The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Will Make Trails In Europe

By Ishaan . July 18, 2011 . 8:28am

While Xseed published The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky in the U.S., Ghostlight will be publishing a special collector’s edition of the game for Europeans, too, although they haven’t said what they’ll be including in the package or when they plan to release it.


In addition to providing a release date, Ghostlight say they’ll have “some other important news” in the near future as well. Other games they’ve recently released in Europe include Record of Agarest War Zero and Persona 3 Portable.

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  • RagnaXBL

    And suddenly the world was a better place…

  • I do wish localisation companies would place a higher priority on picking games that weren’t readily available to importers.

    Maybe that’s ridiculous of me to say, as I really don’t know if it does work out profitably for them to release an EU PSP game of an already released US localisation. It’s just I know I wont pick this up having already imported the US version, and that I can’t pick up any number of Image-epoch’s games like Last Ranker because that doesn’t have any localisation effort behind it yet.

    So that’s an incredibly selfish comment. I’m very interested to know if any EU gamers have been waiting on a domestic release of this game in any case.

    • 128bitigor

      Yes, I’ve been thinking about it – as much as I love Ghostlight’s initiative, their efforts might be a little in vain – anyone interested in game imported it already… and then they would say bringing over those titles is not making them money…

      They should really focus on co-operating with XSeed and Aksys and try to bring those games around the same time as the American games. 
      Still, I am going to pick this one up as I wanted to import it.

    • RagnaXBL

      well i can see where your coming from, i feel the exact same way, the only reason i’ll be picking this up is i haven’t had a chance to get my hands on the US release. i believe this title is on PSN as well if i’m not mistaken  readily available for any1 to download

      it really is strange how localisation companies pick their titles :/

    • While importing is more common than the Super Famicom days, I’d say it’s still a small market. I mean people in the US could have imported Last Window, but there are still people that want an American release.

      Also, the cost and time it would take for a company to do Last Ranker from scratch would be a lot less than licensing a localized game for European distribution. I feel your pain, but one makes more business sense than the other.

      • The cost of importing makes it more of a luxury convenience and in my opinion not always worth it.

    • EvilRedEye

      I’m waiting for this to come out over here, I’m pretty religious about waiting for the UK release of stuff. I’m pretty sure Xseed said this would be coming out in Europe either at the US release or shortly after, so the European release hasn’t been kept as ambiguous as that for, say, Dragon Quest VI.

      Part of the reason this is being released physically in Europe (which has caused the delay in release) may be because the sequel to this is split between 2 UMDs and thus can’t be released on the PSN as things stand. Perhaps they’re softening people up for the UMD-only release of the second one.

      The European release will almost certainly be the US localisation unchanged, translating it was a massive task so I doubt they’ll have the resources to tweak it to UK English or translate it into other European languages – it won’t be using up a ‘slot’ that would allow something else to be localised.

      Also, we have to get Trails of the Sky over here because it’s a cool game and America is the place where cool games don’t get released now.

    • We do look at games that haven’t been released yet but It is worth remembering that a lot of gamers are reluctant to import for various reasons.  So we can bring games like Trails In The sky to the wider gaming community by releasing it over here.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    I have been looking at the import in amazon uk for quite some time now but I managed to hold myselft from buying it.
    This news was exactly what I was hoping for! I… I’m so happy right now ;_;

  • Extra_Life

    Good news. Seems a lot of games are seeing a European release these days, even if they’re released a while later than their American/Japanese counterparts, it’s a good feeling knowing we’re not forgotten.

  • Yukito

    The girl with the red vest thing reminds me of Kid from Chrono Cross.

  • Good news, I was waiting to get Trails US because of a trip over there, but now I’ll wait, at least to see what’s this “collector edition”.

    Nice to see this game in europe.

  • I wanna play the game just to see who she was calling ‘manly’ and ‘violent’.

  • Ghostlight is Europe’s ATLUS, Xseed and Aksys all rolled into one:) 

  • Hey that’s great. Will have to order this from some online retailer though. Ghostlight’s games are impossible to find in regular stores in my area.

  • Hours

    More Trails is always a good thing.

    Now, how about that SC XSEED? ;)

  • More Falcom around the world. ^__^
    Hope you guys get a complete story translated as well.

  • SirRichard

    One last hurrah for the PSP, why not. Nice to see Ghostlight still backing the system here when everyone else has essentially decided to run for the hills.

    • We’ll keep going with it as long as there are good games to release on the system :) We’ve got a few more we are looking into but I can’t say anything yet.

      • Gestahl

        PSN release, please.

        • I’ve been told we’re planning on doing a PSN release and that we’re going to do our best to get it closer to the physical release then we have with P3P.

  • I thought that girl in the picture on the newsfeed was Kid from Chrono Cross. I stupidly got my hopes up.

    • Yeah that’s almost the same outfit as Kid.

  • I like how Ghostlight has been moving lately. I really hope they’ll reach soon the point when they can announce games just a few days after (or even before!) American publishers. Fortunately, I still don’t have a PSP (will get one next week, I think), so I didn’t import the US version. I’ll surely buy the GL CE when it comes out!

  • Lich King

    Well, I’m in the wait for a long time since I plan to start playing this when all three comes out. :) 

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Good news, but I already imported the game so I won’t be getting the PAL version. 

  • bugmeknot

    If it’s on PSN I’ll buy it again to rate it 5 stars.

  • Words cannot describe how much I love Ghostlight. Persona 3 Portable and now this? With a Collector’s Edition? My oh my! Day one for me!

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