Metroid: Other M’s Concept Art Gallery Translated Into English

By Ishaan . July 3, 2011 . 3:13pm

The folks over at the Metroid Database have gone ahead and translated another Japanese piece of Metroid media, this time directing their efforts toward the Metroid: Other M concept art gallery, which they ripped from the game.


If you look through it, you’ll find some fun oddities that are a result of director Yoshio Sakamoto’s oddball sense of humour, like a mention of Waver courting rituals and flaming poo. The concept gallery also points out some interesting facts, such as how elevators in Other M were designed to feel like “safe zones” for the player.


Oh, one I liked is the concept for young Samus, which points out her “wild dog feel”.


Another concept — one for the Zero Suit — suggests linking the glowing of the suit patterns to Samus’ movements. You can find the entire gallery of translated concepts at the Metroid Database.

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  • 128bitigor

    As much as I love the Metroid – this looks like a poor fan art to me…

    • Guest

      It’s concept art you…gah. Why bother…

      • What? Ive seen pretty prolific concept art. Have you missed out on the concept art for Epic Mickey, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, those all had some pretty nice concept arts. 

        • Guest

          Whats your point? Concept art isn’t supposed to be beautiful. The majority of the time they’re rough sketches and drawing to get CONCEPTS across visually or ideas flowing. Yes beautiful concept art is nice but “poor” concept art isn’t something to complain about.

          • I don’t think he meant that concept art is supposed to be beautiful; he’s saying that it can be. Not all concept art has to be sketchy. Some of them come off quite detailed.

            That being said, the Heavy Rain ones were pretty epictastic. It’s sad that a lot of the ideas didn’t make it through. But I digress.

      • 128bitigor

        Read again what I wrote…
        “gah. Why bother…”
        Precisely: LOOKS like poor fan-art. It’s ugly. 
        AND on top of that – it’s poor concept art as well – I’ve seen many – and usually they can be sketchy, but they are detailed. Look at Bayonetta’s for example. They convey what the game will be like – those concept arts here don’t really give me that distinctive art direction Metroid series is famous for. More like another anime-esque space opera. 

  • I liked Metroid Other M gameplay, too bad the story isn’t good.
    Hopefully they will make a new Metroid for 3DS and WiiU

    • Guest

      Yea the story sucked, but the CG was great and despite all the hate from old fans, I loved it.

      • Guest

        People forget metroid was inspired by Alien and Sigourney Weaver’s character Rpiley wasnt always a tough stoic character with no emotion. The older games barely had character development due to the limits of those consoles

        • Guest

          Exactly. People created this version of Samus that NEVER existed but in their minds and they got all butthurt Other M didn’t line up with them.

    • The voice acting and some bits of dialogue left a lot to be desired, but I thought the story itself wasn’t bad at all.

      I also completely disagree with those that say it portrayed Samus as a weak character.

      • Guest

        I thought the voice acting was fine. No worse than anything else out there. I also completely agree with your Samus comment.

        • It’s been a while since I’ve played the game, but I remember certain characters’ voice work throwing me off quite a bit. Ah well, doesn’t really matter.

          I just hope the reception to the game’s story doesn’t scare Nintendo away from trying it again. Metroid has a pretty interesting universe that I’ve always wanted to see fleshed out in-game.

          • Guest

            I never had a problem. The random loop holes in the plot bugged me more than the VA.

            Again I completely agree with you. Somtimes it’s great that Nintendo doesn’t listen to fans….other times it’s not. (Operation Rainfall.)

      • Aiddon

        The only voice that actually bothered me was “Melissa’s” because it sounded so off. The major players were fine, though of course monologue could have used some trimming

      • You guys are all going to call me crazy, but I thought a certain scene between Adam and Samus toward the end was really quite touching. I had to hold back that single tear that kept threatening to come out.

        • I really liked that scene too. In all, I enjoyed the game for it’s story and how it grew on the characters, and that scene was a good one!

          • Yea, I loved Other M overall. Very few complaints. Music is probably my biggest. They should’ve let Kenji Yamamoto handle the music as usual…his style is really integral to the Metroid feel at this point.

