A Runthrough Of Sonic Generations’ Chemical Plant Zone And City Escape

By Ishaan . August 7, 2011 . 5:00pm

German site, Gameswelt.de, have a new Sonic Generations video up that should interest a lot of Sonic fans. It’s a runthrough of the Chemical Plant Zone stage in Generations, followed by City Escape:



The Chemical Plant Zone was revealed by Sega at E3 this year. You can find screenshots of the stage in this older post.


A huge thanks to AnimeRemix7 for the fantastic tip!

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  • dragoon_slayer12

    TThe game looks great, I’m just curious how the 3ds version looks and plays. Hopefully the vita gets a “ps3 version port”

    • The 3DS version is quite barren.

      • Exkaiser

        In the same way that the original Green Hill Zone was, from what we’ve seen.

  • Wow. Not to badmouth them or anything, but the person playing the game kinda sucks.

  • Ereek

    Ugh, the vertical path of moving blocks that rotate back and forth as the water rises, ~1:23 or so, has always been my least favorite part of Chemical plant.

    It looks so different! I’ll have to get used to it.

  • Thomas Maloney

    am I the only one who doesn’t like the camera?
    Why’s it zoomed out so much?

    • FireCouch

      So you can actually see where you are going.

  • Not interested, they’ve still not fixed the lead jump. Sonic seems to tripple on weight as he starts to fall.

    • whoisfriend

      Which is odd since weight has no effect on the speed at which you fall…

      • It doesn’t but I think you can see my point. Maybe a better way of saying it would be the gravity seems to increase, he fall a lot faster than you’d expect after a slow climb.

  • No9

    Man, this game looks awesome but I’ve always sucked at the 2-D Sonic games…

  • i think that was hot.

  • Exkaiser

    The modern version of Chemical Plant really reminds me of Sonic Spinball… And that’s not a bad thing.

    I dig the plume of dust kicked up when Classic charges his spin dash. Looks nice. Well, the game looks pretty good overall. Maybe a bit cluttered, but it didn’t bother me too much in the demo.

  • Zonic505

    Man, Sega needs to release an official trailer for this stage.

    & then give us more footage of the others.

    As for Chemical Plant Zone, looks & sounds great.

  • Yamaneko22

    Anybody else thought about Xenogears around 2:05 ? :)

    • axess707

      Now that you mentioned it, it does remind me of the Deus final dungeon.

  • Roto13

    The Classic City Escape level is… so cute.

  • Who thought Adventure Island when the skateboard part started?

  • 16-bit music+City Escape = Eternal Happiness :)

    • The classic version of “Escape From the City” is somehow even BETTER than the original! I don’t think it’s possible for my excitement to build any higher!!

      • And ironically, the the modern CPZ is quite better than the original. Feels like you’re playing Sonic Colors all over again.

      • Yes I loved the classic version of Escape from the City. Dance music and the little part without the vocals in it was quite hot. 

  • AnimeRemix

    Glad my news tip was posted Mr. Ishaan! (I hope that was okay…) Thank You Siliconera for being a awesome news site! =)

    I really love Chemical Plant and City Escape. SEGA is doing a outstanding time! Like the music for Modern Sonic Chemical Plant… City Escape song (Modern Sonic version) isn’t bad at all either. But I’m looking more forward to playing City Escape compared to Chemical Plant. >< (Just like City Escape more).

    • I hope they release this games soundtrack on disc/itunes

      • AnimeRemix

        America and Europe might get it on iTunes like how we both got Sonic Colors soundtrack on iTunes. ><

        But I want to here more of the music in this game! So far I been loving every single last piece of music that we all got to hear!

  • This is a Sonic dream come true…..Anyone that can remake the Chemical Plant stage of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will get a purchase from me right away. Sega is working hard, and it’s paying off nicely. Now if they can just add online multiplayer such as races and/or coop…..that would just be wonderful…:)

  • This game looks awful.

    • How dare you. *Gets shotgun*

    • AnimeRemix

      As a Sonic fan, I have to greatly disagree… Would you mind explaining how this game looks awful?

