Yes, Dragon’s Crown Is A Vanillaware Game And Ignition Are Publishing It

By Ishaan . June 7, 2011 . 3:43pm

Yesterday, we ran a video montage of upcoming PlayStation Vita games, amongst which was one game titled Dragon’s Crown. It looked very much like a game developed by Muramasa: The Demon Blade developer, Vanillaware. It turns out, it is.


Siliconera can confirm that Dragon’s Crown is a new game for the PSVita and PlayStation 3, and will be published by Ignition Entertainment. The game is currently slated for a spring 2012 release. You’ll be treated to a trailer of the title later today.


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  • This game looks pretty cool– one of the games that caught my eye when they showed the trailer montage for the Vita.

  • Holy, yes, double the fun!!!! :D Now I’m really interested in this one, also nice female warrior~

  • Always love seeing something new from Vanillaware. Will be sure to pick this up.

  • Yes, Dragon Crown is a Vanillaware Game…


    …and Ignition are publishing it


  • HarryHodd

    Wait and Playstation 3????? I think this just made my E3.

    • godmars

      The PSV actually.

      Not that I wouldn’t mind if this showed up as playable on the PS3.

      Oh wait, it is.


  • Phlo

    No, no, no! Anyone but Ignition!

    • Ereek

      This. This, this this.

      • hahaha, why not?

        • IceRomancer

          Like Soma said, look up Arc rise Fantasia. Horrible horrible horrible.

          • Darkrise

            Also Lux Pain, translation. But yes, Arc Rise fantasia, horrible horrible horrible. Voice that is.

          • Soma

            Yeah. Lux-Pain was painful. Such a shame.

          • No in all fairness, Lux Pain was translated internally by Killaware. Rising Star Games offered the same poorly translated game in Europe. 

          • aaaaa-ha, sorry, haven´t played it…but I presume that D.C will not have too much voice acting, right?, so maybe it´s passable…anyway, I kinda like Ignition since they localized a lot of SNK games :b

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            Even if Dragon Crown doesn’t have a lot of voice acting Ignition could still mess up with the localization and give us another lackluster effort on that front.

          • Kris

            SNK games aren’t exactly renowned for their localizations either… >_> 

          • @Kris hahaha, I know, but SNK ALWAYS had problems with their localizations (jap* and U.S versions), and believe me, they sound worse in spanish.
            *you can set the language in english and spanish (KOF 98, 99, 2000, PSX and Dreamcast versions)

          • mikanko

            Ignition’s translation of the Wii Vanillaware game, Muramasa, was god awful.

          • Kris

            @google-652cb36a6bdf97803b029fe5dcdf9b9d:disqus I’ve actually always found their localizations bizarrely charming, especially with how jarring some of the win quotes were in SamSho.

        • anyway, guys, I´m out here, It seems that the “devil must be beating his wife” and I have to do something about it…

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    It all depends on how well they handle El Shaddai…

  • Dragon Crown looks so cool!

  • Everytime I hear about or see something from Vanillaware, I melt! I want another sidescroller from them

  • damndamndrum

    So looking forward to this! This was a very nice surprise as I was expecting Grand Knights History. Vanillaware is always an instant buy for me =) 

  • Really happy it will be playable on the PS3 also….BUT I’m kinda worried the VITA will only receive ports of console games. Will they be different versions?

  • Darkrise

    Ps3 as well? That saves me money.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Well, hopefully, Ignition really did learn from Arc Rise Fantasia, like they said.

    • Letiumtide

      Didn’t they say prior to Arc Rise Fantasia’s release that they had learned their lesson somewhere else too? Somehow I think this translation is going to be just as lifeless. *sigh*

      • Hraesvelgr

        To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to Ignition before ARF, so it’s entirely possible. If they really did say it before, well… bad news, I guess.

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          They do say they’ll improve all the time. One example is after the release of Muramasa when all those complaints aboutthe lackluster localization began to come in Ignition promised that they will use their new knowledge and make Arc Rise Fantasia a “quailty” product and, well, you know what the result was.

          All I’m saying is that Ignition is one of the worst localization companies out there who never learn through their mistakes. Instead they always try to weave their way around them by promising the next title will be better and hoping that everyone will fall for it.

  • LastFootnote

    Huzzah! VanillaWare games are a rare treat.

    I really hope we see Grand Knight History released in the west as well. Maybe it could be a download-only title for the Vita? That way Sony could get around the whole piracy thing? C’mon, Sony! Throw me a bone here!

  • Even though it’s Ignition who bringing it, I don’t care, this game is coming to America!!!

    • Letiumtide

      Yeah I’ve felt that way about previous releases, now I can barely touch Arc Rise Fantasia. The translation is so poor and lifeless that even with the undub it’s sad.  They still haven’t figured out how to localize a game.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      In this time where we see quality localizations from niche companies such as Atlus, NISA, and XSEED we shouldn’t be lowering our standards by saying things like “I don’t care who publishes it as long as _____ comes out here!”

      Although I admit that I will also be purchasing this when it is released (what can I say, I’m a sucker for Vanillaware and their games) if Ignition ends up butchering this game as well I hope many of these small companies wise up and look elsewhere. Ignition is pretty much the epitome for poor localizations now and I don’t see that changing in the near future. 

