Rune Factory 4 Has An Elderly Butler Character, Too

By Ishaan . August 2, 2011 . 8:30am


The lead characters in Rune Factory 4 lead the temporary life of a prince or princess after falling out of an airship and suffering amnesia. To tie in with this royal status, Rune Factory 4 lets you build up your town and attract more visitors to it.


While Marvelous didn’t reveal much more about this, they did reveal today that building up the town is done using something called the Prince System. You can use the Prince System to construct buildings and hold festivals by spending Prince Points.



They also introduced a new character — Wolkanon, a top-notch steward or butler who serves…a dragon. Early on, Marvelous announced that Rune Factory 4’s leads have the ability to communicate with dragons.


This particular dragon apparently assisted the protagonist in some manner. It appears you can buy items from Wolkanon, too.


So…how many of our readers hope that you can court him?



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  • I wouldn’t choose him, but I bet he IS an option for courting. If Carter, Griffon, and Daryl were available in Harvest Moon DS Cute, even this old guy’s got a shot. I mean, Carter especially was just way too old and creepy looking. At least this butler has some class.

    This Prince System sounds intriguing. I like it.

  • Hahaha… If he isn’t careful, Wolkanon might find himself face to face with Chris Hanson.

    I wonder what the dragons are like? Are they going to be like the Harvest Goddess? Or perhaps they’ll serve a mayor-like guide role?

    • to catch a…BUTLER?!?!?!?

  • DanteJones

    Oh man, ever since Dark Cloud I’ve had a love for constructing towns and whatnot. I hope the system will be pretty in-depth, like you can choose where to place buildings and other things. Pretty stoked for this. :)

  • Guest

    He looks badass.

  • Enma_Kozato

    Doesn’t look like he’s a bachelor since peeps at Ushi discovered people you can woo have hearts in the backround of the name slot.

    • If you look at older screenshots not even the confirmed romanceable’s have hearts all the time in their name slot.

      • Enma_Kozato

        True it only looks like they show up at certain times, but I’m pretty sure Volkanon here isn’t someone you can marry considering you can woo his apprentice.

  • Is he badass and can handle the business too?

  • andref

    Hopefully we won’t have to wait at least a year for a localization

  • Tough call on the romance part. Although I do love older men I’d probably have to get a feel for his personality first.

    Plus being called Mistress/Madam/My Lady is always a huge plus if he calls you that. I’m hoping for a dragon prince though. =d

  • Still waiting for a Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny release date here.

    • Yeah haven’t heard much from the game in general since. D:

  • Hours

    I would hope that he is courtable. One issue that has prevented me from getting into the Rune Factory series is the character designs, especially for the male characters, but I like this dude.

  • axess707

    Valkenhayn is a certified trendsetter.

  • Bunzi

    So, you’re /not/ a farmer in this installment? Hm.

    It always does my heart good to see a man with some hair on his face get his share of love in a Japanese game. Here’s hoping the fellahs get an older lady to court as well. Hazel and Shino not being eligible was a dick move on their part.

  • Now Wolkanon, bring me some tea?

  • I will wait the Wii U version … if there any …

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