MonkeyPaw Looking Into Langrisser Games As PSOne Imports

By Ishaan . July 9, 2011 . 3:00pm

MonkeyPaw recently jumped back into the PSOne imports business with The Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou!, and they have more planned. Langrisser might be part of those plans, too.


On MonkeyPaw’s Facebook page, a fan asked about the possibility of the retro game revival company publishing Langrisser games. A representative replied:


“Thanks for the kinds words and support. And sorry we were away from the retro imports for a while. Fortunately, we’ve got some fun games lined up. We work closely with Victor [Ireland] so we’ll be talking about Langrisser. Nothing is impossible, everything depends on fan interest. And the sales of prior games is the best indicator. So please spread the word on games like Arc [the Lad] and Alundra. We’ll give the fans what they want. Thanks again for finding us here.”


Aside from the Gemesos and Sega Saturn games, two compilations, Langrisser I & II and Langrisser IV & V: Final Edition, also exist for the PlayStation.


A big thanks to Pixel_Kaiser on Twitter for the awesome tip!

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  • Any chance of them actually getting localized?

    • Yeah, they’d have to be localized for me to bite. I’m not patient enough anymore to drudge my way through a game that’s fully in Japanese. Amazing series of games though, at least what I’ve played of it.

      • TrevHead

        While I a fan of Langrisser, I wouldnt bother playing a Text heavy game untranslated, im just not that type of gamer, I would feel that im spoiling the experience and enjoyment that I would have if it was in english. Thats why I dont touch any game unless its localised / quality fan patched.

        Why would they release it untranslated? Are there other JRPGs / SRPGS unlocalised for sale in the west? I know this has happened with deathsmiles but a shmup is different for a SRPG as text is important

        • androvsky

          Since you’re new to the whole MonkeyPaw thing, releasing PS1 games unlocalized in the U.S. PSN Store is what they do (plus BurgerTime HD).  Naturally, virtually all of the games they release unlocalized are ones where it makes sense; shmups, fighters, anything without a lot of text (or it’s already mostly in English anyway).  That’s why there’s a bit of a question as to whether or not they’d be localized.  MonkeyPaw has said they won’t release rpgs without localizing them though.

          Victor Ireland was working with MonekyPaw to release the Arc the Lad games and Alundra on PSN, and he said that if sales were good enough, they’d go back and localize some PS1 rpgs that had originally been skipped.  Sales weren’t good enough, they were about half what they needed to be to go forward on localizations.

          However, since then, there’s the big PS Suite announcement where PS1 games will be playable on smartphones, tablets, even maybe TVs for all I know, in addition to hopefully being able to release NTSC games in Europe.  All of that combined might be enough to move things forward… hopefully.

          • TrevHead

            Thx for the lowdown, so they only release PSN games in the US, thats a bummer for me in europe. Still if I cant find a way to play them now atleast they would be translated (if they do localise) and I should be able to find a workaround in the future

          • androvsky

            PSN isn’t really region locked, so if you got a PSP or PS3 you could simply make a U.S. account and buy them through it.  The trick, unfortunately, is getting money into foreign PSN accounts, you’d have to import U.S. PSN cards.  Oh, and a TV that can handle NTSC, but I hear those are pretty standard in Europe.

          • Where was anything said about sales of Arc the Lad and Alundra not being good enough?

          • androvsky
        • Remember guys, the key here is that Victor Ireland would be involved. He was the head of Working Designs, the former kings of niche quirky Japanese game localization. While they didn’t come out and say so, I’d be willing to bet my britches they wouldn’t bother releasing it untranslated. 

  • Exkaiser

    I would totally buy a PSone Import of the Langrisser games. They’re great.

  • xhunter


    Langrisser games…. getting released here?

    Man… that would be even better than Atlus picking up that new Growlanser remake.

    Still haven’t bought Arc the Lad 3 and Alundra, as I haven’t finished Arc the Lad 2 yet.

    • Buy Alundra. Now. One of the best PS1 titles ever and what Zelda should be.

    • Tatsuya1221

      You may or may not like arc the lad 3, arc the lad 2 was probably my favorite game on the ps1, and imo ATL 3 kinda missed the point of 2, still i’d definitely play it, if only to get the experience.

