Steins;Gate Travels Back In Time To 8-Bit Era

By Ishaan . July 24, 2011 . 2:59pm

Mages (formerly known as 5pb), have a new game in development for Windows PCs, as part of a new PC software brand: Steins;Gate 8-bit. This is an 8-bit version take on the Steins;Gate franchise, attempting to emulate the look of old  with both art and sound having been redone to reflect the 8-bit aesthetic.


Similar to older computer games, you’ll also be entering commands to perform actions in Steins;Gate 8-bit. For instance, you’ll use commands like “open” and “door” to open a door, or a “talk” command to talk to someone.


Interestingly, this isn’t a remake (demake?) of the original Steins;Gate — it’s some sort of new spin-off story, featuring the game’s cast. Mages will release Steins;Gate 8-bit on October 28th for 5,040 yen.


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  • SolidusSnake

    But can I get ye flask?

    • malek86

      No, but if we’re lucky, Kurisu will sit down and start singing about gold.

  • If i did understand well when reading the description of the story, its a direct sequel of the true ending of the game (and of course the ending that will be on the anime). They start from the world line the game ended (if i say more, spoilarz will come xD).

    This might be spoilarz so read at your own risk… Still, ill try to make it more spoilerless possible… The story starts in a really simple way, Okarin was on the world line he ended up on the true ending, and he suddenly feels the feeling he always feels when the world line changes…. Blah blah spoilers, and it seems he changed world line, and he has to find a way with his labo membarz to get back on his original world line blah spoilarz.

    Also, it seems it is related to the avatar of the MMORPG the MC of chaos;head takumi, uses, maybe he will appear on the game >8D!

    ME WANT!!!!, sadly it wont have voice acting… so it will make it a lot harder to understand too T~T i admit the voice actign has saved me a bunch of times

    • kroufonz

      even if it is without voice, it’s on pc mean all the text could “easily” translated to chaotic engrish translation using certain set of tool:p

      • Lol, using that is a real drag tho >_<

  • malek86

    Bah, if they wanted to make it 8-bit, they would have to use an 8-bit font too. You know, the kind that didn’t allow kanji due to being too low-res. I played a bit of FF4 that way, and it was painful.

    • Aoshi00

      That’s true, no wonder something didn’t feel quite right w/ those screenshots..  all of the text in the Famicom games like DQ/FF were displayed in kana (only in the Super Famicom/PSP remakes some text was upgraded to kanji), unless you count some limited ones like the names of the generals for the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms RPGs, I’m not sure if those count because they’re like static..–bys&feature=related

      and here’s the first DBZ RPG on the Famicom, and these were actually fun back then lol..

      W/ all the complex science terms written out in kana it would be weird and difficult to read.. it was fun memorizing the common turn based commands back then though… like hanasu, tatakau, etc..

      • malek86

        Of course, if they use a big font like in that game, kanji would possible on the NES too. But anything smaller than that, and you would have to deal with just hiragana and katakana.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, 8-bit RPGs w/ only hiragana/katakana and lots of text were hard to read back then, wonder if it was the same for Jpn gamers as well.. since kanji is easier to recognize for vocabs, but most games back then weren’t as story heavy…  That’s why the Jpn ver of Half Minute Hero or Bad Man on PSP were harder to read compared to the Eng ver… even though the genuine 8-bit text looks nostalgic and true to old school..

          Although thinking how the size data is limited when it comes to time traveling in Steins;Gate, this idea is kinda funny… I guess the 8-bit graphics and music are a fun stylistic choice, but limiting the text in such story heavy game/novel in 8-bit would make it unnecessarily hard to read..

          • That’s because this is aiming for the look of 8-bit computer games, such as MSX or similar. Rather than consoles.

          • Aoshi00

            So I guess it was like the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx right, I remember those games were able to display kanji as well.. but that was more powerful than 8 bit right..

          • I think so. But this game’s graphics style doesn’t even begin to resemble PC-Engine/Turbografx. You need to think way more obscure platforms, most of the west know little about. Here’s what AFAIK a Sharp FM7 game looks like.

