The Evolution Of Rayne’s Design In BloodRayne: Betrayal

By Ishaan . July 28, 2011 . 10:33am

WayForward have put up a developer diary for BloodRayne: Betrayal, touching upon the character of Rayne and how her look and characteristics were re-designed for the upcoming 2D action platformer:



While the video says the game is coming “summer 2011,” Majesco announced a more concrete date for BloodRayne: Betrayal last month. They plan to release the game in late August on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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  • Guest

    This got pushed back originally right? I really wanted to buy it but I couldn’t wait till the end of the month. I spent the last bit of my income on 3D Dot Game Heroes.

  • godmars

    If these guy are thinking right they’ll include some of the other costumes as ester eggs.

    Mind you I think they could have done better than something that looks like aflash animation game.

    • Code

      Other costumes would be really nice, but given the nature of 2D animal probably unlikely. It’d be great if Wayforward went that extra mile though. I don’t think the animation particularly looks bad, but I do think the backgrounds/connection to the environments is kind of loose. It’s not like Blazblue where the 2D and 3D of the environments really blends together, but then again your also talking a whole different budget size. 

      • godmars

        Thing is Castlevania:SOTN, a few iPhone titles for that matter, looks better.

        And all that really needs to be done is insert another version of Rayne with the same animations.  

        • Code

          Opinions, rar >w<' Although I'd definitely agree SOTN is an excellent looking game, and has really aged well owo; iphone stuff can't really speak on myself. I find the problem with the visuals in this is the environments themselves being dull and pseudo, the characters/enemy animations seem alright in my books. 

          Yeah but it still does mean re-drawing the character again, even if they are just adding onto the original animations. It really depends on how much animation is packed into her as to how much work it'd take. Judging from her stationary animation stretching, they didn't skimp out on her animation for this though. 

          I've had a good handful of experience as an animator, and although it isn't really terribly hard to make a new sprite via tracing the original animations it's still going to be time consuming on a budget. Time that could additionally be spent on fleshing out more enemies, or bosses. Plus given the amount of reused enemy sprites that can be seen in footage I figure budget was probably pretty tight.

  • Code

    Always enjoy listening to artists, and designers talk about design decisions when it comes to character design and game design. Really fun video to listen to, and I think it kind of nails my problem with the series prior to this which was it was just a little too sleazy for my tastes personally and the appeal was just never there opo; To me this it looks like they’ve cleaned things up a bit and have put a new spin on things. Plus the beat`em up and castlevania-esque aspects don’t hurt either >w< So here's hoping for success~!

    • neogeno

      Same here. Personally the games seemed interesting to me but it was the sleaze fest that made me turn away from it. It might not be as bad as I imagine but the inital impression I got from the vids just seemed a bit too much. It just seemed like they were trying too hard. I do believe that it is entirely possible to pull off a sexy character like Rayne without playing too much on all the slutty characteristics that they made her out to have in the previous games.

      Love the Castlevania look of the 2D graphics too.

  • This is what the franchise needs. The series needed to take a new direction like this since the old games were obscure and of course we all about how Uwe Boll handled the franchise when making more films than games.

    Let’s hope Laura Bailey will reprise her role in Betrayal since Rayne was her big break in voice acting.

  • Kris

    I’m kind of shocked that the game only got a T rating! Lots of blood everywhere. 

    Still, it looks slick, I’m much more interested in this than I was for the 3D games.

    • 2D games get away with everything these days.  Gallon of blood?  Oh it’s 2D…that’s fine. 

  • Orenkie Satahmo

    This looks like a Devil May Cry(ish) meets Castlevania game.

    You can see Castlevania is a BIG influence in the design choice and gameplay style.

    And aint nothin wrong with that, but don’t say it aint.

  • maxchain

    I have to pick this one up now that I know that bit about the idle animation!

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