      And kid chainsaw is right about alundra, probably one of the best games on the ps1 that few have played.

  • Hours

    That would be pretty sweet. I’d buy it.

    Fully translated would be best of course, but I’m glad they are thinking of expanding the type of games they are releasing.


  • Roto13

    They should be looking into LSD as a PSOne Import is what they should be looking into.

  • blah blah

    I wish they’d be translated at least.

  • Ahem…. LSD????

    Doesn’t need any translation and it’s probably the single most desired PSone Import.

    • Now that you mention it, something like that would seem right up their alley.
      An alley of lucid dreams!

  • Covnam

    That’s cool that they’re thinking of expanding the types of games to bring over, but it’s a hard sell when a key part of the game is the story and it isn’t translated.

    • Exkaiser

      Langrisser’s pretty light on story. It’s bigger on pauldrons.

      • mikanko

        Big round shiny pauldrons…

      • Covnam

        It’s a tactical RPG though, so I imagine the story is somewhat important to make it worth play. Or is it really just a throw-away for the gameplay / visuals?

        • Exkaiser

          Like I said, Langrisser’s focus is on gameplay over story. While I can’t vouch for IV and V, both I and II don’t have plots worth writing home about.

          • mikanko

            IV and V aren’t much better, but are a little bit more convoluted than Der Langrisser plot wise.  It’s nothing too great though.  The problem is they have multiple paths with characters and such, so without some kinda guide you’ll be missing some of the combat scenarios.  They’re not as big on the social route as Sakura Taisen game or something, but they take the decision making with the female characters pretty far in those two games, and result in some entirely different outcomes. 

            It’s been over a decade since I’ve played either so my memory is a bit hazy when it comes to how routes the games had. While I played through the two main paths in IV, I never finished V more than once.  There was what was pretty much a word for word translation script on the internets for IV though, so maybe with some scavenging it could be found.

            Der Langrisser and IV for the Saturn are probably the best two in the series gameplay wise though.  V and the PS1 ver. of IV are watered down compared to Der Langrisser, and I wouldn’t be getting them hoping for something as deep.

  • Kunio_kun


  • Got excited seeing this but then realized it’s not going to be translated so I won’t be getting it. Don’t know a lick of Japanese BUT if it was translated I’d buy it the same day it was released!

    • It’s true, Monkeypaw hasn’t translated any of their games yet. But if they are working with Victor Ireland then I’m going to guess that means they have access to some translators. As I said in my post on their Facebook group, Victor was looking at localizing the Langrisser games for years but never got the chance. Monkeypaw might be able to help him make that happen. We just gotta give them our support!

  • If they don’t translate it the games will be a hard sell.  I rather they stick with import friendly stuff or more previously localized titles in this case.

  • kroufonz

    so they are also looking and try for “bigger game” (which is awesome)?

    hope they could also look or try to import “Tokimeki memorial 2”

    • Kirbysuperstar2

      And I’m sure the four or five sales of Tokimeki would make up for the cost of licensing it.

      • If you buy it for thousands of dollars…maybe? xd

      • kroufonz

        as long as they can make reasonable deal regarding license cost with konami, it can make profit.

        if it is come this will be psn release for both ps3, psp and possibly compatible with psvita in the future too, so the chance is still there, hell aksys even try to release an otome game onone and already dead platform.

        and how do you know it will not sell when no one even try it yet?

        of course the main problem is will konami ever give the localizer some good license deal? (or maybe if otomedius doin good in the west, konami itself will starting to bring their others japan only franchise like loveplus or tokimemo series)

  • punkchobit

    Victor Ireland? As in, Working Designs Victor Ireland? Anything he touches I will buy.

  • Guest

    I remember when this publisher was formed I thought they were gonna be publish new stuff from Japan. It’s been nothing but retro stuff for downloadable platforms or downloadable games. The cater to even smaller niche which is cool but not what I want. Best of luck.

  • TrevHead

    Warsong is one of my favorite games, and cry myself to sleep every night due to the  rest of the series never coming to the UK and elsewhere. I would sell my soul to be able to play Langrissers 3, 4 & 5 in english.

