Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Extend Will Vocalize In November

By Ishaan . July 20, 2011 . 8:28am

Sega have always maintained that Project Diva Ver. 2.5. was a tentative name for the next Hatsune Miku game, and not the final title. This week, they revealed the final title and a release date to Famitsu magazine.


Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend is what the game is now called. Famitsu revealed a small list of new songs in the game, too. These include: Sekiranun Graffiti, Nekomimi Switch, Ura-Omote Lovers, Rin Rin Signal, A Thousand-Year Solo, and Lovers Suicide in Oblivion.


Famitsu also mention the names of a few more new modules that haven’t yet been announced: Violet, Shiny, Conflict, Rin and Len Append, and Lorelei. Project Diva Extent will release on November 10th, and will cost 5,229 yen.

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  • Darkrise

    For a second there, I actually thought that the title said
    “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Extend Will Localize in November”….

    • Christian Wright

      i did too :(

    • Mister_Nep

      I didn’t think of it like that when I read it. Now that I read this comment I’m sad now.

    • GRSonic

      Now that I read the title of the article and saw your comment…

      Yeah, I’m dissapointed, too…

      Still, I can’t wait till November ^_^

  • Christian Wright

    miku has already toured the world. the question now is, where is project diva international edition with translated text? that would be awesome.

    • tass123

      US = the world = not the same thing

      • Christian Wright

        im not talking about concerts. im talking about her presence. she’s been featured in the news in different countries. tour = more than one definition.

  • AzureNova

    All hail the Turquoise Goddess! Take my money!!! >_<

  • jotun_of_greed

    two-faced lovers

  • animaster

    I wonder why Japanese developers let their game title in English, while the in-game text is all-Japanese. It’s like they are trolling the non-Japanese fans. (-_-“)
    Just my personal opinion though. Hoping for any Project Diva localization here …

    • amagidyne

      Since there’s no plot and no dialogue, these games are very import-friendly. At most, you’ll want some katakana knowledge to traverse the menus easily. Even without that, there are icons for most of the menu options.

      If you’re desperate, there are some guides on the Project Diva wiki too.


  • GRSonic

    You probably forgot to mention this one, Ishaan, but for those who are pre-ordering this one will get a CD that has Miku singing to some classic SEGA songs.

    Other than that, I really can’t wait to get this one. Only thing that will make me even more happier is the release date for Dreamy Theater 2nd.

  • BTA

    It’s already up on AmiAmi, and for slightly cheaper than I expected: http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english&vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=TVG-PSP-2244&template=default/product/e_display.html

    Though it doesn’t mention the bonus CD at all, so… I’ll wait to see if they put an LE up. I had to e-mail them to change my order to an LE for 2nd when I bought that and the LE came up later, so I’d rather not go through that again…

  • needs more wowaka songs =D

  • MarkMario
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