Exe-Create’s Next RPG Is Being Localized And Released Overseas

By Ishaan . July 10, 2011 . 1:28pm

Japanese developer, Exe-Create, are working on a new role-playing game titled The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragon’s Odyssey for the PC. This game is being localized and released over digital distribution services like Steam and Gamers Gate this August.


Similar to the Ys series, Lost Angelic Chronicles tries to create a hybrid of action and RPG styles, emphasizing moving quickly from place to place while dealing with a large number of enemies. You can also find treasure and attempt to get girls to fall in love with the protagonist.


Exe-Create say the difference between Lost Angelic Chronicles and Ys is that this game focuses more on story and interaction with other characters. These interactions can trigger new scenes and multiple endings. You also get the see the world change as you play; for example, the forest in which you build your house grows into a proper town during the during the course of the game.


Exe-Create say they plan to bring more of their games over to English-speaking audiences in the future as well.



Food for thought:

Exe-Create also publish games on iTunes. We’ve covered one of their games before.

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  • You sold me at Ys. Hopefully it has gamepad support.

    • ExeCreate

      Fear not, fellow gamer. It will have gamepad support.

  • Wow I”m going Steam for sure now.  This would be great to have with Carpe’s offerings.

    What other games does Exe-Create have that has a good chance of localization?

    • ExeCreate

      Any of them that gamers would like to see in both NA and PAL territories so long as there is a demand for them. Exe-Create is more than happy to bring them to you. Don’t worry, we absolutely do NOT intend to disappoint gamers the way some companies do by ignoring what they want.

      • shadowind

        It’s nice to see a company that actually cares about what people want to play and buy unlike certain companies… *cough*Atlus USA*cough*

        •  I don’t know. I find myself bothered to see another company make such a statement. I find that it reeks of unprofessionalism.

          I do agree that I dislike what Nintendo and Namco Bandai have done… but I still don’t like this either.

          • ExeCreate

            In answer to your post, Exe-Create has been requested to localize certain titles numerous times by gamers, so we felt that we would try and oblige those who were seriously interested in them. It seemed like the right thing to do instead of leave those who really wanted to play them hanging.

          • I can understand the idea behind it and I’m willing to support it, but the message that was used to call out for that felt unprofessional. It’s a face that I’ve never liked with companies, openly attacking others.

            Had it been ‘unlike some other companies, we listen to our fans,’ I wouldn’t have felt so uncomfortable with it. But if one company names names, such as in this case, it bothers me. It’s pointing fingers that, in some cases, another company is in a position where they can’t explain or defend themselves.

            I agree that what Nintendo and Namco-Bandai have done about their games is not right. I firmly support OpRainfall for Xenoblade and everything. But there’s a lot of things that may be going behind the scenes that we can’t comment on, as Nintendo’s doing the whole ‘mum’s the word’ other than the ‘we have no plans for…’ statement that they made.

            I’m just going in circles, but in the end, it’s the wording and the way the comment itself was made that left me uncomfortable.

          • I also now see that the comment has been edited to remove the references that made me uncomfortable. Thank you.

  • Locklear93

    No mention of who’s localizing.  Are they doing the localization internally?  That’s even more rare (and laudable).

    • ExeCreate

      I thought I should answer this question for those who may be wondering. Though Exe-Create currently works with a handful of outside staff, everything will be produced and released internally as far as it is humanly possible. We have noticed a trend that trying to find a localization company on the outside results in bloated overhead costs and also minimizes our ability to release our titles at a reasonable price to gamers.

      Exe-Create also boasts an extensive library of games and is constantly developing new and innovative titles, so be on the lookout for us in the upcoming months as we have many more titles on the way.

      • Interesting, so do you guys have English speakers on-staff in Japan? That’d be a pretty rare setup, especially for a smaller company.

        (Also CF has policies in place that keep overhead low if you ever need a hand~ Just sayin’~)

        • ExeCreate

          Luckily, we have native English speakers on hand in Japan with excellent Japanese ability. This makes it convenient to accomplish certain tasks during normal Japanese business hours.


  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I remember Across Age, unfortunately I don’t own an Apple device, though I wanted to get one to play Chaos Rings (wonder what Media.Vision is doing next…). Well since this is for the PC, I have a chance to play it :3

  • Please keep us up to date on when this releases. Just the type of game the STEAM platform is lacking.

