Namco Celebrate Tales’ 15th Anniversary With Budget Re-Releases In Japan

By Ishaan . July 21, 2011 . 10:03am

This year is full of anniversaries. It also happens to be the 15th anniversary of the Tales series, and Namco are celebrating with budget re-releases of some of the older games.


From right to left, you have: Tales of Phantasia (PSP), Tales of Eternia (PSP), Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP), Tales of Rebirth (PSP), Tales of Vesperia (PS3), and finally, Tales of Graces f (PS3). Each one comes in a special 15th anniversary sleeve, and will be sold separately.


On the back of each box is a code for a Tales of Xillia custom theme:


All six Tales of 15th Anniversary Collection budget re-releases are slated for release on August 4th. Tales of Xillia itself will be released a month later on September 8th.

  • Gerard Tetreault

    Rebirth is THAT forgettable, huh?

    • mikanko

      These aren’t new games, just re-releases of old ones.  A Rebirth port would be awesome, but it’s still only been released on PS2.

      • Croix

        Actually, Rebirth already had a PSP port. I am certain of this because, well, I own it. Lanyn’s translation guide was a big help in getting through it, but unless you’re really committed, I’m not sure if I would recommend attempting it if you don’t know Japanese.

        • Alex

          Seems that for tales of the remakes give us more chances of localization, i mean us got abyss and legendia on PS2 and in UE nothing.
          Now we will get abyss on 3DS, and i was really afraid of not getting it this time

          • Croix

            Speaking on principle, Tales is by far my favorite series. I would love to see it grow much more outside of its native region. The reason I say it’s my favorite on principle is because it can be difficult at times to be a dedicated fan of a series that only appears in your country sporadically.

          • DanteJones

            EDIT: Looks like his comment was deleted. Feel free to ignore this Croix. XD

        • mikanko

          My bad.  It’s even already had a budget rerelease on PSP.

          • @Croix:disqus @mikanko:disqus Sorry, sorry. Rebirth is up there, too. I just…missed it.

          • Gerard Tetreault

            K, just checking.

            For the record, Rebirth is my favorite, which is why I noticed its absence in the list.

    • Rebirth was good enough for a tales of game in my opinion O.o, the problem was the 3 line battle system, not bad, but didnt felt that good

      • Hraesvelgr

        Really? Rebirth seems to be something of a fan favorite when it comes to the battle system, I thought.

        • Really? O-o, i thought the reason it wasnt thaaat popular as other tales of games was because of that, because as far as i’ve seen Veigue got popular as MC, for his “comical” aspect of…. KUREAAA!! KUREAAAAAA!!!!! 

      • Exkaiser

        3-Line Battle System is by far the best LMBS in the franchise. The rest of the games don’t even come close.

        • I dont meant to say its good or bad though, its just that i know that tales of rebirth didnt sell as good as others, and i THINK its because of that

    • Jirin

      Rebirth has a great character cast and one of the best combat systems.  My only issues with it:

      1)  Racism is bad, kids!  *hurk*
      2)  Absurdly huge difficulty spike for the final boss.  I played the rest of the game on Hard, and turned it down to Easy for the boss because there was no way I was gaining the 30 levels I would have needed to beat him on Hard.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I believe he was referencing the fact that Rebirth isn’t mentioned in the article, not saying that the game was actually bad and/or forgettable.

    • Rebirth (imo) is the best Tales game. It really is looked over by a lot of fans lol

  • raikage

    I’d buy Vesperia, if it’ll work with the patch.
    But how much does it cost?

  • Can we please get these in the US??? Pretty Please.

  • This is mouth wetting.

  • In a perfect world all of this would be localized =(

    • Alex

      It happens before, star ocean the last hope was released on ps3 as international  with all the languages on disc after the beta on XBOX 360.
      The developpers should have done the same for vesperia ps3.
      Now at least the game price should drop and i will surely get it and wait to see if i could use the patch, if not i’ll go with the faqs

      • I already have Vesperia PS3, just wondering about the PSP ones.
        If you search on google you will find an 360 guide for the game that works mostly fine (some obrigatory parts in the PS3 version doesn’t exist in the 360 one, YT videos can help) and the script for the 360 version.
        If you don’t understand nothing of japanese, that’s the way to go.

