Yes, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Will Have DLC, And Here’s Why

By Ishaan . June 24, 2011 . 10:33am

Yes, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition will have downloadable content. Capcom aren’t saying what kind just yet, but they’re hoping that DLC updates will help offset the cost of selling the game at a relatively cheaper price ($15), despite the numerous additions and tweaks to the game.


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition is the highest-budgeted downloadable game that Capcom USA have produced to date. Unfortunately, it’s also relatively unpopular; or to put it another way, Capcom don’t expect it to be as popular as Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix or Marvel vs. Capcom 2.


That’s where DLC comes in. Capcom’s Christian Svensson shed some light on the situation, over at their community site in a Q&A:


Q: Sven how in the hell can you offer this game for $15 going by the amount  of time/money put into it? What kinda numbers are you planning to get  for sales on this?


It’s a risk we felt was worth taking.

To be fair, we have  good history with SSF2T HDR and MvC3 [Ed. note: he meant 2] on the platforms in question (both  of which are among the most successful titles on PSN/XBLA). So  historically that has given us some confidence that we can reach an  audience, though we do know SF3 is less popular than SF2 or MvC2, so we  do have to be careful.


I know some of you have noticed we have  a DLC menu item in the game. While we’re selling it for $15 to  hopefully attract a reasonably decent audience given the value it  represents. We are hoping the DLC downstream will raise the ARPU  (average revenue per user) on the title beyond that of what we’ve seen  on other titles.


I think it’s fair to say that there are few  better values for $15 for games, but we are also hoping that people get  engaged enough to get a little more content. Could we have put  everything together and sold it for $30? Yeah… but by putting together  a compelling base package and selling the other stuff a la carte, we’ve  given folks a lower barrier to entry and lets them decide what  additional pieces they find of value.


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition doesn’t have a release date locked down yet. We’ll keep you updated as Capcom let out more info on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network release.

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  • This game is going to sell a ton.

    i am hoping for new stages as dlc !

    Really excited about this but when is it going to come out ?
    I need to know the release date -_-

    ”You can’t escape”

    • Guest

      Yo make your first move, so what’s in gon’ be?

      You’re trapped in the new world of Street Fighter 3

      The 3rd chapter so what’s it gon’ be?

      You’re trapped in the new world of Street Fighter 3

      Make your first move, so what’s in gon’ be?

      You’re trapped in the new world of Street Fighter 3

      The 3rd chapter so what’s it gon’ be?

      You’re trapped in the new world of Street Fighter 3

      Yo rock what you got. Block what you shot

      Another chapter and what you get is what you got

      ‘Nuff warriors here to fight, choose one

      The best of the best will be the champion

      Whose world is this after all?

      Capcom living with LockDown forever y’all

  • Capcom this is a 13 year old game.  it is worth about $15.  Get over it.

  • Can’t wait for this! SSF4 AE? What’s that?

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    This is ridiculous. They refused to balance this amazingly unbalanced game, slap on a filter, and throw a bunch of useless additions with the exception of good netcoding and they think it warrants DLC? Come on Capcom. Third Strike came out 12 years ago. It was ported to plenty of consoles. It doesn’t deserve to be more than 800 points. Even KoF2002UM was 800, and that game was massive. 

    • Useless additions? Have you seen what they added? They added challenges similar to SF4 and ways for people to train and get used to the mechanics of the game. People that thought the learning curve was too high will have an easier time getting used to the game this way.

      The game isn’t really that unbalanced besides a few characters being overpowered. 

      • JustAnotherTraveler

        It’s unbalanced enough that at high level play virtually 70% of the cast isn’t viable.

        • You’re basing this off what? You’re saying only Chun, Ken and Yun are viable for HLP? Which is completely false. I’ve seen lower tier characters compete just fine. You don’t like it, don’t play it. 

        • mikanko

          HDRemix was “rebalanced” and people found things for Gouki/Akuma that were just as broken as the Super Turbo equivalent and he wound up being banned from tournaments all over again. 

