A Look At The New Pokémon BW Starter Set Plus Trading Card Game

By Ishaan . July 1, 2011 . 9:01am

The latest edition of the Pokémon Trading Card Game puts creatures from Pokémon Black/White in the spotlight. Meant to help you get started, the new BW Starter Set Plus pack will be released on August 5th in Japan, for 2,980 yen. It contains three sets of 30 cards, a damage counter, the manual, a play mat and more.


See the Nintendo DS game box to the right? If you noticed, it’s pictured on the packshot above, too. This contains a digital version of the Trading Card Game, meant to serve as an interactive tutorial, which is a first for the TCG.


Previously, The Pokémon Company would provide “How to Play” videos on DVDs, but the digital game lets you learn by playing against the CPU. It also contains a rule book.


The game, titled Pocket Monsters Asobikata DS, also supports the Download Play feature, so a friend can refer to it on his own Nintendo DS, too, while you play the trading card game together. You can view screenshots of Asobikata DS below:


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  • Close to a full fledged digital trading card game on the portables.  I almost got super excited at the site of the DS case, lol.   I kind of thought the graphics would look a bit better? 

    • Exkaiser

      It… looks like a card game on the DS. Yep.

  • Any chance to play this in western?


  • TomSkylark

    And, in true Pokemon Company fashion, what could be a full-fledged, awesome follow-up to the old GBC card game is just a limited tutorial so that the kiddies will get their parents to buy more, more, more of the cards. I wish that “unabashed, shameless greed” didn’t work so well as a development strategy in gaming.

    • They do have a full fledged sequel to Pokemon TCG. Its called TCG 2 that never came to America.


      • TomSkylark

        Right, but they’ve had plenty of expansions in the card game since then, and that last entry was still three generations ago (and without a US release). 

        Are they worried that sales for the physical card game will plummet if they release a digital alternative? Aren’t there are other card games that manage to do both just fine?

        • There are. I don’t know why Nintendo is scared to release more of them myself.

  • Mister_Nep

    I remember that tutorial game for the PC that came with one of the very first starter packs of Pokemon or some such. I remember facing off against some blonde girl that showed me all the rules.

    Never actually played the card game outside of that though. Me and my friends only traded amongst each other for several years.

  • nyoron

    Gaaah I want a full game not a tutorial! So close yet so far.

    The online PC version of the card game that’s currently in beta seems promising… but only if there’s a way to earn new cards without having to buy them (doubt it).

  • Oh my god……such an awful tease Nintendo! Saw the boxart and thought we’d be getting a new version of the TCG video game. The GBC game was vastly underrated but it was just as addictive as the regular Pokemon games.

    • I thought the same thing. I played the GBC game like a maniac until I lost it after moving. I mean, it’s Pokemon. It would sell like crazy. Why Nintendo doesn’t make another one (and a new Pokemon Puzzle League) is beyond me.

  • Nintendo, if you don’t deliver a full TCG game and localize it, you will suffer dire consequences!

    … And by dire consequences, I mean you suffering paper cuts from your own cards.

  • shion16

    nothing like play a card game against cliche characters
    Great idea

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