    • I also enjoyed the gameplay. But you know what really bothered me? Not the story, not the linear progression, not the controlls, but the lack of other difficulty levels.
      That “hard” mode they added was just the game stripped of all bonus
      health items. (and rockets, don’t remember) Felt like playing a self imposed challenge.

      Disappointing after Team Ninja’s great job in Ninja Gaiden, were each
      difficulty level came with new enemies and sometimes different item

  • I’m no Metroid fan, but I always love concept art. It’s good to see what things originally were, and it makes me curious to see what would have happened if their original designs stuck around in-game.

    Little Birdie is so damn cute. I want one. :<

    • Have you seen him after he grows up?

      • Yeaah. It’s just like Pokemon… Some of them get real ugly when they evolve.. ;__; Which is a shame, because Oshawott looked so cute.

        But at least Ridley and all his other forms look badass.

        • Hey, Oshawott doesn’t look look too bad in his second form! I like his whiskers. Third one’s pretty ugly though, yea.

          • Yeah, it was Samuraott that really irked me. Dewott was kinda cute.

            But what really destroyed me was Swoobat. I was kind of accepting of Woobat, because it was the closest to Zubat that I had… but when it evolved, I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. ;__;

            Okay now I’m totally off topic. But I’m in such a pokemood.

          • Nothing is worse than seeing Tepig eventually grow into Emboar. The name alone is atrocious, but then you see the ugly and creepiness…

          • @FinalArcadia:disqus He kind of reminds me of Susano from Okami…

    • Same for me, actually. I have a strong interest in human(oid) and clothing-related concept arts; they show me how each artist likes to use different body ratios, faces and eyes. Especially eyes, the most expressive organs on a face, from my perspective, be it 2D or 3D.

  •  Wow they sure wasted all that work.  They spent so much time giving each of the soldiers such complex characters and designs.  None of it was actually in the game.  Five of the soldiers might as well have had the same design.

    Also all these character designs show far more emotion and expressiveness than the actual game models, who all seem to be half zombies.  If only they weren’t trying to be so goddamn serious with this game…

  • YsyDoesIt

    I always enjoy concept art, until it reminds me of inconsistencies…like why Samus suddenly lost her Amazonian height to become an Oompa Loompa in comparison.

  • overall other M was pretty good imo but way to mellow dramatic and cheesy never could take it seriously… guess that’s what was to be expected from team ninja.. 

    if they improve the dialogue, and make the gameplay feel more like traditional old school metroid = super awesome metroid… hopefully for the 3ds 

    • Not Team Ninja’s fault at all. This is a very common misconception. Team Ninja didn’t write the story, Nintendo’s Yoshio Sakamoto (director of the non-Prime games) did. Other M’s story is completely his baby.

      • Yeah, I have people blaiming Team ninja for that as well and have to correct them all the time. Really, to story was more like the manga and Fusion, which were written by nintendo(i think the manga was…)

      • kylehyde

        Is good to read this, I mean I’m kinda tired that many people blamed Team Ninja for the story, plot development and character development.

        Ironically many people didn’t complain at all in the aspects that they were actually involved. For that reason if team ninja is involved again in a cooperation with nintendo I think that it could be good thing.

        • Yup, if anything Team Ninja are why this game is enjoyable. I don’t want to see another third-person Metroid without involved them at this point. They know what they’re doing.

    • “…and make the gameplay feel more like traditional old school metroid= super awesome metroid… hopefully for the 3ds”…aaaaand Other M is not oldschool enough for you!?!?!?!… If there´s a TRUE Super Metroid´s sequel, It´s gotta be Other M.

  • I really liked reading the little notes, and learning more about samus. I think only 1 other of my friends really liked this game. Most people I talk to hate it. My co-workers hate it. I really liked it. Yes, the voice acting wasn’t the best, but I enjoyed it.

    As for samus’ character? I thought it really showed how she growed, and made her a much more realistic character. The only scene I disliked was the One where she freaks out when a certain boss appears. I just felt that was kinda OOC by now after the prime games and all. Though I heard a rumor that nintendo is considering them not canon, which KINDA explains her reaction, but still a little off.