          Also, I don’t play 3rd strike so I’m far from an expert, but I see a share of Dudley, Makoto, Urien, Yang, Akuma in tournament highlights.  There’s a top tier of Yun and Chun, but most games have top tiers, and rebalancing a fighting game is a lot easier said than done.  Since you’d probably wind up pissing more people off who’ve played the game for over a decade, it’s best not to try.

        • neo_firenze

          a) Even at that extremely high level of play, although you get a lot of
          Yun/Ken/Chun, it’s also not unusual to see Ryu, Urien, Makoto, Dudley,
          Akuma, Ibuki, Yang.  That’s 10 characters out of 19, so more than half
          of the cast. 

          b) How many people can truly play at that high of a level – i.e. finalists in major world tournaments?  Not very many.  When you bump it down to people who might be good but not tournament level finalist good, the separation is less evident and it’s much easier to be competitive with a wider range of characters.  I’ve played in Evo, won some matches, I’m probably better than a whole lot of people – I’m no tournament finals level player though.  Even so, I could take an Elena or Alex or Necro and beat people who are decent players. 

          Q/12/Hugo/Sean are at a significant disadvantage, that’s true.  Other than that… really anyone in the game is viable if you know how to use them against non tournament finalist caliber players. 

    • mikanko

      I disagree with your affirmation that the additions are useless.  I’ve seen the interviews with the games director, and as someone who never really liked 3s I can say that this looks like the best port of a fighting game to console ever.  It’s also obvious the guy behind this game is a huge fan of 3s who loves the game, and it’s pretty refreshing.

      Game saves every replay for offline and online up to like a hundred matches. Multiple screen filters, and screen ratio setups far better than the joke that was MvC2. The training modes and trials are all far superior to the joke that were trials in SF4.  The ability to replay your attempts at pulling off training mode combos and interrupt the play where you drop the combo rather than doing the ENTIRE combo again from scratch is a breath of fresh air as well.  If this could become the norm for additional content to a fighting game I would be ecstatic.

      edit: Also adding none of the previous third strike ports are arcade perfect. This is the first time the game play should be identical to arcade in its twelve year life.

    • Guest

      Yeah but where is mah KoF2002UM for PSN??

      • Under a Microsoft contract.

        • mikanko

          Doubtful.  It’s more likely SNKP doesn’t have the money for a PSN port and Sony isn’t really interested in one to help them out, especially with a more complete port on PS2. Game’s not exactly a money maker.

          XBLA port has pretty bad online, so no one is really missing much.

          • Yeah I heard that 2002UM has a god awful netcode. I know SNKP is doing bad financially but I could have sworn that MS had a deal with it to be on the 360 outside of Japan but I could be very wrong. Still though a PSN version would be nice but first we gotta make sure Japan PSN comes back up soon :/.

          • mikanko

            MS is probably a part of it, but because they make it so cheap and easy to get titles on XBLA.  The certification process is less of a hassle and the dev kits are cheaper.  I can’t see either company caring about KoF2k2UM exclusivity.

          • Ladius

            I don’t think there’s any concrete evidence for any exclusivity deal, aside from the fact that SNK’s revised modern titles (Garou, NGBC, KoF98 and 2002 UM) are all on XBLA. It could be a deal, or it could be the lack of funds to port them to PSN (or a perceived lack of relevance of PSN compared to XBLA).

          • Ladius

            Sadly that seems to be the case, if rumors are to be believed SNK is in a sorry state right now and simply hasn’t the manpower to do those ports or the money to outsource them :(

          • malek86

            I thought Playmore was in a sorry state for years now.

          • Ladius

            After the layoffs it’s much worse, it’s a wonder they can still port KoF13 to console : I really hope they are able to stay in business and continue developing new entries despite their current troubles, SNK is kinda like a videogame industry phoenix if you look at its history.

