Rumour: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Will Impact Japan In October

By Ishaan . July 2, 2011 . 9:40am

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact has a lot going for it. It covers a large arc of the story, going from the start of the Shippuden arc to the Shinobi World War arc. It has a Sasuke mode that lets you see the story from his perspective, too. The one thing it doesn’t have is a release date.


A Japanese blog is reporting, however, that Namco Bandai have Ultimate Ninja Impact planned for release on October 20th in Japan. The news will apparently be confirmed in next week’s Jump magazine.


Before you ask, yes, Namco Bandai plan on releasing the game in the U.S. and Europe as well. It’ll be released in all three territories this year.

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  • joesz

    Holy….O_O The site says that HunterXHunter will be resuming next month!

    Best news of the year!

    • Its not gonna go on hiatus after that?

      • joesz

        Unknown.Let’s just keep our hope high this time.

        • Half a new volume and after that hiatus again I…feel it >_<

  • I cant wait anymore, hope that Sasuke path is available right at the start :(

  • Nyron

    I wonder if this game will be as bad as UNS2
    and UNS
    And UNH3

    Get it together, CC2

    • Honestly, one of the few Ive seen say Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 was bad.

      • AxeL

        Yea I agree, not many people out there that speak up about how bad it is…I understand every game has it flaws but I think CC2 has done great on the Naruto Shippuden console series.

        • Nyron

          I don’t know who you guys talk to, but UNS2 was one of the silliest and unfun fighting games I’ve ever played. It was a flashy, unbalanced spamfest and not much else, and it got boring after a day. Vastly inferior to every UN game before it.

          • SolNeko

            its an ok game, but yea the game was pretty much broken although it does make me return back to the game so i can beat people without playing cheap. Narutimate accel 2 will always be the best.

          • AxeL

            See that’s understandable, every game has it’s shares of flaws. When I got online, it felt great to beat someone who kept spamming movesets with Sage Naruto. Never got my hands on that Naruto game.

          • AxeL

            I’ll ignore the first part of your sentence because it’s not worth it to get into a debate about that and time is short. Now whether it was the silliest and unfun fighting games seems wayyy overboard. What type of fighting games are you comparing UNS2 too honestly and what exactly was so wrong with it.

            I’m not trying to come off as rude or troll you but I’m more interested in why you say it’s so bad. “Flashy, unbalanced, and spamfest,” is not gunna cut it for me on reasons, my fellow Siliconera member.

            Plenty of fighting games out there have balancing issues and don’t even mention spamming movesets. I own Blazblue CS, DBZ Raging Blast, MVC 3, Mortal Kombat, NSUNS2, SSIVAE, and Soul Caliber 4. In all of these games I have witnessed spamming whether it be online or offline and multiple balancing issues.

            Flashy is something you’re always going to see and it pretty much sells itself. In this age of video games, not have flashiness in fighting games will hurt your business sales in general; that’s just a fact. Last but not least, getting bored of fighting games in a day seems normal to me! Shoot I own all these fighting games and get bored of them too. Once you give them some breathing space and play them again in the future it feels fresh; but in truth that may just be me.

            Again not trying to troll but seeing replies like this on a manga and anime series  game that I truly love and respect had to be addressed. Your entitled to your opinion just as I am but give some more depth on why you don’t like it; instead of bashing the game and developer that others may like and see as a good console series.

            Done, time to go take care of that backlog of games I got on my PS3 and PspGo!

          • Nyron

            I hate it because it’s not fun, and worse than every game that came before it.
            Also [email protected] a PSPgo

  • venomblade

    just played the demo and it’s awesome! Epic music, storymode thate UNS2 should have had, and great graphics for a psp game. They really upped their game

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