Steins;Gate Crosses Over To iTunes This Summer

By Ishaan . June 22, 2011 . 12:32am

Alongside the PC, Xbox 360 and PSP, 5pb also publish their visual novels on iTunes. Some games like Chaos;Head Noah and 11eyes CrossOver are already on the service, and next up on the list is Steins;Gate.


iTunes will be the fourth platform to receive Steins;Gate. Specifically, it will be headed to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad sometime this summer. Before that, this week, the game will see its PSP release (with a limited edition lab coat!).


Both the iTunes and PSP versions will include the Xbox 360 DLC. The PSP version also has a new intro and outro created specifically for it. We don’t know yet if these will be included in the iTunes release as well.

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  • English? Please?

    • I’ve heard of a fan translation for the PC version… but they just started.

      • and considering the whole thing behind everything nitro+ being C&D, they can’t really talk much about it…

        [saying that, I never liked mobile versions of ‘platform’ games, because of the price discrepancy… *shrugs*]

      • Aoshi00

        The game was really good, but I guess at this point, people might as well just watch the anime (half way now, major turning point), the science concepts were more detailed in the game, but the anime adaptation has been very faithful and even added some important scenes.. just saw ep 12 last night, it’s amazing *.*.. now I have to collect all 9 blu-rays which are really expensive… Still need to finish Chaos;Head.. I guess playing on iPad would be really cool since it’s much bigger than the PSP, but I’ve alrdy replayed some parts and gotten all the endings and achievement, and now the anime.. waiting for my copy of Hiyoku Renri Darling right now…

        Part-time warrior and Okabe look great in the anime :) I like it how the animation is done entirely in house and never outsourced, shows the quality and dedication..

        • Im still holding the anime……….. T_T AND I HAVE READ EPISODE 12 WAS AAMAZING, AHHH IS IT AMAZING ON THE GAME TOO!? T___T  IM WAITING FOR PSP RELEASE, dont say those things, it makes the wait harder *sniff*

          • Aoshi00

            lol sry :).. now every Tues or Wed the first thing I come home is to watch Steins;Gate.. the animation just keeps getting better and better.. My heart was pounding so hard when I was watching episode 12 even though I know what was coming… I was totally surprised when I got to this part in the game.  If you really plan on playing the game, do not spoil yourself in any way..

            I’m really glad they’re doing 24 episodes to let the story and chars develop w/o rushing..  They did a heck of an amazing job w/ the anime so far… I was just saying if people aren’t playing the game, just go for the anime, they added so much since the VN didn’t have animation.. even though it had many illustration the still shots were still limited. Many nice touches.. and again bravo to the seiyuu.. I love Assistant :)

          • i love her too xD, ahh darn you make it sound so epic T___T, also, it seems they are doing robotic;notes (you probably already read it in siliconera) to be a 51 episodes anime, this is just awesome, i will cry T-T

    • Guest

      If it’s for iTunes it would serve them well to make an English version. For some reason I just see that market more accepting for these type of games

      • Visual Novels don’t make that much money in the U.S. Sad but true.

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