          • malek86

            But Playmore is not SNK… or at least, that’s what I was told by a friend of mine who’s a huge beat’em-up buff (well, he actually called them Failmore, guess he didn’t like them much).

            I can understand his point of view though. I don’t really like it when companies use old names. If you go bankrupt or get bought, you should just restart with a new name.

            At least Squenix is having the good taste of changing Eidos’ name to Square Enix Europe after the acquisition.

          • Ladius

            It isn’t so simple, Kawasaki is still SNK’s president and before the layoffs the company still had some staff of the original SNK (some are still in I think, but sadly I don’t have concrete informations regarding this matter, and you will find only rumors and some ex-worker’s report on the dedicated boards). I can understand the confusion regarding this point, however, since SNK at one time was in Aruze’s hands and went bankrupt before Kawasaki reacquired it using his new company, Playmore, and Korean Eolith had the rights to the KoF franchise for two years.

            Maybe he was talking about the games’ quality, but even then I really can’t understand the hate for modern SNK when they are able to give us something like KoF11, KoF13 or the UM editions of 98 and 2002. Granted, there have been many missteps (NeoWave, Samurai Shodown Sen, KoF12’s netcode), but even recently SNK has been able to make some great beat’em ups. The current state of the company is another matter, though, and I hope the current crisis can be averted just as it was at the start of the past decade. SNK is my favourite beat’em up developer, and this scene just won’t be the same without them. It’s sad enough to see their lineup reduced to KoF and some ports :

    • krokounleashed

      Sry but many additions they made are great. YT, random select, on the fly button configuration. Challenges, a very good training mode and it’s arcade perfect ( For the first time you can have the arcade experience on a console). If you love fighting games, this is a steal for 1200 msp. And btw kof2002um is unplayable online.

      • neo_firenze

        The Dreamcast version was certainly not arcade perfect (odd resolution, some frame diferences, different music), but the PS2 port was actually really good – very nearly perfect, if not perfect.

        Not like I’m not going to buy this (for the 5th time! Japanese DC, Japanese and US PS2, US Xbox) just to have it more convenient on my main TV. 

        I’m hoping DLC includes:
        – New/remixed/classic music
        – Different stages (love the idea of SF3/2I backgrounds)
        – New character – maybe not tournament worthy, but would be fun to play around with (a la SFA3 additions to console/PSP versions, or CvS1 pro adding Dan/Joe, SSF4AE added characters, etc)

        • krokounleashed

          Yeah ae added chars and it broke the whole game.
          “I’m hoping DLC includes: New/remixed/classic music”
          – Already in the game

          • neo_firenze

            You know you don’t have to use the added characters, right?

            I’d just hope that there’s an option to choose to disable any DLC characters, if you want a “classic” tournament mode.

        • mikanko

          PS2 and Xbox ver. of Third strike are the best ports after looking it up, I was probably thinking of another game, or was remembering someone from a podcast/random fight game stream who had it ass backwards.  PS2 having the best port is certainly a lot more convenient than VS’s only close to arcade perfect port being on Saturn. ><

          Arcade purists still say the 3rd strike PS2 port runs a little slower than the arcade, while Xbox ver runs a little faster.  So people are still saying this is the first time the game is coming arcade perfect.

          In one of the e3 interviews I saw the game has multiple soundtracks selectable at the $15 price point, including some new remixes.  Looked like some might have to be unlocked in game, but doubtful for dlc.

          • Freddy Taylor

            there arcade perfect version of VS on the PS2. released in japan only, unfortunately, it’s called darkstalkers collection. arcade perfect versions of every game in the series, the satrun version of VS with the 3 missing characters, and one ps2 exclusive character (Dee) added in too.

          • mikanko

            PS2 ver. has some differences from arcade emulation wise, smaller sprites and displays at a different resolution than what the arcade uses.  Also some animations were removed, mainly backgrounds so not detrimental to the gameplay, but the sound/graphic quality suffers.

