Persona 2: Innocent Sin Receives A Colourful ESRB Summary

By Ishaan . July 31, 2011 . 3:01pm

Persona 2: Innocent Sin was rated by the ESRB this week. The game received a Teen rating. That’s the same rating Eternal Punishment was stamped with back when it was released on the PlayStation.


This is a role-playing game in which players assume the role of high-school students who must investigate mysterious events in a fictional modern-day metropolis. From a 3/4–overhead perspective, players explore urban environments and use guns, swords, and magic spells to battle demons and human characters in turn-based combat (e.g., selecting attacks/weapons from a menu screen); enemies blink and disappear when defeated. Some cutscenes contain still-frame portraits of characters with blood dripping down their faces.


One sequence depicts a group of characters locking a girl inside a building before setting it on fire (e.g., “To make sure she can’t go anywhere . . . we’re gonna kill Big Sis, right?”). During the course of the game, there are some suggestive/sexual references in the dialogue and creature descriptions (e.g., “Did you already score with one of them at school!?” “And those bouncing jugs of hers,” “A demoness who drains men of their energy through sex,” and “Computers! What’re they used for?”/“For porn.”). While exploring the city, players can enter a casino and use virtual credits to play rounds of video poker, blackjack, and slots. The dialogue contains the words “sh*t” and “d*ck,” as well as a couple of drug references (e.g., “And experimenting with those nassssty drugs?” and “Are you a druggie? Me too . . .”).


In case you missed them, you can find the latest batch of English screens for Persona 2: Innocent Sin here. Atlus USA will release the game this fall.

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  • Exkaiser

    Been watching Avenue Q lately, Atlus?

  • Hinataharem

    Sounds like my kind of game.

  • blah blah

    For porn.

  • These ESRB summaries just never get old.

  • I still need to lock in my preorder. September is going to be a great month with this, Resistance 3 and Disgaea 4. Sounds brutal though with the characters with blood on the face.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      When I go get the new Bleach game, I’ll be sure to preorder mine as well XD

  • That’s irritating. No mention of Hitler or Lisa!

  • Darn. I wanted to see their reaction to some of the demon contacts. ;)

  • So stoked for this game

  • Computers, how do they work?????

    • jello44


  • qetuo6

    “The dialogue contains the words “sh*t” and “d*ck”

    I don’t get censorship. Doesn’t every elementary school student know all of the curse words already?

    Why do they get censored? And why are they arbitrarily considered worse than others?

    • Thats making an odd assumption. As a regulatory board that is a business orientated site with guests of all ages, would they really leave the words uncensored on their database?

    • I’m still not sure how duck can be considered a bad word :/

      • SuigetsuHiramura

        Or shot for that matter, lol.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      My seven year old brother uses worse curse words than I do, and whenever I ask where he heard them, his answer is always “At school” or “From my friends”.  Kinda sad really.

  • Mister_Nep

    That porn comment instantly made me think of Avenue Q’s The Internet is for Porn.

  • SuigetsuHiramura

     I always felt the Persona games were over “rated”, particulary Persona 3 Portable.  Persona 4 had some steamy moments (literally, lol) so maybe I can understand the big ol’ M it got, haha.

    • gatotsu911

      I would guess that all the mock-teen-suicide imagery pretty much single-handedly pushed the game into “M” territory. Apart from that, and possibly the student-teacher dating, the game was pretty tame for an M-rated title, and its story was pretty obviously geared toward tweens/adolescents.

  • i’m surprised this didn’t get an M after reading that description. this game is gonna be awesome

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