The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG Suffers A Super Delay

By Ishaan . July 11, 2011 . 10:06pm


The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG was originally supposed to release on September 29th, but it’s been pushed back to an unknown release date. Namco Bandai have offered a humble apology and say they’ll announce the new date once it’s finalized.


Some of the series present in The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG are Real Robot Regiment, Super Robot Taisen Destiny, Super Robot Taisen D, Super Robot Taisen MX, characters from a Super Robot Taisen manga, and new mechs as well.

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  • DanteJones
    Hopefully it won’t be delayed too far, I needs mah OG!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    “Some of the series present in The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG are Real Robot Regiment, Super Robot Taisen Destiny, Super Robot Taisen D, Super Robot Taisen MX, characters from a Super Robot Taisen manga, and new mechs as well.”

    So which one of these this time won’t allow the game stateside?

    • kroufonz

      license wise, none of them shall block stateside release!

      then again there is more popular mecha franchise like gundam, where license never really matter much and yet we can’t even get most of it including PS3 senki tiitle, the only thing we always get are DWG games:P

      namco bandai are now busy “assuming” and “suing” cdprojekt at the moment so little chance they could even give some attention or effort to bring stuff like SRW outside japan (it doesn’t have naruto or DBZ in the title after all)

      • basically its a title that will sell horibly outside Japan and wouldn’t make back the localisation costs 

        • Guest

           The same could be said with Atelier or Hyperdimension series or…..Tales games.

          oh wait

          Dont make excuses for Namdai please…

    • Exkaiser

      The part where it’s a console game with voices.

      • kroufonz

        the part where it’s a namco bandai games:p

        • Exkaiser

          The part where it’s a game about giant robots.

    • z_merquise

      Someone from NeoGAF posted it in SRW OG thread and I wanted to share it here:!/The_Katbot/status/78600477293551616

      It was posted a month ago but just by reading it gives hope for an English localization.

    • BTA

      From what I’ve heard from a few friends that are big SRW/SRT fans, the problem would be that the PS2 port of the OG games actually changed the plot a bit, and this is the sequel to that, so… :x

  • I’m getting the impression that Namco Bandai needs Dragonball money to give niche franchises like SRW some funding, which is understandable from a business standpoint and hence the delay.

    • Exkaiser

      You would be… rather wrong on this one.

      SRW may not be some huge thing like Dragon Ball, but it makes quite a bit of money. It makes a consistent profit every year despite putting out an average of three games annually. I would hesitate to call it niche and I would hesitate to say that Bandai is hesitant in funding the franchise.

      It makes more sense that the game might simply need more production time than originally assumed, being the first PS3 SRW and featuring wholly new animations (which isn’t typically done for the first SRW on a console- see Impact, W, MX Portable, and W).

      • So, you’re telling me #SRW can sustain itself in Japan, let alone be independent from Dragonball profits?  That surely is news to me.

        Also, I am under the impression Bandai, pre-merger with Namco and after acquiring Banpresto, had decided to put more focus on Gundam, outside Japan at the very least.

        • glemtvapen

          If the trend is to be believed, everytime a new SRW is released, it manages to top the weekly sales chart in the first couple of weeks. That by itself speaks a lot about the franchise’ popularity 

        • Exkaiser

          You… do understand that Gundam is a large part of SRW, right? Not this title specifically, but the franchise at large. If Bandai is focusing extra money on Gundam at any time, then SRW would be a logical extension of that.

          And… yes. The SRW team is pretty much given free rein because it continually makes money. Every year. This is why, even though they’re now officially a part of Namco-Bandai Games, they still operate more or less identically to before.

          This leads into another one of the reasons the franchise always makes money: Banpresto is cheap as hell. But that’s a story for another day.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I thought the game was finished already?  I was under the impression they were just sitting on it until September.

    side note: I love that Red Gespenst thumbnail. Hopefully Katina has a bit of a larger role in this game…

    • Chase Hurwitz

      The trailer didn’t even have most of the voices, it looked like al alpha build.

  • kroufonz

    good for me and maybe good for namco bandai too!

    good for me since this make me only have to chose between tales of xilla and To heart 2 DX to import in september :p

    good for namco bandai since they can avoid their 2 big japanese franchise battle at the same month on the same console.

  • glemtvapen

    Ah well. They should really concentrate on finishing SRWZ2.2 and releasing it first.

    Maybe add more SRW originals from J and W.

  • Phlo

    I’m surprised that I’m the first to mention that “Super Robot Taisen Destiny” and “Super Robot Taisen D” are the same game.

  • Hell why can’t they delay Xillia instead of OG…I care way less for that one and it’s not like Tales fans are not used to wait~

  • >Take all my rage bampresto.

  • Happy Gamer

    maybe its just me but i really enjoyed the OG saga for DS. i hope the bring the sequal…Im not sure how many ppl enjoyed that game but i REALLY enjoyed it. a very simple RPG and repetitive yet I was really hooked and the game had alot of charm. the battle system was great. 2nd one seems like a super improvement and i want it so bad :(

    • I enjoyed them as well and yet I still prefer the original OG. I just want this 3rd version already, after that if they want they could do games like Endless Frontier 3 or something like that.

      Masoukishin for DS was fantastic.

  • Guest

     I’ll accept your humble apology with a U.S. release date NamcoBandai….

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