Carpe Fulgur Summon Fortune Summoners As Their Next Japanese Indie Game

By Ishaan . July 3, 2011 . 6:15pm


Chantelise isn’t the only project Carpe Fulgur are working on at the moment; they announced a second project at Anime Expo today, titled Fortune Summoners, by a developer named Lizsoft.


Fortune Summoners is a side-scrolling RPG littered with logic and physics puzzles, in addition to hack-and-slash elements. You have a party of three members, and some puzzles require all three of them to solve. Interestingly, Fortune Summoners was developed entirely by a single person.


Discussions between Lizsoft and Carpe Fulgur originally took place in late April, at the suggestion of the latter’s fans, and the doujin game localizer got in touch with them to work out a potential deal to publish Fortune Summoners overseas. Unfortunately, due to differences in issues such as stance on DRM, the two companies were unable to reach an agreement at the time.


Eventually, an agreement was reached, and Carpe Fulgur already have an English build of Fortune Summoners up and running, and tell us that work on it is “coming along rapidly”.

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  • Ladius

    A great pick, it’s wonderful to see some Japanese love even on PC, aside from the established visual novel scene :)

    • In my experience i find a lot of japanese made PC games like these around

      • Ladius

        There are tons of doujin games released on PC each year, but having them localized and sold on mainstream western digital platforms is completely different.

        • Ahh you’re right there

  • xhunter

    This was one of the first doujin games I’ve played after Touhou. It’s great, awesome even seeing someone release this in North America. I’ll be looking forward to this one.

  • Japanese Trine.

    I jest. Neat-looking trailer, looking forward to trying it out!

  • Man… if that was made by one person, imagine what they could make if they had a team at their disposal.

  • Woah it looks great. I will support.

  • Hooo, the gameplay looks really fun!

  • Mister_Nep

    Will this game also be released outside of Steam? I don’t use Steam so I’m screwed if it’s Steam-only.

    • Eric S.

      Recettear was also released on GamersGate and Impulse, so yeah, most likely.

    • It will be released on as many major DD outlets as will take us; Gamersgate is as guaranteed as it can be at this early stage. Never fear, we’re still committed to our stance on “no DRM, as many options as possible”.

      • Mister_Nep

        Have I ever mentioned I love you?

      • Foolish question (don’t PC game much) what outlet do you guys prefer?  Just quoted here for relevance. lol

        • They’re all equally good to us, so whichever one you’re most comfortable with.

  • bVork

    Oh wow, that looks stellar. It sorta looks like what I wanted Odin Sphere to be. Kudos to Carpe Fulgur for picking such an awesome looking game!

  • I wonder what the pricing structure will be on this.  I remember seeing stuff about it a while back and I never thought it would come here.  It’s a unique grab and I’m really curious to see what they do with the localization process of it all.

  • Good choice, Fortune Summoners is a great game. Put it on Steam and you have a guaranteed sale from me.

  • cj_iwakura

    Looks kind of like Gundeadligne.

    • Really? I was thinking more like Ys 3!!!

      Anyway I know this is for Steam-only, but I wish they’d pull a Rocking Android and publish this on consoles as well!!!

      • I don’t see this happening anytime soon, PC market is just so much easier to put games out for. Dealing with big publishers like Sony is a lot of hassle and work for such a small company. Rockin’ Android actually has more people than Carpe Fulgur.

      • Believe you me, after hearing some horror stories from the various console publishers at AnimeExpo, my desire to get into the console space is at an all-time low. If anything, I’ve had multiple comments that some companies at AX (won’t say *who* just yet) are looking to get INTO the PC market and perhaps focus less on consoles!

        • Console companies looking into getting into the PC market, interesting.

          • I had one dude – again, won’t say who, but he was VERY high-ranking in one of the “major” companies showing at AX – tell me straight out to not bother getting into the console business. That is a rough market for mid-major and minor players these days.

          • Gelsa

            Or maybe they’re trying to keep the market to themselves! ;)
            I doubt it. Still congratulations on Chantelise being done and acquiring Fortune Summoners! Though I wonder… Did you trick us into believing that you didn’t acquire it on CFs forum or was there some complication?

            I also wonder what project four is.

