Tales of Vesperia Isn’t Part Of An Xbox 360 Exclusivity Deal After All

By Ishaan . June 27, 2011 . 10:40pm

If you want to play Tales of Vesperia in English, you’ll have to play it on an Xbox 360. While the Namco Bandai RPG was later ported to the PlayStation 3 in Japan, this version of the game hasn’t been released overseas.


In April, a Namco Bandai community manager stated that the reason Tales of Vesperia hasn’t seen a PlayStation 3 release outside Japan was due to an exclusivity contract between Namco and Microsoft. This information, she revealed earlier today, is apparently not true.


Her full response is as follows:


“A few months ago I replied to a fan who asked me why Tales of Vesperia wasn’t localized in Europe on my Facebook page. I replied that it was because of a Microsoft exclusivity, thinking that that was the reason why, even though I didn’t have any official information on that.


I was wrong to do so, and sadly my reply was relayed on many websites, thus sharing a false information to fans around the web.


I would like to send my sincere apologies to all the Tales Series fans I have wrongly informed, and Microsoft & Namco Bandai for any damage that might have been caused with this.”


Namco Bandai have two Tales games slated for release overseas at present. Tales of the Abyss will release on the Nintendo 3DS this year, while Tales of Graces f on the PlayStation 3 will follow sometime in 2012.

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  • I mean it’s not part of a deal but it sure isn’t coming out here any time soon

    What is the aversion people seem to have to playing the 360 version anyway? The dub was really well done, and at the end of the day, extra content or not, it’s Tales of fuckin’ Vesperia! It’s a fantastic game.

    • WonderSteve

      It is because the PS3 version is the completed/upgraded version. You get two more playable characters in your team.

      I played with 360 version and I was surprised that Flynn didn’t join the team.

      • Caligula

        Two characters honestly isn’t that big of a deal.

        • kroufonz

          since it is knight (and rival) and loli pirate is quite big deal:p

          • Caligula

            The game was fine the first time without them.

        • Actually, it kinda is. Especially if one of them was supposed to join the team but then decided not to. Also most of the new content added has to do with those characters along with extra costumes and everything. I’d say its worth the second purchase but I’d rather get a brand new game rather than a game with just addons.

        • A friend told me that it changes a lot tho, with this Flint tagging along with the party (this didnt happened before),  half of the story changes

          • Darkrise

            As well as extra hi-ougi’s, items, and costumes.

          • Exkaiser

            I honestly can’t imagine that Flynn tagging along will fix the mess that was the entire second half of the game.

          • But a lot of dialogue wouldn’t change? and a bunch of new skits? I dont think they would leave Flint quiet all that time

      • jello44

        I liked how they led up to him joining, then slapped you in the face with a “HAHA HE’S NOT JOINING UR TEEM”

        • WonderSteve

          That’s why I made sure I gave it all I got when I was beating the crap out of him in the game.

    • Mainly it’s the fact that not everyone owns a 360, or has much interest in owning one.

      I own a PS3 and a Wii, but apart from Vesperia and Geometry Wars, the XBox 360 library does not appeal to me, and disappointingly, the only avenue I’d have to get it cheap (a refurbished model) for the sake of just that means that it’s more likely to crash due to the Red Ring of Death, due to them being older models and not guaranteed to work past the warranty.

      Since buying a 360 is a very costly choice in this area, and I would not get much satisfaction in it past purchasing Vesperia, I would prefer instead that it would be released onto the PS3 here in America. It’s not so much an aversion but an improbability, in my case. I don’t care much about the extra content, though I’m sure it’s nice– I just want to be able to play it without plopping down a few hundred dollars on a system that’s more guaranteed to work.

      • If you’re a niche enough gamer to like Tales in the first place you’re kidding yourself if you think that Tales of Vesperia is the only game you would enjoy on the 360

        • kroufonz

          but if he is like jrpg then he definitely will regret purchasing 360 since after agarest zero it is pretty much only have FFXIII-2 for future release and no exclusive jrpg at all after that, while he only can play 2 or 3 past jrpg x360 title at best:P

          better invest for vita or 3ds instead

        • I’ll be pretty straight-forward that most of the games I’d be interested in are downloadable on the 360– something that’s actually difficult for me to do, since my wireless has been down since a year ago, and my only cord for the internet is to my laptop.

          I’m interested in Child of Eden, but that will be on the PS3 soon. Lost Odyssey gets a point, but that’s two games then that would catch my interest, one only due to heavy recommendation from friends. Record of Agarest War actually does not pique my interest, and I have not played FFXIII, so XIII-2 isn’t really an interest to me. And really… Any other games I’m interested in (Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, ect.) are games that I can easily get on the PS3, or even on the PC (such as Dragon Age, which I own for it).

          I could be considered a niche player– I’m an avid fan of NIS games and Atlus games, after all. But my interests can be outside of that. But even with that, there just isn’t much of anything on the 360 to try to save for one, or to ask for one around holiday/birthday. Like kroufonz said, I’d rather invest in a Vita and a 3DS– the latter of which I intend on trying to get very soon, for OoT 3D, Abyss, Cave Story 3D, and Pac-Man/Galaga at the forefront of my interest to purchase.

