Project Gravity’s Very First Trailer Lifts Off

By Ishaan . June 9, 2011 . 9:40am


As the week rolls along, Sony keep letting out more Project Gravity information, little by little. Today, they launched the game’s website in Japan, with even more screenshots and a trailer for the PlayStation Vita game.


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  • This game looks AMAZING.

    • Ladius

      Oh, I just remembered Falcom’s upcoming PSVita jrpg :P Hope you guys manage to localize it as soon as possible :D

    • Jrpgfanatic

      Agreed, the graphic style reminds me a lot of Fragile Dreams

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Gorgeous. Gorgeous animation, gorgeous graphics and amazing potential, from a gameplay perspective.

    Probably the only game worth getting excited about on the Vita, so far.

    (Edit: Oh wait, there’s also Dragon’s Crown… But that’s also coming to PS3)

    • Having a Odin Sphere-like game on a portable will feel more awesome, at least for me, i will get that one for PSV… Unless we download it from the psn and the same file works for PSV and PS3? o-o

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        (Disqus is all kinds of messed up lately. Comments take ages to appear, I’m seeing your response to my post on the top of the comment section… What is happening =P)

        The game was announced for both the Vita and PS3 (like SFxTekken or TekkenxSF or whatever), so it’ll probably be released on both systems. Of course, there’s the possibility of cross-platform play. Regarding that, I just found this:

        Q: I saw your demo of “Ruin,” a game that can be played on both Vita and PS3, with progress saved online so you can pick up where you left off on either machine. How soon will that be a standard feature on your platforms?

        A: This is a big idea. This doesn’t exist in the market today but it will exist when PlayStation Vita launches. They need to buy a game on each platform — that’s important to note.


        Yeah… No, thanks. I’ll stick to one platform.

        To be honest, the whole 4 player co-op doesn’t interest me in the least, and I’d much rather have a Muramasa sequel (I find the setting much more appealing) but hey… More Vanillaware is good Vanillaware.

        • SlashZaku

          I’m wondering who will be first to spring on ‘Dual’ releases.  Pack in of the PS3 and Vita versions of a game for $70-80.  That probably won’t fly with the ‘suits’ but I think a lot of people who own both would jump on that if they did it.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            There’s probably a market for that kind of release, but to me, buying two versions of the same game would be just wasting money, even though one of them is portable.

            I think the suits will/would agree to it, as long as it brings them the monies =P

          • Joanna

            Yeah I have to agree. Even buying “improved” versions of games is a waste of money to me. I have to really really love the game to get it again or it has to have a truckload of new content (like FFIV: Complete Collection, the After Years make it worth a second purchase).

            I hope this trend does not continue because then I won’t have any reason to buy a Vita as I already own a PS3. I much prefer handhelds, but I just cannot bring myself to spend 250$ if I can already play these games. :/

        • Barrit

          Thanks for the link. I was wondering how that was going to work exactly. My thought was that you needed to buy the Vita version and since the game cards only fit in the Vita machine, it required a Vita to transfer a copy of the game onto your PS3 or something?

          I don’t see buying 2 versions of the game though unless it was one I absolutely loved and saw myself playing for hundreds of hours.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            For games that are released on both platforms, it only makes sense that you have to buy both versions if you want to play on both systems (not everyone is Valve, unfortunately).

            When you feel like playing the Vita exclusives on a big screen, well… There’s always TV-out, right? =P You can pretend you’re playing it on the PS3, what with all the nice graphics and dual analogs (what a godsend these are).

            But, like you, I also wouldn’t buy two versions of the same game unless I really, really loved it.

          • Ren

            They already said long ago when they first revealed it as NGP that it wouldn’t support TV-out. Probably so people will have to buy the PS3 versions of the games to play on HDTVs.

        • Rofl xD, it really is a really important note

    • SlashZaku

      No Dragon’s Crown, LBP, Modnation, Sound Shapes, Super Stardust Delta, Little Deviants, etc.?

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Dragon’s Crown, absolutely! I edited my post earlier to reflect that =D

        As for the rest: LBP and Modnations don’t interest me at all, Super Stardust is a nice little game, sure, and Sound Shapes and Little Deviants look fun, but not the kind of games I would actually love (from the very little we’ve seen).