            Saturn is actually still the closest to the ver. of the game that’s preferred for tournaments.  It doesn’t really matter as most people directly use the CPS2 ver. either by way of having an arcade cabinet for tournament and play at home via GGPO/another emulator.  Saturn is the next preferred ver though for sure.  Dreamcast port has a lot of flaws too.

            Those “missing” characters aren’t in the arcade, so I wouldn’t exactly say they’re missing from an arcade perfect port. <.<;

  • Talk about a risk NOT worth taking. Why would people want DLC for a game they don’t even like?

    • neo_firenze

      3rd Strike isn’t as popular with a mainstream audience as SF2 or MvC2, but the people who do like 3rd Strike REALLY like it (like me, my favorite game ever).  So I think it’s actually smart, since people who are that devoted to the game are probably more likely to be willing to pay for extra DLC.

  • If they’re selling redrawn sprites, I will buy it, but other than that, I can’t see any worthy DLC additions to the game.

    • Code

      Yeah it’s kind of a curious thing isn’t it opo; I’m not sure what it could be either, other then potentially music packs or something maybe opo;;

      • I’d imagine stages from the previous SF3 games, since those aren’t in Third Strike…

        • That’s a good idea. I liked the day/night transitions in some of the stages

        • Ladius

          That is actually a great idea, I hope it’s something like that.

  • d19xx

    Add Guile as dlc and I’ll gladly cough up the dough…

  • cmurph666

    What could they possibly add as DLC?

    New Stages? New SF4 Characters? New Redrawn Sprites? I could maybe see myself paying a little bit extra for these…

    But something like additional colors for the characters, *cough*Blazblue*cough* ain’t going to happen.

    • Guest

      Nude code

      • cmurph666


      • Code

        Enjoy your sausagefest opo’

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          Oh god! Just thinking about Necro! NOOO!!

    • krokounleashed

      Stages from New generation and 2nd Impact. HD Sprites. Everything else is gamebreaking.

      • I would pay for the stages from the first two games, easy.

  • For some reason this interview really irritates me. It almost seems like he’s honestly trying to convince us (and himself) that this game may have trouble earning back its dev costs, hence the DLC is justified.

    Seriously guys. Stop trying to even pretend this isn’t going to be a massive commercial success. Anyone even visiting SRK for the first time can pretty blatantly see the love for this game out there. “Less popular” my ass.

    Edit —
    I’m all for DLC btw. If I enjoy a game and spend a good amount of time on it, I have no qualms giving the devs more money. I just have issues with them acting like this is even a risk in any way, after seeing and knowing how badly people have wanted this game digitally for a good while now.

    • krokounleashed

      Yeah, but it true that sf2 is more popular by far. Because many non hardcore fighting game fans played it on their snes. 3s? Well that wasn’t played by many. Hell many even didn’t know it exists. I guess many where shocked there is already a sf4. But Yeah 3s is more popular than mvc2, that is a very strange comparison he made.

    • Ladius

      Sven has a point, sadly. Historically SF3 has been extremely well received by beat’em up enthusiasts and professional players, but has been shunned by more casual fans because of its new roster and different mechanics, not to mention it went out in a timeframe when people were still engrossed by SFAlpha3 and when 2d fighters were slowly losing popularity. The fact that the game was initially available only on Dreamcast didn’t help, and because of those reasons many SF fans haven’t even played SF3 or vaguely remember it as “that strange SF game with bizarre characters I never had a chance to play”.

      Aside from 1, it’s the least successful SF entry, and the fact that dedicated forums are bursting with praise doesn’t mean that it will be a great seller, same as many other great beat’em ups that are niche despite their quality.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      I remember posting on my Facebook once about Street Fighter IV and three people asked, “Why is this SFIV? Shouldn’t it be SFIII?” Many people never even knew this came out. Just because the hardcore tournament players like it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a huge success.

      In fact, I can think of many fighting game fans, myself included, who have no inclination to buy this because SFIII is our least favorite of the series (not counting SFI).