      • To properly convey my distaste, I would have to re-watch the trailer for analysis, and I don’t want to do that so I’ll give you the skinny. Camera angles are still a problem, platforming is worthless/slow/cumbersome, skydiving for rings is still not fun, half-piping for coins is also still not fun, asphalt surfing for coins is also not fun.(All three of those are the same thing with a different skin, “veiled variety”). Stop and count how many times your momentum is stopped in a dumb way. I distinctly remember one scene where you’re speeding down a long shaft, and a door that’s half way open stops you! Oh god, why? So you can slide under it? Another area where you get into a weird gravity chamber, and you see a red spring on the left wall. I’m sure everyone is thinking, oh, “Lemme get some of that speed!”, then what happens? You hit a block. That you have to stop. And. Kick. There also is another part of the trailer where you’re side scrolling through the city, and you get a skateboard power up, when only seconds later, you unavoidably lose it because you miss a psychic jump. Stuff like this is littered throughout the 4 minute demo, and I’ll be damn certain it’s going to be in the full game. The game design choices are mind-bogglingly awful, putting too much faith in the player, and not enough time into the flow of the game design. The game has a sense of speed, but these are often only apparent when then gaming is zooming along on its own. When the game is put into the players hands, it’s a clunky mess.

        • Yes, because none of that ever, even once, happens in the original Sonic trilogy.  The fast pace and limited viewport on the Genesis games never had an unexperienced player hit a rock, or find themselves missing a high-speed leap and losing time over it, or dealing with somewhat floaty platforming, or slowing down ever.  Also, Marble Zone totally never existed, apparently. since Genesis junkies apparently can’t remember a single stage in the whole classic set where you slowed down ever, never mind slowly plodded forward through a series of elaborate timing puzzles.

          Get over it.  Some of us *do* enjoy the City Escape boarding sequence, the skateboard is something you’d keep via practice and experience, which, as a reminder and reiteration, is exactly how the old Sonic games had you keep your momentum *at all*, and the fact the guy in the video hits every slow-down possible shouldn’t surprise you after he sits curled in a spin dash for ten seconds like a confused chimp anyway.  The thing ends with him jumping into the abyss like a champ, for crying out loud, you can’t be expecting his overall gameplay to be gold-star material.

  • That awkward face I made when I heard that modern take on the Chemical Plant Zone Theme….Its always painful watching these videos. The player is too cautious and too slow. At least it gave the opportunity to take in the visuals. Lovely, I still need to preorder, hopefully they throw in some special item for preordering.

    But that Escape from the City slowed down version of the song got me moving and workin it.

  • Sonic I just can’t quit you.

  • >Classic Chemical Plant Zone Remix
    >Modern Version

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      The whole point of this game is to appease both fanbases…..

      • I thought it was just to make money either way

      • Is it greedy to want it to be just 2D ?

        I am 90’s fan like a lot of people on this site and after
         sonic 1 ,2,3,knuckles,CD

        i have always wanted a new 2D sonic game.

        Rush and the advance series were cool but like i have always just wanted  that true sonic 2D game sonic 4 was BLERGH

        Sonic adventure 1 and 2 were cool but come on you guys [3D Fans]
        You guys Got !

        Sonic the hedgehog 2006 ,sonic heroes, sonic unleashed, sonic and the secret rings ,sonic and the black knight ,free riders,zero gravity ,colours which was 2dish,

        Come on guys can’t we the older guys from the 90’s and 80’s just get a pure 2D game ? :{

        I am looking forward to this but when i play it i will have a happy face on the 2D levels when i play the 3D levels i guess i will sigh a lot

        Also they need to fix sonics jump !

        • “Is it greedy to want it to be just 2D ?”

          No, but it’s hilarious that fans begged for a 2D Sonic game and they got what’s coming to them with Sonic 4. Now SEGA is trying hard, again, to appease the old fans, and at the same time, making modern Sonic fans happy.

          I loved the 2D Sonic games AND the 3D games (2006 was so “meh” though), so I’m looking forward to Generations in spades.

          I don’t need a gif to say “Deal With It” for me. If you don’t like Modern Sonic, play Classic Sonic. SEGA still did their job either way. :)

        • I like how Sega made Sonic 4 for all the people whining Sonic’ not what he used to be, and put Dimps on the task after the Advance and Rush games proved pretty much excellent, and everyone thought the game was pretty awesome… except the old-school Sonic fans.