      • Caligula

        Eh, well, that’s what you get when you buy console systems.  You realize you won’t always get all the games you want if you just settle for one console, and you deal with it.  There are a number of games I’d like to play on the PS3, but I don’t own one and I probably never will because it’s expensive.  I’m not going to insist they be ported to the Wii or 360 just so I can play them.

        The bottom line is, it’s not financially feasible for Namco to bring Vesperia over again.  It only sold okay the first time.  If they were going to bring over the game again, they’d have to be certain that they could attract a number equal to or greater than the sales the previous time.  However, I don’t think the new additions are enough to entice people who weren’t interested the first time around to buy this time or who bought the game the first time but aren’t diehard fans to buy the game again.  Hence, sales would probably only be supported by the Tales fanbase, which isn’t very big to begin with.

        • I understand that it isn’t feasible for them to bring it over– I don’t really harbor any expectations that they will. Tales games, from my point of view, seem to be marred with weak marketing and even weaker sales when they come, so it isn’t hard to expect that Bamco would not want to risk it. And I respect that, as long as they put in their effort into Graces F and Abyss 3D to make them sell.

          I plan on ordering both games, regardless of my owning a 3DS by then or not, since I feel like that’s the best way to result in more games in the Tales series, like Xillia, to come over here. But it doesn’t mean I can’t feel at least a little bit sad that my most affordable route is importing a text-heavy RPG. (The only games I’ve considered ever doing that for are La Pucelle Ragnarok and Mother 3.)

    • Yeeah! My thoughts exactly. I thought it was a pretty complete game when it came out on the 360. Sure, the extra content is nice, but I think people forget that it’s still a good game on it’s own.

      Maybe it’s because some people view extra content or DLCs as something that should have been a part of the game in the first place?

    • Yukito

      One or two games does not justify a full system purchase to me. I really am not one up in arms about whether or not it comes, but Lost Odyssey and ToV are probably the only games I would be interested in. Also, as long as ToV is on PS3, there is always the walkthrough way one can go, so chances are, I would go that way before buying a whole new system, now that I am unemployed at the moment.

  • Yukito

    So, Vesperia is fair game again? Well, here come the people all over again.

  • Oh my. Well, I still don’t think Vesperia PS3 is making it over, and I’ve made my peace with that long ago.

    Will this reignite all the fans? I expected their flames would have died out completely after the rumour.

    • Caligula

      No, I assure you people will still complain.  Their ardor hasn’t been lost.

      • Ladius

        Just let this whole issue rest in peace. I was an ardent Vesperia fan when the game came out years ago, but now I’m really tired to see it summoned in every single Tales thread.

        • Darkrise

          Sadly, it won’t. It’s going to come up. Forever. But I think about half of those complaining about Vesperia being denied are just those who’ve hopped onto the bandwagon for fun.

    • They’ll just continue their planned boycott of Tales of Graces F.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Interesting……why even bother to recant unless there’s a reason…..unless that reason is bandai’s talking heads are a bunch of buffons.

  • Hours

    I knew it sounded fishy.

    Anyway, I know we’re all focusing our attention on getting Graces f, Abyss 3DS and (hopefully) Xillia in English, but I’d still really like to see the PS3 version of Vesperia make it to the US.

  • follow http://twitter.com/#!/vesperiaps3 to help bring vesperia ps3 over

  • WonderSteve

    Oh man, the spin.

    This issue just become way more complicate than it is needed.

    Namco should just come out and said “No we are not localizing it, because we don’t think it will sell.”

    • Wiccan1109

      Mm, i dont know, Namco is about one of the most illogical companies around. Just because they think something wont sell doesn’t usually stop them localising it. Likewise something that sells very well for them is often not even considered even if there is a fan demand. Sales of previous games seem to have no impact on the future of a series, its like they have a picture of a donekys @rse on the wall that has a load of games written on it and a tail with a pin. Then someone puts on a blindfold and whatever game they land on gets localised. Needless complication is something this company was founded on, its like their motto or something.

      • I think they made the logical choice in choose Graces F and Abyss 3D, but I think the fans are just illogical. People were angry that Graces F was announced. 

  • Mister_Nep

    I gave up on an English release a while back. I’ve just been waiting for a Best Version release so I can import it for cheap.

  • This is pretty disappointing to hear. I wouldn’t have actually been surprised if there was an exclusivity deal though– after all, didn’t Nintendo foot the bill to bring over Symphonia? I’d figure that was the reason why we didn’t get the PS2 version of it, after all. But if Microsoft didn’t, then who knows what the current reason is.

    It’s still disappointing to see that they claimed it without confirming it.

  • I think it’s about time we move on from Vesperia PS3. I loved the game on Xbox 360 and wanted the extra content as much as the next guy, but said content honestly isn’t substantial enough to warrant this outcry.

    If you’re PS3 only then I feel for you, but every console has their exclusives and it’s something that you just have to deal with. 4GB Xbox 360 S are only $200 (in the US, of course) too, which is an amount that could have easily been saved up in the time since Vesperia’s Western release. There are also a few other great exclusive JRPGs on the system that could add value to your purchase.

