Pokémon Director Sad That E3 Was All About Killing

By Ishaan . July 27, 2011 . 12:00pm

Pokémon Black/White director, Junichi Masuda, attended this year’s E3 and posted a few pictures of the things he took note of on his blog.

Amongst other things, Masuda excitedly expressed how impressed he was by a sit-in Lamborghini racing game controller at a peripherals booth. It appears Masuda’s a fan of Lamborghinis. Another racing game station with three screens caught his interest, too.



In a separate post, Masuda reported his findings from the day of Nintendo’s media presentation. Heading outside after the presentation, he spotted a couple of tanks.


“This tank is for game’s advertisement. Just wow…” Masuda noted. Interestingly, later on, he noted something else related to the tanks.


“This year, FPS war games were trend!! A lot of splatter scenes!! Blood spread everywhere. Shooting a lot, killing a lot,” he wrote.


Heading further down this train of thought, Masuda continued: “The game developer seems get used to ‘kill’ the target. Therefore, I felt ‘how to kill’ became a focus of developing game. For that reason, target become zombie and alien…”


“These targets’ savage attack and human counterattacks… It became savage contents and you never know. Mmm… It is the player who choose the game to play. As a game creator, it is little sad!”


“Majority of the games look like a same game,” Masuda noted. “There were little of original games. I felt a sense of crisis with above part.”

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  • I agree most fps look the same and this trend is kinda sad but like most trends it will pass

    because of facebook gaming…jk


    • puchinri

      Facebook might save us yet! (Sadly.)

      Better just jump on the Farmville bandwagon now if you haven’t already.

      • Technically, Farmville, Mafia Wars, and even Cityville have actually been losing users, so Facebook gaming bubble may be quickly deflating…

        • puchinri

          Really? I hadn’t heard that~. Last I heard for Farmville was that it was growing exponentially. But in the best case scenario, all those people have decided to start playing HM instead of Farmville.

  • Arcm

    “Majority of the games look like a same game,” Coming from the Pokemon director that statement has very little meaning since all the Pokemon games are similar with the biggest difference between generations is the new Pokemon.

    But the last Pokemon game I enjoyed was Pokemon Yellow.

    • Validity doesn’t work like that; it’s still true, no matter who says it.

      Pokémon games are similar because they’re in a single series, and successive steps of a formula – not a fast progress, but I digress. When many games from many different sources end up looking similar, that’s dubious.

      • Arcm

        I’m not trying to hate on Pokemon it’s just the games haven’t changed a whole lot between releases to me it seems like nintendos version of call of duty.

        But after rereading the article I took what he said out of context to what he meant I should really not read articles while at work since I seem to not actually read what was typed lol.

        • That is definitely true. Like I said above, not a fast progress.

  • Bunzi

    As a man that both respects and agrees with Mr. Masuda’s opinion and as a long time Pokémon fan….

    I don’t think his titles are bastions of innovation and fresh air, either.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      I don’t think he wants more innovation, though. I think he just wants more variety, which echoes the sentiment of a lot of gamers….even those who enjoy FPS/TPS games.

  • SolidusSnake

    Anyone else think that maybe people who live in houses made of cock-fighting simulators should not throw stones? I guess it’s ok if there’s no blood and the target “faints” instead of dying…

    • All those Pokemon buried in Lavender Town and the Celestial Tower…I guess they just die of old age or sickness? It’s TOTALLY not from the constant battles… ;)

      • Exkaiser

        Well, yes, that’s the explanation given in the game.

        They specifically state that no pokemon die through battle, except perhaps for the ones Team Rocket whip to death, like Marowak.

        See, it’s okay to be exactly like them as long as your sprite isn’t holding a whip! And this is what makes you a good guy.

        • Sabrina had a whip in the original games…then again, she was with Team Rocket in the Pokemon Adventures manga…

          You’re onto the secret of heroics!

    • It’s true. But I don’t feel like hypocrisy is wrong in this case, because he’s just pointing out a mistake that we’re all making. If you brought this point up to him, I’m sure he’d admit it.

      But I think Pokemon is really more about companionship than killing. Catching them all and raising them is one of the primary focuses. Fighting them is just a way of growth.

      But who am I kidding? Like I said earlier, we’re all making the same mistake. Companionship is just a good justification for violence.

      • SolidusSnake

        Fair enough, I am perhaps being a little hard on the guy, but it does strike a nerve with me since I am a long time player of shooters and other violent games.

        Yes, the Pokemon games dress up the constant fighting with themes of friendship and adventure, and I think that is part of what makes them so successful and enjoyable. But at the same time, most cultures prior to industrialization put a similar face on warfare. Even as recently as WWII war was looked upon by many in a positive light. War was about brotherhood, manliness, defeating the enemy, and service to your country. Yes, killing is nasty, but we live in a violent world and sometimes it is a necessity. I’m not trying to say that war is a good thing, just trying to offer a different perspective.