          Seriously, there is no appeasing you guys.  List off all the 3D Sonic’s you want, they vary so wildly in quality it doesn’t matter.  All three Advance games are freakin’ excellent, Sonic 4 was imo actually pretty dang good (albeit very short), and both Rush games, while being a little more mindless, are super fun and sport some of the best OSTs in the series.  You have absolutely nothing to complain about.  You don’t have Sonic ’06.

          • All of the 3d sonic games apart from adventure 1 and 2 and colours

            sucked pretty hard .

            i liked the advance games and rush

            sonic 4 had terrible music you just said the rush games had great music, i agree but did you hear the music it in 4 ?! it was Crap !
            the stages were terrible and dont get me started on those bosses.

            that game was a sucky rehash of 1 and 2 and the funny thing is 1 and 2 are like light years ahead of that in music and physics !

            i have a right to complain !

            if these cheap tacky cash ins are not as good as the original games that were made 20 YEARS AGO !!!! GAHRh !!!!!!!

          • I think Heroes and even Shadow’s outing had fair points, and Unleashed was basically a return to form after 06 got unceremoniously shoved out the door while the dev team openly said it wasn’t finished, and also marked when Naka left and the new guy took the helm.  Unleashed’s day stages led to Colors and Modern Sonic’s playstyle in Generations, so I really can’t complain, and didn’t mind the werehog as much as most people seem to on account of him getting all the good platforming sections.

            I’ve heard the music in 4 described as having no soul before, and I can kinda get with that, but I don’t think it’s criminally bad or anything, just not up to the standard most of the Genesis games had (I also counter popular opinion with “Sonic 3’s soundtrack from Carnival Night through Launch Base is all pretty awful,” though).  They tried too hard to be retro without committing to it, which is about the only crime I can site the game for.

            Rehash entails the levels had nothing new to them, which I’ll counter any day with the act-specific challenges and gimmick pieces they used to make every stage feel like it’s own thing, with a fair degree of success, especially in the cave/pyramid/whatever areas.  The physics also weren’t any more broken or sane than the series has ever been save Sonic’s tendency to occasionally stand on a sharp incline like it was a flat surface, but I never wound up stuck in a wall or suddenly propelled the opposite direction or anything.  The game is completely playable and imo probably one of the more fun 2D Sonics, balancing the platforming and speed out quite nicely,a s Dimps is prone to doing, and as Sonic Team has never really hit the nail on the head of for me.

            Though I guess it’s also worth pointing out we are arguing over a game that I’ve seen reviewed everything from a 90 to a 30 or something so I guess the end result is “you’ll like it or you won’t.”  I just don’t understand people who think it’s complete garbage, because it could very easily be a lot worse.

        • Setsu Oh

          i just hope they wont force me to play one or the other like unleshed

          • They almost 100% certainly will.  They may let you decide which you want to play as at any given time, but to get whatever the “real ending” is, if history is any indicator, you’ll have to play as both.

            This is great for me, as I like both.  It sucks for anyone who doesn’t, though, I guess.

  • DanteJones

    To quote what a wise man once told me: “DAT CITY ESCAPE”.

  • mikanko

    Hope this game has a ray of hope of seeing a PC release for 60fps.  Played the demo on both systems, and while 360 was more tolerable of the two, framerate on the PS3 felt a tad jarring, and neither felt as smooth as I’d like. 

    Still the best effort for a Sonic game since what feels like forever (sans Colors).  Definitely redemption from the mess that was 4.

    • AnimeRemix

      I’m sure there is a PC version. There are hints of a PC release. =D

    • I was pretty excited about the 360 Generations demo. Everything was right except for the frame rate. I think the combination of hi-res 3D and 30 fps made the game feel unnaturally slow.

      I’d be down for a 60 fps PC version, no question.

    • The FPS thing marred Unleashed too early on.  Even after release it was pretty jittery, I guess, but they managed to patch the vast majority of that out, so here’s to hope.

      I bring this up only because they are both running off of the Hedgehog Engine, I think.  There is precedent for them ironing out the kinks post-launch.  Either that or I just don’t notice framerate issues. :/

  • *gasps in wonder*
    Good… good old SEGA Genesis sound bits… It’s all still here.
    *tears of joy* :’) lol

    • Oh, and how I’ve missed the “Chao in Space 2” poster haha xD

      • puchinri

        I smiled and thought, “they kept it!” when I saw it. x’)
        Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed and thought of it.