    Not to mention we’re getting Tales of Graces f. An entirely new game that I would gladly take over a slightly updated version of a game we’ve had for years. Again, it sucks, and it’s a position I find myself in quite often these days, but sometimes you just have to put it behind you.

    • No because I’m a Tales fan so I’m not allowed to be satisfied with anything

      • Yui

        I feel like I’m committing some cardinal sin for responding positively to this comment, but I’m going to anyway, because it’s just the best comment. :D

        • Literally the first reaction to the announcement of Graces F coming out in English was “YEAH WELL WHY NOT VESPERIA 3 HUH NAMCO?  WAY TO LEAVE US OUT ON A LIMB”

          It was pretty appalling.  

          • Yui

            God, I remember that and all. There seems to be this shared entitlement complex in the Tales fanbase that just makes me sad. I completely agree, on all counts.

          • DanteJones

            I hear that man. Almost wanted to send Namco a email saying to ignore the haters and to go ahead on bringing over Graces, since that particular group are gonna buy it anyway despite all the complaining. ;)

          • Hraesvelgr

            As a Tales fan, the people complaining about getting two games, even if one is a port and will take little effort to localize, almost make it embarrassing to even say that I am a fan of the series.

          • We actually missed out on a ton of games (some of the PS2 games, most of the PSP titles, and all of the gameboy advanced ones too).

            but most of those customers are just pissed that one of them happened to be a flagship title (even if it’s an improved version).

            I understand people think it’s “embarrassing” to be around the fans that beg and bitch about not being given a chance to play a game they really don’t want to have to purchase a console or import for, but at the same time, it isn’t exactly helping when you give off the impression to Namco Bandai that only a small group in those fans really want the game, and you should totally ignore them.

            To me, both sides of the isle are really douchy at times, but I usually can understand the one being denied something more.

            for now, we’re going to have to be happy with Graces F and (hopefully) Xillia, as I really doubt Namco Bandai are going to bother with Vesperia this late in the game. In all honesty, they should have just come out and said “no we will not be bringing it here” and not made some exclusive contract nonsense up in the first place. . .

          • Caligula

            I empathize.  I consider myself a fan of the games, but not part of the fanbase.  I’m more of a dispassionate fan; if games come over, cool, I’ll play them, and if not, oh well, there are tons of other games I can play.

          • Dont worry, im a fan, but we are not one of those fans. There are different social circles, people seem to put them together tho, but you are not alone.


          • Yeah that was pretty tragic when people responded that way. 

        • Seriously xDD

    • puchinri

      I mostly agree, but I think the thing with the Xbox is a sticky situation. For some of us, saving up for a console isn’t doable anyway, although a few games does add up to the price (like, four Wii games), I’d rather get games for a console I currently own than buy a new console and then wait to buy one game for it. But I myself do want a Xbox (mostly for shmups :’D), and it would be nice to play ToV too. So I do agree there, but it’s not always so simple and straight-forward (sadly).

      And of course, I definitely pretty much agree on that point. I don’t think it’s worth it to spend the energy getting mad or hyped (although I won’t stop anyone from trying to get the game released, as long as they’re being reasonable). But I do feel like Tales fans get cheated (or, at least, we were quite cheated, regardless of the reasons).

      I don’t think that ever gives any part of fandom and excuse or reason to act up, but I think I’ll always be bitter to NamDai myself (but I am thankful for the titles we got). I think sometimes the fans do overreact though (but I also believe sometimes it’s made out worse to be than it is, but as my friend sounds, vocal minority and quiet majority).

      But I do hope that from here on out at least, we can see more titles. I am kinda hurt by Namdai/Bamco, but it won’t stop me appreciating some effort (and getting exciting when we get some title I want).

      • Oh, I know that saving up for games/systems isn’t always easy, especially when trying to manage the games you want for consoles you do own. It was just sort of a general comment.

        Assuming that someone is employed full-time and has some kind of disposable income to begin with, setting aside $5 or $10 every paycheck really adds up without murdering your wallet too badly. That combined with waiting for games to go on sale is usually how I afford most of the games that’ve caught my eye but don’t have me lining up on day one.

        I currently have a PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, PSP, PS2, SNES and NES that I’m actively purchasing games for. As you can imagine I don’t have too many games for each at the moment. :P

        • puchinri

          I know, and I definitely agree for the most part (because I know plenty of people who may nag about the circumstances, but can actually still afford the extra console or importing). 

          That would be ideal and great~. I used to be able, but I have no income now, so I know for some of us, it isn’t an option at all (and I know friends who are in a similar boat). For the moment anyway. 

          Lol, lucky. I only have PC (which I may need a new one soon), Wii, PS3, DSand PS2 that I want to get a few titles for each, but it’s not much in the realm of possibility right now. I do have a bit of a backlog though, so it’s not all bad, but I do wish I was able to support the titles and companies that I want to.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      I want to play Vesperia in English, but NOT enough to pay $200 for it. It’d be cheaper to just import it and deal with the language issue. There’s very few reasons for me to own a 360. There’s only about four titles I’d like to play that I can’t (not to say the 360 sucks or anything. It’s just the majority of 360 games worth playing are multiplatform, while the PS3 has a great deal of exclusives, mostly from NISA, that appeal to me). 

