Nintendo: Current Objective Is To Sell Wii To Late Adopters

By Ishaan . June 15, 2011 . 6:55am

Following the reveal of their new Wii U system at E3 2011 last week, Nintendo conducted a Q&A session with analysts at the event, to field questions about their current and future plans. A transcript of this is now online and provides interesting insight regarding the company’s ongoing focus.


The Wii U doesn’t launch until 2012, which leaves the current Wii to serve as Nintendo’s home entertainment system for the remainder of the year, at the very least. When questioned as to how Nintendo would continue to sell Wii systems, considering that the impending release of the Wii U might appear more attractive to some, Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, replied that the solution was to sell the system to late adopters.


“This is a group of people who, despite the Wii becoming a social phenomenon, still have not bought the system,” Iwata emphasized. “So, we need to move beyond that and try to find other reasons for them to want to purchase the system.”


Iwata and Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, both believe that holiday season sales become increasingly important when selling to the late adopter, as does the concept of focusing on regions like Latin America, which provide further growth opportunities. The Hispanic consumer shares family values matched by Nintendo products, Fils-Aime believes.


Additionally, a Mario Kart Wii bundle priced at $150 was introduced on May 15th. Sales of this have been strong, as have those of Nintendo’s budget games line, Fils-Aime revealed. In a separate report, analyst, Michael Pachter, indicated that the Wii sold 236,000 units in May, as compared to the Xbox 360’s 270,000 units, which was the top-selling console for the month.

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  • FireCouch

    “This is a group of people who, despite the Wii becoming a
    social phenomenon, still have not bought the system,” Iwata emphasized.
    “So, we need to move beyond that and try to find other reasons for them
    to want to purchase the system.”

    I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds pretty damn pretentious.

    • Yeah, a little bit. “The wii was a social phenomenon! Why didn’t you buy one!?” With that said, I am one of these late bloomers. I just bought mine a couple weeks ago. 

    • This may help put things in perspective a bit:

    • SeventhEvening

      I was about to say the same thing. I don’t own a wii because all the titles that appeal to me never made it the the US. I don’t feel like I’m in the minority because I didn’t get on board with this “social phenomenon”.

    • neo_firenze

      How are they going to find “other reasons” for people who haven’t gone for Wii already when they aren’t doing anything new with it?  A tiny handful of new release games isn’t going to suddenly make people take notice of this Wii thing they have ignored for the previous 4 1/2 years…

      • Repackage the same evergreen titles in different color Wii Cartons…surely that is their strategy for catching the attention of those who have held out for Wii…

    • jello44

      I’m supposed to buy things based on popularity now? Yeah, that’s pretty fucking pretentious right there.

      I don’t own a Wii because I cannot get past the control scheme, I don’t like it.

  • OneOkami

    I’d say localizing Xenoblade and The Last Story for North America would be likely be effective to that end.  I haven’t played Last Story yet, but my goodness, Xenoblade is such a great RPG.  Its my personal #1 Wii game just ahead of Trauma Team, in my opinion Tetsuya Takahashi’s best work thus far, and one of my favorite games of all time.

    • Avojavo

      The problem I think is timing. Let’s say they pass the decision to localize today; I don’t think we’ll be seeing it released outside Japan until maybe half a year from now (so January 2012).

      At that point they’re probably gearing up to transition to the Wii U. If the Wii U comes out in 2013 or late 2012 this would make sense, but otherwise there’s little point in localizing for an ending market.

  • Im from Latin America (Chile) and i have a Wii with 13 retail games (good ones) and all im asking for is for the release of the Japanese Games that arent localized yet in America/Europe and a better use of the Wii channels (Nintendo channel its just a shame)

  • XypherCode

    i believe the wii still has a long life ahead of it :D

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower…Disaster Day of Crisis and Fatal Frame (still bitter about these).

    • maxchain

      Don’t forget about Captain Rainbow. (That they did is no excuse.)

    • SolidusSnake

      Yeah, I never bought a Wii, and I probably never will (very few games I’m interested in) but those games would make me rethink my policy. I have absolutely no interest in the Wii U. Software sells systems, not hardware. The PS2 was weaker than the Gamecube and the original Xbox, but it was possibly the greatest console ever due to the games.

    • @NintendoAmerica:twitter Please do so.  Since the #Wii is still selling, it would be nice if these aforementioned games would be the Wii’s greatest swan songs… in America.

  • Quick question: if I actually purchase a Wii, is there a way for me to play import games on it?

    • AnimeRemix

      I’m sure you will had to mod your Wii. Like American Wii’s can’t play Japanese or European games, etc.

    • That is going to be tough, because normally, people could use a Wii freeloader, but after a few updates on the Wii, its no longer possible unless you mod your console.

      I haven’t purchase a Wii either and I doubt that I’m going to buy one any time soon. Unless a more kick ass bundle comes out, but until then. Nope.

    • Install the homebrew channel. Works on every Wii, it’s free and all software based.

      Can’t really say much more as that channel also gets misused by pirates.

