Mix Gust & Idea Factory Together And You Get Atelier Elkrone

By Spencer . June 19, 2011 . 11:26pm


Gust and Idea Factory are working together, but this time it’s not for Hyperdimension Neptunia or another crossover RPG. The two companies so-called "dream collaboration" is Atelier Elkrone: Dear for Otomate.


Atelier Elkrone is tied to Idea Factory’s Otomate label, an otome label behind Bancho Romance 2: Midnight Lesson, Beast Master and Prince, and the Scarlet Fragment series. A teaser site is live, but details about the title, including platform(s) have not been announced.

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  • OMG OTOME ATELIER!!!!!!!! Dude, “some” people I know of will have a field day here, me included! xD
    I already love the idea!

    • True on that makes me wonder what people would think if I want to play it.

      • I know what my little sister would say: “So, you are finally honest to your feelings, huh? You don’t need to supress them with all your talk about bewbs and other female body parts anymore~”
        And I would be like…”…”>_______<

        • 5parrowhawk

          Your little sister can’t be that cute.

        • puchinri

          Can I have your little sister?

    •  I absolutely agree! I just hope there’s just as much focus on item creation and RPG adventuring as there is on the otome parts. (A visual novel Atelier game with no actual alchemy would make me sad.)

      • Yuan

        As they list the genre as AVG, I doubt there’s RPG adventuring part.

  • vadde939

    I assume this will probably play somewhat like a mix of an Otome game and Atelier. Sounds awesome~ Hopefully NISA will give it a chance and localize. :D

  • malek86

    It’s not as bad as the image from that other post, but these guys all look very generic. Their dresses too.

    Why are girls always designed so much better?

    • Wider range of design and personality possibilities I assume, “anime-videogame” wise, though don’t count me on it~

    • I suppose its just what people who are drawn to this type of RPG are used to seeing.

      I look forward to what becomes of this title.

    • Yes, similar faces, hair length, eye size, jackets, etc.

      I don’t think it’s a gender issue though. Games like the Rival Schools for example have a great variety of attractive characters, both male and female.

    • We must be complete opposites, as Id say the same thing except replace guys with girls.

    • puchinri

      Why do guys always get all the fanservice? Sadly, it’s just the way things are. Hopefully that’ll change over time though and the guys and gals can be designed equally awesome.

  • Lol… I prefer a more badass design… Atleast something like Hakuoki Shinsengumi…But that wouldn’t be Artelier aye? Hope akys can localise the otome games!! XD

  • Letiumtide

    Here’s hoping it’s more like Iris. It’s not that I don’t like the current style of Atelier games, but I just love the freedom of Iris games a lot.

    • xD…’freedom’? To…kill monsters?

      Eternal Mana was probably the most ‘free’ one, but Rorona is waaaay more ‘free’ than any of the Iris games. It gives you all sorts of choices on what to do with your time.

      Story it does have more of. But, not ‘freedom’ xD

      • Letiumtide

        I suppose it’s about perspective.   I find the time frames rather limiting, even if it really isn’t just seeing it tick away makes me feel that time is always going to run out in Rorona or Annie.

        With the Iris games I just felt I could go at my own pace, which is what I meant by a sense of freedom.

  • joesz

    I wonder what Ideal factory will do with this collab project.
    I mean they are not a bad company, but Gust are far superior then them.
    Ideal factory are good characterwise,but storywise,etc are..well…not that good:P 

    • They do have good writers for their otome brand tho, but I agree with this for their other games.. :/

  • Chippel

    Bancho Romance? … … It can’t possibly be as awesome as what I’m imagining, but it’s an interesting title at the very least! 

    Oh right, and that thing the article’s about sounds nice too. Hopefully it’s good. The Atelier series actually has nice art, so I might even be able to appreciate the pretty boys.

  • kroufonz

    ah gust x if, could this mean nisa is the “other” publisher that will bring otome game to the west:p

  • doubt NIS will touch it u guys

  • If this really is an Atelier otome game with lots of alchemy and having some awesome romancy endings with one of those guys…

    U-uhm… NISA.. please! ;_;

    • Roses4Aria

      Seconded!  Sigh… I’m so happy right now. :)

    • Neckbear

      I’d say localization depends strongly of the platform.

      If it’s a PS3 game, then the chances are most likely. If it’s a PSP game, well…who’s in to make a fan translation?

  • Ravage27

    try to keep an open mind…
    try to keep an open mind…
    try to keep an open mind…
    try to keep an open mind…
    try to keep an open mind… *1000000000

    As a die-hard Atelier fan, i’m (unfortunately) compelled to play this  T.T

    • Hahaha….that’s my boat. It’s got GUST behind it, so I kinda have to try it out at the least.

      But, all signs point towards V/N, this is a SIDE GAME, not a mainline one. I think the Atelier series has done just fine being appealing to both sexes. The only crowd it hasn’t been completely appealing to would be the yaoi crowd. 
      With that said, I cannot wait for Totori to make it over here ~And…I don’t think that’s Kishida Mel. It looks more like IF’s style to me. Possibly a collaboration though?

  • why Otome i dont understand this

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I wonder if NISA would localize this. It depends on the platform, I guess.

