Tell Aksys What You Want Included In Hakuoki’s Special Edition Release

By Ishaan . July 7, 2011 . 4:10pm

At Anime Expo this past weekend, Aksys announced they’re planning a localized release of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for the PSP in the U.S. sometime early next year. Following that announcement, they’re asking what fans would like to see included in the game’s “special edition” release.


You can take the brief survey over on their website and choose from a soundtrack CD, art book, art prints, buttons/pins, wall scrolls/posters, jewellery, or suggest another item(s). And yes, you can vote for more than one.

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  • blah blah

    I think a lot of girls would like an oppai pad.
    That would be nifty.

    • Exkaiser

      Resting their wrists on some manly pectoral muscles, huh?

      • There are plenty of other parts of the male anatomy that come in two round mounds, you know.

        • Please, dont make me imagine that

          • puchinri

            I imagined it right when I saw oppai pad.

        • Well, I was told the feature women notice first in a man is their eyes :P

          • puchinri

            They must have been giving the most appropriate answer. I would say that too usually. (But be thinking something else.)

  • I said a large hardcover 100+ artbook. I love good art.

  • What kind of game is this exactly, anways? I know the target audience is females, but is there a good story to get behind or should I just steer clear of this one?

    • It’s basically a visual novel with dating sim elements — you basically choose different paths to end up with different Shinsengumi members. It’s also very text heavy. I personally can’t say much about the story, as the language was pretty difficult for me to get through before I had to stop (obviously, a lot of Meiji era vocab). However, I do recall there being undead ronin being involved XD. Hurray, zombies!

      So, yeah… if you aren’t already into dudes, this might not be up your alley. Unless you were curious about the story, in which case you might want to give the anime a try (still need to see it, myself).

      • Oops, scratch that on the zombies — they might have been vampires and I misunderstood when I was using my dictionary, ha ha.

        • They’re not really zombies or vampires, although I guess you could sort of say they have elements of both.

  • Keep the suggestions coming :3!

    • JustaGenericUser

      Are you going to do something similar for Fate/Extra?

      • I think they might already have some stuff planned, considering Hakuoki will be released next year and fate/extra this one :P

  • Zero_Destiny

    I asked for Headbands. All the guys have cool headbands in the game. Why can’t I have a cool headband? :D  


    • Aoshi00

      How about a blue and white Shinsengumi haori :)?  But then it might be cheap material and in XXL size :(…  The Shinsengumi uniform is so cool…  otherwise need to agree w/ Tsuna on the artbook… drama CD might be nice too…

      • I serously want to look like the guys in the BG of the survey page when i turn my back to the world xD

        • Zero_Destiny

          Every man has wanted to dress up as the Shinsengumi at least once in their life. I know I would die to dress up like that. ^_^ Akyss give us Jackets so we can cosplay. :D

        • Aoshi00

          Totally.. Shinsengumi rocks.. that’s why they’re so popular in Jpn and so romanticized.. like Romance of the 3 Kingdoms.. and looking as good as they do here they’re just godly.. Doh!  I forgot to put bandana in other when I did the survey lol…  you know I wanted to have a samurai sword for the longest time, I guess all boys do, but I figure it’s too dangerous and scary a weapon to display at home, for crazy maniac collector only, but a Shinai is not half as cool..  I had a friend who was in kendo club in college back then and he did learn a few cool moves it was pretty awesome..    the SD Hijikata on the page was cute.. I’m glad they keep the Jpn VAs since it’s so good (Miki Shinichirou is Hijikata and Toudou Heisuke is by Taku in Chaos Head lol..)

      • lol I have a friend who makes the Shinsengumi outfits. She and her family loved Peacemaker Kurogane and decided to dress up as the Shinsengumi for anime conventions. She’s even making a full set for the English dub voice actor Greg Ayres. XD

        • Aoshi00

          Making a full set of Shinsengumi costume must be a lot of work.. I never cosplayed myself.. had always wanted to dress up as Aoshi but I’m not tall enough lol.. I’m impressed by other cosplayers though.

          I haven’t seen much Peacemaker Kurogane, but I remember the Okita there is really cool since he’s voiced by Saiga Mitsuki, I prefer him being voiced by a female like in Kenshin (Tsubasa in Captain Tsubasa) or in the PS2 Gunrou-den game.  Saiga Mitsuki really sounds like a guy…

          • Cosplaying is a bit of work.. but she does mostly nothing but sewing, video gaming, watching anime, and working on her foot/ankle injury. So she works on tons of costumes all the time. When I first met her, she was doing costumes for FFX and Hellsing.. Then she got into more and more anime, thanks to my friend and I, expanding her list tons fold.. She was making group costumes for series too. XD Like she worked on various characters from Samurai Deeper Kyo (for Otakon sooooo many years ago), the first anime adaption of FMA’s homunculi, and Peacemaker’s Shinsengumi.