  • So no mention of how they keep the Wii appealing to current owners who already own evergreen titles? Surely one game a year and yet another Mario & Sonic and Mario Party are not that compelling to keep people playing the Wii and avoiding competitor platforms…

    • They’ll probably be aiming at families who don’t own a Wii. And your right, Mario and Sonic are not strong enough to carry the burden by themselves.
      If they continued to be used, eventually sells will be dropped, and eventually the Wii will disappear like the GC, just at a slower pace.

      Nintendo only has ONE good shot at selling Wii, and they said it themselves. The Holiday Seasons. They’ll have to pull out most of the stops, because we all known that Microsoft and Sony are going to be doing the same.

  • gumby_trucker

    It is a bit strange they have no intention on delivering more games to those that have already purchased the system…
    Last time I checked you could still make a hefty profit selling software…

    The cynic in me believes they are focusing on the hardware since once you’ve purchased the system you’ll be forced to go find the games for yourself. I personally hate this approach. You sell hardware by having great software, not the other way around!

    P.S. Remember NPC Pikmin2 NoA!?

  • But worldwide the wii is beating the xbox right?

  • Guest


    Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Earth Seeker, Reginliev…Disaster Day of Crisis and Fatal Frame IV & II, Night of Sacrifice, DQM Battle Road Victory, Another Code R, Dragon Quest X ya’ll know the names…

    • I never understood why Nintendo was pretty lax about expanding the Wii library. I did find some favorites, like Trauma Team, but the sheer number of games that either passed under the radar or never got translated are just… sad. Really sad. And they further restricted the regional libraries with region-lock…

  • gatotsu911

    Hey Nintendo, you know how you guys can sell the Wii to late adopters? By releasing GAMES for it. GAMES that people CARE ABOUT, like, say, XENOBLADE or THE LAST fludging STORY. I swear to god Nintendo…

  • Im from latin AMERICA AND ALL I ASK IS TO BRING some freaking price police or something and regulate these freaking prices

    • kahoseclipse

      I was about to say that. I don’t know about the Hispanic consumers, but as far as the Brazilian market goes (which is what I can speak about) the Wii and all kinds of video games could really benefit from some pricing control. Also, it’d help against piracy.

      • Seriously T-T Piracy is reaaaaally strong around latin america, i’ve seen that nintendo did something around here tho (im in Venezuela), i think it was them because after that, i saw a lot of nintendo adds around, now all the game stores on malls dont have even 1 pirated game, not even Sony’s, but still, i go out and see many stores in the street that sell copied games

        • And despite all the rampant piracy rate there (according to you) they still region-locked the 3DS… Now some people will have a more reasonable excuse to hack the console for “region-bypass”.

      • Ren

        Well, if Projeto Jogo Justo does well maybe we’ll achieve that.

        • kahoseclipse

          Honestly, one can only hope…

    • kylehyde

       100% agree, the prices are really insane $500 USD for a 3DS is really insane. Seriously is a lot cheaper to import something than buy it here, even with taxes.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    You know what would entice me to support the Wii more? Localizations of Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Disaster: Day of Crisis (which I still want, Spence), Fatal Frame, Another Code: R, Reginliev, and Pikmin 2 NPC. Honestly. Give me these, and I will happily lap up all you say about Wii U and 3DS and everything. Give me the games and JRPGs I want, and I won’t be bitter.

    Oh, and Xenosaga I&II, Soma Bringer, and Cape West would be cool DS localizations as well.

  • Letiumtide

    The best way to do that is to ensure that for it’s last leg that quality games will be released along side these price changes, without that happening they aren’t likely to catch the attention of late adopters of the technology. If they haven’t purchased it already, chances are slim that they are going to pick it up now without any outside incentive.

  • kylehyde

    “The Hispanic consumer shares family values matched by Nintendo products, Fils-Aime believes”

    Oh really?

    Well I’m from Latin America and and in all forums and subforums related to nintendo they demand localization of titles like Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Disaster Day of Crisis and Fatal Frame, Soma Bringer, Last Window and some more that this orangutan (with the excuses of the orangutans of course) has denied us.

  • Hours

    They want to sell more Wii & DS systems, but they won’t release their games (many that are ALREADY TRANSLATED into English) in North America? >_<

    NoA is ridiculous.

    Release Another Code R, Xenoblade, Last Window, Fire Emblem DS 2, Pandora's Tower, The Last Story, Day of Crisis, Happy Chibi-Robo!, Pikmin 2 NPC, etc. and maybe people will remember that there is software for the systems beyond Mario Kart and Wii Sports.


  • I have a Wii and have enjoyed the console, what I don’t like as of late
    is that Nintendo is so obsessed with the Wii U that they’re neglecting to
    bring over titles that can help with the increase of sales like
    Xenoblade, The Last Story, etc. and some of these titles I would get (I
    actually never get new systems at launch so I usually pay attention to
    the games released late in a systems life). I have always loved Nintendo and while the Wii U does sound like it will be a good system when it does come out but I do dislike how Nintendo isn’t focusing on current games as much. I mean, people do get systems for the games available. I also plan on getting the late Wii release of Dragon Quest X when that finally comes out.

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