A Key Addition To DmC Devil May Cry Is Dynamic, Changing Environments

By Ishaan . June 14, 2011 . 10:32am


At E3, Capcom conducted an interview with two of their lead producers overseeing DmC Devil May Cry, being developed in collaboration with Cambridge-based Ninja Theory. Representing Capcom were Alex Jones, senior producer at Capcom USA, and Motohide Eshiro, producer at Capcom Japan.


The interview kicked off with a question about the style of combat depicted in the game’s trailer at E3 2011, and what part of getting the trailer to feel like a Devil May Cry game was the hardest. Jones took the question.


“I think the air combos and combos in general,” he replied. “Getting that right has been the hardest part of the development cycle, and it’s the part I’m most proud of Ninja Theory for having captured, working obviously closely with CJ [Capcom Japan]. But just getting that look, feel, that responsiveness in place was obviously the hardest part.”


Another question pointed out the way the environment around Dante changed in the trailer, and asked whether any information regarding this could  be shared.


“Well, one of the things we want to play with is the idea of dynamic, interactive backgrounds and environments,” Jones replied, “so there’s a fictional element that controls when that happens, but basically, the world can shift and shape under Dante’s feet, forcing him to have to react to different situations in the game.”


He added: “It is one of the key new adds for this title and one that we’ll be looking to explore in as much depth as possible.”


You can watch the full interview embedded above. Capcom promise more information on DmC before the end of the year.

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  • thebanditking

    After watching the very sluggish gameplay footage and watching Capcom and NT dodge hard hitting questions I have pretty much lost all interest in this game. The best I can hope for is this is some terrible movie tie in and will be the last of its kind and that Capcom will commission Kamiya and Platinum to do a DMC6 with Vergil as the lead.

    • Dante and Vergil fighting side-by-side would be amazing,

      • I second that notion.

      • no, actually, that would be a fanboy wet dream.

        • Or  totally yaoi obsessed fangirls. -__-;;;

          • yep, there´s always that.

          • Guest


            Burn it with FIRE!

      • jotun_of_greed

        well, we already have that in DMC3, only on one of the last part of the game though *shrug*

        but yes, a full fledged DMC game with Dante and Vergil co-op system will make my life complete

    • OneOkami

      “I wanted to do the sequel. I used to want to do a sequel, but now it’s like some other guy’s chick. It’s not my chick anymore. And that chick got fooled and played all around from all over, so I don’t want her anymore. I’m only concentrating on my current chick [bayonetta]”

      – Hideki Kamiya

      • Guest

        He really said that??? (is gullible)

        • OneOkami

          Yep, he really said that.  Its from an EGM interview.

          • Guest

            haha thats pretty cool then. But the wording is weird. Doesn’t sound like it would come from a Japanese guy.

            Anyways I imagine something of similar sort would be said for Castlevania…

      • puchinri

        That wording is funny, but I agree with him. I’ve felt really bad for Kamiya too. They really should have let him work on the sequel(s) forever ago.

      • neo_firenze

        Consider me 1000x more excited about a potential Bayonetta 2 than this DmC trainwreck. 

        No faith in Ninja Theory, from anything they’ve shown of this game and from playing through Enslaved.  Heavenly Sword looks like it might have actually been their HIGH point, surprisingly enough.

        • ehsan zare

          its still in development, so when they’re done it might be a good game

  • mikanko

    I think they would have been better off working with Ninja Theory on developing a new IP than to use the DmC moniker. 

    While Enslaved was mostly awful when it came to combat, I thought
    Heavenly Sword had some good ideas, and with some Capcom help I think
    Ninja Theory would be able to make a competent action game.  It’s just that trying to cash in on the DmC name could well backfire.

    The game looks way too slow and lacks the flow of previously successful DMC games from what little could be discerned from the trailer.  Need some full speed gameplay to tell for sure though, but the general sentiment has been negative.  I’m saying this not caring about the bad character art, but the shoes to fill by DMC as a solid action title are just too big to fill.

    • You obviously forgot that the trailer shows a work in progress and trailers don’t tell you exactly how fast a game is going.

      If NT did take what made Heavenly Blade a great game and combine it with DMC’s fast and frantic gameplay, don’t you think this game might have more flexibility in the ways of, idk, Bayonetta?

      • mikanko

        I said it’s too early to know without full speed gameplay footage.  It’s just the footage shown looked pretty bad.  The whole thing was hopefully in super slow motion, but even taking that into account it looked anything but fluid.

        To answer your question, the answer is no.  I think the problem is Heavenly Sword just isn’t in the same ballpark when it comes to being a solid action title, and it doesn’t have anything it can add to what makes DmC1 and 3 great games. 

        It has some good ideas, and if Ninja Theory was given money to make a new action game to expand on those ideas, I’d be interested in playing it.  I just don’t think it has any chance on filling the shoes that are a DMC title.

        I don’t see where you could possibly see a comparison to Bayonetta at all.

        • Well, I meant flexibility as in there’s going to be more free-flowing action, at least based on character animations, gameplay, and combos. Heavenly Blade did that, it’s just that Bayonetta had a lot more of that flexibility.