  • mikanko

    Yay, Vesperia for under 80$

    • Alex

      and since the patch is disc based, it relly mean more vesperia goodness in understandable language for me

  • This could be the vesperia for ps3 my soul has been waiting to import!

  • kevinposta

    This is in no ways connected to what they said about putting older titles in PS3 in HD, right?
    I am still waiting for that myself

  • Jirin

    Is that 4th one that you skipped over in the article Tales of Rebirth?

    And PSP is region free.  Hrm.

    • Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Sample strikes again!

  • If this is a Japan-only celebration, then Namco Bandai can do other gaming markets not named Japan a favor to release ALL remaining Tales games on non-imposing formats like Steam, even if it means porting all of the remaining games to the PC.  In simpler terms, don’t count out non-Japanese Tales fans!

    Or even better, as mentioned in an earlier topic, make a Tales game with licensed series like Dragonball, since Dragonball sells more than the main series Tales.

  • Is tales of destiny 2 any good? Its one of the few Tales titles I never bothered to import for some reason.

    • Tales of destiny 2, if you liked ToD1 then you will most probably like this one, the MC is almost a copy of Stahn tho, and you get to know what happens to the ToD1 party too, the characters in your party are not that bad either, the story seems pretty simple in terms of why the MC goes to an “adventure” but there is another interestign thing about that reason, anyway, i enjoyed it.

      Bad thing is that it feels the MC is too… kid, not for personaliy, more in design, the personality is pretty much kid-like, just as stahn so is not that bad… at least for my tastes, it just looks wrong to see an adult with a bunch of muscles fighting a little kid on the OP (or in the game, but watching the OP might hint you what i mean) and yeah, they had the same strengh.

      There are some videos around too, its a decent tales of games.

      • Thanks, appreciate the explanation. I’ll probably end up picking up a copy if only to just help complete my tales of collection. ToD1 wasn’t my favorite game in the series, but it was definitely enjoyable. 

        • No prob :D, in terms of battles, they are really fast placed and fun too, 2D style, faster tales of eternia, and better character models, close to the director’s cut of ToD1. Nothing to complain there

    • Not as good as Destiny or Eternia.

    • kroufonz

      it is good enough for me, the battle system is fun too, i like it, and reala is cute

  • Barrit

    Is that you Lion-o?

  • Darkrise

    I can finallly get Vesperia ps3. ^.^

  • Is there a patch for Vesperia?

    • LynxAmali

      The group that’s doing it just finished the actual translation. They’re going through the editing now I believe. Just google Tales of Vesperia PS3 translation.

      • Tatsuya1221

        Yeah, though you forgot to mention that it can’t be used if your firmware is above 3.55.

  • Juho Vuolo

    Ooh, I would so like to have those PSP games on PSN here in Europe.

  • Draparde

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the tales news we’re supposed to be on the lookout for during comic con. (the 15h anniversary anyway)

    • shy_mel

      Considering Comic Con is in the US and these budget releases are in Japan, I’d say no.

      • Draparde

        I was referring to it being the tales of 15th anniversary, not the budget releases lol. though with the abyss trailer its safe to assume the “news” where simply trailer(s?) of the upcoming tales games in the US

    • kroufonz

      it’s namco bandai usa don’t get your hopes up

  • Room201

    Guess I’ll finally be able to see/play the extra content Vesperia for ps3 had to offer that I missed with the 360 ver.

  • Time to import Vesperia then!

  • IceRomancer

    Badass tales games, cheaper price, and a Xillia custom theme… Soooooo much DO WANT!! :D

  • epy


  • urbanscholar

    Ideally I’d like to purchase both rebirth and vesperia but I’m awaiting that price tag for vesperia.

  • Haha, it looks like everyone can finally import Vesperia PS3 in peace.

  • Already prepared to buy Rebirth.

