code_18 Is Next In The Infinity Series, Here’s The Opening Movie

By Ishaan . July 8, 2011 . 9:59am

Ever17: The Out of Infinity, Never 7: The End of Infinity, Remember 11: The Age of Infinity and 12Riven are part of a line of visual novels called the Infinity series, produced by Kid. After the studio closed, Japanese publisher, Cyberfront, grabbed the rights to the games and are now working on two Infinity projects.


The first is a remake of Ever17, developed in collaboration with 5pb. The second is code_18 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Here’s the game’s opening movie. The song is titled “Agastia Stone”:



code_18’s story has been penned by the writers of Lucian Bee’s Justice Yellow, an otome game published by 5pb (it has some nice music). Cyberfront will be publishing the game themselves on September 29th in both regular and limited editions for both the Xbox 360 and PSP.


We posted another trailer for code_18 last month. If you’re interested in checking that game out, you can watch it here.



Food for thought:

The opening movie lists milktub as the group responsible for sound production on code_18. Overdrive president and MangaGamer boss, Hiroshi Takeuchi (known on the net as “bamboo”), is the vocalist for this group.

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  • I hope Aksys can get the license to this…I can dream can’t I?

    Still, I wonder if there’s something to Infinity series shifting from prime numbers to numbers divisible by three for their game titles… Come to think of it, 999 is also divisible by 3 and has some story elements in common with at least Ever 17 (need to play Remember11). I wonder if there’s a connection…

    • Aoshi00

      I’ve been wondering about the same thing too, never played the infinity series, but the numbers in the titles just seem so random to me..  like Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head actually mean something, and so does 999 or 428 on the Wii I imagine (I only played very little of it).. but what does Ever 17’s title even mean, or code 18?  I don’t think I like the new 3D models for the Ever 17 remake, but I heard the game’s story was pretty good and I like the composer who did Steins;Gate’s soundtrack..

      • For the infinity series, it’s the year that the game takes place in.
        Ever17 in 2017 and Remember11 in 2011. So this is taking place a year after Ever17, so I’m curious if there will be any connections in the slightest to the previous games. /waiting on translations for Never7.
        And I don’t mind the models as they’re trying something new. [Also, not that I’ll ever get the chance to understand it, how much longer will Phantom get delayed!? It’s been like 2+ years since it was announced it was getting remade for the 360 ;_;]
        /still hoping that the infinity series isn’t dead, and that there’s some deep secret hidden underneath that troupe of girls.

        • Aoshi00

          Oh, gotcha.. before I just thought they pick any cool sounding Eng. word and add a number to it because it just doesn’t seem to mean anything, like Ever 1, Remember 2, Forever 3, but they haven’t used all the 18 numbers yet right.. I think the names are a little silly though..  I don’t mind them trying something new either, but the new 3D models look a little on the cheap side, like those simple series games on the PS2.. if they look cel shaded like Dream Club then it would be awesome.. I hope the 3D in the upcoming Robotic;Notes would look good..   So you think Ever 17 is a VN that shouldn’t be missed?

          • Things may look cheap on surface… actually, I don’t really have anything positive to say since they do in face creep me out. I just like that they’re trying different things to add to the experience. And you can only hope that Robotic will end up good since it seems to be the most different of the games in the science series. Though I can’t help but feel that 3d helps out the image of ‘science’.

            In its original release, Ever17 definitely is if you hold on and go through everything.
            But in the remake, there are ever-lingering doubts about the changes and how it will affect new players. Of course, this is on surface, since it hasn’t been realized and no one likes anyone messing a product that offers such an experience, though supposedly the remake is to make it ‘faster’ and not ‘drag-on’ like the original, but most of the changes on surfaces seem to go a bit overboard.

            But Code_18 is coming out before then, and a bunch of other promising visual novels are coming out before Ever17… for now. it’s easier just to wait for comparisons :-P since you don’t want the weaker experience, just in case. unless of course, there’s some nifty pre-order bonuses and such^^.

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks.. it’s just that I’ve heard so many say Ever17 was one of the best VNs (and music composed by the same guy as Steins;Gate), maybe for its time?  Truth is I don’t like escape from a prison setting that much (like Misshitsu no Sacrifice) and I only played some 999, maybe I’m claustrophobic lol, but Ever17 doesn’t have much point and click and need you to search every nook and cranny.. And the drastic new changes they made make things uncertain..  not sure what code18 is about either, like this club trying to make a plane?  right, ever17 has been delayed.. really makes you wonder how much they’re messing w/ the original game..

            I just want to experience some more unique VNs, like after Steins;Gates I don’t feel like bothering w/ games that are mostly galge anymore..  and now going back to play Choas;Head Noah, it certainly doesn’t feel as good as Steins;Gate..