    • ExeCreate

      Will do, good sir.

  • FireCouch

    I’ll pick it up during the New Year’s Sale  for sure.

  • TrevHead

    Woot lots of JRPGs coming to PC.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Really? I must have missed that notice. Are you talking about single-player ones or MMO?

  • syrup16g

    Best way to make me not even look at screenshots of an upcoming RPG: have the words ‘lost’ ‘chronicles’ ‘dragon’ or ‘odyssey’ in the title.

    • BelmontHeir

      Funny but sad (and true)!

    • I donno man, Lost Chronicle: Dragon Odyssey was and is one of my favorite games.

  • OneOkami

    Are there ex-Nihon Falcom members working on this on were they just so inspired by Ys that they basically copied the art style?

    • ExeCreate

      The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragon’s Odyssey is definitely not inspired by Ys, but it has that nice 2D action-RPG feel that gamers have come to enjoy over the years in games like Crystalis, Ys, and Secret of Mana. One major difference is the dialogue that exists between characters where in the old days of the RPG, the protagonist was for the most part silent. You can also craft many weapons, items, and even presents for girls in your in-home-workshop!

  • AdrianHeng

    That’s … a pretty lengthy name. Interface looks a bit clunky, but I guess I wouldn’t mind giving it a try if it gets a localized release.

    • ExeCreate

      Don’t worry, this game plays as smooth as butter.

  • This is actually one of Exe-Create’s older games; I think the first version was released all the way back in 2000. This may be a re-developed version beyond the English text, though.

    And is it seriously coming to Steam? Holy canoly, I hadn’t heard that yet.

    I wonder if they’ll have a demo out?

    • ExeCreate

      You’re absolutely right. The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane is a beloved series with a rich history on the PC in Japan. We hope that gamers will enjoy this particular game as much as we do when it is released. We also look forward to creating more titles in this series to come if it receives the warm reception we hope it will from western gamers.

      • Barrylocke89

        I’m not familiar with this game at all, tbh, but JRPGs on Steam are always something worth checking out. Actually, I think I’m going to just pick up this game blind whenever it comes out and I have the money, since I’ve never heard of it, it could make for an interesting experience.

  • Hope there’s a demo and that the price is right.

  • I wonder if the game is longer than the title…

  • I’ll gladly give this game a try when it comes out. It looks and sounds interesting

  • Yes please!  It’s rather embarrassing there’s a drought of JRPGs… in America.  At least, this is a start

  • kroufonz

    wow after fortune summoner than come this news. localized pc jrpg is really rare

    more jrpg need to leave japan,so keep em coming!!!

    • If this and Fortune Summoners do well, it’ll be a lot less rare than you think. :3

      • JustaGenericUser

        I’ll be sure to support you both!

      • TrevHead

        Im eagerlly awaiting FS so ill be sure to buy it plus Dragons Odysse when they release.

        Itll be cool if a steady flow of quality Japanese games to the likes of Steam could become possible. Imo its a much better platform for localisations, given that all that region locking, importing and playing on a tiny screen can be bypassed. Hopefully a big enough market can be grown that the odd console title moves to the platform

  • Rarutos

    It makes me happy to see such obscure JRPGs coming out on the PC. I never would have heard of these otherwise! :)

  • JustaGenericUser

    Well damn, this was unexpected. Not only Chantelise but this game too? Not to mention I haven’t completely paid off my Catherine reserve yet… and I’m going to pre-order Atelier Totori when the pre-order is available. My wallet is going to cry.

    How much is this game goint to cost, anyone know?

    • ExeCreate

      We have spoken with our digital content distribution partners about it and remain adamant in our stance that it will go for no higher than $20. We will let you know as soon as we have worked out pricing with them.

  • Wow. I’d never heard of Exe-Create before this but I think I’d pick this up just to support them. :D Especially with the multiple endings. The completionist in me can’t get enough of RPGs with multiple endings.

  • Tatsuya1221

    Looks like i will have another purchase from steam coming soon.

    I would love to see the day when the pc has a plethora of jrpg’s.

  • JRPGs on Steam? Guys I need someone to pinch me I need to check im not dead.

    • Last Remnant is on STEAM.

      • I clearly meant a good one silly.