        • kanji would look like a ball of bits -_-

  • Aoshi00

    I thought this was a spoof at first.. even though it’s interesting, at 5000 yen I would have to say the price is quite steep.. I don’t know how hard it is to make a 8-bit game.. but Megaman 9 & 10 are like 10 bucks each…  and here no voice acting either..  I find the anime blu-rays w/ bonus to be worthy to collect though..

  • This is both genius and horrible at the same time.

  • kroufonz

    so mages ain’t gonna stop milking this any time soon?

    even if steins gate their only and most succesful IP, they should at least give it a little break before further milking and porting.

    • Yeah, instead of making another game with better graphics (or the same) to milk more, lets make a 8 bit vertion to atract the newest generation!—Not!

      I dont think they are milking the game, considering they could just make a newer with the same graphics and would had been 10000 times easier, and might even get more people to buy it, cuz not everyone is into the 8 bit graphics and voiceless stuff.

    • Aoshi00

      Seems a bit much to me as well.. they are doing such a great job w/ the anime and the spinoff was pretty good I thought it’s enough (and PSP/iPad/iPhone port selling), and this is over 5000 yen, this should’ve been a bonus for the 2nd 360 game… 8-bit music is pretty awesome though..but the price just seems a little bit high for milking…

      • Yeah, i did saw that, didnt they say they are selling the game the same as a normal game? O_O, that is a but overdoing i think.

        But i still think many people might not like the, not voices and 8 bit style thing, so there might be not as many sales (especially if the price is the same as a normal game)

        • Aoshi00

          yea, even if it’s a stylish throwback for fun, they’re asking too much.. I mean we didn’t mind paying $10 for Megaman 9 & 10, but nobody would pay $50-60 for each of those games, as fun and old school as they were…  And they are not even paying any VAs for this (one of the strong points of Steins;Gate is the amazing seiyuu cast), so the asking price is a bit greedy..  At first I thought this is a spoof video someone made for fun, let alone a game w/ full retail price.. if it’s a cheap downloadable experimental title it would make more sense.. but I still don’t want them to excessively milk this even though I like Steins;Gate a lot.

          • Worst part is that is a direct sequel of the true ending, that is why im inclined to get it (frankly speaking, i dont like the 8 bit idea, no matter how much i love steins;gate)

          • Aoshi00

            Where did you see that it’s a direct sequel, I think it’s just another world line that’s different from the main story right?   But man, over 5000 yen is kinda crazy.. who would buy this, and the graphics isn’t that good even by 8-bit standard..  I just check on some Jpn forum people were making fun it would be only compatible w/ Windows 98 lol…  I mean the idea is strange but interseting, if it’s like a 1000 yen I would check it out, but no way at this price..


            Look at the story description part, see it says he is in the *spoiler* line world, wich already and obviously means its a direct sequel of the true ending…, and then it suddenly happens, he gets a d-mail and etc…

          • Aoshi00

            You’re right, it does say it’s picking up from the ending and Taku from Chaos Head is involved..  Still it’s another extra scenario, I guess I could live w/o this game (it’s like the new Back to the Future game picking up from the end of the 3rd movie which is very fun).. I wonder how long is this game, they should’ve done a drama CD w/ this story instead of an 8-bit PC game.. the graphics look kinda awful and again too expensive I’m not sure many people would buy it like you said..

          • Yeah lol, it’s lenght is something else im wondering xD, i guess it might be pretty hard too if we are the ones that have to move, and investigate or whatnot, by putting inputs. 

            I would love to see a kinda direct sequel, but i didnt expect them to see it for the same price as an original -this generation- game -_-! …. On the other hand im a chaos;head steins;gate fanboy…. so… T~T! they are taking advantage of my love D:


    Shouldn’t they get working on Robotics;Notes? Haven’t heard any new development about it since April or something…

  • Thomas Maloney

    better dust off the old PC-8801

  • I like their :3 faces.

  • lol wut?

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