            You mean Phantom of Inferno right?  I think that was released on DVD before too, can’t imagine using a remote control to play lol..  I just need to be more selective for VNs because the shmups on 360 are alrdy killing my wallet :(.. Importing anything is at this exchange rate right now..

          • He’s re-imagining all the music in the game, so it could possibly turn out even more amazing, or not. I’m actually claustrophobic as well, and frankly… having a limit imposed on me from start [a week…], kind of nudges me the wrong way.
            And there really isn’t much to it, besides realizing the truth.
            And the only thing about code18 that I’m curious about was

            “Ever since meeting that mysterious girl, Arika Tokitou, Hayato’s world
            has changed. A message sent by an unknown sender from the future. Clear
            feelings, memories, and partings. The accumulation of the repeating
            pasts open up the future.”

            So I’m guessing… a LOT of trial and error in making the plane succeed?

            And I definitely understand that feeling of throwing galge away after something so convincing. [It doesn’t help that I’ve grown guilty of going of going after the route girls that I didn’t originally choose… oh the humanity]
            And I’m not entirely convinced of Dunamis15, not that I’d be lucky enough to see a translation. I mean, I didn’t exactly like Channel…

            Yea, it was released on DVD. But I refused to play it because of the things I read of how buggy and the likes it was. Then of course there’s the whole idea of waiting for the ‘superior’ remake… I mean, the anime was too amazing [in my mind, though not my genre], too not.

            Being selective is definitely better than blind purchases, or at least it is according to my ratio… in either case, I haven’t bought any games since my 360 finally bit the dust [RROD, but what can you do when stuff tends to die on me under 18 months…].

        • well those are kinda the arc numbers in the games too not just the year
          mostly in-universe stuffs

  • meat0bun

    I would prepare myself for mindfuckery if, ya know, they ever translate anything past Ever17.

    • Thomas Maloney

      …and Remember11, you mean.

      • meat0bun

        Oh, you’re right! Fan translations to the rescue!

        • Ladius

          Never 7 is currently being translated, too :)

          • And the guy translating Never7 has 12Riven on his to-do list :))
            With a little more time we will have them all~

  • PrinceHeir

    since manga gamer is somewhat involve in this hopefully they’ll translate this for overseas.

    though im not sure if they’re making a PC version :(

    • JustaGenericUser

      Eh, personally I’d prefer someone else does it.

      Besides, MG doesn’t do console VNs.

  • People who played Kira☆Kira might recognize the singer’s voice.
    AiRI is the new stage name for [email protected], Kirari’s singing voice.

    Also, KID should be capitalized as it’s an acronym for “Kindle Imagine Develop.”

    • Of course!, the music is made by milktub :D!!! THey are awesome, they were simply perfect on DearDrops T.T (and they are still awesome in many, many other games, and some anime ops xD)

  • Nei_chan

    Even if mangagamer president is connected somehow to this game, all mangagamer do are digital downloads, and this game isn’t even for pc…yet.

    • Ladius

      Mangagamer has done some dvd editions: currently they have released Da Capo and Da Capo 2 (both limited editions), Guilty, Kira Kira All Ages and both Higurashi and Higurashi Kai. On their European site they have the Da Capo games, but they should be able to stock some other titles if they still have some copies left after Anime Expo.

      • Nei_chan

        yeah, okay. I know they had some of their titles available in hard copies in a very limited number. But for average fan who can’t attend expos or doesn’t fancy spending $300 in an auction it’s still near impossible to get one.
        I for one would be the first to buy physical release of Higurashi. But i have never even seen a photo of it.

  • Learii

    psp and 360 game? that so wrong its should be psp and ps3 not 360

    • LynxAmali

      Eh. The 360 is the Visual Novel console in Japan at the monent.

    • Its pretty normal for VN for that to happen (i imagine putting them on ps3 is more expensive because of the blueray maybe?) Or maybe they choose psp just because PSP its “what’s in” in japan now xD.

      BTW ishaan, by reading again after this comment i noticed you put “The second iscode_18 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3” Wouldnt it be playstation portable instead of 3 :P?

      • =_= I’ll fix that, thanks…

  • I’m not as excited for this as I was 12Riven.  It looks like it’s heading closer to dating sim and further from story driven, but then I’m making judgements just on this video.  Anyway, it’s an Infinity title and since Ever17 was the game that got me into VNs, I may still check it out.  I would definitely love it if a company picked up more Infinity games or re-did Ever17.  Oh Aksys, how many copies of 999 and Hakuouki do I need to buy to talk y’all into Remember 11?

  • wait… XBox 360 and PSP?
    you’re sure you don’t mean PS3?

  • wait… XBox 360 and PSP?
    you’re sure you don’t mean PS3?

    • Learii

      ya that what i saying too if is in psp  why is on 360 as well its should be ps3 because psp and  ps from sony

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