        He does have a point about too many games looking the same though. I like Battlefield a lot because of the focus on strategy and teamwork, but I personally have no desire to play another Call of Duty or Medal of Honor game.

        • Yeah, I can agree with that. I feel like FPSs need exactly that: a different perspective. A different face.

          I find that most shooting games revolve around the same goals: kill all enemies on the map and accomplish the objective. It all has approximately the same aesthetics too. Lots of brown, nitty-gritty environments – I’m assuming used to reinforce how harsh the setting is.

          So maybe there should be a different kind of FPS that’s not trying to be manly.

          I think that’s why I was interested in Left 4 Dead, because it was about teamwork and survival. You didn’t have to kill everything. You could decide kick ass and soldier through, but the game would periodically try to punish you for it by mobbing you. The characters were a ragtag bunch that didn’t know what they were doing. And the game itself would never take itself too seriously.

          So yeah. Get creative FPS devs. Maybe it doesn’t have to be about war. Galgun did a pretty good job of that.

          EDIT: Oh crap, Galgun was an on-rails wasn’t it? Well whatever, my point still stands – shooters can still be creative.

          • Exkaiser

            A different -perspective-, huh? I know what you really mean, but the other ways ther

            For not-so brown, gritty, serious war games, there’s also stuff like Serious Sam.

  • TomSkylark

    While it would be easy to remark snarkily upon the irony of someone involved with Pokemon complaining about repetitive gameplay and design, instead I’m just going to note my agreement with Masuda’s FPS ennui and back away slowly.

  • stealthgiga

    I feel the same. Why must it always (generally) be about killing bad guys?

    • That seems more like a statement about how most things in life involve good vs evil…Its odd to agree with his statement considering more and more games are embracing morality choices and you can potentially avoid killing bad guys. 

    • Because killing the good guys wouldn’t make much sense, would it? :/

      • SerendipityX

        Actually just once in my lifetime I would like to play as the bad guys and kill the good guys for a subtle change.

        • There are games that let you do it, but they make you feel incredibly guilty and terrible for it.

          • SerendipityX

            Ah, you’re right. I should’ve known it would guilt trip you. -__-

  • Considering how I felt Black and White “killed” a lot of the love I had for Pokemon, I have little hope for the future of the franchise. I keep looking at the new Pokemon designs and cringing. Unlike a lot of my friends, I never had a problem with the past few generations. Sure, there were a few bad designs, but Hoenn and Sinnoh didn’t have enough garbage for it to be a deal-breaker. Goth Pokemon and ice cream Pokemon are the line. The DSi-enhanced features seem worthless to me, especially when those feature keep it from being recognized in my US 3DS. And of ALL the places to base a Pokemon continent on, WHY New York?! It’s bad enough our comic books and tv shows and movies take place there, and I’m sick of games doing it, too.

    Of course, I’m probably still mad that I paid about 50 bucks for it the week it came out in Japan during my foreign stay, only for the price to drop not half a month later. That, and the fact it won’t play in my North America 3DS. And inevitably, I’ll buy an North American version of Black or White when my girlfriend does. And I guess there are a FEW cool designs, like Tsutaaja/Snivy.

    At least I’m AWARE of how bad it is before I buy it for the second time in another country…

    • raymk

      Well many like most of these pokemon better than the last 2 generations.  I do as well and the pokemon have to be made someway as was stated that pokemon are not only made from animal inspirations but anything and everything.  Many a majority still consider black and white the best game in the series.

      • andref

        My opinion is Red and blue (yellow two) had the best designs probably from nostalgia but black and white had the best story out of all the games. Can be a bit tiring having the same old bad guy team want to take over world and wants to enslave legendaries. At least the new story had more depth in the story along with more involvement from the gym leaders beyond challenging them to a battle, receiving a badge and never seeing them again

    • I respect your opinion, but Hoenn, to me, had the worst Pokemon and Gym Leader designs. Half of the Gym Leaders wore normal, everyday clothes (Brawly, Norman, Flannery, and Roxanne), and the Pokemon just looked like animals.

      Wingull was literally just a seagull, Taillow is the most boring bird Pokemon in the series, and then we had such “creative” designs as Wurmple and Beautifly. Even Latios and Latias were dull, and those are legendary Pokemon.

      I guess what I’m getting at is that even when one generation is a bit lackluster, the next one usually improves upon it. The Pokemon games do make progress (even if everybody says they’re all the same), more than FPS games do, in my opinion.

    • Rarutos

      It seems like you’re judging the games themselves more on the designs of the Pokémon rather than the overall improvements of B/W as a game compared to the previous generations. Sure the Pokémon are important, but the gameplay is too.

      5th gen is probably my favorite at the moment, and I find a lot of the weird designs are very charming. I absolutely love Vanillite and it’s evolutions, just because of how silly they are. I doubt Pokémon designs are supposed to be taken seriously in the first place. :P

      But to each his own I suppose!