      Especially when it’s as hard to keep up with all the great titles for the system I do have. Couldn’t afford Agarest Zero this month, with buying Infamous 2, Shadows of the Damned, and Alice, as well as all the DLC that came out this month. No way, am I adding another system to those expenses for only four games.

      • Exkaiser

        Then don’t worry about Vesperia? You obviously have better uses of your money.

        It’s not like it’s the greatest game ever.

  • OverlordFuka

    Well this is encouraging news! Though I would love to see Vesperia on the PS3, in all honesty, I had made my peace over not getting it. Interesting that they decided to correct themselves, saying that there was no exclusivity contract at all, but I still don’t really *expect* it to ever make it to either America or Europe.

    But who knows? I’ll hope for the best but expect the worst~.

  • I know this is only tangentially related to this post, for which I apologize, but I think it’s interesting how often people seem to think that a game only being released for a particular console is the result of one of the Big Three dropping a check that, to borrow a phrase, “sounds like a brick when it hits the table”. There are hundreds of reasons a game might see only one console when it’s imported, but paid exclusivity seems to be the most popular. Well, apart from “you hate X console and smell”, but that’s hardly what I’d call a well-thought-out argument.

    Is it because it’s the most back-handedly vindicating option—my game is so good, they had to make sure it was on their console, and their console only!—or is it something else? Admittedly, I don’t exactly speak from experience here, but it seems like the only way paying for exclusivity makes sense is when you know the game is going to sell like gangbusters, and is also going to sell systems. Microsoft, I have no doubt, would give whatever approximates a limb to a multinational corporation to insure Halo remains 360-only because they know it is a license to print money. The idea that Microsoft would have, in this particular case, shelled out a not insignificant amount of money for a game that has done maybe 200-300 units, at a guess, seems unlikely. It’s a bad investment for Microsoft, because Vesperia, as many of you have confirmed, is not going to sell 360s, and it’s a bad investment for Namco Bandai because they’re cutting their possible market in half (maybe more, considering Sony is traditionally the home of Japanese imports, JRPGs especially).

    Lest anyone thing I’m trying to poo-poo Vesperia or any other similar games, that’s really not my intent. I’ve just seen an awful lot of people point to paid exclusivity when games only show up on one console, and—especially when it’s games I’ve worked on—it gets a little frustrating. I mean, if they’re really throwing around all this sweet exclusivity money, sign me up. I could really use a new car.

  • western companies just need to get along >_>

    they should just release it seriously it’s not like the fans are asking for destiny ps3 or phantasia it’s just a game they have done in english just need to wrap it up and release it

  • I think a new non-Microsoft publisher should to get a hold of the PS3, much like how EA offered Bioware to port ME2 to the PS3.

    Well, at least we’ve gotten the real truth. Any hope for this game should’ve been erased from fans a long time ago.

  • Hmm interesting. Sorry to say but I am no longer excited for this one. Xillia has my eye so yeah. Buy Graces F guys!!

    • Vesperia>Graces F

      • Well be happy with what we are getting now.

      • lol sure it does. if thats true, they stay content with the one you have on 360, lol.

        Xillia im more excited for so BAM

      • Ladius

        Graces F> no Tales localization, and trust me when I say that Graces F’s battle system is one of the best the series has ever seen. Saying it’s better than Vesperia would be a stretch simply because they’re extremely different, but it sure isn’t worse in any way.

      • Dimentionalist

        Graces F>Vesperia

        And let me guess, you’re some of those boycotters. People like you just make me happy they’re probably going to skip over Vesperia :)

    • Draparde

      Yeah, i agree. while Vesperia is great. I’ve alredy experienced it on the 360, i would much rather move on to the newer ones that have yet to be released in English such as graces F(sophie ftw)  and even more importantly, Xillia.

      • That’s exactly how I feel

      • That’s how someone who have already played the game would feel.

        But not for someone that couldnt even taste it…

        Not that im complaining, just that, you should consider other’s position too xD.

        But i already decided i will import someday (when it doesnt cost the same as Xillia to import -.- it never goes down the price at play-asia)

        • Draparde

          That’s true, i was mainly speaking for myself lol. 

          i bought a 360 for vesperia when i heard about it comming to the US xD though i know not everyone’s so gung-ho (or their wallets full enough) to do that. 

          its too bad i can’t let people barrow a disc over the internet xD or something. 

