Design A Shield For Dark Souls, Get Your Name In The Credits

By Ishaan . June 27, 2011 . 12:03pm

Care to design your own shield for Dark Souls? Now you can, since Namco Bandai are hosting a contest asking for shield submissions from fans. Three winning designs will then be added to the game as post-launch content sometime down the line.


If you want to participate, you first have to become a fan of the game’s Facebook page. Once you’ve done that, you can download the blank shield templates that you’ll need to use as a base for your design. The deadline for submitting entries is July 13th, and you can submit up to three different designs.


People will be able to vote on their favourite shield designs until July 20th. The top ten designs for each of the three shield templates will then go to From Software, who will pick the winners. These will be announced on July 28th.


Each of the ten finalists will receive a free copy of Dark Souls signed by director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. The three winners will receive an autographed copy of the limited edition of Dark Souls, and their names will be included in the game’s credits.

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  • Klarktastic

    Penis shields lots of them, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS

    • Blacksofa

      +3 Endowment

  • My shield will be purple AND flame resistant!

  • Yukito

    I am getting sick of these Twitter and Facebook “Must-have” for contests. Is there any way to get this tablet and submit it WITHOUT joining Facebook? For once, I would like to take part in something that doesn’t require me to sign up for that website. I have never liked it, and using it as a contest hosting area really gets on my nerves. This is about the 10th or so contest using these sort of sites I don’t like using. >_>

    Yes, I know “just join only for the contests that happen!”…. yeah, no, I really dispise the site, and would rather skip on the contest than joining it. I just want to know, is it POSSIBLE without joining? So damn annoying. >_<

    • Exkaiser

      Or you could just… not worry about contests. That’s what I do.

      • Yukito

        Normally I do, but I would like to enter some kind of contest this decade. Too many “Follow us on twitter!” “Like us on Facebook!” “Join us in Home at this time!” events. I just don’t get why no one can host a contest off of their own website anymore. Make it accessible to everyone that way. 

        • Because everyone has facebook and twitter nowadays. Because its a social network its easier to get people participating in the contest while hosting it on their own website wouldn’t get as much exposure as a social website where millions of members subscribe to their page. 

          You would need to create an account in the website where the contest was made or submit your email account so I don’t see the difference on simply registering for facebook just for the contests. 

          Hosting it in several places is splitting the fanbase. Its like comparing a blog vs. a tumblr. A blog depends on the people who are interested to check your blog. A tumblr has a social community who share each other posts and get more publicity.

          Companies want publicity and using social communities is the way for them to see how many people are interested in their product and attract even more people from the social community. 

          Just register on the site on question, participate on the contest and then forget about the account. Its not like you’re forced to participate in facebook to be on the contest. Its like creating yet another account for a website.

    • Icon

      How can you despise Facebook if you’re not even on it?

      • Yukito

        How can one say they hate liver without trying it? How can one say they hate Justin Bieber when they don’t know him personally? How can a non-smoker say they hate smoking when they haven’t tried it?

        In short, people just know. Forums and messengers are far more than enough for me.

        • Icon

          I would suggest you do what it takes to enter this contest if you want to win.

    • RupanIII

       I blame the web 2.0 hipsters who stole the internet from us nerds -_-

  • AnimusVox

    It’d be even more awesome if they asked for a character design contest, but I imagine the game is to far in development to do something like that.

  • AzureNova

    I think this is an awesome idea and its great for them to get the general public involved in the development like this!

  • Is there a page on their facebook page that tells us what we can’t have or what we can put? I just wanna know before I do something weird… lol

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