          • mikanko

            Have you played DMC3?  High level dmc3/dmc4 Dante combos are a hundred times more flexible than anything in Heavenly Sword, and hardly less diverse than stuff in Bayonetta.  I think your comparison is largely inaccurate.

            Heavenly Sword has nothing to teach DMC in the action gameplay department.  It’s a neat game, that has some good ideas.  I like the counter system and the interactive environments.  The framerate was awful, and the game was a cakewalk, unless playing on hard… which really should have been the normal.

            HS lacked polish, but if NT had a chance to expand on it with some more depth, and clean up the game engine, it’d be a game I’d be interested in playing.  That game shouldn’t be called DMC.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            You have to remember that HS was a PS3 Launch title. No one had a full grasp of the system yet

          • kroufonz

            @aara well enslaved is their newest game and it still have shallow combat and barely manage to maintain 25 fps in PS3

          • mikanko


            HS came out almost a year into the PS3’s life.  I don’t think of it as a launch title.  it came out around two months before Uncharted, which I think was technically superior.

            That said, I don’t see framerate being the games biggest flaw, or NT’s biggest shortcoming as a developer.  It’s just another thing that gives people pause when stepping into a series like DMC that’s always attained 60fps perfection.

          • Reading all of your posts!
            and i agree with you 100000%

            {liking all of your replys :) }

            If they called this game anything but dmc i would be cool with it.

            What is this feeling ?

            when something you regard as a great game gets raped by bad people?

            I am so distraught…

            This and ninja gaiden 3 damn

            They say this game is a work in progress i think they are lying…

            We will just have to wait and see

          • kroufonz

            with UE3 and less than 30fps (all past good DMC run smooth fast and flowing greatly in no less than 60fps) no chance in hell this game will have the same level with DMC3/DMC4 combat

          • you forgot DMC1, the best in the saga If you ask me, best soundtrack, best character design, best bosses and even though you have less weapons and less moves, the fast paced and solid gameplay combined with the high difficulty factor makes DMC an ageless badass classic and definitely one of the best action games ever conceived.

            Even though DMC4 runs at 60, Nero´s style is very slow paced…and even though I didn´t like the fact that you have to replay (with ridiculous minor changes) all stages with Dante, the game really starts when you play with Dante.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            @google-652cb36a6bdf97803b029fe5dcdf9b9d:disqus – for me, having Triangle as the jump button automatically disqualifies DMC1 as the best of the series. That game had incredibly awkward controls. I got used to them, but I never liked them.

            DMC3 is still the best one for me.

  • When I saw CJ I thought of San Andreas.

  • Aiddon

    once again only adding to the theory that the only reason NT got to do a crappy DMC title was because they were buddy-buddy with someone inside CAPCOM (or maybe they had incriminating photos of someone’s hobbies, I dunno). Hopefully when this tanks CAPCOM will wake up and just give it back to the real DMC team and have them do DMC5 continuing with Nero’s plot.

  • There was a new trailer?! Did Dante keep his final design, loved it. This will be my first DmC game just because of the main character.

    • Then you play Devil May Cry 4 or at least Devil May Cry 3 which are the two best DMC games out there. Or the very first one for that matter.

  • karasuKumo

    I can’t remember where (I think here) but I read a comment by someone saying how CC2 should have handled this and after seeing Asura’s Wrath gameplay I completely agree.

    The first thing with this game that annoyed me was the new design. Maybe the design has been downgraded to make it easier to replicate for the movie. I swear I heard his hairstyle was based off one of the Ninja Theory employees! The gameplay nor graphics look like much of an improvement on DMC4. I will buy this though but when it is reduced to £10. ¬_¬

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Everyone’s character model is based off of someone. That’s not a bad thing…

      • yeah, but as @cowcowcow:disqus said, he looks and acts like a DOUCHE, so, no, In this particular case, IT IS A BAD AND A VERY PATHETIC THING.

      • puchinri

        But when your main character in the game is redesigned to look like you, that’s just a little silly… (And changing the personality, etc. Especially after saying the original character is no longer stylish.)

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Ok, I agree that changing the main character to look like yourself is a little dumb, but are we sure the director himself who said “make him look like me. My epeen is so big right now”? If so, then he may have problems. >_> Also, they changed his personality?

          • puchinri

            Generally, I would think that maybe it wasn’t him who decided that entirely, but given how it does look dead on like him and how he commented on Dante and the new design, I feel like he is the one with problems. And yeah, he seems to be exhibiting some traits that don’t remind me of Dante at all.
            Even the way he walks and carries on seems to lack serious swag(ger) and cockiness/confidence and seems more like… “I’m in a shitty mood, stay out my way bub! “

    • No, it wasn´t just an employee, It was based on the f#@¢ng director´s hairstyle.

      • Guest

        who looks and acts like a douche

      • karasuKumo

        My bad lol The pure cheek of it! I hope the design team suggested it rather than him awkwardly force it onto the designers. Can just picture it LOL “Umm Guys my hair is modern and cool right? Why not use that?”