  • Rollersnake

    I gave up on Sonic (yet again) after Sonic 4, which was just a lazy mishmash of level concepts rehashed from the Genesis Sonics, and I was uninterested in Sonic Generations until I saw the classic Sonic reinterpretation of the new Sonic level—I wasn’t aware they were doing this and that the game was more than a sort of “Sonic greatest hits” project.  Here’s hoping this ends up being at least half a good game, with at least 25% being content that’s new to me in a gameplay style I don’t detest.

  • Oh man, that new escape from the city music that plays during modern Sonic sounds awesome! 

  • Love the City Escape, as it still remains my favorite Sonic level. Just wish they kept the corny original music to add more nostalgia, but it’s all good.

    • Seems to be the same song still, just re-performed with some added into/bridge thing or something.  It’ll take a bit of getting used to but I’m kinda glad they tried to keep it fresh on this, I guess.  The Classic Sonic rendition warmed my little heart, though.

  • While i’m still kinda meh about Modern Sonic’s Gameplay, its look alright (that Chemical Plant Zone theme)  let’s see if Sega can do another good game

  • If there is any god, the Boss fight with Shadow will be a recreation of the last battle between him and Sonic in Adventure 2. Along with the original or close to original boss theme.

  • Hinataharem

    Wow! The ambient sounds really bring classic Chemical Plant to life!

    You can hear all the the water and machinery going on. I hope more great touches like that are added to this awesome game.

  • apparently sonic wont die yet atleast Sega trying to get both fans to like unlike megaman that onces its creator left thats the end of it period.

  • crunc

    I thought this looked pretty great until it switched to non-classic mode. Well, actually the first parts were fine, but then when it switched to Sonic Riders mode, that was a pretty big turnoff. It still doesn’t look like they have a clue about making a racing game. It just looks painful and makes the game look scatterbrained. They should have just stuck to the classic mode.

    • The hell are you talking about?  The snowboardish ride down the street in City Escape?  Have you ever even *played* Sonic Adventure 2?  It wouldn’t even be the same stage if you didn’t start out screaming downhill on a chunk of helicopter; that and the semi are the two most memorable parts of the stage and basically the opening hook for SA2.  Maybe you want to moan about it, but for someone like me who adores the Adventure games I’d be pretty pissed if it was gone.

      • crunc

        No, I haven’t played them, though I have watched my kids play both. I have played Sonic Riders and Sonic Free Riders. The latter is kind of fun for the novelty of it, but it’s pretty bad anyway due to pretty lousy course design. The former is almost entirely painful to play. So, yeah, seeing something like that in Generations was a turn off.

        • Dude comparing SONIC RIDERS to the “boarding” sequence in City escape is just…IDEK how to express how off you are with words smh.

        • 1) SA2’s boarding sequence is classic and nothing like Sonic Riders and…

          2) Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity were actually not bad. Not fantastic, but I enjoyed them.

          3) One single thing like boarding in Sonic Generations shouldn’t be enough to ruin the rest of it. It’s one level. The rest of the game looks good, right? ;)

      • Setsu Oh

        i dont like the dv games but do not mind their  ….xeird goofiness

    • Setsu Oh

      i want drift back!

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    This game’s looking promising unlike Sonic’s recent failures. 

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Hey that falling down a long chute thing at about 2:09… dare I say, Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) reference?

  • The Person playing in this video sucks at this game

  • Modern Chemical Plant reminds me of the Space Colony Arc stages from SA2.

  • Setsu Oh

    i always hated the chemical plant stage; now it looks so hot…

  • Chow

    It was quite frustrating watching whoever was playing in the video.
    The demo has already sold me on the game, though. :)

  • It’s amazing how much bigger they scaled up the Chemical Plant Zone in the name of playability. “Old School” Sonic is positively miniature compared to many of the elements in the stage now.

    Regardless, this game is gonna RULE! Sonic Colors was amazing; Sonic Team + Dimps really know what they’re doing and have done a whole lot in putting him back on the right track. Colors wasn’t just a great “repair job”; it’s a genuinely amazing game. I cannot wait to see well Generations turns out! 

    Also dig how each generation Sonic gets his own music remix:) They’re putting a lot of care into this package. Really puts to shame all the “effort” Nintendo went through for Mario’s 25th last year. Emulating a 15 year old SNES game and stamping it on a Wii disc must really be exhausting… ;)

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