  • kroufonz

    only one of those version come to the west (there is also one JP/EU only):P

    maybe i am gonna import some of it, time to complete tales catalog.

  • Sucks that I don’t have a PS3

    • That’s okay most PS3 owners think that it sucks that they can’t understand Japanese…. well outside of the usual hentai movie dialogue….. I’m screwed

  • Rarutos

    Actually, I hear that Vesperia PS3 and Graces f aren’t actually budget releases. Notice that there’s no yellow stickers on them. :x

  • Sigh, an international release would be wonderful, specially of a complete Vesperia, I’d love a remake of Symphonia that include the second one and all kinds of extras on PS3, But we need more Rutee, where’s tales of destiny?

    • kroufonz

      no destiny port this generation, so no release, you still have rutee as a mother in destiny 2 anyway:P

    • puchinri

      My question exactly, I was hoping to see Rutee. (They could have ported it to PSP… Or just made a fancier version of the director’s cut.)

  • Oh, dang. If only I had a PSP… Oh well. On the other hand, I already have Vesperia and Graces f, and they’re really good themselves.

  • malek86

    Uhm, more budget Tales. Are they skipping on the 360/Wii/DS games? I guess they think there’s not enough of a market for those anymore.

    • sandra10

      It might have to do with Xillia being a PS3 exclusive. That’s the only thing I could think of.

      • malek86

        There is also the fact that the 360 and Wii games have seen improved versions on the PS3, and that the DS games weren’t exactly well received… except Hearts. They could have at least re-released that one.

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          I was going to say, maybe they chose those 2 platforms because they have the best chance of actually selling there. (This assumption is due to the PSP and PS3 being the highest selling platforms in JPN on a usual weekly basis, aside from DS and 3DS.)

  • Learii

    re-master all those psp to ps3 and make it tales ps3 collection i buy it come on namco make it happen


  • I stopped looking forward to possible ports a long time ago. Damn it, Radiant Mythology!

  • What better way to complete my collection, than to get 15th anniversary editions of Rebirth and Vesperia??? :D

  • darkfox1

    Japan so loyal to The tales series. I bet there isn’t even a THOUGHT about doing something like this here. :(

  • This will make importing easier…. but Tales is kinda dialogue intensive, so I’m not sure if my Japanese is good enough…

    • Eri

      I always have more problems with various menu’s (because I’m too lazy too try and read everything/decipher all the katakana words).

      • Katakana’s kinda a pain D; esp in fantasy games when there are a lot of made up words… so looking them up in a dictionary doesn’t help much….. 
        Although i can more easily read katakana than a lot of kanji… 

  • puchinri

    No Destiny? ;A;

    Well, I’ll probably pick the PSP ones up some time at least.

  • knowing namco they wont do this here in the west. >_>

  • Depressing the only game (of these versions sans Graces) available in English is Eternia in Europe.

  • orrr they could release some jap only stuff (there’s plenty) in the us…
    yeah, j/k…

  • Yamaneko22

    Finally, a budget Vesperia! So glad that I waited with importing :D


    • In America. This is so awesome I had no choice but to post an crappy comment. I’m sorry.

  • I would pay whatever money for this r-r

  • MAO

    These aren’t budget re-releases. They’re just “Anniversary Sleeves” which contain the protect code to download the TOX custom theme, and will be given out to customers who purchase TOP, TOE, TOD2, TOR on the PSP (“The Best” budget version) or TOV, TOGf on the PS3 (normal version) from August 4 onwards.

    • malek86

      Really? That would be the most ridiculous thing ever.

      • MAO

        The sleeves and protect code are free gifts for those who purchase the listed titles during the Tales’ 15th Anniversary campaign. Nothing ridiculous about that. :)

  • Kitestwinblades

    Makes me sadder we never got Vesperia. I might as well take this opportunity to import.

  • Guess its time to import, playasia here i come.

  • Well I guess I’ll pick up Vesperia and maybe Destiny 2, since other than Graces, I have everything else.

  • And I JUST ordered Vesperia PS3…

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