Keep Your Eye On Black Rock Shooter’s Heat Gauge Or It’ll Overheat

By Ishaan . July 21, 2011 . 10:53pm

We’ve already seen a bit of Black Rock Shooter in-game battle footage in a previous video. Here’s some more:


Black Rock Shooter gives you a Heat Gauge (look in the bottom-right corner). Using your attacks and your dodge moves makes your Heat Gauge fill up. Once it’s full, it overheats and you have to wait for it to cool down before you can move again.

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  • Knight Hart

    Terribly boring gameplay. Totally turned my expectations arround.

    • Eric Chan

      People haven’t seen the rest of the battle system yet and they’re already writing it off? Your reaction is no different from the rest… I for one do not want to see another Third Birthday clone, as the camera was TERRIBLE to say the least. At least you’re not battling with it here. 

      • Knight Hart

        Don’t get me wrong. My opinion is based only on my own expectations that i would get some dynamic gameplay like the one shown briefly in the anime. Still this may be better than it looks. I will deffs play it, since i love the game’s art and setting. 

  • Xerain

    So it’s a backwards Stamina Gage.

  • Interesting. So this is like a 3D shmup, or like Tempest the arcade game… in a way. This seems to be basic combat so far, I wish I could see how far in-depth it goes. I’d like to see more. :>

  • goodandevil1256

    Wow looks a lot like Orphen for the ps2 which was a great game so this could be neat. 

  • Cool!

  • DanteJones

    Hmm, wonder if you’ll be able to run and gun? The video was pretty short, so hopefully the next one will show off a bit more of the game play.

  • Code

    rar, I kind of like the notion of mixing RPG qualities with Sin & Punishment-esque shooting. If nothing else really enjoying the environments, presentation, and character designs, looks pretty crisp, I’m just hoping game play can keep up with the vision. rar, I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • jugun

    Omg Black Rock Shooter SHOOTS AT THINGS!!!!!!!! REVELATION =O………………=.- hell no  

  • Christian Wright

    she went out like a chump :/

  • AzureNova

    Heat gauge or not, I’m still getting this. This just adds a little more strategy to the game. I can’t wait to play with my Gothic Miku. ^_^

  • Just… just give me a BRS PSP theme and I’ll be satisfied for now…

    • You are probably better off just making a BRS wallpaper for your PSP lol.

      • I could probably make one, I just don’t have any icon sets and can’t think of anything that would be good to use.

  • axess707

    That camera angle on the purple floating orb somehow reminded me of the 3rd Birthday.

  • I don’t care what anyone else says.  I’m excited by the collaboration that’s going into this game!

    And I have a good feeling about this battle system.  After all, this is only a teaser!

  • karasuKumo

    It doesn’t look like there’s much to the combat but it still looks fun.

  • raikage

    Too bad I don’t own a PSP.

  • jotun_of_greed

    it seems my bad feeling is true, but im still hoping.
    i thought there would be some flashy melee attacks features but all i just saw up until now is just…monotonous-looking shooting sequences. Well, she’s Black Rock ‘Shooter’ alright, but, rly?

  • Mister_Nep

    Within my expectations. Looking forward to it. Just hope there’s a way to heal in battle, because I predict lots of dodge fail on my part.

  • No issues with this, at least in theory. The gauge seems to fill up pretty fast though. Would be good if you get less penatly for evading just before an attack hits.

  • wakaki2d

    Still not sold on the high price this game has on all sites. Wish itd come here so itd be 20$ new.

  • Gameplay reminds me of Infinity Blade

  • Ravage27

    So it is a mechanic that prioritise an attack/defence balance

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