This Is What Simon Belmont Looked Like In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

By Ishaan . July 13, 2011 . 10:57pm

Before Gabriel Belmont became the lead character in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Mercury Steam and Konami were considering Simon Belmont for the role. Want to see what that was like? Here’s some footage with Simon in it:



The video above was created during the conceptual phase of development. Konami recently showed it off at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona.

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  • andref

    Everything was pretty cool until they revealed his face and then I had nothing left to say

  • BGMcDF

    I think Domon Kasshu wants residuals for that attack, Simon. And Ezio for your clothes. And Kratos for the combat.

    • Actually Simon needs to ask Leon for the combat. The game was a lot closer to Lament of Innocence then God of War, to be honest, its closer even to Rygar then God of War.

      • BGMcDF

        I actually like Lament a lot, but since it’s effectively a reboot, Leon doesn’t really exist. Granted, you could argue Kratos is just as contrived, but the example’s a lot more recognizable than either Lament or Rygar.

        • True, but I think its silly, you obviously know that there were action games before GOW, so I was just surprised you brought it up instead of the games that actually were influential in LoS being the way it was. People don’t necessarily look at the comparison and say “These two things are similar” but more often “Castlevania ripped off God of war” which as we both know isn’t true.

          lol I’m just being a wet blanket, but I don’t like how people throw around the whole idea of ripoffs, I see what you mean just adding that LoS was going to be the game it was despite God of War’s design choices.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        The developers at Mercury Steam even said, outright, that God of War was a big influence on the combat. I am a fan of Lords of Shadows, but the combat is basically God of War with the Ninja Gaiden II dodge thrown in. Just as the platforming is straight out of Uncharted.

  • No wonder Konami named this beta “Gabriel,” Simon doesn’t even have red hair.

    • Exkaiser

      While he had red hair in Chronicles and Judgement, a fixed design was never one of Simon’s staples.

  • Alex

    No wonder they created a new hero, Gabriel.
    Now that i’ve got the platinum on this, i just hope that they bargain a little bit on the dlc because 9,99 euros each one is just too much

    • FireCouch

      I feel the same way, especially because they aren’t supposed to last too long either. 

  • Hours

    If you didn’t tell me that was Simon, I wouldn’t have even guessed it was him. Not nearly enough thigh action.

    Simon should look like the combination of a male stripper and a barbarian off the side of an 80s rock band van.

  • Christ

    He looks too ugly to be Simon, thank goodness this was conceptual.

    • Hraesvelgr

      But… Simon was ugly back in the day, too.

  • Wake

    The Captain N cartoon has influenced my view on how Simon Belmont should look. Help me.

    • You have issues…

    • lol, same here, when ever I think of Simon Belmont I think of Captain N cartoon, ahh those were the days!

  • Icon

    Simon? Looks more like Altair from Assassin’s Creed. Then the hood comes off and it looks exactly like Gabriel from… Castlevania.

  • Hexen

    He looks like from the new Silent Hill. Does Konami really like to have protagonists on their games to be look alike?

  • Thank god Kojima had his designed changed.

    • Testsubject909

      To an extent. After all, Kojima’s the one who decided “we need a character we can relate to!” Which altered the original concept of a “Badass take no crap Gabriel” into a “Filled with remose, regret, anger, angst Gabriel” that I’ve heard too many forumites make fun of or just complain about.

      Pros with the Cons I guess… But seriously, what’s with the constant toning down of badassery? First Gabriel, Then Sarah into Lara, then there’s DMC Dante into DmC Dante….

  • Setsu Oh

    i’m glad kojima went in this…this so reminds me of filures 64castlevania..

  • Guest

    They shoulda just kept using the female Japanese graphic artist Ayami Kojima that makes all the Goth cover art for past Castlevania games. Enough of this ‘whitewashing’

    • PrinceHeir

      freaking agree, sadly Konami isn’t what they used to be.

      treating Team Silent’s work like trash, Suikoden team is basically in a mess right now, they aren’t willing to give people like IGA a budget for his game yet they are willingly to waste resources to outside of konami.

      wow just wow.

      if you want Castlevania art in 3D, just look at Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness.

      that’s how Castlevania should be :P

  • Patz Chen

    Still look way better than Death Note Simon Belmont.

    • xflame10

      i disagree

  • Is this a joke?, he looked as generic as Gabriel. They should/should`ve give up, Castlevania just doesn`t work on 3D. 

  • xflame10

    i liked his design in the castlevania fighting game XD, that i cant remember the name of they should keep it.

  • gabriel was a much better choice

  • So he basically looked the same as Gabriel. Got it.

  • Apache_Chief

    Looks like Aragorn decided to become an assassin. With Ivy’s sword. 

  • anbu

    I love this game.  It would be cool if they have this as an unlockable aside from the bandanna and eye patch.

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