Square Enix Cast Slow II On Final Fantasy Tactics For iPhone

By Ishaan . June 30, 2011 . 12:33pm


Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the iPhone — yes, it still exists! — has been delayed again. Back in May, Square Enix said the game would see its release between late June and mid July, but that isn’t the case any more.


Now, Tactics is slated for a late July release. To make up for the delay, assistant producer, Shiina, answered a few questions about the iPhone port. One of the features removed from the iPhone version, he revealed, is the multiplayer mode.


Here’s the brief Q&A below:


Is the slow-down problem solved?

Yes! It’s definitely faster, comfortable to play.

We’ll show it in the trailer or a movie clip.


Is it a universal app?

No. We’ll release iPhone ver and iPad ver both.


When will you release the iPad version?

Now we plan to release it 1 month later than iPhone version.


Supported 3GS?

Yes! Absolutely!


3G also supported?

No. We tried to support 3G but it was toooo slow to play the game.


Does it have the Multiplayer mode.

Nope. We had to cut it off for iOS devices.



No. We don’t plan to release add-ons now.


Did you add the autosave function?

Yes! Exactly!

If you get a phone call, the game will be automatically saved and you can get back to the game immediately.

Honestly…it took much time to add this function. It made the dev team exhausted.

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  • Apache_Chief

    That title made me facepalm.

    • Kris

      Those are actually my favorite kinds of titles ><'

      • Apache_Chief

        Oh don’t worry, I LOVE corny humor. I just am aware of how corny it is.

  • But is it in English?

    • Yes, it’ll be in English.

  • Heh, so even S-E acknowledges the horrible slowdown problem. I don’t have an iPad/iPhone, but I’ve wondered on and off for at least a year now if I should just sell off my UMD copy of War of the Lions and just snag the original FFT on PSN, just because of the slowdown problem. But everything else in the game seems to be superior…

    • Exkaiser

      For me, the localization is enough for me to keep it over the PSone classics version (that and the fact that I own the original on disc).

  • malek86

    “If you get a phone call, the game will be automatically saved and you can get back to the game immediately.”

    I thought games on iOS/Android/whatever were simply paused and put in the background if you received a call?

    • Yes, but if iOS tries to run too many things at once, it will start quitting apps that are running in the background. Thus the need for autosave.

  • 01001111

    I’d like to play this on my iPod already (since it’s been pushed back so many times now) but I do appreciate SE taking their time to get everything right.

  • skyblaze

    what on earth is going on in that picture 0_0

    • kupomogli

      Delita is grabbing Ovelia’s wrist and she’s pulling at his hand to try and get free.

    • …I just realized what that could look like.

  • kupomogli

    So if the iphone version is Slow 2, does that mean the PSP version is Slow 16?

    • If you run it off of a memstick it’s actually a little faster. The UMD is way slow

  • mirumu

    Is the slow-down problem referring to the dropped frames and slow-down that happened with attacks on the PSP version? If so that’s a very welcome fix.

  • I can wait. I wonder if it would be difficult to bring this version to Vita, since there are touch controls there too. Probably redundant though.

  • …Meanwhile I’m purchasing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on the European PSN for just 9.99eur.

    *Takes sunglasses off*

    Awwww yeah…!

  • Another S-E port… as long as this ver. is better than the PSP one.

  • Croix

    While I’m not personally big into gaming on my phone, I do think it’s pretty cool that Square Enix is pretty much blitzkrieging every part of the market that they can with their stronger titles. I’m not sure how many new players they will attract this way, but I do hope that there are some, because there’s something timeless about a number of Squaresoft’s older classics.

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