Nintendo Will Publish Epic Mickey In Japan

By Ishaan . June 9, 2011 . 11:32pm

Nintendo have recently taken to publishing successful third-party games Wii by western developers games in their home market.


They started out with games like Just Dance 2 and Goldeneye, but now, they’re also publishing Disney’s Epic Mickey.


Inside Games report that Epic Mickey has sold over 2 million copies overseas on the Wii. Nintendo’s Japanese release of the game is slated for August. The game will cost 5,800 yen.

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  • gumby_trucker

    …sigh… why does NoA suck so much when compared to NCL and NoE?

    • XypherCode

      different presidents? lol :P

    • How about different market priorities?

      • gumby_trucker

        probably has something to do with it. what ticks me off is that NoA seem to care more about having massive sellers, while NCL seems to care more about having many different games…

        • I guess @NintendoAmerica:twitter is compensating for the lack of a diverse lineup of niche games with proven sellers, due to fears the niche games, regardless of the amount of marketing and advertising budget they put, will only get buried by AAA western projects that have marketing/advertising budgets that dwarf theirs.

          • gumby_trucker

            what are these AAA western projects that are selling by the truckload on Wii?
            I’ve never heard of them…

          • I should’ve been specific enough such projects are usually on PS360, not on the Wii.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster


  • Nintendo Will Publish..


    ..Epic Mickey In Japan

    D:!  Oh well. Hopefully Nintendo of Europe picks up The Last Story so that I can just import it and Xenoblade and put this whole thing behind me. How Nintendo of America can pass up RPGs by both Mr. Sakaguchi and Mr. Takahashi is beyond me.

    • Barrylocke89

      Wait, is the Wii Region Free? If so, then I may want to import those too, they seemed interesting.

      I didn’t know Epic Mickey did so well. I was kinda under the impression that it undersold. 

      • kylehyde

        No is not region free.

      • Not region free, but considering the system is on its last legs and successor announced, I’m willing to mod it to run some games from other regions.

      • No, I believe the Homebrew Channel and Gecko OS allows the Wii to play games from other regions.

  • gumby_trucker

    according to this NCL’s cool factor just increased even further:

    from the article:
    “However, the game will not simply be localised in Japanese, but will
    have the camera issues fixed and the difficulty setting tweaked, all
    under Nintendo’s personal supervision!”

    seems like a very respectable effort for another few hundred thousand sales at most… (get a damn clue NoA!)

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