            I haven’t seen the anime myself either.. just read the first half of the manga (Peacemaker) and was a few volumes behind on Peacemaker Kurogane. But still… Shinsengumi have such pretty colors for their haori.. getting that, or something like a zip-up hoodie (I don’t like pullovers, lol) with the Shinsengumi symbol, would be nice. Doesn’t really have to be part of the LE, but can be offered off of Aksys’s shop

  • “Wait, you’re done alre- Fine, I don’t need you!”

    That… that made my day.

    I put down “Swords” in other.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Everything in it sounds promising, although I’m surprised to see jewelry too?
    Anyway, how about a Caster and Saber keychain for Fate/Extra LE. ;)

  • Does a DS version count?

    • Ladius

      It’s already a miracle they’re localizing any Hakuoki game, I wouldn’t be too picky :P

  • I actually opted out of going for a soundtrack (I doubt I’d care for the music in this game enough to want an OST and even if I did, internet) and an artbook (they just sit on a shelf, if I actually want the pictures, internet (which I’ve already done a long time ago)).
    I want something I can’t get off the internet which would make it way more worth it and extra special. I hope whatever jewelry they have in mind is really awesome (and not tacky) and I’m also hoping for a cool poster/art print that I can put up and show off. Whatever it comes with though, I will so be getting this LE version!

    Edit: In other I put Phone strap or PSP accessory.

    • Yea, I was thinking of something along the lines of the phone strap/psp accessory.. but then if I do use it, I’ll lose ’em. Like I had chibi keychain figures of various Reborn! characters that I bought from an anime convention. They’d fall off the little chain or the body would be detached from it’s head. D:

    • puchinri

      Ahh, phone strap is smart (as is PSP accessory). I kinda like having artbooks and OSTs just for the heck of it (even if the music or pics just end up on the comp), but I would vastly prefer something different too.

  • Arcm

    This is awesome that Aksys is asking what we want in the LE, while this I’m probably not picking this game up for myself I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Fate/Stay Extra LE…. Manly squeal of excitement : )

  • neocatzon

    Would the girls love dakimakura?

    • puchinri

      I would.
      Oh man, this is the perfect chance for us to have perverted items like the guys always get… Dang, maybe I should have added that when I voted.

      • Historiata

        Should’ve put up a “read comments before voting” warning.

        • puchinri

          That would’ve been so handy.
          (It’s not too late! …Or maybe it is…?)

  • imaguni

    An artbook because the game has gorgeous art!

  • Anyone else click other and typed in “swords”? :D

    • Yeah! I’m wondering if they would be inflatable ones, though.

      • Darkrise

        I typed in miniature Katana. =P

    •  Now I’m wishing I had put “swords” in!

  • I’m always up for artbooks.  Not sure about the music for Hakuouki, but I wouldn’t mind an OST or a drama CD.

  • I would always go for artbook, OST soundtrack and posters; that’s my favourite treats to look forward to game bundles ^___^

  • I’ll pick up the SE of this, whatever it may be. I don’t care what looks I’ll get, either. I played Princess Debut and I loved the hell out of that game!

    • Hakuouki isn’t lighthearted at all and does not have any gameplay elements like Princess Debut had.. ;>

  • puchinri

    I still don’t have a PSP, but I’ll pick this up anyway if I can~.
    I’m surprised pins/buttons and jewelry made the list though. I love pins/buttons, but they’re kind of rare to see for LE. The artbook and OST/CD are kind of obvious, but I wonder what they’ll do for everything else.

    • It’s probably because most otome games do have lots of jewelry merchandise.. and if you count cell phone straps & keyholders also as jewelry.. almost every game does have those (in Japan). XD

      • puchinri

        Ahh, I could only think of a handful that do. I do tend to count cell phone straps and keyholders as accessory rather than jewelry, but I suppose depending on what the jewelry is, they’re close enough anyway. x’D

    • rurin

      I also don’t have a PSP so it was kind of saddening to hear about Hakuouki (not on DS. cry) But I still plan on buying this since I’m so looking forward to it~ I’ll probably just borrow a friend’s psp or something :/
      I checked like everything xD

  • I put figurines in the other category :3

    I’m so excited for this game! I love Aksys. I told them how thankful I was in the other comments box. 

  • Tsuruhime

    I don’t want Aksys to go overboard or anything, so all I put were art prints and a art book. (Since the art is amazing on so many levels.)

    Even though in the other category I should of put bath salts. I really want those Hakuouki bath salts. Each character has a different flavor and says something romantic or naughty on the package.

  • PoppyLein

    ohh Aksys..
    you make me feel so spoiled XD

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