    • puchinri

      That would have been a dream come true. Matter-of-fact, if Capcom was smart, they’d write this out of canon completely and bring in CC2 to make a proper sequel to the series.

  • kroufonz

    this interview is big joke, they said to fans to ask question but they ignored the most questioned and most important stuff (most question asking frame rate but they ignored like there isn’t such question) LOL

    at least this stuff is not canon they said it it is more a rebirth and with that movie announcement i can only see capcom still give green light to this for the sake of tie it up with the upcoming movie.

    • “Not canon”? This is what Devil May Cry is going to be from now on. That’s what a reboot is. This is perhaps going to be more canon than the previous games. :p

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        The same thing, though, could be applied to the Prince of Persia games. Remember when they reboot that and nobody bought the game, so they went back to the Sands of Time timeline?

        When this sells like 10 pounds of wet garbage in a 5 pound bag, hopefully, Capcom will get back to their senses and return to the original, proper canon.

  • Can’t we all calm down and at least add a “wait and see” to the end of our posts?

    • Some of the best sequels I ever had the pleasure to experience were the ones I was most skeptical of at first

      “ANOTHER 8-bit Mega Man game?  In 2008!? That’s really lazy on Capcom’s part!”
      “An Ys game with party-based combat and no platforming?  Wow, no thanks”

      Or hell

      “They’re making Metroid into an FPS!?”

      Patience pays off, my friends.

      • eilegz

        not really i really hate FPS metroid, but the one that team ninja did was great, but could be better if it wsnt because of the wiimote

  • I was ready to write this game off, but I have to admit that the E3 trailer re-kindled my curiosity.  I’m still on the fence, but I’ll have the decency to at least wait for REAL in-game footage before I speak in ‘this series is ruined RIP Devil May Cry’ hyperbole.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I had been really hoping that Capcom would take a page from Sucker Punch’s book and change the character, based on all the negative feedback. Now that I’ve seen footage, I know that not only is Capcom not listening to us, but they’ve neutered the series with this entry. I can only hope this does so bad that they either go back to what worked or, if need be, kill it completely. I’d rather there not be Devil May Cry games than they be like this.

    • puchinri

      I agree 100%.

    • So you want them to offer skins of both versions of the main character?

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        If they want to let people like you download this awful new Dante skin, then fine. But I, for one, do not want to play as this lame character and I would hope they would just erase it from history completely.

  • eilegz

    so its the Dmc 2 of this generation

  • If the game is as combo-centric as they say it is, I’m interested. I’m
    willing to look past some of the design choices just to see a new take
    on the series. From what I see so far, it’s not that bad. I guess I’m just more curious than anything else.

  • shion16

    Ninja Theory is a great company,Enslaved is a masterpiece and i really like their work with this dmc game.

    At the same time im a great fan of Hideki Kamiya work. 
    But he is in platinum games now, and i love that company. Dante is a cool character but kamiya show us he can still creating cool characters.

    For me this mean we’re gonna have 2 hack n slash games instead of one, and thats always great.

    • neo_firenze

      I think you have low standards for “masterpiece”.

      • shion16

        For me a masterpiece is a game original,smooth ,fast, exciting and with a engaging plot(except for classic games like pacman Championship edition DX that doesnt need plot) , and enslaved had that and even more.
        In the case of DMC, the story is not engaging, dmc is about their main characters, the speed and the action.Thats Hideki Kamiya style, just like Okami and Viewtiful Joe.But DMC4 didnt have that, Nero is not cool at all and practically we played DMC3 again. DMC needs a new concept and i think that Ninja Theory could help with that.

      • heartless141

        I never liked Monalisa, yet every smart guy out there claimed it to be a masterpiece. does that mean i have a higher standard? no.

    • ehsan zare

      true that

  • We’ll see. 

  • I rather play Devil May Cry 2. Still waiting until the very end to see how this game turns out. Unless Capcom and Ninja Theory are actually trolling us with ignoring fan concerns and end up making everything better by the final product, this is the end for our Dante. Just release a Devil May Cry HD Collection…

  • Souji Tendou

    I’m still being a pessimist here, well I have my judgment from the recent trailer. I think we need a new gameplay demo where the game is 80% complete or something.

    Come on Crapcom, impress me.

  • XypherCode

    i watched the E3 trailer and the style of gameplay wasn’t really like the other DMC titles that i know and love. Ninja Theory didn’t really capture the DMC fighting style and i’m really disappointed. The last games had more dynamic and rich scenes. (of course my own opinion entirely). And I miss the old Dante not this Dante wannabe :P even if he is Dante lol
    They should’ve left Capcom develop the game instead.

  • 2002120141

    Can’t say I’m convinced. The trailer shown from E3 2011 looked awfully like what DMC 2 HD would be like. The new Dante looks and acts like almost the same as DMC2 Dante. As was the combat and the camera perspective. Even the combo system kinda felt like DMC2’s just by watching the vid. 

    …Maybe they really liked DMC2’s direction and chose that as their template?
    If so, RIP DMC series.

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