or thunder

  • blober

    I wonder if fang or vaneill will come back.

  • blober

    Who do you think will be the last boss in final fantasy 13 2

  • blober

    Lightning and serah look awsome

  • blober

    I think the fighting style looks great

  • blober

    Mabey lightnings rival is rains cause his face looks the same as his

  • blober

    I think that finalfantasy 13 was a great game. Finalfantasy 13 2 will be even better  i hope.

  • blober

    what happend to sazh hope and snow are they dead or somewhere else.

  • blober

    lightning and serah look really hot and that guy that lightning is fighting is  awsome.

  • blober

    I hear that people say that finalfantasy13 2 will be a terrible game  so what i say i dont care what you think. I think that finalfantasy 13 2 will be better than alot of finalfantasy games.

  • blober

    this game is going to be sick.

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