        • Haha, no kidding.  Don’t forget Recettear’s on Steam though, and that is a JRPG. (And good.)

          • I only played the demo of it. Never got around to playing too much of it actually.

          • You’re missing out on about 20 hours of good fun.

  • “Similar to the Ys Series” > I’m sold

  • Suicunesol

    OH HEY, some dating-sim elements with 2D CG? Count me in!

    • ExeCreate

      Yep, there are a handful of girls to try to hook up with…and even a couple of guys! Who you hook up with plays a major role in how the game ends and how several scenes in the game play out.

  • cjeromek

    I’ll be there day one. I’m hoping this does well so we can see Asdivine Cross over here. That looks pretty interesting as well. I wonder what the chances are of some of there phone games being redone and put up on Steam.

    • ExeCreate

      We would love to release Asdivine Cross in the NA and PAL territories if The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragon’s Odyssey does well. Also, keep in mind that we have one more game scheduled to release besides this one in the next month or so. Be looking out for the press release!

      • Do you guys have an English website coming?

        • ExeCreate

          Yep. We’ve got a website in the works. We hope to have it ready a week or so prior to launch.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    RPG? Check! Similar to Ys series? Check! Be able to pick a girl? Check! Multiple endings? Check! Alright, I’m sold, where do I sign in?

  • allrite you got me by the mouth!
    now give me a release date and actually release it!

    • ExeCreate

      We are priming the game for release as we speak and when we get the green light from each of our digital distribution partners, we will be sure to have the announcement made here.

  • shadowind

    I haven’t played a non-MMO game on PC in years (the last one that I played was a hentai game and that was years ago!) and yet this one really makes me want to play it… 

    To the rep from Exe-Create: Any plans on doing Android or console versions of your games in the future? 

    • ExeCreate

      You bet. The iPad, iPhone, and Android phones are all viable platforms for us and we plan to release our games there as well.

      • shadowind

        It’s good to know that you’re going to do Android games as well and that you’re looking at releasing games in PAL territories. (I’ve already started playing AcrossAge on iOS and it’s not too bad although it’s not easy to get used to the control system)

        • ExeCreate

          The D-Pad takes some getting used to because you are playing on a touch screen and cannot actually feel the physical button. I found it easy to control the characters accurately by placing the thumb just slightly off the edge of the D-Pad and moving them that way. I hope that helps.

          • shadowind

            I tried your advice about the D-Pad and it definitely helps! (I’ll definitely have to try that with Streetfighter IV: Volt on iPod Touch!)

  • Is it just me or do some of the characters look eerily similar to some Fire Emblem characters. The girl on the upper-left panel looks like Elincia, while one of the guys on the upper-right panels looks like Ike.

  • Ys meets Terranigma meets Harvest Moon.. love the sound of that.

  • KeyCross

    “You also get the see the world change as you play; for example, the forest in which you build your house grows into a proper town during the during the course of the game.”
    Prot.-“Oh, finally, now I can rest in my sweet and peaceful home after saving the world from the great ev…”
    Protagonist looks at his home, surrounded by buildings and a “For sale” sign in front of his house.
    Prot.-“What the…since when…how…”
    Roxy.-“Colonialism, ho!”

    I´ll buy it, not on day 1 probably, but I will buy it.

  • MoriyaMug

    Depending on how cliché-ridden the story/characters are (it IS a JRPG, after all) and how good the combat turns out, this may wind up on my radar. I loves me some Ys (but anyone who knows who I am knows that), and I could do with some more games that scratch that itch.

    • ExeCreate

      Consider this game a heavy duty scratcher for that itch then, good sir!

  • Lordphantomhive

    A Ys like game? Color me interested. I keep an eye on it during steam sales.

  • Enjoyed a lot the screens and details, but is there any trailer for it? I can’t wait to see some gameplay. I love what i’m seeing these days, as i fully support the localization of PC jrpgs, i bought Recettear (and recommended to all my friends), and i will buy Chantelise, Fortune Summoners , The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane, and any other future titles localized into english and released on Steam. I hope Falcom/XSEED join this new era, and thanks to Carpe Fulgur for the help with this vision, i fully support you guys, and Exe-Create is now on my list too. =)

    • ExeCreate

      We should have a nice trailer ready in the upcoming weeks.

      • JustaGenericUser

        This is late, but do you have an english website yet?

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