Blade Kill And Photon Shot Are Two Of Black Rock Shooter’s Skills

By Ishaan . July 30, 2011 . 3:29pm

Following up on their previous video that showed the game’s heat gauge, Imageepoch have uploaded another battle video for Black Rock Shooter: The Game, this one showing off four of her skills:


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  • cant wait to play it hope it come to US someday

  • Battle system is nice, but the entire damn futuristic setting and lack of the other “proper” characters I call it bugs me. No Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, Strength and so forth? (is there a reason for that?) Some random Alien invasion over the perfectly fitting Gothic Style thats in the art and OVA? Nothing against Maaya Sakamoto at all since I love her voice, but they couldn’t get Kana Hanazawa to go for BRS again? was use to her thanks to the OVA and its Hanazawa! I can only blame Nojima for the damn story -_- IIRC he’s writing it. 

    Ah well, at least BRS and WRS have pretty sweet designs in this thanks to huke (he is doing the character design, right?). Must get LE for figma!!

    • Eric Chan

      You know there are more characters than portrayed in the OVA, right? Nothing is ever set in stone. I believe Huke recently did another version of BRS herself(aside from the insane version, that’s 3 so far). And I love the Gothic styling and Kana’s voice myself, but I think people have to get over the fact that this work is simply not based on any of that. It’s like the same people who want to see Yomi and Mato again. It isn’t going to happen because it isn’t the same story. 

      • Yeah, I’m aware. I’m just surprised they didn’t go with the other characters, you know? unless there’s an issue surrounding that? The future setting still bugs me though. That’s just me though! since I just find it hard fitting the artstyle. I’m fine with Maaya, but I was just use to Hanazawa’s voice. XD But like I said, Still getting it, I might love it!

  • Learii

    wow the battle system look easy to play  with i  hope itscome to u.s

  • Looks like a traditional JRPG battle system. Simplicity isn’t always a bad thing. It seems to have a bit of flare too, so I’m hoping that’s enough to earn it a localisation treatment.

  • uhh turn based?

  • I’m really looking forward to this game. Still hope that somehow it will make it to NA.

  • Here`s hoping it comes over here.

  • Oh cool, the battles are close to the last ranker’s battles, awesome

  • DanteJones

    Oh so it’s more of a JRPG than a hack-and-slash game? That’s the impression I got from the last video, but it looks pretty cool in this one!

  • ……..turn based? WHY.jpeg

    • Darkrise

      And they even said Action Rpg with 3rd person shooter… But nonetheless, I still want this and I’m not regretting my pre-order.

  • Hmm, this felt so much more different from the last video. Flashy moves are cool and all, but it feels like there’s something missing… Something they’re not telling us. I want to see more of that dodging stuff from the last video – what was that about, and how will it be incorporated in the turned based system?

    Also, I feel like her in-battle speech is kind of… not as heated as I thought it would be. I dunno if heated is the right word, but she just doesn’t sound like she’s pounding a robot thing to the ground. It sounds like a conversation.

  • God i want this so badly.

  • It looks awesome! But I’m hoping it’s more than flash. (Unexpectantly turn-based, but so far I don’t mind..) I’m looking forward to this, but I still am undecided on whether or not to import it.

  • Hmmm, where have I seen this battle system before? Oh, that’s right, in Sands of Destruction. Unfortunately, I gave up on Sands of Destruction after about 6 hours. 
    Let’s hope that Black Rock Shooter will fare better.

  • ikiryou

    This looks good…so what are the chances for localization? I’m on the fence about the white rock shooter (what?) doppelganger thing. That seems a little common (Dark Samus sends her regards).

    • LynxAmali

      It would be NISA who would be localizing considering this falls under the deal with ImageEpoch. Sadly, they’ve given up on the PSP. We could hope Aksys would localize it, considering they said they “love” the PSP.

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Hmm…… damn i can’t decide which one should i get this or 7th Dragon for my PSP…. or i should just wait for Hatsune Miku 2.5……….(Kana Hanazawa or Miku? Thats one difficult choice..?)

  • Hmm. Not quite sure what to think of the battle system. It definitely looks like something that could be cool and unique. The animations are very nice too~

  • karasuKumo

    Battle system doesn’t keep up the pace that was shown in the opening, it has put me off of this quite a bit. Can’t say I’m too pleased with the enemy designs either.

  • Mister_Nep

    Very nice. Definitely getting more excited about the game.

  • AzureNova

    Already have mine pre-ordered =). Cant wait until this comes out! The battle system looks fun and simplistic.

    • pre-ordered? do you live in the U.S or japan?

      • AzureNova

        I live in the U.S. and pre-ordered it off of

  • Eric Chan

    Really not sure why everyone thinks this is turn-based… Publications and websites already confirmed that it was going to be real-time. The only reason it looks like such is because of the heat gauge. And the player demonstrating the battle system seemingly had no experience with the game beforehand. 

  • Guest

    I like it

  • so be honest with me what are the chances of this being localized?

    • Champ W

      I believe it’s not low. 

      A lot of people think that Fate/Extra has a slim chance of making it over, but Aksys is actually localizing it in English even if it’s a PSP game. 

      And seeing how popular Black Rock Shooter is and that the game looks good so far, I think Aksys could try to bring it over as well if there are enough demands from the fans.

      But then again, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it will be localized in English for sure.

  • Kai2591


    Battle style looks nice.

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