    • Suicunesol

      Meh, it’s very clear from these comments that everyone has a generation they’re most fond of. What that tells me is that each game must be doing something right.

      For me, Black and White improved in all areas (graphics, music, gameplay, design) except plot. It was a respectable attempt to make a more involving plot, but it ended up being a bit lousy to me. I welcome Gamefreak to try again in Gen 6, however.

  • On one hand, he’s not entirely wrong.

    On the OTHER hand, pot, kettle, etc.

  • You have to understand what he is saying. He is saying that most of the FPS games look very similar to each other, even more so than usual. It’s always a gritty, realistic looking war shooter with black, gray, brown, and red colours(for blood obviously). It’s obvious that most of the pokemon games are similar, but it’s not like a bunch of other developers are copying him. Besides, in any series, you’re going to find a lot of similarities between each other.

    The only reason I don’t like FPS games is because most of them look way too similar to each other. I feel like I’m playing the same game copy and pasted from a different developer. At least pokemon has a lot of imagination and colour. All of the games may be similar to each other, but they are at least fun and not depressing.

    • Guest

      On the other hand, I’m looking forward to the Digimon PSP game and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. I do wish S-E would localize the DQM Battle Road Victory Wii game though

  •  I’m so tired of FPS games. I really want a new RPG to play. ;_;

    • SolidusSnake

      Don’t worry there are quite a few coming out sooner or later… Persona 2, Atelier Totori, Skyrim, Devil Survivor 2, and hopefully before long Trails in the Sky Chapter 2.

      Edit: And how could I forget Disgaea 4. Shame on me.

      • Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, Tales of the Abyss 3D, Xenoblade, The Last Story

        • SolidusSnake

          Sadly the latter two only apply to our friends in the EU.

    • Shinji Kazuya

      You have some very good options that are coming soon: Disgaea 4, Atelier Totori and Xenoblade Chronicles. I think there’s more but those are the ones I remember at the moment.

    • Me too. That said, I do enjoy myself some shooting now and then; just not bloody ones, and usually not 1st-Person interfaces because they make me dizzy.

      For me, non-RPGs are the “break times” between my RPG sessions.

    • How can you be tired of FPS games? Simply dont play them…Is SOCOM4/Killzone3/GearsOfWar3/ModernWarfare3/Battlefield3/Resistance too many FPS games this year? I could easily name six RPGs this year…

      • SolidusSnake

        I’m definitely looking forward to a few. Battlefield 3, Gears 3, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, and Alien: Colonial Marine all look great. Well, two of those are 3rd person shooters, but that’s neither here nor there.

        • Im looking forward to Resistance 3, to see if they actually did listen to fans from the surveys and made it vastly different from R2. R1 was awesome for its time. I want to get MW3 and Im on the fence with Battlefield 3.

          • SolidusSnake

            Yeah hopefully Resistance 3 will be good. I know that a lot of people are cynical about it since the multiplayer mode will only support 16 players max. I gotta admit that is pretty low. A lot of people complained about the campaign in Resistance 2 so hopefully that will be improved upon at least.

            Battlefield is very different from COD. The maps are a lot bigger and teamwork plays a much bigger part. Also, the learning curve is higher, since you have to deal with taking and holding (or destroying / defending, depending on game mode) objectives, dealing with vehicles including tanks, choppers, and jets, learning how to use a variety of different weapons and gadgets, dealing with destructible environments, and generally learning to be a team player.

            However, if you take the time to get into it, learn how the weapons work, and communicate with your squad, you’ll find that it’s very rewarding. Personally, I think the Battlefield games offer the best multiplayer experience out of any first person shooter, ever. I’m really looking forward to BF3, I believe that it will combine everything that made BF2 and Bad Company great and will be the best multiplayer shooter we’ve seen yet.

          • Guest

            Sad that you pick those 3 over Deus Ex a game with an actual intensive RPG like story and freedom of movement and choice.

        • malek86

          The one I’m definitely awaiting for is Serious Sam 3 (gotta keep my Serious difficulty track record), and maybe Halo Anniversary too. I’m not really interested in the others – though I will probably get something else whenever it’s put on sale on Steam, for example I’m hoping for Deus Ex.

  • malek86

    Aren’t we killing animals and mooks all the time during random battles in RPGs? In fact, considering all the time needed for grinding, the body count of most RPGs should be a whole lot higher than most FPS games! And usually, the main characters’ idea of solving a problem is by kicking around the big bad. Maybe not with a gun, but sure enough with a sword or axe or pointy stick.

    I never thought about it before, but man, most games really go for the motto “violence solves everything”. I guess you gotta stick to sport games and some management simulations if you don’t want that.

    • joesz

      He was talking that this year had a lot of Fps showing up at E3.

