Fortune Summoners Will Land Sometime This Fall

By Ishaan . July 4, 2011 . 8:28am

At Anime Expo this past weekend, Carpe Fulgur announced their next localization project: Fortune Summoners, by Lizsoft. This morning, we have a few more details on how the game is progressing, courtesy of Carpe Fulgur’s Andrew Dice.


“I am happy to report that all issues have been worked out with Lizsoft and that work is now proceeding apace,” Dice writes on the company’s blog, “to the point where we already have a build in-house with interface elements 90%+ in English and only in need of debug and a further editing pass; all of the “events” in the prologue/demo are also now fully rendered into English, and need only minor editing before they are ready for primetime.”


Progress on the project has been rapid, Dice says, and more English language screenshots will make their way out in the near future. Further on in the post, Dice touches upon the party members in Fortune Summoners, of which there are three, all keeping consistent with the “cute girl” theme in past Carpe Fulgur projects.


“Each party member has different abilities,” Dice writes. “Arche is a swordfighter and is surprisingly strong for her age, Sana is a water spellcaster and has a number of support abilities (and can breathe underwater) and Stella… burns things. Lots.”


The game will support controllers with customizable controls, and — for those that are familiar with the Japanese version of Fortune Summoners — will include graphical enhancements from a second “Deluxe” version of the game released later on in Japan. What it won’t include is the professional voice-acting — although it will contain the original indie voices — or the added DLC content of the Deluxe version. This is due to the cost of licensing the professional voice work, which is under separate license, Dice says.


A demo version of Fortune Summoners is planned for release sometime in September or October. Carpe Fulgur plan to release the full game sometime this fall during a November-to-early-December timeframe. The game will be DRM-free.


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  • I always wanted to play this game. Thank you Carpe Fulgur for making this possible. I know it’s not possible for them to invest in any of the touhou series doujin games since Zun doesn’t really want anyone making a good profit out of it. Aquastyle rogue games are out of the question then…

  • RagnaXBL

    this is the 1st time i’m hearing of this game but i must say i’m quite excited, which is quite strange because i’m an avid doujin gamer

  • Locklear93

    Huh.  This explains why SpaceDrake (Andrew Dice from the article above) made an appearance arguing on behalf of MangaGamer when people complained about the lack of voices in Kara no Shoujo due to licensing expenses–he’s personally familiar with them.  Glad there are still indie voices present here, though.

  • KeyCross

    First thing I thought…The Lost Vikings…

    Don´t ask why, I can guess they´re different…I´ll try the demo when I get the chance.

  • BTA

    I know that Andrew said that he was interesting in doing this a while back but was having trouble tracking down Lizsoft (IIRC), so I’m happy that everything worked out, and I’m looking forward to playing it. 

  • Just as a note, the “cute girl” thing is more coincidence than it is a deliberate trend among our products; there’s simply a *lot* of these sort of lead characters in the Japanese indie scene right now, so it’s a bit hard to NOT bring over a game with “cute female leads”.

    As a single, tiny hint, Project Four, our other long-term project, will NOT have an all-female lead cast. So it isn’t a deliberate preference or trend.

    • katamari

      I think you should FOCUS on games with cute girl leads!

    • One question: Will this see a release on Steam?  I very much enjoy having Recettear on there…

      • It’s a little early to confirm anything just yet, but I will say that we’ll definitely bring the game to Valve to see if they wish to carry it.

    • Barrylocke89

      Just do what you do. As long as you’re giving great localizations to great games that Westerners probably wouldn’t get the chance to play (or even know about) otherwise, then I’m a happy buyer. Loved Recettear and I can’t wait to try this one and Chantellise

    • D

      Moar “cute girl” themed games please…

      Cute girls + Great gameplay = Epic win

    • Contrary to other opinions, I think you should focus on interesting games first and cute girls in 2nd.

      Glad to hear that a 4th project is moving along.  Possibly another EGS game like Tokkyu or Territoire?  Territoire is isometric strategy so I’ll be crossing my fingers with that.

      Or maybe it’ll be that oft quested Xbox game you’ve been searching for?

      • Territoire will only be a capital-P Project™ when it’s finished in Japan. This will likely make it Project Five for us. Project Four is something different, and is another non-EGS production. More than that I cannot say.

  • Phlo

    Something I’m curious about – does anyone know if this game has co-op? I’ve been having trouble confirming it one way or another, but I do see all three characters apparently fighting at the same time, and what looks like a versus mode?

    • There is a versus mode that plays a little like Street Fighter; that’s the only multiplayer component the game has. The main story is single-player only.

      • Phlo

        Okay, thanks. That’s a bit disappointing, but it looks great anyway.

  • Kai2591

    Hmm..I’d like to hear the ‘professional voice-acting’ and the ‘original indie voices’ and compare them..

    Anyway, I think I’ll try out the demo when its out – the battle system looks exciting~

    P.S: Little girls with great fighting capabilities reminds me of Nanoha lol~

  • this looks dope

  • Sana is my favorite character already…

  • TrevHead

    Ive always felt that this game out of all the doujins that were text heavy, FS was the best choice and the one I would most like to see localised with 2nd Desparaiso.

    Its a shame the touhouvanias are touhou as those games would of gone down a storm with western gamers who are hungry for a big screan castlevania, hopefully this fad with doujin circles creating touhou fan games will die off in the future. While touhou doesnt bother me per-se it does screw up any chance of localisation, which is a shame as there are some really well made fan games out there.

    • Luckily for us, Koumajou Densetsu is 100% import-friendly with those in-house(!) English/French translations! Hooray, Frontier Aja!

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