Everything Inside Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection

By Ishaan . June 28, 2011 . 10:51pm

There’s to be more to the Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection than meets the eye. This 25th anniversary compilation disc includes Famicom and Super Famicom versions of Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III. Most significantly, included with a special edition package of the collection will be a trailer for the upcoming Dragon Quest X for the Wii.


Other video features will include newly-created anime openings for Dragon Quest I, II, and III, developed by Kamikaze Douga, the studio that produced the animation for Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Victory Road.


A reprinted Shinken NES strategy guide for all three Dragon Quest games from the days of the Famicom will be part of the package, too. This will total to 130 pages. First print copies also include a 1:1 scale mini-medal, an item hidden in Dragon Quest games for players to find and exchange.


Square Enix have the Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection planned for a September 15th release for 4,440 yen ($55).

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  • Suicunesol

    I’m not buying it, but I’m looking forward to the day of release.

    I honestly think X should be turned into a Wii U/PS3 title at this point, but what can you do…

    • I’m sure this has been taken into consideration, and who knows what the turn-out will be in terms of this. I doubt it will be on the PS3 because of the latest trend on Nintendo’s consoles. However, having it playable on the Wii U would be a great idea. I also think of DQX launched with the Wii U it would help sales tremendously in Japan. If they did something with its release similar to Twilight Princess, it could work out pretty well. It’s also hard to judge the practicality of releasing a non-HD and HD version of the game. It’d be a lot more work than to just pick one and stick to it.

      I believe that the game launching on Wii U is possible because for a game that was announced years ago, there hasn’t been much said or released about it. It’s been under the radar, so who knows! Maybe this trailer will hint at something.

    • Honestly, if it comes out around the Wii U’s launch, most of us will probably just play it on our Wii U (is their a plural for this yet?).

      If it does get a Wii U enhancement, I’ll get it, and I know it’ll be awesome either which way they decide to go.

    • definitely…at least, an HD version for the WiiU. 

  • please come to america!!!

  • puchinri

    Only because I was just watching Transformers, that wording felt kinda weird to me at first.

    And that is quite brilliant to include a trailer for DQX in the SE. (I bet it would sell fast anyway.)

    That’s exciting~.

  • Kacho_ON

    i wish they would re-release DQVII. I’m thinking of buying a Xperia Play just so i can play it (and i need a new phone too)

    • I know how you feel; it would be great to see DQVII on the PSN store are a PS1 Classic! I, however, doubt this. It’s a readily available game on eBay though, and you can play PS1 games on the PS3 and PS2. Something to consider!

    • Guest

      get a good phone and play it on a cracked psp instead!

  • Zero_Destiny

    Do want. ^_^



  • Tommy Lee

    I… I want it just for the mini-medal…

  • shion16

    *0* !! kamizake douga!!!!

  • I hope Nintendo localizes this. They seem to consider DQ games more than their own RPG’s.

    • I agree slightly with what you’re saying; however, it is much cheaper for Nintendo to capitalize on Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest IX because there is no voice acting. It’s much cheaper to bring over a DS game with no voices, especially when the two titles they’ve published in the states are on their most popular handheld. If you’re referring to Xenoblade and The Last Story, those would take a lot more time and money to bring over.

      But yes, I do hope they bring this over. It hold up true to what I said about the DS two they brought over. There is no voice acting, translations most likely exist, and the Wii install-base is pretty large.

      • FStubbs

        Except both Xenoblade and Last Story are being localized in Europe and thus are already translated. NoA really only has to get it rated by the ESRB, zip it and ship it.

        • The process is more difficult than that, I’d be surprised if they used the same voice actors. It’d be nice if it was that easy.

    • This is a ROM dump collection, some of which were never translated.

      I’ll just bite the bullet and get the JPN release.

    • Guest

      Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Road Victory

  • PrinceHeir

    gameplay footage of DQX O_O

  • Argghh!! DQ X Trailer?!! New animated openings?!! WANT!! Come on Nintendo!! Gimme!!

  • kupomogli

    I don’t own a Wii, but if this gets a US release it’ll be my second Wii game.  Both NES and SNES version of the Dragon Quest games are a nice touch.

    For those who haven’t played Dragon Quest 3 on the SNES, there’s a fan translation.  An already amazing game with some of the best graphics on the SNES.  Fun game + eye candy ftw.

  • I”m sure somebody will put the trailer online, I still want a translated collection to buy I never played III and I don’t own II (borrowed a copy of GB I and II, own NES copy of I).



  • I do want this collection because it would be just about the only way to play the first three Dragon Quest games.  Sadly Nintendo of America never will release anything good.  They hate me.


    • Ladius

      DQ1-3 have been localized on NES and Game Boy Color, if you’re interested. There’re also patches for the Super Famicom editions, if I remember correctly.

      • My Game Boy Color and GBA died half a decade ago.  Its hopeless…

        I never even got a chance to finish Link’s Awakening.

      • Guest

        oh poo

  • Thomas Maloney

    so that’s how much mini medals cost!

  • I´m not a “collector´s edition” kinda guy, but… I WANT THIS SH1T SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Should I even have any faith in Nintendo bringing this over due to current events?

    • Suicunesol

      Current events or not, I don’t think this was going to come over anyway. This collection is something special for Japan where the Dragon Quest fan base is located. It’s not for America. It’d be like releasing the Call of Duty Anniversary Collection in Japan; the fanbase for the series isn’t located there, so there’s no point in arranging something for that region.

    • They’re under contract to bring over the DQ games.

      Besides, multi-million dollar series known to do well in US and Japan (especially Japan) or games that didn’t even do too well in japan, one getting huge slam reviews? You decide in the eyes of a corporation.

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