Dynamic Grand Knights History Trailer Shows Characters And Combat

By Ishaan . August 4, 2011 . 10:40pm

Marvelous Entertainment released a new trailer for Grand Knights History today, showing off character creation and battles. You can read more about the game’s character customization aspect in this post. Here’s the trailer:



The trailer also touches upon online battles, which Marvelous released two separate videos of as well. Network battles can take days in Grand Knights History, with players fighting over virtual territory. Here are the videos for that:




Grand Knights History will release in Japan on September 1st. First-print copies of the game come with a 32-page hardcover visual book.

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  • Genjo

    MUST buy! because everything about the game is so juicy goooood!

  • SlashZaku

    Really, really hoping this gets localized.

  • DanteJones

    Do want! Badly! :D

  • Just Dragon’s Crown isn’t good enough! I need more Vanillaware! Someone better localize this, even if it takes a year since dragons crown is slated for the first half of 2012.

    • godmars

      What’s that you say? Sony needs to buy them and give them enough money to make a full PS3 title?

      Also pretty sure that DC is more a PSV launch title. That it’ll also be playable on the PS3 is just an uber-sweet bonus.

  • Oh my god, I love the art style and all the details. C’mon, GKH, you can redeem the name of turn-based battles!

  • Kris

    While I don’t want to sound ungrateful towards the American release of Dragon’s Crown, this is the Vanillaware title I really want to play in English. 

    I hope that some kind publisher picks up the localization rights to this one!

    • SlashZaku

      I think the reason this one wasn’t picked up *ALONGSIDE* Dragon’s Crown for an NA release is because DC is PS3 and PSVita while this is just PSP.  PSP has a lot of steam left in it as far as Japanese titles go but the situation for NA/EU fans is just sad cause a lot of the stuff we won’t get or have to beg/hope for a localization.

      Really wish Sony would just make a ‘localization’ branch and handle the titles that the actual publishers don’t want to bring over themselves but with the Vita right around the corner, it may be too late to do something like that.  Hoping some publishers are just holding out for the Vita and will localize the titles afterwards and do Vita releases for them but that’s wishful thinking on my part.

    • Guest

      I can’t agree more.

  • z_merquise

    My only wish is for the publishers not to give up yet on the PSP. There’s still lots of good games that deserve to be localized in English like Valkyria Chronicles 3 and this one.

    Vanillaware also got a huge fanbase outside Japan so it could be depressing if this game was ignored by publishers in the West.

    • DanteJones

      I’m with you on that one. Ever since the first Valkyria Chronicles I’ve been hooked, but it seems like Sega is pretty adamant in not localizing it. ;/ 

      There was a thread going on Xseed’s forums about possibly picking up the game, and one of the employees said he was interested and was going to try to send it up the chain of command. I don’t know what became of that though. :O

    • Rarutos

      I agree, I’m just as depressed as you are about the lack of love of the PSP in the West, especially because of how much it’s picked up at the end of it’s life in Japan. I mean, PSP is practically Japan’s new PS2… They’re still making games for it despite the fact that the Vita is on the way here!

      I personally really really /really/ want Valkyria Chronicles III and Grand Knights History in English the most, and I’m still holding out great hope that they will be… There are still a bunch of other PSP RPGs out there that I’d LOVE to have in English too, but those two… They’re the ones to look out for and to definitely be pushed out despite all odds.

    • Same here.  The PSP interests me the most of the platforms, which makes it upsetting about the gap.  Pirates ruin everything. D:

      I hope somebody has the smart idea to put any game they localize into PSN only and push it for Vita and they cut costs of having to publish physical.

  • Altoire

    *Saw the amount of great Japanese PSP games*
    *Saw the amount of great Japanese PSP games that remains unlocalized*

    I wonder if this game will be picked up…

  • I hate Vanillaware. I gave ’em a chance with Muramasa, but that game has the worst level designs imaginable. And their art is just so…heartbreaking. Most of it is excellent; painterly, colorful, storybook-esque. But the way they draw women and girls is insane. Do people actually like that? Their idea of a woman seems to be informed purely by…jeez laweez, even most Porn stars look more normal than their lady characters. Even most sexy girls from Korean games aren’t that obnoxiously, cartoonily (?) curvy. And, of course, they’re one of those Japanese devs that tend to sexualize young girls too, which is never cool.

