Macross: Last Frontier Has Space And Land Battles (Plus The YF-29)

By Ishaan . August 1, 2011 . 11:04am

Namco Bandai have released a new trailer for Macross Frontier The Movie: The Wings of Goodbye Hybrid Pack, and it gives you another look at both the Wings of Goodbye movie, as well as Macross: Last Frontier, the game that’s also present on the Blu-ray disc:



The game has both outer space and ground missions, which makes Last Frontier look more substantial than last year’s Trial Frontier . While Macross Frontier The Movie: The Wings of Goodbye can be watched on both a Blu-ray player or on a PlayStation 3, you’ll only be able to access Last Frontier on the latter. The Hybrid Pack is due out on October 20th in Japan.

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  • Guest

    Of course we can never get this outside Japan because of stoopid Harmony Gold holding onto their Robotech license…

    • PrinceHeir

      damn you Harmony Gold!!!!

      i want my Macross Frontier.

      i need to finish the first movie :(

      • Zero_Destiny

        Sorry to burst your bubbles guys and I don’t mean to sound mean but you’re both completely off base and totally wrong about this matter. Harmony Gold isn’t so much at fault as the internet will lead you to believe. That’s mostly just trolls and hateful people who haven’t done their research and spread their idiocy to other people who just believe everything the internet tells them forthright.

        I say there’s two big parties that are at blame here and that’s Big West and the US court case that gave them their power over the property. You see Harmony Gold holds the rights to both the original Macross anime series and the merchandising rights for the first movie Do you remember Love? That’s it really. If an western anime company wanted to release a Macross show they just have to get an Okay from Harmony Gold who is completely willing to do so. For that reason we were able to get Macross Plus and Macross II released in the United States via Manga Entertainment. Harmony Gold is very very willing to work with other western anime companies and are interested in bringing out other Macross series. That said there is a complication that prevents them from doing so.

        Because of a Court Case over the copyright in the US the Suprem Court found that Big West the sponsor for many of the series and by extension Studio Nue the original studio that made the first Macross are the ” ‘copyright owner of all character’ designs of the original Macross series, and through that, other Macross products.” They are now the go to guys. Unfortunately Big West is very bitter over Harmony Gold ever getting the rights for the first Macross anime from Tatsunoko (the sponsor for the original anime show and the movies) and has for the longest time really really  really hated Harmony Gold. They refuse to take part in any action and treat Western anime companies who want to work with them very poorly. They want nothing to do with Harmony Gold. If an anime company wanted to make a deal with them because of Big West pigheadedness it won’t happen.

        You can blame the reason behind the court case on Harmony Gold and even maybe by extension blame the fact that Big West is such a jerk to western anime companies on Harmony Gold as well but that’s a very weak and lame excuse and likewise doesn’t put Big West off the hook. Plus Robotech has left a big impact on the western anime world at large (leading to one of the first ever known fansubbed anime [the first Macross Movie which by the by was done by fans of Robotech]) and helped to spread mecha fandom in the Americas. It was one of the biggest “gateway” shows that got many of the older anime fans into animes and served as an example that animation wasn’t just cartoons to people. Criticize the show anyway you want but it was an important stepping stone that has helped to create the modern day anime market in the United States.

        Harmony Gold has been very willing to release Macross and work with other western anime companies like Manga Entertainment. They re-released the original Macross uncut and unedited through a partnership with ADV Films. They also created a brand new dub and offered the original Japanese audio with subtitles. This release is unfortunately out of print and cost a good amount of money. And then considering how ADV films went bye bye it’s not gonna get reprinted at all. But Harmony Gold has uploaded each and every dubbed episode onto Hulu for you to watch for free. In recent years Harmony Gold was talking about licensing Macross Zero. Nothing was every finalized and they were only talking in a casual sense and not in a serious business way but they said that if they could they were hoping to release it alongside ADV Films. That was 4 years ago and since ADV films is no more and Harmony Gold seems to be focusing on a Live Action Film for Robotech right now who knows if they will release it but it is something to look forward to. But don’t get your hopes up.