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    I’ve been wanting to comment on this site for a while now (anonymous fan FTW), but never took the plunge to put in my input. And for some reason, decided that this would be a decent discussion to take part of… Like jumping into a shark tank… So here goes nothing:

    Legitimate question: Is Namco still planning to bring “The First Strike” movie over early next year? I ask this because I’ve noticed they’ve done bluray combo packs before and are somewhat curious as why nothing as such has been done here in the NA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macross_Frontier#Macross_Frontier_The_Movie:_The_False_Diva (Well this was released by the Bandai half of the company). Since they are already going to release a movie with a decent amount of the original game voice actors in it already, could it be that much harder to use those assets to finish localizing the game (which is mostly localized in the first place)? It could be called the “Full Vesperia Experience Bundle” or whatever they choose to call it if that would help them sell more copies of both products. I just wish companies could be more forthcoming in their plans to bring content to any region instead of leaving people in the dark clinging to a small sliver of hope that their wishes could be heard (perfect example is Nintendo vs. outspoken fans “Operation Rainfall” situation). Anyway, as nice as it would be to get Vesperia as well at this point in time, I’m looking towards Graces f and, hopefully, Xillia in the future.

    P.S. Just a clarification, even though I only have a PS3 and PSP at the moment, I have been contemplating on purchasing a 360, Wii, and 3DS for some time now (360 for indies, Wii for RPGs, and 3DS to catch up on the massive DS generation that I skipped; GBA 4 lyfe). Unfortunately, current expenses take precedence for me at the moment. I’m a sad excuse for a gamer, I already know that…

    P.S.2 I also read the “address to the community post” from last week, and I’ll try to not come off as… obnoxious/biased/full-on-asshole when posting my opinion in the future, but no guarantees. =P

    • malek86

      While we don’t know much of the situation (what with Namco being as unclear as humanly possible), I hypothise that can’t happen.

      If this is anything like the Symphonia-Nintendo situation, Namco wouldn’t be allowed to use the localization from the 360 version. Perhaps they could do it from scratch instead, but that would be a lot more expensive.

      Even if they could use the old localization, it still wouldn’t be cheap. The new content in TOV PS3 amounts to a whole bunch more spoken lines (apparently, the number of spoken lines in TOV PS3 is the same as the entire script in the 360 version) and a lot more text… so it’s not exactly “mostly done”. It would still require a lot of work and quite a lot of money.

      Even so, the first situation is the more believable one.

      • Klarktastic


        • malek86

          … that’s just not happening, and we know it.

          And besides, if MS really had the rights to the localization, they would have the rights to the text too.

          • kroufonz

            namco could just buy those fans translation and released with sub only (to cut a lot of cost), it is of course assuming they wanted to release the game but didn’t really want to use a lot of their precious money, while we know chance namco being that nice is just very low, they’d rather burning money to market inversion instead:P

          • Caligula

            I think taking out the voices would probably hurt sales.  I don’t think it would put much of a dent in the sales coming from existing fans, but it might for more casual gamers.

          • kroufonz

            @caligula- at this point tales already niche enough those i believe this general audience will not matter to much in sales anymore, it is already fall to niche territory. hell general audience never really matter much this generation for almost all jrpg that is not FF/pokemon

            while it is maybe losing general audience i believe it will still profit (due to different cost margin) most of tales fan who demand it would get it as long as it is released in the west, and those wiith PS3 only jrpg fans are not gonna heavily  affected with no english dub (since they know full well that the game could be released at all is already a miracle), and those previously have not get the x360 version because have no jp voice could also be interested with it, it is also can get interest from some of collector type gamer to double dip, that it will be worth to get it since they can have 2 copy of vesperia that is quite different in both content and languange, they need to have limited edition and give proper pricing and it will be still profitable without dub.

            just release xillia with sub and then namco could starting regain this “general audience” you speak of with graces f or xillia by adding

    • Caligula

      idk about the Blu-Ray bundle, but I don’t think there have been any announcements about the First Strike coming over here.  I could be wrong, though.

      • malek86

        It’s been picked up by Funimation, which is supposed to release it in early 2012. Don’t know if it’s still on track, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t.

        • Caligula

          Oh, wow, I wonder how I missed that.  Thanks for the heads-up.

        • Quite sure it still is on track, it was in their news recently. 

  • malek86

    I’m getting bored of all this.

    It’s true that Tales fans are terribly obnoxious, but Namco surely is doing its best to make the situation as muddy as possible.

    But really, at this point, it doesn’t even matter anymore. Let’s move on.

    • puchinri

      I’m glad someone sees it both ways. I didn’t know how terrible some Tales fans could be before, and knowing now (and seeing it) makes me facepalm, but it’s not as if Namco isn’t inviting the complaints half the time now.

      Moving on would be best though. Actual likelihood? Hopefully high enough that (most) everyone does.

    • Namco is being muddy? I think the community manager shouldnt have spoken of untrue things to be honest. 

  • kroufonz

    mwahahaha here we go again! namco once again showing tales fans a carrot!

  • Xeahnort

    Exclusive or not, the thing is that we won’t see an english translation of the PS3 version

    • I thought someone was working on an English translation? Of course your ps3 would have to be hacked…..thats fail.

      • Letiumtide

        While that’s tempting, with Graces and possibly Xillia on the way I wouldn’t really care to keep my PS3 on that low of a firmware just in case, I also wouldn’t care to attempt to keep the modding up to date on it.  Thankfully, I have a 360, so I’m not too sore about the US not getting Vesperia (only a little).