      • why not?… It´s really hard to believe (specially if you are a capcom/S.F fan)… SF3 is probably (along with Garou and KOF 98) the best fighting game ever created. Not only because it plays like butter, It also looks and sounds great. And really?, you are saying that you prefer, let´s say… SFEX3, over SF3TS!?

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          I’ve never played any of the EX titles, so I don’t count them. In fact, I only know one person who has played them and he loves them. He’s one of the people who was bummed out that Capcom don’t have the rights to the characters to put them in SFIV.

          I completely disagree that it’s the best fighting game ever created. It doesn’t hold a candle to Street Fighter Alpha 3, which had the best lineup, the best battle system, the best extra modes (I mean, come on, nothing beats World Tour), and had the awesome two-on-one mode on the Dreamcast. Alpha 3 is the pinnacle of Street Fighter, I’d say. The best music, though, would go to SSF4. I hate all of the SFIII themes. They’re too mellow and don’t fit the action. When I play SSFIV, the only themes I hate hearing are the SFIII ones because they don’t compare to the SFII remixes or SFIV originals (especially Juri’s theme).

          I also don’t even think that KOF 98 or Garou are the best of their particular series, either. For KOF, it’s either KOF ’96 or KOF11 (the PS2 edition of KOF11, at least). For Fatal Fury, it’s Fatal Fury 2 Special.

          • In fact, I love SFEX 1 and 2, but “EX3” sucks.

            I “personally” believe that third strike is indeed one of the best fighters ever created (even though Zero 3 is a masterpiece)… anyway, game modes and game options, extras, etc, don´t decide if a game is good or not, sorry, I don´t care If the dreamcast version (wich I own) have a ton of modes, what makes zero 3 great is the GAMEPLAY, THEN comes the animation, character design, roster, music, etc.
            I don´t wanna argue, but saying that fatal fury special is one of the best fighters of all time is totally out of place, I´m talking about the BEST fighting games ever, not the most IMPORTANT/INFLUENTIAL. The same goes for KOF96. I do agree that KOF11 is one of the best though.
            Regarding the music of third strike, I don´t agree, Ryu´s theme is totally amazing, in fact, there are just a few tracks that are a little weak (Ibuki, Necro, Elena) but all the others are just great. I also loved the fact that all tracks changed tempo between rounds.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            I’m not saying Fatal Fury Special is one of the best fighters of all time. I’m just saying that I think it’s the best out of the Fatal Fury series. I personally was a bigger Samurai Shodown fan than KOF or Fatal Fury (with Samurai Shodown IV being my personal favorite). 

            And Alpha 3’s gameplay IS the best out of the Street Fighter series. I listed the battle system when I talked of the many things I liked about it. I liked the air blocking, I liked the -ISM choices (even if I would almost always play on A-ism), and as I said, I think it had the best variety of characters, with the most appealing gameplay styles.As for SFIII’s music, different stroke for different folks, I guess. ;)

    • Going to agree with Ed Powell here (though me may not agree with me).  They know the SF hype train is going strong and they will milk it as much as they can.  SF4 reignited peoples interest in Street Fighter, which in turn did make more people start to give a crap about SFIII.  I mean tons of people now acknowledge that one SFIII video of JWong vs. Daigo as the greatest fighting game feat ever, and it wasn’t well known until street fighter 4. Thats tons of people who probably mostly never played SFIII who would now possibly interested.

      Capcom seems to have this weird marketing tactic lately of acting like their game is going to fail.  I really doubt Capcom, probably the most shrewd Japanese company this generation imo, would hand out allegedly big development budgets to games they think won’t sell or turn a profit.  It’s the same as MML3 and the Darkstalkers petition, trying to drum up excitement and get people talking about your game, and then afterward you can act like you’re a risk taker and doing things just for the fans.

  • Well I’m sold capcom I was getting sick of MvC3 any way and I need a new fightstick.