    Who are MonkeyPaw? looking at their facebook page they seem to release on PSN. I dont have any sony consoles but I would buy whatever console I need to be able to play these games in english

  • mikanko

    Already purchased all the Langrisser games off the Japanese marketplace with leftover yen on my account a couple years ago.  The ports are pretty lackluster, and if someone was going to the trouble of localizing the games I’d hope they could do better than the PS1 versions.  Sound and music are really tinny and pale sounding compared to the other cd releases of the games, and they kinda butchered the combat scenarios in 4, not to mention the sprites are in lower res than their Saturn counterparts.

    Oh Well!

  • I’m interested! Gimmie!

  • That fan was me! I’m Pixel Kaiser, and also the guy from the Monkeypaw Games Facebook group. Glad you guys picked up the story. Also very glad Disqus finally let me comment, but I had to use my Facebook account to sign in…

    Much love to Monkeypaw. <3

    • Good job getting that out of them! :)

  • cmurph666


    Make the impossible happen.

  • DarkWaterClone

    It is great to see Victor still working with games. I was wondering what he was doing with Gaijinworks. I would love to see him bring out Love-De-lic’s
    Moon: Remix RPG Adventure game. I would pay good money for that game getting a localization. Plus their other two games too.

    I wonder if Mr. Ireland will get back into packaged game localizations too. I so want to see what Gaijinworks would bring out on the market & what kind of goodies would be with the package. Games brought out from Working Designs always came with great extras.

    So I hope Gaijinworks will do more then just downloaded games. I hope Siliconera or some one else will be able some day to get an interview with Mr. Ireland & what all his plans are for Gaijinworks.

    That being said I would be all for Langrisser getting a localization. So I hope that happens.

    • I thought Gaiginworks only did Miami Vice? Did they do something else?
      They haven’t updated their site, so I figured they haven’t made a peep since.

      • Kunio_kun

        He was working with Sunsoft, not sure what ever came of that or the Telenet acquisition…

      • Exkaiser

        Miami Law. Miami Vice is an 80’s TV show.

        But it looks like they published the VC version of Blaster Master as well as Blaster Master: Overdrive.

  • Woah wait, Victor Ireland? So are they going to translate some/all of it? I know he’s wanted to do that for over a decade now. Amazing news either way, these are some of the best SRPGs ever made and more people need to play them!

  • MonkeyPaw, I just wanna say I love you and I love the lovely things that’chu do~♪

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Langrisser series? That would be a welcome edition to our import needs.

  • YsyDoesIt

    Langrisser?  Yes, please.  Where’s the line?

  • kupomogli

    I miss Working Designs :(.  I own Miami Law, but just hope one day that Gaijinworks will follow WD and start localizing some amazing JP only games that there’s no chance at them coming here like they did before.

    Retro Game Challenge 2, Gaijinworks.  I wants it. I don’t care who localizes it, but I really want the game. If I import it then the RPG won’t be as fun, even though everything else will be easily playable.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Miami Law, another in the surprisingly long line of VNs by any other name on the DS that focus on crime. Worth checking out, and it’s got a few Vicisms, but yep, more a tease of yet unfulfilled promises.

      Gajinworks seems a great candidate to help someone with this ever growing PSP wishlist of games for an almost dead system. The hobbyist is the only one BUYING PSP titles now, so the type of work Vic does would fit that audience.

  • Langrisser coming to our side would be like a dream come true! There are so many games from Japan that I never got a chance to play, this series included. Here’s hoping that things come to fruition.

  • skymap

    I just bought 4/5 of the series for Sega Saturn … This is pretty random. I didn’t expect anything text heavy for imports.

  • damndamndrum

    I have Langrisser 3 and 4 for the Saturn! This would be fantastic if true. I regret never picking up 5 when I had the chance…

  • PrinceHeir

    always love the PS1 Import section :P

  • shadowind

    If anyone from Monkeypaw is reading this, I just want to say that I would definitely buy fully translated versions of the Langrisser games in English on PSN as they were pretty damn fun to play, especially Langrisser V on the Saturn. (I always though Lambda from Langrisser V was really cute!)

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