      • Darkrise

        Your ps3 doesn’t have to be hacked last time I checked… You just need an actual copy of the game with a ps3 that hasn’t been updated to the recent firmwares.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I played Vesperia on Xbox360 and it’s a good game but still my least favorite in franchise. The greatest edition in this game would be Yuri, whose personality is a bit of refreshment among main protagonists in JRPG games. I would still like it to be localized for the sake of other fans who want to play it. As for me, Graces F is on my preorder list and patiently hoping for Xilia localization announcement in the future.

    • Setsu Oh

      i dream of a more adult tales game, taking from animes like cowboybebop’s spike or ninja scroll’s jubei with more adult themes. i still remember  how ten years ago when asked two ten year old clients if they were playing zelda they answered with disgust that it was ‘a kid’s game’. i played it i was OLDER than them. the tales teams should know by now, kids grow faster these days. there are no games like tales out there. it is a waste for it to be so kid friendly. i think. ff7 xenogears chronocross vagrantstory  fft had all pretty much adult friendly themes and i enjoyed them all while young.

      • Caligula

        The majority of people who play Tales are younger teenagers, so technically speaking, the games aren’t too immature for the people they’re aimed at all.  If you want a more mature game, you’re looking at the wrong series…  they’re not about to change anytime soon.

        Vesperia was supposed to be a more mature and complex title, but we all know how that went :(  The plot started out promising, but then the scriptwriters decided to hell with the plot two-thirds of the way in, threw it out and threw in some nonsense for the last third of the game.

      • Crimson_Cloud

         Yeah, even if you read the description of some anime these days it starts like ”The X is an high school student who met a girl…” etc. I’m waiting for at least some progress regarding that, like ” The X is a collage student who met a girl…” :)

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Ooopss…terribly sorry for starting World War III. Hopefully, after all that flaming and hatred, you’ll all accept our apology. Oh, and we’re still not releasing it here.

    • You do realise that the man stated the truth when asked. Upper management just told him to deny everything if he wanted to keep his job.

      • Of course. I mean, how much would it take to release an already translated game on the PS3? They have to translate a little bit of additional content and would have goten a shitload of money in return…

        • Setsu Oh


        • I think more goes into localizing that “little bit of additional content” than you’re thinking. If it really took such little effort and was a guaranteed payoff, I imagine Vesperia PS3 would have made it to the West a long time ago.

          • PR Damage control. That’s all this is. People can believe what they want, but she’s not the only one to say the contract was real.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            A timed exclusive contract, yes. But a permanent one. I didn’t buy it when this was first said and now I certainly don’t believe it.

  • “even though I didn’t have any official information on that”

    Then you shouldn’t have said it in the first place.

    • Setsu Oh

      while i don’t like the tone she has (looks like she appologises before losing her job or something) she at least TRIED. 
      i’m tired of the mutism of some companies about some games in a worldwide known franchise. i’m not talking release date kind of info here, just the fact that the game was released YEARS ago on xbox and one year ago on ps3 and NOTHING has been said since…..*dep breath* it just makes me wonder about how much some jp dev care about fans in western countries. …or if only japan exists in the world to them…at least she talked. at least an official shared SOMETHING on the game and it isnt a blank japanese wall of silent stoic glaring. no offense meant. that is just how i feel, having played destiny on release year. a longtime ago. specially with the lack of jrpg on ps3 for YEARS. is it the first j console not to have many jrpgs since…..the saturn?

      • I dunno, the Wii sure doesn’t seem to have many JRPGs.

      • Darkrise

        I think it really has more to do with the western side of Namco and whether or not they really care about releasing the Tales franchise or their fans for it. It seems to me that they really believe that 3D western games would do better for them but since that failed, they switched at the last minute to localizing Tales again. And I guess it’s thanks to that 50k of emails sent.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Also, thinking about the events of the last couple days, it’s a shame the PS3 version never showed up on Amazon. 

  • Setsu Oh

    and still no words on it from ‘official’ channels and nothing why the game is still so high priced in japan(and thus hard for me to import:we are not talking finalfantasy 7/xenogears type of content here but a TALES game, mainly for teenagers content wise).

    this game seems to be the best for me who can’t stand how kiddy and anime like (in a naruto kind of way not Darkside Blues or jubei ninpucho kind of way).
    this game, apart from another tales never been released overseas i played a long time ago(the real tales of destiny 2 not eternia) seems like the only in the franchise to really acheive a certain level of seriousness. perhaps is it because of the main character….

    anyway, both games apparently i haveto get in jp because, what? they STILL do not realise the strengh of the franchise in western countries? it isn’t by releasing a visually weak graces f (it comes from the wii how do you think non-fans will see this?? even meantendo understood the hunger of westerners for graphics by releasing the wiiu) and the only hd tales game released isn’t even talked about properly. -i understand if namcobandai meets difficulties translating it but one thing i understood after the psn fiasco is communication makes everything go more smoothly. why not just say why it isn’t released or when it might if the obstacles encountered are dealt with as planned? fans hate to be kept in the dark. any amount of info is better than none.-

    i just hope namcobandai doesn’t beleive in getting numbers from a wii title release from crysis2/thewhitcher2/masseffect2 etc western gamers to justify releasing the only game i find mildly interesting as an adult in the whole franchise!

    ps. for people not thinking i’m talking crap about the whole franchise: i played and finished phantasia destiny destiny 2 eternia, played and got bored of syphonia, rebirth, and got bored of the story of abyss(via the anime) so while i harbor a real interest for the series only the kid content -among other things- keeps me at bay.