    • puchinri

      Well, that depends I guess? In Pkmn, you faint them. And so I’ve started to wonder, in what games are you actually killing or fainting something/one? Admittedly, when there are characters like actual monsters (vicious ones) and thieves, etc, I don’t mind if I kill them. Like in RoF, I go, “killed ya sucker!”. But in ARF, I go “sorry I had to faint you~!”.

      But then again, the intent in RPGs isn’t to kill or wrack up a body count. Those just come along for the ride. Even the game about killing other people begins to explore how wrong that is (NMH).

    • Guest

      Well for the most part, in Mirror’s Edge, you freerun away

  • joesz


    I heard this …like 500 times this year.

  • I think having your pets fight other pets, is pretty violet.

    • Um, I think you mean “violent.”

      UPDATE: False spelling alarm! Whoops! Or I’m just gullible. ;P

      • What if it’s an Ekans fighting a Rattata? That’s violet…

        • Off topic, but I love your picture.

          • Thanks! One of my favorite moments in the early Pokemon series.

      • Exkaiser

        No, that is the correct spelling of “violent.”

        He meant that the pokemon Ekans is “violet” in color. Ribbing you on your typo.

    • joesz

      Sir, I think you  misunderstood what he said.
      He meant exploding heads,flying hands,war etc…

      • …That’s an expression? I feel so old now…

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Masuda-san is completely correct. The last time I played a FPS was years ago. The last time I played a first person game was a month ago: First person puzzle game. It was Portal 2. Very nice and funny game. Much better than those damn war FPSs that are always basically the same… > >

  • SerendipityX

    Got to admit there was a pretty heavy focus on FPS in E3. As an avid RPG fan it was pretty grueling to hear nothing but FPS this, FPS that.

  • puchinri

    I agree Masuda-san. And I’m not even a game developer and it makes me sad. For various reasons. vnv

    Hopefully we’ll see a change though. Not only in the developers making starting that cycle and catering (maybe pandering in some cases) to it, but also the gamers that keep it going. 

  • michaelisneat

    Violent as opposed to capturing and enslaving cute litttle animals and then making them fight to the death with each other? Unoriginality As opposed to five series reiterations of what is essentially the excact same game repackaged with some new bells and whistles? Yeah OK, suuure.

  • mikanko

    If only pacman would leave those poor ghosts alone.

    Seriously though, the problem isn’t with killing, it’s with these games having the same drab aesthetic and the ability to take a generic screenshot that’s indistinguishable from one game to the next. 


    If first person shooters these days at least tried to have some originality it wouldn’t be quite so bad. Homefront, Crysis, Killzone, Medal of Honor, Black Ops, etc. all really feel kinda the same. At least Master Chief is identifiable.

    • malek86

      I find it ironic how Halo has essentially kickstarted the FPS craze on console, and yet every FPS today looks completely different from it.

      I’d say it’s the COD4 effect, but then, real war games had already become more popular than space war games in 2005 or so, therefore it ca’t be that. COD4 was probably the consequence, rather than the cause, of the popularity of war games.

      • Guest

        makes me wonder if even Metroid Prime was inspired by Halo (since it came out 1 year after it)

    • They do have originality, Resistance a down to earth FPS with insomniac’s knack of awesome ingenious weapons, Homefront take on America invaded, Crysis on futuristic technology, Killzone as a fantastic trilogy.

      I think people like to ding the genre too much. The games are fun if people give them a chance. 

    • Guest

      Actually it’s the ghosts that never leave Pac-man alone since they never actually die, yet he does (unless you revive him with your quarter). Now if they were chasing Manny Pac-Man Pacquio then it’s maybe be a different story maybe they’d think twice about chasing him

  •  …He just realized that? We’ve been in an originality drought for some time now.

    Lmfao @ michaelisneat

  • yea thats right a majority of the Pokemon games look like the same game

  • thaKingRocka

    I understand where he’s coming from and I can understand his perspective, but everyone lives in a glass house when you get down to it. Pokemon contains a fair amount of violence, the particular variety of which saw Michael Vick jailed and continues to see him reviled. That series certainly hasn’t changed much in over ten years, which some might consider a bit sad. Perspective is key.

  • But Pokemon has more or less stayed the same…

    How’d he feel about Catherine? Catherine sure is unique…

  • maxchain

    To be fair, shooting people and having them faint doesn’t quite have that same impact.

  • Am I the only person who saw this part: “Mmm… It is the player who choose the game to play“?

    There’s a reason all these games look the same, and it’s because they sell like hotcakes. Let’s say you’re a game developer, and you want to make money (most companies do) so you look at which games are moving units. Modern Warfare sells millions of units within a month. Children of Eden wastes away on the shelf before moving to the bargain bin; it’s probably lucky to break 100k. You have investors who want their money back, and you have a job you’d like to keep. Do you choose to do something clever and innovative—which you, as a person, probably want to do—or do you make something that will make you and your investors money?

