7th Dragon 2020’s Samurai Class Is Without Mercy

By Ishaan . August 4, 2011 . 11:05am

7th Dragon 2020 allows you to create a character, choosing a look, class and voice. Here’s a short video of the character creation part of the game:



While the video doesn’t show this off, the game also gives you other ways to customize your character, including equipment and outfits. Imageepoch also released a battle teaser, showing off the Samurai class skills:



The PSP game is slated for release in Japan this fall on October 27th.

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  • Shinji Kazuya

    Wow! WOW x 1000! Looks so GOOOODDD!!! ;_;

    • All of a sudden, I want this game  now.

      • Altoire

        Me too :O

        • Just imagine: Multiple personalities, each with different voices! If you want to, you might even be able to make a squad with an array of archetypes.

          • Altoire

            Right now, the only thing I’m imagining is the localization of this game..

      • Shinji Kazuya

        I didn’t pay much attention to 7th Dragon on the DS but this one looks awsome. That character creation system O O

  • solbalmung

    lets be honest, even though the characters modelization doesn’t looks that good, the skill animation is top notch!
    I pray for a stateside release even though the chance of it bieng localized is close to zero….

  • TenRX

    Has something similar to Criminal Girls, let’s hope it’s not as boring as CG lol

    • Kibbitz

      I actually found CG pretty enjoyable, really. It was something quick and simple to play, with my only gripe being that character development felt lacking.

      Edit: Actually, gripe no 2, the amount of backtracking you have to do for some of the chests and story objective flags.

  • IsaacGravity

    I see. So that’s how character/class selection works this time around. Can’t really say I like this method in comparison to the first game but it works for those who wished/felt [insert this design] was apart of a certain class.

    The skill animation looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the other classes in action.

  • Kibbitz

    I like the aesthetics and the combat animation we’re seeing here, but I really don’t like the super Nendoroid look of the characters. Still, not really a game-breaker, having actual attack animations outweighs my personal dislike much more. Would appreciate an animation skip mode though.

  • As I gaze upon a charred land covered in smoke and rubble as far as the eye can see, a small boy approached me with a sad look in his eyes.

    His stare lingered for a spell on what could only be described as a broken old man,  combing his mind for the right words. Hesitant, the boy finally found the courage to speak, and with it muttered but one question.

    “Where did it all go wrong?”

    “There,” I replied, pointing my bony finger at the PlayStation Portable, “it began there.”

    A History of Localization.

    • Kibbitz

      Amusingly dramatic. Actually, since I’ve been seeing bits of this for a while, care to explain to a non-American?

      • Oh, I was bored so I just made it up instead of posting my usual “Wish the PSP didn’t suck in NA” stuff. :P

        • Kibbitz

          Oh, I got that part, it’s just that I’m not aware of how things are/were for the PSP in NA historically. I just recall seeing a lot of “Meh, will never be in English because it’s on PSP” and I don’t understand how this situation came to be.

          • Sorry, I misunderstood your last comment.

            Publishers just find the system to be far too risky to release their games on it seems. Piracy is a big problem and I don’t think PSP games have ever really sold that well over here to begin with.

          • Exkaiser

            In addition, the system is at pretty much the end of its life now that the Vita is poised to hit early next year, which means a drop in sales and so publishers tend to pull out of the system.

  • Kuza21

    Any word on a U.S. Release?

  • I LOVE THOSE CHIBIS hahaha xD this will be awesome, but seems we can only have 3 people on party now instead of 4…?

    • IsaacGravity

      That’s what I’d like to know. Maybe the reason will be revealed soon enough.

  •  Damn they have some big heads.

  • AzureNova

    I hope this game gets localized. If not, then its PlayAsia time for me lol

  • If only every single first person dungeon crawler had attack animations like this… I would buy this game so hard.

  • I want this game to be localized so bad!!! Please ATLUS only you can do this!!

    • AzureNova

      I agree, I want this game soooooooooo bad >_< !!!

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Hmm i only have one hope. Pliz any company localize this. I will buy this game Day one only for the Miku.

  • Wow, I suddenly have this urge to play EO3 again. I hope this will be localize…

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