    • Caligula

      You criticize the series for being kiddy, but Vesperia isn’t any more mature than the others.  It tried to be mature, changed its mind 2/3 of the way through, and threw its entire plot out the window.  Abyss and Rebirth did a much better job creating a mature plot and characters than did Vesperia.  Praise Vesperia on its merits all you want, but exceptional maturity is not one of them.

  • SirRichard

    Right now I’d like another run of the game for the UK, please. Mostly because I haven’t seen it anywhere, not even on its supposed launch day.

    I remember seeing it on Games On Demand, but my 360 hasn’t been finding my internet connection recently…

    • If you do get the internet back on your Xbox the price on Games on Demand is pretty decent -way less than my Game preorder was, anyway, and I thought it was worth it at that price. :) If you want to get it in a physical shop though you’ll probably have to get very lucky!

  • AnimeRemix

    If you didn’t have official information on it… Why did you say it in the first place…?

    Anyways, can’t say this news all the much bother me, getting Tales Of The Abyss for 3DS is good enough for me!

  • I said this before, these contracts dont last forever… It was obvious what she said, if it was truth at that moment, would eventually be a lie.

    This is just too much work for what it’s worth, that is why i think namco isnt bringing that game (getting the same VA for those extra scenes and skits must be a huge drag too), most people that got the xbox version and have a ps3 wont get the ps3 ver of course…. So why bother? (maybe they have learnt this because of eternal sonata xbox then ps3 release?)
     Of course, they wont go and say that; But there isnt any other reason for them to not bring the game, we gotta deal with that and go for Graces when it comes….someday.

    PS: Uhhh… for some reason im not really sure if i should use learned or learnt… damn, english can become confusing sometimes…

    • Caligula

      Learnt is British English, learned is American English.  Both are correct.

      • Oh, so the accent is not the only different thing… I wonder why did i learn the british way…

      • Learn something new everyday. I didn’t know “learnt” was even a word.

  • mikanko

    This isn’t very surprising.  Someone shouldn’t really be condemned for making a quick comment on a facebook page based off conjecture, and the internet treating it like they called an official press conference.

    So yeah, everyone buy the hell out of Graces F and a possible Xillia release, and maybe you’ll see them backtrack and release Vesperia on PS3. 

    … or just complain some more.  Far be it for a company not to spend resources doing something their research tells them wouldn’t be as profitable as releasing the newer games of the series.

    • Dimentionalist


  • To be honest, I’m just grateful that we managed to get an English version of Vesperia released at all, and I’m now looking forward to being able to play Graces and Abyss (first time for Europe). The more Tales the better, but I’m happy that they’re releasing any, personally.

  • anbu

    The candle of hope has been lit again.  Goes back to hoping and waiting mode.

  • I’m all for more of these Tales games in the US (I’ve played four of them in the past two years and really liked three of them – Abyss is one of my top favorite RPGs, but Legendia was a little disappointing) and just started Vesperia, so if they did release it for PS3, that’d be great, but right now I’m OK with their focus on things like Graces f and Xillia (crossing my fingers that it’s licensed), but in the end, it’s just as others have said.  The number of sales (money) will ultimately speak the loudest to Namco Bandai.  If sales blow them out of the water, perhaps they will someday do the PS3 version, but step one is that people need to buy the current offerings (Abyss 3DS and/or Graces f)

  • KyoyaHibari

    Hopefully there’s still a chance of a NA PS3 Vesperia, still I heard Graces will be pretty good, still wishing for more Tales too like ToX, TotWRM2&3 & ToVS

  • Hope Regained!!!

  • KeyCross

    Ok, this proves that NB´s community manager doesn´t know more than the general public, at least in the Tales Series case.

    I was aware there was an exclusivity, but when I saw those links I assumed the exclusivity wasn´t just for one or two years, but 8 or even more. I´m glad that there is still hope. Who knows, perhaps on Vita we´ll find a Tales of Vesperia…

    I blame the CM for saying something as CM without any legitimate source. At least she apologized, which I think is enough, clearly she just wanted to do her job as best as she could.

    But Namco-Bandai is not helping at all, rumours are considered official statements when there are no official statements at all. I just checked their forums and there was nothing…not even a “We´ll be thinking about it!”. 

  • AzureNova

    Thank you God! =^_^=

  • Remina

    Tales games have always been our favorite when playing any multiplayer games. It’s one of the only RPGs that my friend and I can play together as it provides a unique multiplayer experience. As games begin to shift to online play, Tales games can bring people together (physically) to enjoy each other’s company. We’ve played other multiplayer games like Resident Evil 5, Resistance, and tried getting through Lost Planet 2, but Tales games remain our favorite in terms of multiplayer games. I eagerly await more Tales games to Grace our presence.