        Also even besides Big West the music aspect of Macross is another big hurdle that western anime companies have to try to overcome and to be honest it really makes it not even worth it after you run the numbers. The cost to license the music is just ridiculous and you’ll never profit after doing so. It can be like hell to get the rights for each and every song featured in the animes too. This is especially true in the case of Macross 7 where the animation and the music is owned by two completely different companies. It hurts even worse that the companies have it set up so that to license Macross 7 you are required to use the original Japanese Music and all of it (all 13 albums an western anime company would have to get the rights for). This is mind bogglingly expensive and could never be done. Even if anime wasn’t as niche as it is it would be darn near impossible to profit off of this stuff. Macross has a lot of trouble coming out in the west. Harmony Gold is the least of them.

        • PrinceHeir

          damn it that look like complicated T___T

          oh well they are other sources but still i want to own the damn blu ray with subs and all.

        • earth_worm_jim

          the music actually isn’t as much of a licensing nightmare as one may believe, all of the music from Macross Frontier is done by the same company (Victor Entertainment, and would likely come with the background music which surprise surprise is also done by the same company, and the singers are also signed up with them as well (as in Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto, Megumi Nakajima, May’n, etc). are all with the same record company which is used to lending out their music for western releases (Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Tsubasa Chronicle, Ghost in the Shell SAC and SSS, and Xenosaga). So its unlikely that the music would pose a problem.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I meant mostly for Macross 7. That’s a mess. Buying the rights to every Fire Bomber album is insane. But the music is still a problem for some of the shows. But yeah it’s definitely not as big of a problem as Macross 7 and more in tow with regular animes. it could be done for Macross Frontier. But it depends on how picky the studios want to be. Sometimes these guys can be rather stingy even considering their relatively good relations to the west.

            Anyways music aside there’s still Big West and there not to keen on making deals with western anime companies (ironic considering there name. lol). Especially if it involves Harmony Gold. Which ultimately licensing a Macross series does involve Harmony Gold now (because of that court case. Ugh that case really botched a lot of things up for Macross fans). It’s still a nightmare.

          • earth_worm_jim

            Again not really all the music from  Macross 7 is from the same label Victor Entertainment. Just because there is a lot of music people assume that it comes from different sources but they’re all from the same label so they’ll just have to deal with one studio. So even for M7 getting the music for the anime wouldn’t be a problem.

            All Macross music seems to belong to  Victor Entertainment. So it shouldn’t be a problem if it was to be adapted. Which just makes me more sad just thinking about it.

            But yeah until both companies go under we’re not getting any macross series.

  • Just take my money already!!

    …bank account crying… but… must… import!!!!!

  • This was kinda epic, in a really weird way…

    • Zero_Destiny

      I’m glad it got you into the Macross series. Now if only I can get you to watch some of the earlier shows!!!!! hehehehehehe :D Let’s do it my good friend. Old school goodness awaits you. X)


      I’d just be happy if you watched Macross 7!!! Come on the Rockin’ 90’sness of it calls to you!!! Admit it. You want to rock and roll and fight aliens in giant robots whilst in space. I know it to be the true.


  • mikanko

    As tempting as this is, it seems it’ll still be on the awfully short side.  Like that there are more ground based missions like the PSP versions though. 

    I will totally get this whenever they finish the full PS3 game.  Which I mean, seems kinda likely to happen eventually since it’d be a pretty big waste of effort to make full fledged demos included as movie bonuses without a game in the works.

    Also, Yoko Kanno <3

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Uukh should i import this??? No no no control urself u have to  many things to buy already….. What Sheryl Nome in short hair!!! This is a must buy game…..but no more money for this month hiks.

  • They should put those Macross games on the PSN over here in the ‘states. Frickin’ Paramount pictures – inexplicably – does their own “Hybrid Packs” for random movies like Top Gun, Days of Thunder and whatnot. But then, eventually, the budget games just end up on the PSN courtesy of Paramount Digital Entertainment. Namco-Bandai should do that too. This looks kinda cool. There aren’t enough (non-licensed) mech games being made these days. Particularly arcadier ones. Wish Japan would get on that.

    Though to be fair, I still question whether this is better than just replaying Vicious Cycle’s Robotech: Battlecry title. Or Zone of the Enders or something (can’t wait for that HD Collection to come out!).

  • AzureNova

    This looks amazing, and I love this song sooo much! Thank you Youtube ^_^! I loved the first one and I’m gonna watch this as soon as it comes out as well.

  • shuratan

    Arrgh I must get this! but my wallet is crying for mercy! ;_; oh woe is me.

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