Netflix Streaming Goes Live On Nintendo 3DS This Week

By Ishaan . July 14, 2011 . 8:14am

Europe’s Nintendo 3DS video update hit the continent earlier this week, and America gets theirs this week, too. While Europe got a range of video content in partnership with various video providers, American 3DSes get Netflix support.


The Netflix app is a Nintendo eShop download. Once you have it, you can stream movies and TV shows in 2D on the 3DS top screen using an existing Netflix account. 3D movies aren’t available yet and will be added at a later date.

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  • After the recent price bump, it’s hard to care.

    • The price only increased $5 for me, I think it was a fair price for 2 blu-rays and streaming considering the stuff I stream (animu series) far outweight the cost of $7/99 a month, lol. 

      • Aoshi00

        While jumping from $10 to $16 is not much, it’s still a steep 60% increase.  I don’t stream that often (other than King of the Hill since so many seasons were never released on DVD) and mostly rent new movies one at a time.. I might drop streaming in Sept or use Redbox to rent new movies for 1 buck a night..

      • Depends what your plan was.  The price increase for what used to be 1 DVD is a complete joke.

    • Daisuke Inuzuka

      didn’t even affect us, I get 4 discs at a time

    • Barrylocke89

      It’s still cheaper than cable/satellite. I live at home but when it’s time for me to move out, I’ll most likely have netflix instead of cable.

  • What about us DSi Users???

    • xflame10


  • Ah great, it will be nice to view animu on the device, I have much to add to my queue still, a friend suggested Trigun so I may check it out since Ive never seen it before. I think Jimmy Neutron is also there, so that will be fun to watch it all too. 

    Nice Ninty.

  • Well I’ve picked the perfect day to go buy a 3DS.

  • YoungTeeth


    • I guess as long as you are on the go near wifi?  Unless 3DS can preload the whole thing before going off, I should see if it does do that.

  • Aoshi00

    Really sucks Nintendo is blocking Jpn 3DS from viewing Jpn TV clips in the US, and we don’t get the Netflix update either..  but I’m not sure if I would still stick w/ Netflix’s streaming after their steep price increase.. might drop streaming or Netflix entirely and just use Redbox..

    BTW, is the volume on people’s 3DS a little low when watching video clips, I have the volume turned all the way up and it’s still pretty low.. compared to my DSi or XL.. when playing 3DS game I need to turn up the volume w/in the game setting.. but watching the videos on the menu I have trouble hearing from the speakers.. While it’s a neat extra feature, people might as well just use their PS3/360/Wii to stream Netflix when they’re at home anyway…

    • malek86

      I tried viewing the video content on my european 3DS, they had a couple clips for free. A little, 1-minute magic trick with cards, and an animated 7-minutes short about some lizard, Oscar’s Oasis or something like that. It was fun enough, I guess, but…

      The quality is acceptable, but not particularly good. Aside from the low resolution, it was also pretty blocky at times. I wouldn’t use it to watch an entire movie, that’s for sure. I don’t know if movies on a portable console with such a small screen can really take off. UMDs certainly didn’t sell PSPs. And since you need to be near a wi-fi, it’s not terribly suited for portability either.

      But the weirdest thing is how, despite the low res and apparently low bitrate, that 7-minutes video still takes some 300MB. Woah.

      • Aoshi00

        Size that big huh?  Yea, I was gonna say, while it’s a nice extra feature, if it’s wi-fi which means you mostly do the watching at home (unless people want to watch it at the airport or a Mickey D but the battery doesn’t last very long), people must just use a PS3 anyway.. just like nobody would use a Wii to stream Netflix since it can’t go HD like PS3 or 360 and is pixelated.. and UMD movies were pretty much dead since the beginning, price wasn’t that different from DVD and they don’t have all the extras or even subtitle option.. 

        I’m just a little peeved Nintendo is denying me both features.. since I’m able to stream most Jpn video contents w/ my Jpn Wii..  but w/ the Netflix price hike, I’m not sure if I would continue w/ my streaming subscription anyway…  I was mainly interested in streaming the newer King of the Hill episodes, I watch them for laughs from time to time, only the first 6 seasons have been released on DVDs which I own, and not season 7-14.. or the older movies that I don’t own on DVDs, pretty annoying..

        I still buy and collect a lot of movies on blu-ray/DVD though..

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