Are Atlus Hinting At A European Release For Catherine?

By Ishaan . July 21, 2011 . 1:00pm

A little while ago, Atlus USA left the following message on their Twitter feed:


#Catherine is getting her passport in order… #whatcouldthismean


Is Catherine going to be released in Europe? While some Atlus games like Radiant Historia and Trauma Team never made it out to Europe, others like Persona 3: FES and Persona 4 were picked up by Koei and Square Enix. More recently, Persona 3 Portable was published by Ghostlight.

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  • Thats weird since Catherine is already listed on many german stores and has a european release date too

    • Gunbladeuser

      When’s it supposed to be released?

      • July 26th 2011

        • Gunbladeuser

          At least doesn’t list any EU-version of Catherine, but it’d be awesome if it got released in three days.

    • neofuji

      it has a USK rating as well. The publisher there is listed as “Koch Media GMBH” – they do publish games under the Deep Silver name but they’re mostly a distributor, so that could mean they’re just distributing it in Germany for some unknown publisher.

  • OH SNAP. You’re doing one bang-up job on this PR stuff, Atlus!

  • Well it could mean she is finally going south of the border! Welcome to Mexico Señorita Catherine!

  • I do hope so !! XD and i’d like the Pizza version  pls !!

  • malek86

    I’m curious as to who the publisher will be. I’ll go for the weirdest choice and say Namco.

  • catherine, you will be welcome, hehe *-*

  • hystzen

    After the wait for this it better arrive in UK or i will lead a crusade to Atlus

  • SirRichard

    At my most optimistic (but also most unrealistic), I would hope this would be the start of Atlus UK or Atlus Europe.

    At my most realistic, Catherine EU release.

    At my most pessimistic (perhaps more unrealistic than the optimistic side of me); some sort of DLC side-story/bonus campaign thing involving someone else in a different country running into Catherine.

    It’s probably Ghostlight at the wheels. If not them, then Tecmo-Koei.

    • Shinji Kazuya

      The start of Atlus UK / Atlus Europe would be quite welcome.
      I doubt that it will happen though :<

    • Atlus coming to eurozone would be totally cool!

  • If this is a europian release tease, I hope we can get to play catherine soon.

  • karasuKumo

    I really hope it is released here in the UK! So I can see people making the face in that picture when I buy it, even better if they release the deluxe edition.

  • RablaAndrews

    Or its just saying that Catherine is just about ready to finally hit the US.

    ..though I do hope its Europe =<

  • haqua

    Although I don’t live in the UK, this is still good news. 8D

  • Klarktastic

    already bough the US version since the ps3 is region free

  • vivaluis59

    I don’t understand something, If its in English why isn’t it sold in UK? and secondly when it comes out in Europe what language is it, because there are some many Languages in Europe… If its in Spanish does that mean it comes out in Mexico and South America too? wait, Brazil speaks Portuguese though…   

    • kahoseclipse

      I’m not sure about the rest of South America, but here in Brazil we get the US version of things and just play the games in English. I don’t think there have been many video games in Portuguese anyway- I know the original Scribblenauts could be played in Pt and, while the Wii and DS hadn’t, the 3DS has a Portuguese language option…

    • SirRichard

      The UK is part of the European Union, mate, we just have to deal with that. We get it when they do, really.

      Kinda sucks, but as of late the industry’s been really good about getting things out to us the same time as the US, if not before the US, sometimes by a good margin. Also, European special editions tend to be awesome.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys in Europe.  Because nightmare sheep and block puzzles know no national or continental boundaries. ;)

  • vadde939

    Really, really hoping this means the beginning of an Atlus Europe or at the very least Atlus USA partnering with another company to distribute their games in Europe. It works for NISA/Tecmo Koei Europe after all.

    • Shinji Kazuya

      I would be so happy if that was the case. Would mean Devil Survivor Overclocked would have a nice chance of coming ta Europe.
      And another reason ta get a 3DS, besides Tales of the Abyss.

      • Man, do they localize anything over there?

        • Yes they do localize things over here. But in comparison to how much US gets? Not much.

          But then again EU has started getting games that aren´t announced for US so I don´t know what to think of this anymore.

          • Alex

            And as for me who is french, there is only english translation , so for the PS3, i’ll go with import who is cheaper with the euro

          • Yep. For me it´s cheaper to import games than to buy them in stores or order them online from different stores.

  • Please announce it soon, because I’m thinking about importing. Would be nice to avoid that. :)

  • Lovely. I just hope that if it gets released here and if there is a LE the content of the LE doesn´t change.

    I can´t keep buying two versions of the same game just to get all the nice extra material :p

    Already preordered my NTSC version of Love is Over edition so I´m happy that EU might get Catherine, but I won´t be buying it. Probably.

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