Additional Locales To Explore For Go! Go! Nippon Via DLC A Possibility

By Ishaan . June 26, 2011 . 4:31pm

Overdrive and MangaGamer boss, Hiroshi Takeuchi, recently held another live stream Q&A session with the company’s fans, where he shed light upon the company’s upcoming Go! Go! Nippon, a visual novel also meant to serve as a guide to Japan.


While he couldn’t say how long the game is — although, he did say that it would be short — Takeuchi reiterated that the game will be “very cheap” to buy.  He also alluded to the possibility of adding additional locations to explore, such as Nakano Broadway, via downloadable content updates. As reported previously, Go! Go! Nippon is being developed specifically for overseas players that haven’t had the chance to visit Japan.


On the subject of overseas players, MangaGamer will also be at Anime Expo next week, where they’ll be bringing visual novel developers from Japan as they always do, to help interest them in the overseas market.


“There’s a possibility that companies like Clochette will release games with us,” Takeuchi said about the company’s Anime Expo presence, “but we mostly take guest companies to AX to show them what the American market is like… It’s like a future investment to show them around and get them interested.”


You can read a summary of the entire livestream event on MangaGamer’s company blog.

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  • I wonder what those VN companies consider to be a success? How many copies sold does a title need for it to become a hit for them, in Japan and the US?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Well, Kohime apparently remains under 2k as the voice track has yet to be officially released. I’ve heard a few releases from Peach Princess/JASTmade it into the 5k-10k range, but given that almost all these sales are digital or through untracked merchants like RightStuf or conventions, hard numbers are not easy to find. Hirameki’s stuff did make it into Best Buy and Suncoast, but was mismarketed and around only as long as the company was.

      They’ve never been impossible to find, you just have needed to know where to look. And perhaps be a bit quick on the draw.

    • kroufonz

      I believe the big 3 is Leaf/aquaplus, key/visual arts, and typemoon

      in console/handheld galge the most succesful sales wise this gen (for
      publisher/dev that mainly doing vn) currently is leaf/ aquaplus followed
      by 5pb,

      for big publisher Konami is stil the most succesfull today(and in the
      past) while kadokawa and namco bandai also manage to publish game that sold
      50k and 100k copies this gen.

      for eroge many companies try to make lower break even point lower than 5k, altough using big artist could make the game sold 10k by the name of artist alone and possible to break even at that point, even if the cost of art is quite high, usually 5k sales is good enough, 10k is good, 50k is awesome, 100kis giant success, 300k-500k (only possible for past console galge title like Tokimemo series, and sakura wars,).

      article for detailed eroge development cost :

      for comparison this is best selling past vn (console galge not eroge):

      and here an article for eroge seiyuu cost:

      oh and for comparison if i am not wrong for manga gamer koihime could get break even (for western localization cost) at 1k copies, and 2k to make it possible to get voices

  • M’iau M’iaut

    I’d wonder for a product like this if they would be better served giving romaji and regular english script. It seems a better fit if you are going after a casual or first time visitor as a visual or virtual tour guide.

    • mirumu

      I think it depends. When I studied Japanese at university quite a few years ago now all the reading and writing focused exclusively on hiragana, katakana and kanji. You don’t see much romaji in actual Japanese writing after all. To this day I have far more trouble following a sentence in romaji than if it’s actually written directly in Japanese. Romaji also has the disadvantage of coaxing people to apply English’s flexible pronounciation rules which just don’t exist in Japanese.

      I agree though that romaji would make it all seem a little less difficult to the uninitiated. On first glance if nothing else it’d seem more welcoming.

      It actually wouldn’t be that hard technically speaking to automate the script conversion between romaji and real Japanese such that it could be a setting in the game options. Of course the time spent doing that would push up the cost so I don’t expect it to happen.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Just thinking that more welcoming is what this particular title is going to require. You will get some folks who will buy simply to support the product, but something that is basically “Hi, I’m Ayumi, let me show you Tokyo Tower for your next visit to my wonderful town” is a game in search of a different audience.

        It’s not as if Ayumi will get tentacle r*ped on the elevator ride up, they’ve already made the statement this will be VERY all ages.

      • Moriken

        Reading something written in kana exclusively can also be obscenely difficult to digest…

        Furigana, however, could be a good idea in case of this title.

        • mirumu

          That’s a brilliant idea.

    • Apollonis

      Nobody that casual is going to even know what a VN is, though, much less buy one. Roman characters are actually counterprodive to learning real Japanese, I think, especially if you mostly want to learn it to read and not speak, like most fans probably do (to read websites, comics, games, etc). Although we don’t know that that screenshot is the final format either..

      • M’iau M’iaut

        But this product is being marketed as a visual tour guide, not as a ‘real life’ VN. If you are going as a tourist, you are going to need speaking skills more than reading or writing.

        If they were treating this as a English to Japanese training game — the opposite being quite prevalent in Japan — my opinion would be different. 

        • tr1gun1212

          Actually, being a tourist, being able to read a little would probably be a lot more useful than a pitiful amount of speaking. At least with reading, you can use that for signs and menus. But, with speaking – may not be able to understand the response.

  • i’m casually self-teaching myself japanese for fun, so i’m looking forward to the set up with this game. i like stuff like bilingual manga/ranobe/magazines etc, so this is pretty sweet. can’t wait for it to come out… er but i guess no matter what, it would conflict with the ginormous game/book/manga backlog of a working-adult-otaku-gamer…

  • kroufonz

    this is for all age right, i wonder if they can try and make this psn title too??

    • Everything they’ve said about the game so far has indicated it’ll be an All-Ages affair. I highly doubt it’ll make it to any kind of console any time soon though. iPhone is a possibility, however.

      • Apollonis

        Yep iPhone is in the fan discussion as well- but Bamboo says Apple are really strict- I think GoGo is going to be more like a 15+ affair, based on this comment and some small screenshots on the cover that was shown during the stream- like, just a little bit ‘H’ but nothing explicit..

        On another note, I came to check this article after looking at encubed’s take on this same interview- some of the comments from “fans” there can be so weirdly harsh, it’s like the English VN fanbase has such an entitlement complex that they don’t even want the market to grow -_-; Fortunately this community is a bit better about that. Some people just complain about everything under the sun… and somehow it seems like the overseas market’s tastes have developed differently from the Japanese markets, like more people want less erotic content and more gameplay. I’m not against having those options of course (and loved 999, among others), but the thing is, when you take those two changes to their logical conclusion, what you get is… a regular PC game, with perhaps a bit more story. I dunno, there just seem to be so many obstacles in the way, hah.

        Sorry, I just used this comment as a place to unload a bunch of thoughts..

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Blame that the audience finding interest in these titles stateside skews more female. Even among male fans, the desire to see more of a romantic/dramatic atmosphere — think Crescendo, Kana, Private Nurse and yes a non-ero Ever 17 — influences the titles people which to see translated.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    I’d love to buy some of MangaGamer’s games in order to not only support a relatively unknown publisher but to also support the localization of more visual novels. Unfortunately I don’t really have a way to buy their products without using a debit card and I don’t really want to put that sort of information online – especially after the whole PSN hack.

    • Pre-paid credit cards actually work just as well too, so if you don’t want to actually use your own personal cards, you can just go ahead and pick up one of those instead.

  • AzureNova

    This sounds wonderful! I will be looking out for this.

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