    • Sorry but Tales of games is not that good in term of multiplayer for me. The story and gameplay is what really shines in my book. Multiplayer is alright but I have played better multiplayer games.

  • Guest

    Whoever believed that is a tool….I mean, there is a PS3 version….

  • Dimentionalist

    This changes nothing.

    It’s not always about what a small portion of a small fanbase wants. If it was, Namco would have been dead and buried a long time ago. They can’t localize everything, nor are they some kind of fan-pleasing machine. With a series this big, there are going to be games that just won’t make it over here. Namco has to analyze the market, and pick the best way to please as many fans as possible while still making a good business decision and try to make a profit. 

    At this point, Vesperia PS3 is not a smart choice.  Regardless of how much fans ask for it, there’s no changing the fact that it’s largely the same game that came out here three years ago.The longer a game exists out on the market before any kind of port arrives, the worse it will do, unless it’s on some on a system that provides little competition (look at Abyss 3DS, for instance). They’d have to market the game all over again, too. It’s going to be a hard sell to people outside of the existing fanbase (which is relatively small as it is). And marketing costs money. Were it riding on the coattails of the 360 version here in the US, things might have been different, but Vesperia was clearly a timed exclusive, and that never happened. In addition, voicework, translation, and actually producing copies of the game. And before anyone suggests a “sub-only” approach or patch, it won’t work. A patch would require the Japanese version of the game, which currently goes for about $75 minimum. A sub-only approach is unmarketable and severely limits the potential buyers for a game that is a port of a three-year-old title that many fans have already bought and played on another system. And there’s quite a bit of extra voiced material in Vesperia PS3, and stuff to translate. It’d be a financial undertaking for Namco, and one that may not neccesarily reap rewards. That’s why Graces F was the smartest decision, though a localization of Xillia might have been a smart move, too. 

    This series has been very hit-or-miss (mostly miss) here in the United States. Localizing a Tales game, regardless of what it might be, is a huge risk for the company. That’s one of the reasons why I personally think we should be grateful for getting two titles confirmed for localization. If Namco is going to localize something, they’re going to go with the titles that have the best chances of selling. Those titles are not Vesperia. That’s just how things work. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Namco Bandai is a business, not a fan-pleasing machine.

    • Glad to see someone with some common sense. Also when you look at the situation with Nintendo. Bigger company, but the same issue. With all the core titles the brought out in last year. The only games that out sold Wii Party in the US were Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Donkey Kong Returns. Everything was a let down for them in a big way. You think they want to spend even more money on a even less popular genre just for the fans?

      • Dimentionalist

        I tried getting a friend to post this on Gematsu. Worst. Site. Ever. They downvoted him and called him a “troll.”

    • What you say is all too true. It would be nice if all the games could be localized, but the JRPG market is a touch market and it is hard for companies to be profitable on them. It’s such a shame too since the Tales series is my favorite RPG series. Also, because the series uses anime style graphics, people who aren’t familiar with anime see it more as “cartoony” graphics. Same goes with Dragon Quest. Since I was already an avid anime fan, the anime style was actually one of the big selling points for me, but wouldn’t be for the average American gamer.

  • Rihawf

    In other words, “We are giving false hope, so you can continue buying our games =)”

  • imaguni

    Way to fix the situation by potentially giving people even more false hopes..

  • mikedo2007

    I’m glad to see there is no Xbox 360 exclusivity deal.  I was skeptic to hear that because no 3rd party title ever stay exclusive too long (Metal Gear Solid 4 is an exception).  Remember Fallout 3 DLC, GTA 4 DLC, and Mass Effect 2, they ended up on the PS3.  I don’t know what taking Namco Bandai so long to bring the PS3 version to US.  If they can’t publish and distribute the game in US, give it to another publisher like Xseed game, Atlus, NIS America, or Square Enix.  They can do it for you. 

    • PrinceHeir

      though they are other things like the Tomb Raider Underoworld DLC, Dead Rising 2 Case West and Zero DLC.

      but yeah this exclusive bs needs to go

  • so what.does this mean that we might get this game now?

    • Dimentionalist

      It means there’s a possibility. However, chances are slim since Namco has potentially more profitable more Tales titles to choose from. Graces F was deemed the more profitable choice between this and Vesperia (IMO a smart move). With Xillia in the pipeline, I think it’ll be obvious what they choose to bring over.

  • masuto

    It still sounded like it was due to exclusivity deal and she’s just trying to cover up her “oops, i slipped”.

  • This does not mean we are geting Vesperia for the ps3 for the naive people out there. It’s almost three year old game and if Namco wants any profit they need to localize the newer Tales games like Xillia and Graces F.

  • Hah, ha ha ha YES!

    Of course, with the ToV fan translation port at 99.4 percent translated / 68.4 confirmed, I only been just a mite concerned. After all, that’s within a years time frame. One way or another it’ll get here.

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