      • I just want to jump in here real quick to say that both sides have a point. On the one hand, yes, it’s good to want quality localizations from publishers that you trust. On the other, it’s also a question of who has the money and marketing muscle to make bringing these games over feasible. 

        Just one example is Muramasa. Muramasa may not have had the best localization, but I do think Ignition did a far better job marketing it than any other import games publisher would have.

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          I’ll agree that the marketing for Muramasa was passable (I don’t remember seeing much about it besides the occasional magazine ad), but Ignition should realize that is not the only thing that matters. Even if their marketing is exceptional if they continue to half-ass (pardon my language) the quality of their localizations then the marketing for games will become a moot point since many will just equate their games with crap and avoid them altogether damaging not only Ignitions reputation, but those of the companies for whose games they are localizing in the first place.

  • So we have two new titles coming from Vanillaware in the near future? That’s great news. I was getting a bit worried after hearing absolutely nothing from them after the release of Kumatanchi. Hopefully, Grand Knights History will be on PSN so we can play it on the PS Vita as well.

  • Rarutos

    VanillaWare’s delicious sprites in HD will be glorious.

    Ignition is a bit disappointing, but at least it’s coming to the West! Especially since we’re still unsure about Grand Knights History. :(

    Hoping Ignition have improved during their slight hiatus of publishing/localizing!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster


    Wait…Ignition?Uh…alright. Thanks. I’ll still get it.

  • But just to confirm, it ISN’T Grand Knights History? This is something completely different?

    • Ren

      Grand Knights Story is Turn based, this was clearly real time. And the character design is taller and more realistic proportioned compared to GKS. So no, it can’t be the same game.

  • neo_firenze

    They’re going to sucker me into yet game that will probably end up being repetitive, dull, and a little disappointing gameplay-wise,  But I’ll do it anyway due to the gorgeous artwork. 

    Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me four times in a row, well, that’s Vanillaware :)

    • I found GrimGrimoire quite refreshing and addictive gameplay- and story-wise, instead of repetitive, dull and a little disappointing. But I tend to like this timey-wimey stuff. :)

  • Soma

    I’m really depressed that Ignition is publishing this game.
    Arc Rise Fantasia is a perfect example of how they tend to ruin games.

    • puchinri

      My thoughts exactly…

    • HarryHodd

      Maybe they can include japanese VO.

      • Soma

        Hopefully they’ll be able to, like what they did with Muramasa. But, even still, the text translation on that game was pretty pitiful.

  • Wow, very mature art. Like it. :)

  • First Lux-Pain, then Arc Rise Fantasia, now Dragon Crown…

    Forgive me for not being too thrilled about this…

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    Ignition again? Why are they so intent on ruining the localization of another Vanillaware game. I mean seriously they can spout all they want about how much they’ll improve next time but every game they publish tends to be worse then the one before it and if the localization isn’t filled with errors or typos then it is usually bland and lifeless.

    Aw well, I’ll probably buy it since it’s Vanillaware, but I really hope that Ignition goes out of business in the future before they ruin any other games.

  • Ladius

    Between this and the unannounced Falcom game Vita seems to have an interesting lineup even for those in our niche :)

  • Copied & pasted from TwitLonger:

    Please, for the love of God, stop ruining Japanese games! It’s already
    bad enough you had to butcher THREE Marvelous Entertainment games, to
    the point it drove them to bankruptcy!

    Now, acquiring the US publishing rights from a highly revered Japanese
    developer like Vanillaware is the last straw. If Dragon’s Crown flops due
    to a poor English dub or lack of a Japanese voice overs, you will be
    blamed heavily, if you ended up putting Vanillaware in the red.

    • Was it really proven that Ignition’s lackluster localizations drove Marvelous Entertainment to bankruptcy? Or are you just projecting?

  • z_merquise

    Man, the negativity here is too much. C’mon gals and guys, we should be glad the game’s release outside Japan is confirmed.

    As for Ignition, yes, their localization job in their previous games may not be remarkable but I’m willing to give them a chance here and hope that everything would be better this time.

    • Pretty much agree with you, also the work on El Shaddai looks pretty good so far, so I’m willing to think they really learned from past mistakes and will make a good job from now on. :D

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      I’m pretty sure many people here have already given Ignition plenty of chances so the negativity is not exactly that surprising. Personally I would say just approach this upcoming game with the mindset that at best it will be a lackluster effort like Muramasa and at worst a totally bomb like Arc Rise Fantasia. That way when the game is finally released you won’t be too disappointed and if the localization is actually good you will have a chance to be pleasantly surprised that Ignition didn’t manage to screw it up all over again (of course I doubt that though).

  • skymap

    Please fix the female character art,
    thank you.

  • zhemos

    Ignition? ewwww 

    Will play the wait and see game. 

  • JustaGenericUser

    – Ignition

    Welp, confirmed for sh** game. Dammit Vanillaware, when will you learn?

  • Klarktastic

    shut up and take my money

  • Hells yeah!

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder if Vanillaware is gonna make a Muramasa, Odin Sphere, Grimgoire HD collection :)

    will buy this for sure :P

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