  • Istillduno

    Ah well, it’s an Otome game, but it’s also idea factory so it’s not like too much would be missed by skipping it.

    Seems like a waste to have Mel Kishida doing the art for it though, (Well there might not be confirmation but the characters look like his style) especialy if Idea Factory try doing the whole 3D model as portrait thing again and only use his work for CGs.

    •  You never know. Idea Factory’s Otomate line is famous for its otome games. I’ve played a number of them and been really impressed with the stories they tell. I particularly liked Hiiro no Kakera, Ouran High School Host Club, Will O’Wisp and Wand of Fortune. (I’ve heard the Saiyuki-inspired otome game is pretty good as well.)

  • epy

    Wonder how much market could this have in the West, it would be like a niche within a niche (within another niche?).

    • SupaPhly

      we must go deeper

  • OneOkami

    I honestly felt uncomfortable at times just playing as the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable and being subtly hit on at times.

    I’ve never played an otome game (partially because of the darn point of those games), and considering how I like to immerse myself in the main character, I don’t feel confident I could be comfortable enough to truly enjoy and appreciate playing one.

    I love Mass Effect, largely because I can connect so well my Commander Shepherd (who, believe it or not, actually does somewhat resemble me) that his social engagements end up feeling like an extension of my thoughts and emotions.  I know that if I tried to play it with the opposite gender, I’d lose so much of that relation.

    All that being said, I try not to be ignorant and I would be interested to know more of what this game is actually all about.  For now, I just don’t know if I could handle a “reverse harem” theme.

    • Mass Effect is so much more enjoyable as Female Shepard!

      • OneOkami

        I don’t doubt it can be enjoyable, but again, my primary joy of Mass Effect comes from the way I (a male) can strongly identify with my Shepard, such that he truly feels like an in-game extension of myself (and again, it certainly doesn’t hurt that I was able to customize him to actually resemble me).

        I personally just can’t do that with the opposite sex in a game like Mass Effect.

      •  I agree.

        Plus I think Jennifer Hale does a much better job voicing Jane Shepard than Mark Meer does. Sometimes Meer’s version of Shepard just sounds so generic. Hale’s performance has more personality and emotion.

        • Yeah she makes me really feel for the characters, the events, and the emotion. 

    • Don’t relate to the protagonist then. :D

  • Please bring this out here, now this is the game I would jump on, character design looks simply stunning. Day 1!

    • epy

      So the girl main characters in the other Atelier games were not appealing but you would Day 1 an otome game because of the bishounen character designs?

      I see… I think anyone, regardless of gender, can agree the character designs for the heroines of the Atelier series, specially of the Arland trilogy, are very appealing.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The Atelier games have always been popular with the female audience so I too am a bit perplexed by some of the immediate reactions. Iris and the Mana Khemias are the only ones where the lead has been male and plenty of endings with the female as lead games have involved romance and even marriage.

        One need only look to the post about future Sterk to see that the series is already giving the fangirls their drooling material.

      • I think I prefer male character designs over the female designs of the heroines for Atelier series. Just not appealing to me, to be honest, youngish maybe?

  • It’s just nice that they are creating an Atelier game for girls.  Looking forward to more info!

    • The other games werent for girls? Never played them as the main character wasnt appealing but.

      • Err, they weren’t specifically for girls, but they were rather girly and except for the Atelier Iris series, they all had heroines. But imo they still tend to appeal to both genders.

  • I hope they’ll bring it outside Japan. It’s not fair that just we males receive all the privileges. If it turns out to have interesting features I may also give it a try (even though now I’d like they did an actual bishoujo-game Atelier).

    • Neckbear

      You’re saying that as if males (especially of the sweaty neckbeard variety) didn’t love playing as teenager girls meeting their platonic love and realizing their wildest romantic dreams come true.

      I know I do, man.

    • There is so much want from me for this, it’s sickening. I made a post in NISA requesting it already!

      There is a lot more female gamers now and like you said to as well that even males play ‘female’ games. Games aren’t gender biased. So show support for this for the people who want it! =3

  • exhume

    Elkrone is a weird name for a guy, but…uh…I won’t hold it against him.

    Dooooo want.

  • Mister_Nep


  • Zero_Destiny

    So an Otome game with Atelier Charas in it. Sounds interesting I guess. Now I want a galge with all the girl charas!!! XD lol I kid (well kinda, I would buy that game if it did exist and was in English lol). The thing is it always seemed like the Atelier games had a pretty big female audience as well. I think they should really go the Harvest Moon route and let people pick their gender or whatever. Then again most games already star girls. lol So I don’t know maybe I’m just over thinking this. O_o Well games like this do seem cool. Glad Gust is trying to please the fanbase. Wonder if they’ll do more games like this.

  • puchinri

    I am not at all moved by these guys. But I am interested in hearing more about the game.

    And yay for the gal fans of the Atelier series getting an otome game~. 

  • Yuan

    So this is the project between Gust and IF mentioned months ago in Gemaga’s interview… An Otome game (genre: AVG) with Fukahire as the character designer. The teaser site doesn’t show the main character (female), though ^^’

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