    Far be it from me to try and tell anyone what another man’s trying to say, but it seems to me that he’s not lamenting the fact that all the games are FPSs: He’s lamenting the fact that there’s only one type of game that sells, and so that’s the only type of game anyone makes. If that is what he means, I’m inclined to agree.

    • SerendipityX

      Wait, thats what he was trying to say? @[email protected] Totally went over my head but then again I wasn’t all that bright to begin with.

      • Well, the possibility exists—however remote—that I’m wrong, and he’s just another self-righteous douche-nozzle.

    • SolidusSnake

      I took it a little more cynically, aside from your (correct) point that these are the games that tend to sell, he seems to be judging gamers for enjoying games that involve killing people:

      “The game developer seems get used to ‘kill’ the target. Therefore, I
      felt ‘how to kill’ became a focus of developing game. For that reason,
      target become zombie and alien…” 
      “These targets’ savage attack and human counterattacks… It became savage contents and you never know. Mmm… It is the player who choose the game to play. As a game creator, it is little sad!” (implying that gamers are savages who just want to kill, and that shooters are teaching us how to kill)

      Or, “This tank is for game’s advertisement. Just wow…” (implying that is shocking and horrifying that a tank should be used to advertise a game)

      Like I said in my other post, it’s a little hypocritical considering that he is involved in creating games that revolve around enslaving living beings and making them fight, or hoarding them in a PC.

      • Yeah, I’ve always felt that Pokemon starts to get really creepy when you start thinking about what’s really going on. I mean yeah, the virtual cock-fighting is bad enough, but how about the utter disregard parents seem to have for their children’s safety—instead of protesting when a strange older man sends their offspring out on a quest to catalog hundreds of wild animals, many of whom are clearly dangerous, they do nothing, or even encourage this behavior! And sure, the Pokemon you fight just “faint”, but what do you think happens to them when they’re lying in the tall grass out cold after you’ve had their way with them? Surely Pidgey’s have natural predators who would jump at the chance to devour such helpless prey. You may not have pulled the trigger yourself, but you’ve sent hundreds—if not thousands!—of Pokemon to their deaths! The fact that the “villains” in the latest iteration are ostensibly fighting for Pokemon rights takes the whole thing to another, altogether disturbing, level.

        • SolidusSnake

          lol, let’s not forget how enemy trainers force you to fight as soon as they see you, and if you lose you black out and wake up at the pokecenter with half of your money gone! Kinda creepy, especially since your character is a kid and a lot of the enemy trainers are burly hikers and other old dudes… it’s bad enough that they take your money, but let’s hope that it’s all they take. O_O

        • Guest

          Pokemon was inspired by 1960’s giant superhero TV series Ultraseven, where the hero, Ultraseven, captured monsters and had them in capsules and would later use them to fight other monsters. And now 40 years later, he has a son named Ultraman Zero (who is baddass)
          Therefore imo, Ultraseven > recycled Pokemon & redundant oversaturated FPS games.

          Clearly we need a PS3 Ultraseven game

      • The “This tank is for game’s advertisement. Just wow…” was likely more just an expression of awe. Like, “Wow, they spent the money to bring an actual tank to E3 just to promote this one game.” 

        • SolidusSnake

          It was a real tank? That is pretty awesome.

          Your interpretation is at least as good as mine on that comment (probably better), although I stand behind my remarks on his other quotes.

          • I’m assuming it was (or perhaps a VERY accurate replica), since he seemed so awestruck by it! But ultimately, I think he was just floored by the time/money spent to create that spectacle. :)

          • SolidusSnake

            Haha, probably just a replica… a tank of that size would have been really expensive, and I doubt even Activision or EA would throw down the dosh for that. Would have been cool to see it either way.

        • Tanks for the memories.

        • No, I think he was shocked that actuall Weaponry that is made to kill people is there to promote computergames. And I agree that this is shocking. Of course not for US people who never lived near a war…

          • I have fought in a war.  This doesn’t bother me one bit.  But then again I’m just a dumb US person and we all  know that the US hasn’t sent hundreds of thousands of it’s citizens to fight in 2 wars that have been going on for over a decade.

          • Yeah but you weren’t a kid who has seen how his homeland got destroyed by soldiers or how his friends got killed. The US hadn’t had a war in its own land since quite some time.
            Its different if you are a soldier, as long as your not forced in service its your own decision. Not so for the 5 year old that got shot.

    • Michael Mullins

      It’s sad that it’s the gamers that are killing the gaming industry this time, as opposed to the developers before the video game crash.

      • “Killing” is kind of subjective. I mean, people who like FPSs are getting what they want, and the companies that publish them are making a whole heck of a lot of money.

        • Guest

          It’s “killing” creativity and diversity

  • It has been quite a long time since there was a pokemon that had any unique gameplay. 