    So I don’t care how much hype this gets, I’m incredibly skeptical of Vanillaware’s ability. 

    • Guest


      Try to be more subtle next time, right now you are being a bit too blatant.

    • 1/10

      Try again my troll friend.

      • FireCouch

        I didn’t know having a different opinion is being a troll, but whatever.  And he does have a valid point.

        • Guest

          Well you can join him under the bridge. I heard he has tasty hummus topped crackers

          • FireCouch

            I like the art style in this game.  I’m not agreeing with him.  I’m just trying to be someone who actually uses their brain and doesn’t dismiss someone just because their opinion is different. This happens far too much on this site.

          • Guest

            Well it’s not working because his point was not valid at all it was more of an attack

          • @cowcowcow How is his point not valid? He’s just saying that the art style portrays women in a way that’s too sexy/curvy for his tastes.

            (Though, I don’t remember Muramasa had that many heavily endowed women though. Nevertheless, the sorceress in Dragon’s Crown more than makes up for that.)

            I might not agree with his points, but they’re still valid.

          • Guest

            His first point may be valid. But then he proceeds to insult anyone who doesn’t share his view on cartoon aesthetics by complaining about cartoon proportions in a cartoon game (seriously wtf?) and drawing some absurd connection between real-life and a cartoon.

            Also criticizing a developers for lolicon content when nowadays the majority of games/movies uses killing/murder/manslaughter/war/genocide for entertainment purposes is hypocrisy in its purest form.

            So yes, he was either not thinking or blatantly trolling.

    • I can understand where you’re coming from, but that’s just Vanillaware’s art style; that’s just how it is. I doubt George Kamitani and his team are trying to be realistic with their character designs, and why should they? These are games based in fantasy and myth, it’s not as if Vanillaware is trying to reflect real-world women in their designs. The freedom that art gives a person is one of the most alluring aspects of being an artist, and I respect when an artist truly creates their own style rather than simply copying the art styles of others. 

    • You do realize that the art style is blatantly exaggerating for both male and female  characters proportions and that people like it because its different and isn’t trying to be realistic also there titles are rather solid  in terms of game-play . 
      So whilst you don’t like it and think it should cater towards what you like in terms of art there are plenty who would disagree. the the least i feel you should give this game ago if there is a demo as you might like it as this game isn’t an action game like muramasa

    • Guest

      I like teh sexy womenz so shut up

  • Ignition, double dip with Vanilla please! (or anyone else of course!)

  • Yamaneko22

    How silly western gamers are, to show no love to such a great console as PSP:( *hugs his psp*

  • Even if GKH doesn’t get localized, I’ll definitely be importing the soundtrack for this game! Basiscape does their best work with Vanillaware.

  • If someone localizes this I´ll get it without a doubt. Looks great and I´ve loved Vanillaware´s games so far.

    Sounds good as well.

  • If this game does not get localized, i will lose so much of what little respect i have left for the publishers in west because at this point i feel like not even 75% of the good games worth localization have been. I go to events like Anime Boston and comic-con and you see these game stands with all these great foriegn games and as a gamer it makes you wonder(and cry) :(

    • Guest

      We never even got Heavy Metal Thunder from S-E for PS2…

  • Guest

    This looks more artistically interesting than Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Mass Effect 3

    • FireCouch

      I would agree, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  All those games are going for something completely different.


  • Happy Gamer

    i was fortunate enough to have played every vanillaware game there is including princess crown. their games were not the best (maybe still isnt) but it is one of the few companies i know whos skill have increased in making games. their art style and presentation however has always been top tier for me :)

  • Darkrise

    So who’s up for localizing this. Atlus?

  • God if only someone would announce them picking this up for localization.  Marvelous is already bringing Vanillaware’s Demon’s Crown to the Vita.  I hope they can get their hands on this as well.  If not hopefully Atlus, NIS, XSEED, or someone……

    Looks too good to pass up.

  • If this isn’t localized, I may as well get a J-psvita. then I can grab portable 3 as well. heh.

  • This is looking absolutely brilliant! The network battles are going to be an absolute blast!

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