    • Ladius

      Don’t forget KoF13 hitting in october, it’s gonna be an awesome year for 2d beu fans :)

  • evilmoogle

    Let’s hope the DLC is not gutter TRASH.

  • thaKingRocka

    The only way to stop DLC from being the norm and preventing us from getting complete packages is to stop buying it, but people shell out 15 bucks for map packs these days. How can you help the consumer when the consumer refuses to withhold any money?

    • malek86

      It seems DLC is more socially accepted when it’s done by smaller companies. People whine about the map packs for $15, but nobody complains about paying $7 for a single character in Blazblue, or about all the Disgaea DLC.

      • thaKingRocka

        I couldn’t care less about the size of the company. Actually, the reason I stopped the BlazBlue series after the first one was the fact that there were DLC characters planned for it. I made that decision before I saw the pricing per character. I think $7 per character is overpriced, and I will not buy a BB game unless they put everything on the disc.

        • malek86

          Well, I wasn’t speaking about you, I was talking in general. You’ll find many people who agree with your resentment toward DLC when it’s done by a big company, but when it coms to niche companies, people seem to not mind.

          Maybe the common idea is that for the smaller companies DLC is a way to survive in the market, while bigger companies shouldn’t need to do it. I don’t exactly agree with that distinction, but then, I also don’t necessarily mind DLC either, as long as it’s not overpriced. Unfortunately, most DLCs are overpriced. And it’s actually the niche games who have it worse: companies like Namco and NISA are particularly bad cases.

          • Ladius

            Personally I’m not an anti-DLC raging activist, but while I don’t usually like them I’m more inclined to accept them from little publishers (especially those in dire straits, like NIS) than from ginormous publisher with multi-millionary games released each year.

            In a sense, it’s a way to support diversity in an age where the rising development on the hd platforms create a less-than-healthy habitat for small budget developers. Of course there are happy guys like Idea Factory that can still thrive with low budget releases, but they’re more the exception than the rule.

          • malek86

            I’d agree with you, but lately it’s feeling more and more like the niche companies are starting to catch on the fact that fans are ok with supporting them, and therefore price their DLC higher and higher.

          • this is not about price, this is about younger generations accepting these new “rules”, and not only accepting them, they are embracing them!!!…they actually LIKE to pay extra money for content they SHOULD get “for free”. It´s really insane.

          • malek86

            Well, like it or not, extra content, especially content that is not made during normal development time, is not free. But maybe I only say that because we PC gamers used to buy expansion packs back in the days too. It’s just that this time, they are releasing them digitally… and often overpriced, I’ll admit it. But what one needs to do, is to find the ones that are actually good deals for the money.

            For example, Overlord. The DLC pack came 7 months after release, had 6-7 hours of extra gameplay, new cutscenes, full voice acting and more jokes. For $10, I really couldn’t have asked any better.

            Now, if you’re talking about DLC that is developed together with the game, or even worse, downloadable keys that unlock stuff already on the disc, then I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  • darkfox1

    Did this game come out to Arcades in America? Or did it see a console release? Today I downloaded GGPO ( I know Im mad late btw) And I have the rom for I think either the Korean or Japanese Third Strike. In the GGPO room I think they only use the Arcade version (as all GGPO rom does).

    • I dont remember seeing a lot of Third Strike cabinets but there were some. Considering it came at around the time the arcade scene was dieing out, I think the popularity may have been stunned do the sheer fact that it was just a bad time. I still feel a bit meh about 3rd Strike coming out after Arcade Edition of SSFIV.

    • All three Street Fighter III games had arcade releases in the US. Also, all three Street Fighter III games were first ported to the Dreamcast (the first two games in one collection, Third Strike as its own game).

  • Swear to god that if they sell the System Direction function from the console ports I will blow something up. BLOW SOMETHING UP.

  • I was playing New Generation the other day on MAME and never really realized how much inspiration Capcom got from SNK for the SF3 series. I’m glad Capcom scrapped the stage scaling, though.