    •  Pokemon isn’t a genre Just a series of games. bringing up pokemon is irrelevant in this case and to the point he was making in general…

  • blah blah

    I find that interesting coming from a director of games that mainly have identical stories of going to a bunch of gyms becoming a 1337 Pokemon trainer.
    I agree that it is sad though.
    Especially sad that Activision is on top.

  • I don’t remember that many FPS’ in E3. Besides, I don’t think the creator of a franchise that involves “non-violent” implementations of pets fighting each other has any particular right to demote FPS’s as just “killing” when he probably hasn’t played those games, at least not with ambitious titles like Battlefield 3, The Darkness 2, and Uncharted 3. He could be talking action games that involve killing as well.

    • blah blah

      He probably was thinking of at least Battlefield since it is a primary competitor of MW3.
      He may have also run into some Duke Nukem stuff too.
      Just culture shock, and it is reasonable considering that Pokemon games are cutesy but a game like MW3 is ultra gritty and violent.

    • I honestly cant see how he thinks all the games looked the same, Aliens and powerful creatures in an end earth age scenario of Resistance 3, looks similar to modern warfare against other humans beings in an urban environment, looks similar to seemingly desert warfare in yet another?! 

      But again, I agree, I dont think there were too many FPS’s at E3, only at most seven were major AAA titles…

      • Guest

        Regardless of the enemies and surroundings, they feel and play similar and usually have short meaningless campaigns since the focus is on the MP.
        I was really disappointed that Homefront went the CoD way of short 5 hour campaign because the Red Dawn like story had potential

    • There were indeed a lot of FPS at e32011. It wouldn’t have been to bad if they didnt take the spot light of each major companies key notes/presentations. most games that were shown off during the conferences where indeed FPS’s

  • personally i like a lotta violent games (madworld, bayonetta, no more heroes) so the shooty-killy doesn’t bug me one bit. I am however bothered by the striking similarities between the aesthetics of PS shooters. A little work to differentiate yourself from competitors goes a long way in my book.

  • Hours

    While I think there is room for all kinds of games, FPS included, I do agree that there has been way too much of a focus on them.

    Variety and creativity is something that is sorely lacking in mainstream gaming right now, and most of the times when there are some awesome niche games, fans have to fight tooth and nail just to get North American publishers to bring them over, something that’s been especially difficult lately.

  • i agree completely with this sentiment. i think the majority of “normals” have pretty boring taste in games. thats ok because everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. but i do think it sucks that that physically manifests as one FPS game after another. even rpgs have turned into FPS’ here.

    • Glad to not be part of those “normals”. ^^

  • I share Masuda’s sentiments, but it’s quite ironic how the director of Pokémon is saying that other games look the same.

    • All the Pokemon games are very similar, but they’re in the SAME SERIES. Of course they’ll resemble each other. 

      These FPS games Masuda’s talking about are not in the same series. That so many different games would be so similar is what’s the issue. I don’t think comparing the Pokemon series to the market takeover of FPS is a fair comparison.

  • creid8

    “As a game creator, it is little sad!”
    As a game lover, I’m a little sad that Pokemon games haven’t some of the stupid BS that they’ve been doing for 15 years.

    • Pokémon is one of the best JRPGs and the game that actually introduced PvP or competive play in the Single Player RPG Genre. So I don’t get why you want to insult him, his games are very solid.

      • creid8

        I didn’t say they weren’t solid, they just really need to fix some things. I shouldn’t have to have an “HM slave” in this day and age.

  • Rihawf

    Sad that there isn’t any money-sucking-games-with-little-animals-as-partners-that-is-the-same-thing-every-game, huh?

  • I agree with him entirely. It’s a shame that originality took a few steps back in the gaming industry.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Too much shooters can be a bad thing, but it doesn’t end just there. I’m curious to if Ninja Gaiden 3 was there. As much as war brings about violence that game is being made to show you how it feels to kill someone. Every time i hear someone interviewing the guy working on NG3, he stresses it ever-so-much.

    Kinda feel sorry for him- after a while of developing pokemon games i’d imagine seeing something like that is similar to a pacifist walking in a minefield.

  • JustaGenericUser

    I love how super mad and buttpained everyone here is being. Guess the truth hurts.

    Protip to smartasses: There’s a difference between games looking similar within their own series and many different series looking the same as each other.

    • RupanIII

      Seriously, really surprised at the defensive reaction here..

  • Yesshua

    Guys, just recognize that this guy has a unique perspective.  He’s a game creator for Nintendo.  The games he makes and is exposed to are very different from what he saw at E3.  There is nuance within the FPS genre, and most FPS games are not fixated upon killing.  (If anything, it’s creepy how LITTLE weight is given to killing in these games)  However, this guy didn’t have time to play through these games.  He was at E3.  He only saw the highlight reels.  Through his perspective, he saw a lot of gritty killing through iron sights and scopes.  He didn’t have a chance to experience social commentary in Bioshock, the development of a community in Modern Warfare, or the fascinating blend of Battlefield as it tries to adapt to consoles while still remaining true to it’s PC roots.  This nuance would be lost upon him.