        This one, however, seems like it could be so much more than any of those games, you know? Maybe I’m expecting too much, but it just screams “potential” to me. Really curious about this.

    • kylehyde

       Well I don’t have a ps3 so for me this makes two game, only 2 or 3 more to say that the vita é bella.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Ooooh. Ohohoh.

        Something tells me you’ve wanted to make that joke/pun as soon as you knew it was called Vita, no?=P

        • kylehyde

          Actually it was more like something that suddenly popped on my mind early morning since I read the good news about the “no region lock” on the psvita and since a liked that movie I wanted to make a pun/homenage of the same.

          And now that I’m reading the list of game of this handheld, I’m going to say that 1 more and sony will take my money.

  • Barrit

    Wow this game looks beautiful! If this ends up being a launch title, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist you Vita!

    • Hraesvelgr

      There was some demo gameplay that IGN posted with English text, so it being a launch title is quite possible, I think.

      • Barrit

        Awesome. The very short snippet they showed during the Sony presentation had me worried this game was falling behind schedule, but that is very good news!

  • Barrit

    Sorry about double post, my post didn’t show up.

  • Apollonis

    12 seconds in looks kind of suspicious, ahaha.

  • Testsubject909

    I’m left with nothing much to say except the generic:

    DAY 1
    Amongst Top Reasons to get PSV

    and etc.

  • Syltique

    I will buy this game so hard.

  • This looked great in a really “wtf i dont know what’s happening but it’s cool anyway” way!

    • Syltique

      Two words for you my friend: Gravity Cat.  

  • PLEASE be a launch title PLEASE a must buy for Vita nuff said

  • Ladius

    Really awesome, this will probably be my first Vita game :)

  • AzureNova

    Gravity Daze is going to be the very first game I’m getting for my PSV. It looks amazing! Also on a side note the trailer doesn’t do Kitten justice, she’s too cute! (On the official Japanese site they call her Kitten). =^_^= Kitten/Kat for the win!

  • Yamaneko22

    My favorite game from this E3 so far! Followed closely by Dragon’s Crown:)

  • Give me nowww!!

  • badmoogle

    Love the art direction!

  • This game looks amazing! Can’t wait to buy it!

  • That music does NOT fit the setting the visuals give.

    • Agreed, but otherwise, it looks like the coolest game eveeeeer!

    • kylehyde

      I think exactly the same.

      Is not a bad music, actually is kinda good, but seriously doesn’t fit at all with the game settings.

    • Apollonis

      Ok, enough people have agreed that I need to ask what the disconnect is. Maybe I don’t focus much on music but it seems to fit fine to me.

      • The problem is that the music is very adventurous and somewhat uplifting. It’s good music, and they could even make it work.  The game itself, however, featured dark visuals with characters that seem confident, yet ambiguous. The music should fit a more mysterious tone, not quite scary, but curious and a little dangerous maybe. I’d expect it to take some notes from dot hack actually.

    • kyuketsukimiyu

      I agree, and I doubt it is representative of what will appear in the game. That seemed like kind of a rushed trailer, and they still haven’t even confirmed the title, so they may still be working on the OST and just grabbed a stock song for the trailer.

  • One of the few games I’m interested in buying other than the Vanillaware game.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Hope this is a Launch Title, ’cause it is definitely worth it. Day 1!

  • ShinGundam

    I forget that Japanese open world adventure still exist XD 

  • imaguni

    I already decided I was getting the Vita at launch, so I hope this will be released outside of Japan. If not, I hope the Vita’s at least region-free for sure so I can play it!

  • MarkMario

    One of the best looking Vita games next to Hot Shots and Uncharted * o *

  • SoulEater98

    This game is looking better and better each trailer! I could find myself getting a PSV just for this game!

  • This is my most anticipated Vita game and I mean it.

  • Sounds like a Legend of Zelda game :)

    I will get this XD

  • It’s like what Sega Saturn’s Nights should have been. XD

  • Ren

    I have to say, I don’t like this game art style and color choices the least, but the concept looks kinda cool. And clunky too, but I’ll bet we’re just seeing something in early development, it’ll probably be better.

  • shuratan

    Music totally reminds of some old school tactical rpg games. 

  • noctis_nox

    This game will is a fresh air for me because of the suffocating shooter this gen. Trololol!

  • Boris_Althema

    Striking visuals! 

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