What Else Is On The Catherine Disc?

By Ishaan . August 6, 2011 . 4:33pm

Following Catherine’s U.S. release, The VG Resource went digging through the game’s disc to see if they could dig up anything of interest. Their efforts weren’t in vain, as they did find some remarkably interesting things, such as hints of a PC release, indicated by the control sheet pictured below:


The disc also contained concepts and character art that will likely be included in the upcoming art book. You can take a look at all of The VG Resource’s findings on their site, linked to in the first paragraph of this post.


Thanks to Chris Taran for the awesome tip!

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  • I really like this game, it’s wonderful story wise and the puzzle sections are fun, however I can’t help to feel stupid when playing on hard difficulty, this game is devilishly hard at first but once you pass a nightmare it feels so easy you wonder why it took you so long kind of like Mega Man’s stages made me feel.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Ugh I’m still stuck on Hard mode… I’m really tempted to look on the internet for help, but I know it’ll ruin it… Well at least you passed :(
      Though there is that Very Easy Mode cheat… but that won’t help me on Babel :(

      • Think of it like gaming of old time, it’s a matter of recognizing and learning patterns and what to do and when to do it, it’s rewarding as it really gives you a sense of accomplishment I can understand however why you’d be tempted to cheat, the story it’s just that gripping you can’t wait to see what happens next, just remember that each part of the game is wonderful, and as much as you’d like to learn what happens next enjoy the puzzle sections as well as they are fun if you take time to think and enjoy them and not trying to rush them to see what happens next. if you are pressed to see the story then I recommend you cheat your first playthrough get the story and then replay it calmly to enjoy it to it’s fullest, luckily there are different finals to make it worth while replaying the game.

  • Eric Chan

    Hypothetically speaking, not much a PC release as it was going to have M+KB support. Japan rarely ever delves into the PC for “true” games. There are a few notable exceptions, of course, but the evidence doesn’t lead there for this case. 

    Outside of Kogado and Falcom, I can’t see any others worth mentioning. And of course we will always have the big studios like Konami and Capcom doing the occasional ports of games, but that’s rare.

    • malek86

      Yeah, the PS3 supports mouse and keyboard, doesn’t it? I think it hasn’t been used since Unreal Tournament 3, so I forgot it was even there. Not only that, but nowadays, Sony is probably going to push you into adding Move support before even thinking of KB+M.

      That makes it seem more likely that it’s indeed about a PC version. Maybe just a test one.

      • Eric Chan

        Wait, are you saying people actually used that for UT3? I would have expected it to be perfectly playable with the controller. Either that or people played the PC version… 

        • malek86

          If nobody else ever supported KB+M, I take it people weren’t using it.

          And yeah, it was playable with the controller, albeit only because it was slower than the previous games. But UT players (which were mostly on PC) didn’t like the slower gameplay and interface consolization, so UT3 ended up being a disappointment on all platforms.

    • endaround

      Actually Capcom tends to release as much as possible on the PC.

  • Would have been a interesting way of playing it. AWSD to move around and the mouse to pull and move around the blocks. I would have it on windowed and play it casually any time I feel I needed a puzzle fix.

  • vivaluis59

    Came here cuz of the thumbnail :3

    still cool that it might come out on PC… I already have the ps3 version but i know some people who couldn’t get it because of lack of ps3/360.

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    I don’t think the control image is a ‘hint’ as much as it is just a stock piece from Gamebryo (the engine Catherine uses). A similar thing happened with Bioshock, the default UE3 INI had PS3 references for obvious reasons and people took it to mean it was coming to the PS3.

    Of course, in Bioshock’s case, it DID end up coming to the PS3.

    • If I recall correctly,gamebryo has a completely different set of kb/m symbols for the engine.I guess ATLUS could have replaced them,but that’d be kind of a pointless excercise,no?

      Personally,I hope this is 100% true.

  • Covnam

    I just started the game and I’m really enjoying it. With all the different scenes and endings, I wouldn’t mind there being a movie viewer on the disc with greyed out spots for all the scenes you have yet to unlock.
    It’s nice that they put up those cell phone images though. I wonder what else they’ll find.

  • Oh god I would kill a man to have Catherine on Steam. Mother of Christ, Atlus, make it happen. It’s perfect for the PC.

  • PrinceHeir

    wait wait after seeing the pics

    they actually planned for a Catherine Maid Outfit, Bikini Suit, Lingerie, S & M Outfit and a Long Hair Catherine model????

    I need this O______O

    could it be DLC content??? 

    come on Atlus!!!!!!

    • Achrmaeiad

      Those are all available in the game already.  Different endings unlock
      the ability to see the different pics when Catherine sends you the text
      that has her in the nurse outfit.

      You just need to back out of the attachment and
      view the pic again to cycle through them.

      • PrinceHeir

        only pics??

        no in game costume change??

        still i haven’t opened my Love is Over Edition.

        it’s just too good to open it, but i’ll try to play it tonight :)

  • sandra10

    Haha, even though I haven’t beaten the game, this does show Katherine in a slightly new light. I like it.

  • Setsu Oh

    an hd copy of double cast!

  • Have you asked Atlus to comment on this?

  • ps3 supports keyboards and mice. probably not coming…

  • Yesshua

    Does Atlus do much PC publishing?  The only PC Atlus game I know of is Trine 2 coming down the line.  If they don’t do much PC publishing, is there a high barrier to entry on the platform?

    • Atlus has a few coming for PC, but really they haven’t done it in the past much. Probably more to do with lack of distinct games of this kind for them to really leap with their Japanese stuff.  Steam seems to be the best choice for survival.

  • I haven’t seen an actual PC game by atlus yet, unless they’re only available via download…

  • That is a NICE picture of Katherine on the thumbnail to this article.

  • Unfortunally, I am here because i hoped to find the full-sized version of that alluring thumbnail.
    Fortunally, I agree this post is good news too.

  • AzureNova

    Short haired Katherine is hot ^_^

  • Short hair Katherine is cool–and hot. A PC release?

  • A short hair Katherine is cool–and hot. :3 a PC release?

  • Well… the PlayStation 3 does support mouse and keyboard controls…

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