    So he isn’t “wrong” and he isn’t “right”.  It’s interesting to see how a (kinda) outsider interpreted E3.  That is all.

  • It is sad the FPS genre is the genre most gamers want, because the only two unique titles in this genre I have seen are Bioshock and Killzone. Every other FPS I have personally experienced (there might be some titles I am missing out on) are the same thing over and over. You can’t compare Pokemon being the same formula over and over to Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Halo, Resistance, and almost every other shooter being almost the same exact thing as each other. Sure, CoD might not be just about the killing, but 99% of people buy it for the multiplayer, which is just killing.

    • Guest

      Deus EX H.E. is more unique than either of those two examples. Also Mirror’s Edge (yeah you eventually shoot in that game too so…)

      But the most unique FP game goes to that low budget Japanese PS2 horror title (forget the name) where you play as a news cameraman. Too bad it sucked.

      I fact, most Japanese first person games end up being horror titles (Ju-On the Grudge, D2, The Calling, Night of Sacrifice…) or adventure games like King’s Field series or RPG’s like Wizardry.

    • z_merquise

      You can add Bulletstorm to the list of current FPS games that’s very innovative in gameplay w/ cool pulp sci-fi settings.

  • Yes Masuda im also tired of those 14 year old kids FPS games, i play them casually so i cant call them hardcore games for me but its sad no original games are coming, i wish developers to do the same thing they where doing with SNES but in HD consoles

  • FPS sells. Everyone wants their hand in on the gold. That’s the only problem.

    Like RE for example. Real fans want survival horror. But what’s Operation Raccoon City going to be? A tactical shooter. D:

    Catherine came out recently. It has really different gameplay. And most of the responses I’ve seen are like, “wtf is this!?” (With the exception of people on gaming sites, but I’m talking about in general.)

  • Suicunesol

    Wow, I didn’t think there would be so many comments attacking Masuda on this. He’s absolutely right, and I think everyone knows it. Sure, the Pokemon games are similar too. But the Pokemon series is irrelevant here, isn’t it? We’re talking about an entire genre of games and how a large percentage of them look and play the same.

    Too many circumstantial ad hominem’s.

    • Hraesvelgr

      I think it’s just hard to take his comments about “everything looking the same” when every Pokemon game looks the same. I do agree with what he says, but it’s hard to take it seriously coming from someone involved with the Pokemon series.

      • You are not understanding. Pokemon games look the same because they are from the same SERIES. He is saying that games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty look the same and are from different creators.

  • XypherCode

    well FPS sometimes gets a little repetitive in a sense. they just have to convey uniques styles in the story maybe. :|

    • z_merquise

      Not just in story but in gameplay and presentation as well. Nowadays, the popular FPS games are just the “realistic” military shooters that only rely on ‘epic explosions’ and being ‘oh-so-serious-and-so-real’ with nothing really unique or innovating on the gameplay. Not saying that having epic explosions and serious story is bad but it’s getting repetitive as what you said. 

      Which was why I love the FPS game Bulletstorm (which was featured here in Siliconera) because it stayed away on being another ‘me-too’ FPS game and gave a different kind of experience for the genre.

  • Wow.. Masuda you really earned my respect!! I totally agree with what he said!

  • Guest

    He’s JUST now realizing this?

    Welcome to America!

    yeah there’s really no such thing as a Japanese FPS game. (well there’s a PSP one but its really cheap…also Ghost in the Shell..) and Metroid Prime series was outsourced to the U.S. so that don’t count (neither does Time Crisis or any other arcade rail shooter or GalGun). Maybe RE Gunsurvivor 1 & 2.

  • I hate to break it to the guy, but the Majority of games are about killing.  If you don’t kill anything, there isn’t much of a game.  Sure there are some nice sim and god games like the SIMS, Roller Coaster Tycoon and the like.  But.  Mario, Zelda, Pikmin.  Heck even pokemon.  Oh wait, when you beat the little animal to death they only call it a “knock out”, and you can bring him to the hospital and revive him.

    I suggest this guy get off his high horse.

    • He explained very well what he meant, tanks as advertisment, more blood etc.
      But thats what americans are all about, doesn’t have anything to do with the general trend. In europe the most popular game is year in year out FIFA, but I’m actually glad about that…

      That people go comparing Zelda or Pokemon to the way how you can shoot half of the head off of humans in other games just shows how sick gamers have become. Funny enough the country that makes most of those games is also the country that gets all histericall if you see tits in Games. But thats the US for you (Sex = Bad, Violence = Good)

  • Did he write it in bad engrish or did the translater write it in bad engrish to make fun of him?

