Vincent And Jonny Sound Off On Catherine And Katherine

By Ishaan . June 23, 2011 . 3:32pm

Troy Baker and Travis Willingham play Vincent and Jonny respectively in Catherine. Overseeing the game’s English voice work as director is Valerie Arem. Atlus released a brief Q&A video with the three today, which you can watch below:



A few months ago, we had the chance to interview Michelle Ruff, who plays Katherine in the game. You can read that piece here, in case you missed it.

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  • Gosh, I love Troy Baker and Travis Willingham so much! Cannot wait for Catherine!

    • Aoshi00

      The guys are hilarious :)  Troy is as suave as usual.. I’m not familiar w/ Travis hope he’d do a good job as Jonny, he sounded a bit weird to me in the trailer, maybe I’m just not used to him compared to Koyasu..

      The Rapunzel music drives me nuts!  That mini-game was hard as all heck, I’ve beat maybe only 17 out of the 64 levels….

      • Troy is such a handsome man, he is the definition of Suave hehe. Travis has played in a handful of animes published by FUNimation. Most know him as Roy Mustang from the Fullmetal Alchemist animes. Not gonna lie, he did sound very awkward in the trailer so I’m hoping that will be cleared up once the game launches. I’m sure it will though.

        I’ve never heard or played the Rapunzel game/music! I haven’t even played the demo, before the PSN went down I signed onto my Japanese account but couldn’t find the demo. I think they removed it :( I found a lot of trailers for it though. I’m sure the American demo will drop probably next week or the week after since the game comes out in about a month.

        • Aoshi00

          Oh, so he’s Roy Mustang eh, I don’t watch that much anime in Eng… I do hope he sounds better in the game because Jonny is quite an important char, I have confidence the dub would be great though overall.

          The nightmare puzzles are hard in that it has a time limit as the blocks underneath you keeps falling and other obstacles, but the Rapunzel arcade block puzzle limits your number of moves reaching the top, it really made you scratch your noggin.. I think it was pretty devious and I had to give up (one trophy is finish all 64 stages of Rapunzel).. at first you only get like 3 continues every night at the bar to play it, once you beat the game, then it’s unlimited play, but it’s still hard..

  • Code

    Haha fun times >wO>~!

  • Its so awesome that Atlus did this xD, i really dislike all this secrecy when it comes to voice acting around localized games (though i understand, is not the games’s companies fault)

  • Funny, I thought Jonny was Patrick Seitz from that trailer. lol

  • Well they pick the best for a completely awsome game.

  • puchinri

    There would be some necessary emphasis on boobage, right?
    They didn’t take character craziness into consideration when picking which K/Catherine though? It definitely influenced my decision…

    And just because Katherine’s bosom is not out in our faces and exposed doesn’t mean she’s lacking any bit of sexiness or the same endowment. But I’m really thankful her’s isn’t thrown in our face too (then again, Catherine’s is obviously very intentional, and it certainly got the job done, considering all the suckers…).

  • Holy crap. It comes out one day AFTER I come back from my trip to South Korea.

  • They have such a good sense of humour. They sound like friendly people. Glad they came out and did this in the first place.

    Not to compare, but voice actors in Japan get a huge amount of publicity. Of course, it’s a different audience around there, but it would still be nice to get a view interviews out there. I know they show up an Con panels and stuff… but I just feel like these guys should be a little more popular, y’know?

  • XD Their interview made me crack up. Both Troy and Travis seem like really friendly people with good humor to boot. I really can not wait for the Catherine to come out. July 26th sound so far!!! ;A;

  • PrinceHeir

    damn it Katherine for Meganekko goodness or Catherine for sexiness?

    argh decisions decisions.

    and yes i already plan on buying the deluxe edition along with Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition :)

    gonna be an amazing year ^^

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