          • Gelsa: the earlier comments on our site weren’t intended as a trick. The situation was in fact that bleak for some time, and we wanted to hold off on an announcement until we were really certain we’d managed to reverse the earlier issues before announcing anything. Once we had the first proper interface-debug build in with most of the demo DONE, however, everyone involved realized that this thing was actually happening.

            Project Four will remain a mystery for a good long while, however. :x

          • Gelsa

            I see! Nice knowing it worked out an congratulations on it! I enjoyed Recettear a lot and will most likely enjoy Chantelise and Fortune Summoners as well!

      • Also, sorry to double-reply, but this ISN’T Steam-only. We’ll be getting it onto other PC digidistro services too.

  • RagnaXBL

    very excited for this

  • Zal_Yagun

    Still waiting for Chantelise

    Haven’t heard word since that article here in march.

    • We actually mentioned that at the panel too; it’ll be out by the end of this month or I’ll be a dead man because the fans will literally murder me.

  • When I see a game like this and hear only 1 person made it, it really shocks and impresses me. I went to school for game development. Got a little under half way through, then dropped out because it got WAY too difficult. Perhaps it was the accelerated program, but while I’m decent at normal programming, and I can make a simple game, full games just boggled my mind! I wish I could program as well as these guys. My dream was to become a designer, but if I cannot program at this level, I can’t realize that dream.

    Back on topic, so getting this game!

    • ZeroNova

      After I graduated I also went to school for game development (mainly programming), but only got halfway through as well. Even though I had already been programming for several years (in another language)  I couldn’t keep up with the pace.

      Anyways, a game like this being made by just one person is pretty impressive.

      • Yeah, the pace is intense. Did you go to full sail, or somewhere else?

        Just shows you how talented some people are

        • ZeroNova

          I went to a place called “Game Maker”, which was located in my hometown here in Sweden, but unfortunately it closed down a couple of years ago.

      • Check out Vanguard Princess too. That’s a one man army

    • majorhavok

      What part did you falter on?

      I’ve never seen the advantage of those game design schools over say a decent traditional computer science or software engineering program. I feel a lot of game engine development is managing the complexity of a large program with a lot of components, not necessarily the technology of the individual components. And nowadays, if you want to get started on making or working with games, you can start out with game engine SDKs like UDK for instance.

  • “they announced a second project at Anime Expo today.” Shouldn’t this be Carpe Fulgur’s 3rd project, since we already knew about Chantelise.

    In other related news, Chantelise should be out by the end of the month. and Recettear now has sold a little more than 140k copies and counting.

    • 2nd project in works.

      • I guess it’s just hard to see it that way, since Chantelise is basically done.

  • Thomas Maloney

    Oh man, I remember this!

    Can’t wait to do another playthrough :DOh, SpaceDrake <3

  • kroufonz

    this is some nice 2d side scrolling action rpg , hell in deluxe version they even manage to have tamura yukari and ueda kana voicing the loli heroine :p

    salute to carpe fulgur, bring more of those doujin!

  • Tarlol

    I really love these Carpe Fulgur guys.

  • Darkrise

    Looks like DS, will be looking forward to this.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Awesome! Oooh, question, this is the “Deluxe” version, correct?

    • It has the graphical upgrades from Deluxe, but not the “pro” voicework or the DLC arena mode or extra dungeon. It isn’t officially the Deluxe version; it’s basically an “enhanced” version of the base game.

  • Okay this looks really fun.  Congrats, Carpe Fulgur, you might get me to become a PC gamer with your titles.

    • And thus our vile plots are carried forward.

  • Don’t call it a “side-scrolling RPG”! It’s a Metroidvania style game, right? Want!

    It looks like a really good one, too!

    • Barrylocke89

      Wait, it’s a Metroidvania? If so that’s even cooler! Either way this game looks cool, but It’s been awhile since I’ve played a metroidvania not called La Mulana (which is awesome, but very brutal, sometimes I want to play something lighter)

  • Chippel

    Neat! I was just wondering what else these guys had under their belt. I hope it’s as fun as it looks. 

  • Kai2591

    THIS was made by a SINGLE person? WOW..

    The game looks great and the rapid battle system looks really awesome~

    Might actually get this one…hope the Japanese voices are to be included as well.

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