    I think he’s absolutely right tough.

  • landlock

    “Majority of the games look like a same game,” Masuda noted. “There were
    little of original games. I felt a sense of crisis with above part.”

    That’s funny as most of the Pokemon handheld games are all very similar to each other. Even going so far as releasing two versions of the same game everytime.

    • Asura

      Majority of games from different creators look the same.

      Sheesh. Not hard to realize the key difference there.

      Gasp! The man dare calls into question the vast similarity between the FPSs out there!? What about his game SERIES staying the same, while also having so many spinoffs in genres from dungeon exploring to typing. Ignoring the fact that it’s a SERIES.

      • landlock

        tbh be honest it’s the same with any genre while alot of FPS’ look the same there are plenty out there that take a different approach or style.
        Like JRPGs alot really do look the same on the surface and even share many of the same cliches but there are again ones that try things differently in there aswell.

        It just a cheap shot by this guy who hasn’t done any research and just trying to take a quick potshot because something has upset him.

  • To everyone who bashes Masuda :
    Realistic killing = Cartoon violence ? So Disney’s Peter Pan beating the hell out of captain hook = Saw ?
    All FPS are the same = all Pokémon are the same ? So what, are all FPS directed by the same person ?
    FPS are to war what Pokemon is to real dog fighting ? Are you f*ing kidding me ? So what the little red riding hood depicts a bestiality rape movie just like saving private Ryan shows WWII ?

  • I agree, they all look the same. The only FPS game I’ve enjoyed was Aliens Vs Predator. I will be getting Colonial Marines, but still, I don’t bother with FPS games anymore. Give me variety, kthx. Just look at the protagonists to these shooters. Ridiculous.

    • RupanIII

      Reminded me of this pic..

  • I enjoy the occasional FPS or shooter, but when a lot of those games start to blur together and look the same, I have a problem with it too.  I like it when games show some creativity and try to find some way to stand out from the others.  Games like Bioshock, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2 (original and eps 1 and 2), and others.  Sucks that a lot of the other games in the genre tend to look the same.

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    I don’t have a problem with FPS in general.  What I DO have a problem with is little six/seven year olds getting their hands on, let’s say COD, and thinking that it’s FRIGGIN AWESOME to shoot someone repeatedly in the head.  Based on our current mindset in America we’re making it seem cool, even fun, to be at war.  And when you think about that’s kinda offensive to all war veterens who actually faced the violence we consider entertainment.

  • when talk about game…the important things is gameplay…what he mean is majority games nowsdays is almost similiar games…because of the gameplay..for example…among fps games what different is mission and storyline…how gamers want to chose where the best games?games like god of war,dante inferneo is like twin game…what different is character,effect and storyline..so what diffrent between those game…what are the excuse each games different from others?….gameplay are same!just different the looks…the storyline wont be had strong effect if it has similiar looks or bad looks ….really sad..no fresh new games…

  • western generic shooter =  japanese generic rpg

    • hahahakyle

      Hardly. It’s hard to say that two JRPGs are the same unless they are remakes or ports because they offer originality beyond gameplay itself. Think story, characters, flow. For the most part JRPGs do not recycle characters or a story for they are mostly story-focused, not gameplay itself. Western Shooters don’t have the stories to make their games unique and rely on gamplay alone which they tend to reuse a lot either way.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      I disagree.  There’s many different kinds of RPGs out there and with them different styles of gameplay, characters and plot.  There’s active battle time systems, turn-based combat… hell, there’s even the 3rd and 4th entries of Persona series which combine a traditional RPG with a simulated life game.  And as for shooters… well, there’s a whole lot of shooting and not much else.  Don’t get me wrong, I like shooters in short doses, but for the most part they’re all lacking in the creativity department.

      • well, you got a point, the shooters are, well……….for shooting things down xd, and a lot of ppl like shoot things down.
        a turn based rpg, has a thousands of possibilities in gameplay, because its turn based, unless the game goes ARPG
        we have a lot of military based shooters, even if we let apart the wwII, but , we have also, things like bioshock, borderlands, fallout 3.
        Asking a fps to be different besides the ambientation is like asking a soccer game to be a racing game.

        pd: im having hard times writing in english, sorry for the grammar 8(

        • SuigetsuHiramura

          No problemo, lol.  You also have a point there.  I’m not bashing the FPS genre, shooting people down in a video game is good stress relief sometimes XD

  • The only FPS I ever played was Wolfinstien (sp?) for the PC as a kid. As a kid I pretty much like any game in any genre, but as I got older I found that shooters weren’t for me. I’d take JRPGs over Halo or CoD anyday. It’s tough being a JRPG fan in the west considering it is FPS that do rein supreme out here.

  • TenRX

    “Majority of the games look like a same game,”

    Well, I’d be sad training and playing the same game of him all over again. He got my attention at least. :P

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