    Anyway, $15 is a steal for a game I lusted after on the DC. This game will invite a flood of nostalgia, and I’ll relive the pain and anguish I received in middle school when I was the worst SF player I knew.

    • “and never really realized how much inspiration Capcom got from SNK for the SF3 series.” 

      how much?, and what exactly…

  • I know I will probably get flak for this, but they have flooded the fighting game market so damn much.  I hope this fails hard and they start doing something else with their resources. If it does well they will probably go back to the drawing board on how to give us eight more street fighter games.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, they should stop bringing us quality beat’em ups, it’s such a shame to see our market so full of good fighters and to see that genre thrive again. Let’s hope one of the best 2d beat’em ups ever produced “fails hard”, that will show them!

      … jokes aside, I’m not even a Capcom fan (I don’t even like SF4 and MVC3 so much, I’m more of a SNK person) and I don’t want to defend their choices, but you should consider that almost every beat’em up series has multiple iterations (think about BlazBlue, for example), partly because they need to fund their efforts since the market isn’t as big as it was back in the days, partly because a beat’em up is more oriented to rebalancement, roster additions and so on than other genres. Both SSF4 and SSF4 AE are budget price release, and AE is even released as a dlc.

      And seriously, even if you hate SF4 and its re-releases with a passion there’s no reason to wish SF3 to fail, it’s a very different (and far better, imho) game that hasn’t seen its right share of appreciation aside from the professional beat’em up scene.

      Try it if you think this is just another SF cash-in: you could have a great surprise! :)

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        I hate SFIII and I don’t want this to fail either. I am a long time fighting game fan and the more titles brought back into the genre, the better.

      • TempBast

        Just curious, if you call games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters beat’em ups then what do you call games like Final Final, Double Dragon, and Dynasty Warriors?

  • Oni123

    Juri for street fighter III! =3

    • PrinceHeir

      fully AGREE!!!!!!!!

       i need mah JURI :P

  • No Capcom Vs. SNK 2 for XBLA/PSN come on. 

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Now, that I would download day one.

    • PrinceHeir

      or Alpha 3 Max Online Edition ^^

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    This is a double post. Please ignore it.

  • RablaAndrews

    Now, i’m not a Fighter fan (nor am I too big on DLC) but I have to say, I like this idea.

    Give us the base package for a low-med price. Thats awesome. Everyone gets the game at at a cool price. Then, offer extra modes like.. challenges or bonus stages and etc as DLC so the people who want them can have them, and the people who don’t care don’t need to have them.

    In the end, everyone’s getting what they want. And the developer is making money from all of it. Win-Win.

    • Scallion

      It’s a horrible, idea, really.
      Games are already barebones as it is–DLC is a way for them to push a finished product through the door and slap on everything else for a premium price.
      It’s a racket.

      • Iucidium

        And Capcom are the kings of it.

  • I like Silicontits website (this site:P).
    But I suggest they change their website name:/

    also I’m not interested in the DLC as it would be a another shadow battle DLC like from MvC3:/

  • Ok there’s nothing wrong game and i wanted to play this for a long time now cuz i couldnt find it no more except in the playstation 2 anniversary collection game,i got SF4 AE as the first street fighter game on ps3 and i regret it.the game has no capabilities on combos for the exception of a few characters and thats up to only an 8 hitter or so.the entire game and game trailers
     fooled u with the specials bcuz THATS ALL IT IS.u die too quik,after a few uppercuts,match over,wat made sf3 3rd strike so good is the characters are wayyyy more creative rather than ,rufus or el fuerte….necro and ori is pretty unusual and cool.and the thing that sold it was the made a challenge to it to see stuff like,if u could go an entire round without blocking but parrying,stuff like that.its jus way better than the games out now……except for mvc3 :D thats awesome.

  • I loved this game, though I think I would have preferred Capcom VS Snk 2.

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