Sundae Funday: 80s Anime Revival

By Ishaan . July 24, 2011 . 10:29am


No weird or creepy ice-creams this week. You’ll have to settle for a regular brownie sundae. I’m not sure Dracula ice-cream was good for anyone’s taste buds anyway…


Time for the weekly three-piece news recap! One of them’s a Voltron game being published by THQ. I thought it was kind of neat that we’re getting both Voltron and Saber Rider games now. It’s nice to see games giving these old and forgotten series a second chance. Well, provided they’re good games.



From Uncharted Regions Of The Universe Comes Voltron: The PSN And XBLA Game

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is based on the 1980s anime series where five pilots from the planet Arus battle King Zarkon and the never ending Robeasts created by Haggar.


How Shinobi’s Parry Button Controls The Game’s Flow

Shinobi’s new parry button affects both the game’s combat and its platforming. Game producer, Stephen Frost, tells us how.


We’re Curious What Square Enix Is Doing With Monster x Dragon

Square Enix have filed a trademark for what sounds like a new property or a spin-off series: Monster x Dragon. While the obvious Monster Hunter-meets-Dragon Quest scenario comes to mind, it’s never that simple. After all, when they trademarked Theatrhythm, I joked to Spencer it would be an iPhone otome game…


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  • Damn…now I really want a sundae.

  • I wish there would be an 80s anime revival in, well, anime. Macross, Dragon Ball, Nausicaa, Laputa, Zeta Gundam, Akira, Kiki’s Delivery Service, etc.

    The 90s were fantastic too, but after that.. what happened? D: There are very few anime from the last 10 years that I’ve really taken a shine to.

    • id rather they work on making new and better anime rather than rehashing older ones but that’s just me 

      • Well, that’s sort of what I meant. New shows that capture that oldschool feeling.

    • kylehyde

      100% agree.

      In my case I will add Ranma 1/2, to the list of series that I want to see a revival in anime form.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Hm personal taste I guess? Anime changes to adjust for each generation just like any other medium does. So I guess you’re just not into what most people are into right now. There’s nothng wrong with that. There has been some great recent mechas though. Gurren Lagann being an awesome Homage to the Super Robot genre and there’s been some fun remakes of Go Nagai’s mechas too. I think the newest Gundam shows are pretty great as well and I have to give credit where credit is do and acknowledge Dendoh (go watch that it’s an awesome anime Written and directed by the 2 people behind Gundam SEED and more importantly it also takes ideas and concepts that was planned for the next Braves anime that was scrapped, It’s an awesome Super Robot anime from 2000).

      Most newer Mechas seem to try not to focus so much on the mechas themselves now. I like to think of them as mechas for not Mecha fans (doesn’t mean mecha fans can’t like them or there not great mechas though). Shows like Eureka Seven and Code Geass seem to be the more “in” thing now. Both great mecha animes too but there definitely different from what we had before.

      80’s Mechas have definitely made a come back though. The new Zeta Gundam Trilogy movies (Some big changes in plot and retcons in it and it was directed by Tomino himself). Macross just got Macross Frontier a brand new show to celerbate the 20th
      anniversarty of the series like 6 years ago. The same thing happened
      for Robotech with the Shadow Chronicles movie. Dragon Ball had just got Dragon Ball Kai released like two years ago. It’s a great edited down version of the show that gives much better pacing and the upscalling is just amazing. This is the best an 80’s anime will ever look. Nausicaa doesn’t need a remake and besides it just got an awesome Blu-Ray upscaling that is simply amazing and to die for. It looks epic man. The same can be said for the Akira Blu-Rays. They did top notch job on those upscallings.

      There’s plenty of 80’s Nostalgia and re-release and/or continuation of the series going on right now. Anyways if you’re reading manga I find that most of the 80’s-ish kind of mangas are in the seinen magazines. Seinen is where you can find many different mangas reminiscent of the old school 80’s kind of mangas. That’s where you’ll find stuff like Lost Canvas, Birdy the Mighty II, newest Captain Tsubasa’s and plenty of new stuff that isn’t a continuation of old school stuff but made in the same vein of them like Needless and Fire Fire Fire.

    • Baccano!, Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann, Black Lagoon, Kuuchuu Buranko, The Tatami Galaxy, Time of Eve (4 episode series and movie), 5 Centimeter per second (movie), Akagi, Kaiji, and Samurai Champloo.

      The anime in the 00’s haven’t been all that bad. I think the 90’s were horribly overrated.

    • mikanko

      I have pretty fond memories of anime watching in the 90s, but I also remember having a lot less content to sift through.  There weren’t nearly as many people propagating every show under the sun back then.  I have a feeling there were a lot of bad anime shows in the 90s I’ll have never heard of or experienced, as opposed to the internet letting me watch anything that airs on Japanese TVs these days pretty readily.

      That said, I can’t really think of anything from the 90s I enjoyed more than Seikai no Senki, One Piece(canon only for the love of all that is holy) or Eden of the East so part of it is likely just different strokes for different folks.

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