    The people that really hated it I think were expecting samus to be the master chief with boobs. Samus is a much more developed character! She has flaws and weaknesses. Yes she has a powerful power suit and lots of training, but every human in the world that isn’t mentally unstable can have moments of weakness, and that shows that she was real person.

    I would like to see team ninja make another game in this series. I think they did a good job. I was worried they may giver samus huge boobs and jiggle physics.

    • Guest

      Prime series is not canon

      • why is that?

        • kylehyde

          Becuase Sakamoto didn’t like it the prime series at all, even if he supervised the same, actually in some interviews retro studios commented how they have trouble with many of their ideas that focused on bounty hunting activities and how many of them were cut mainly because Sakamoto didn’t liked them, for him Samus was a hero and doing things that normally do a bounty hunter was not to heroic on his eyes, which is ironic considering that Samus is famous for being called a bounty hunter and for that reason retro wanted to explorer that aspect.

          • Rebochan

            Sakamoto has never said anything about the Prime series indicating he didn’t like it, only that he’s not involved with it.  End of story.  Retro fanboys need to accept that the series didn’t start and stop with Prime.

      • kylehyde

        A bad movement on nintendo side.

        I mean, I think that is an insult to retro studios who revived the brand from the oblivion and is ironic that the co-creator of the series was actually the one who put the series in a not so good light making canon the things that the many people didn’t liked meanwhile all the things of the prime series that were liked were put on non-canon.

        However in the end, I think that fans can decide which things take and which not, and for me, Samus is a strong person who never faced a breakdown in front of the thing that she had killed many times and that she descend from a texan family.

      • Not true. Their plots are completely unrelated, but no one ever said they aren’t part of the story. That’s like people who try to say Other M isn’t canon. No one at Nintendo ever made either of those claims.

        edit: If you’re referring to the Sakamoto thing, he never made that claim either. All he said was that this game wasn’t related to the Prime ones because he wasn’t involved with those. That isn’t discounting them or trying to be disrespectful.

        • I think prime is part of the cannon … I believed someone had saide that prime happened far after super metroid and metroid hunters …

          • Guest

            “The Metroid Prime series is a separate collection of games featuring
            Samus Aran which has a different concept and game design to Metroid
            games.” – Nintendo


            They don’t even acknlowedge them within the same history time line as the other games. Look at the time lines.

            Hence “reading between the lines”

          • Rebochan

            That is not evidence that the timeline is non-canon.  Prime IS a separate series of Metroid games telling a three-part story arc.  It’s still canon.

        • Guest


          Obviously he won’t say anything direct like that to avoid damage control, but it’s pretty easy to read between the lines as well as just going by the stories and time line…

          • Rebochan

            What “between the lines”?  Nobody from Nintendo has declared Prime non-canon.  The entire thing is an urban legend created by fans of Prime that hated Other M.

          • Guest

            That doesn’t make any sense. Why would PRIME FANS create a rumor that Prime series is not canon?

          • Rebochan

            Weird, I can’t reply to you directly.  But Prime fans push this one because they’re looking for “proof” that Sakamoto is the devil incarnate.

          • I won’t argue that Sakamoto was keen to take Metroid back into his own hands of course, but I don’t think he’s narrow-minded enough to not understand that the last decade of Metroid has been mostly represented by Prime. Look at the first-person aiming in Other M. :p

          • Guest

            No one’s saying he ‘hated’ or ‘ignored’ Prime’s gameplay mechanics or series. Just that it’s pretty obvious that this game takes place right after the last game he made; thus nulling Prime series altogether.

  • kylehyde

    The only three things that I want from a future metroid game is less talk (a lot less), more action and all in 2D.

  • Code

    Have to admit, Other M didn’t interest me that much, but the artwork is really fun and enjoyable owo; Adds a sort of warm aspect to Metroid that well really isn’t there usually opo;

  • Covnam

    That’s awesome, thanks for posting this! I still haven’t played it yet, but I usually can’t translate those little notes in concept art, so it’s nice to see someone has. Hopefully others will follow suit. There’s always interesting stuff to find!

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